Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring State Of Mind

Early Spring Garden

I know some of you are still under inches of snow, so I thought you might like to have a peak in my garden.

Je sais que certains sont encore sous une couche de neige plus ou moins épaisse, alors j'ai pensé que vous aimeriez jeter un coup d'oeil dans mon jardin.

Brittany is known for its early spring, but even here it's bit later than usual this year.

La Bretagne est connue pour ses printemps précoces,  mais même ici, cette année, il y a un peu de retard.

My garden is still a work a progress, but there are some spring flowers blooming and it's like "honey for the soul" just to watch them.

Le jardin est encore un grand chantier, assez loin de ce que je veux en faire, mais il y a tout de même des fleurs et les voir s'épanouir est comme une cuillérée de miel qui adoucit l'âme.

Thanks for walking through the garden with me. See you soon!

Merci d'avoir visité le jardin avec moi. A bientôt!

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  1. I am quite jealous Magali, apart from the trusty daffodils there is little else blooming in my Irish garden! I didn't know Brittany was known for it's early Springs, how nice!

  2. Tes fleurs sont magnifiques ! Tu as bien de la chance d'être ainsi fleurie et c'est vrai qu'un peu de soleil et quelques fleurs remontent le moral !

  3. We still have winter here in Minneapolis. It has been a very cold March, even for my part of the world. Seeing your garden flowers makes me long for warm days!

  4. SHOWOFF lol
    I'm jealous - and bitter - and I want Spring here sooooo bad.
    Gorgeous Magali!

  5. Oh...your flowers are all so beautiful! Spring came early here in Florida and we've been seeing blooms for a few weeks....mainly the blooming trees and bushes, dogwood, azaleas, & redbud. My camellias are still blooming too! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your flowers, Magali. We have had daffodils, but it has turned wintry again so nothing else has dared to show their pretty faces.

  7. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing a burst of spring with the rest of us weary winter watchers!!

  8. Og Magali, such gorgeous flowers. I love spring, as I live all year round in a spring kind of weather, dry and sometimes it even looks like fall, but no more. I'm from NYC and I do miss ALL the 4 seasons, though, I also love snow and summer, Thank you for your visit sweet lady. Hugs,

  9. Thank you so much for this burst of lovely colour in a very monochrome day! Have a great week. Chel x

  10. Bless you for those beautiful photos. Spring is taking way to long here.

  11. Magali Tes fleurs sont tres belle! Ici oui il neige. Ont a eu in hiver tres froid avec plus de neige que d'habitude. Merci pour t'a visite.

  12. Så härligt att se hur långt dina vårblommor har kommit.Här väntar vi än. Snart så kan vi njuta med.
    Ha en fin vecka
    Kram Meta

  13. I enjoyed the walk through your garden. We are just now having things start to poke through the ground.

  14. Oh thanks for the breath of Spring. We got 3" of snow yesterday. Today the sun is shining and it all melted. I have Daffodils in bud. Can't wait! Loved seeing your Spring blooms!

  15. it must be a lovely feeling after winter. gorgeous flowers in your garden!

  16. The daffodils are lovely, we are still a long way from ours popping up. Thanks for stopping in, Laura

  17. So pretty! I love the daffodils.

  18. hello Magali, je fais partie de celles qui sont encore sous la neige et le froid....alors tes photos me font un bien fou! la Bretagne est belle au printemps et les couleurs éclatantes! bonne semaine de pâques à toi, amitiés, Marry Poppins .

  19. Beautiful. Makes me want to get out in our garden.

  20. Thank you for revealing a look into the blossoms. Yes, spring is taking her time. Perhaps to make us appreciate the time more! The daffodils are very pretty and frilly. I am enchanted with the simple white flowered plants that are low to the ground. Do you mind sharing what she is named?

  21. The beautiful signs of Spring in you lovely garden are the promise of new life! I just love the daffodils and that orange flower in the second picture (we have the same in a nearby park, but I don't know the name)!

  22. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers. There are a few daffodils in bloom in this area and tulips are popping up in the garden. We are dreaming of spring but we had snow flurries off and on today and light snow is expected tonight. Enjoying photos of your lovely flowers will have to for now.

  23. Beautiful photos :) Lovely flowers! Easter greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla


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