The Kitchen Files

The kitchen renovation at the Cottage has been a long, trying process. I thought maybe it would be useful to someone  if I put a link to all the post related to the kitchen on one page. Please click on the pictures or the links to go to the post about them.

It all began with the floor renovation.

After a lot of work, I chose a stone-like tile for the Cottage.

Then, the ceiling needed to be prettified a little. And it went from this

to this:

Changing the window was a huge step towards the style I wanted to give my kitchen.

It went from this (previous owner's mess in this picture)

to this, after some DIY experiments!

The wall between the dining-room and the kitchen was partially torn down so I an speak with my guests while cooking.

One of my favourite thing about opening the kitchen to the dining-room is the little shelf I had added between the rooms to display some of my collections...

One of the thing that needed to be changed as soon as possible in my kitchen was the sink because the previous owners left me a really filthy one that you can see here. So I looked for some inspiration there and then, this is what I chose (a click on the picture will take you to the full post).

Then in came the long dreamed of cabinets. Click on the picture to go to the reveal.

It was only a blank canvas for me to have fun with, really.

I added a little fake hood to my liking.

As well as a cheap but charming backsplash.

Last for now (!), I added some warm wood tones to my Cottage kitchen.

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  1. I had to come over to the Kitchen Files from your post today on the beautiful bead board back splash. Do you ever just sit in the kitchen and marvel on all you have accomplished? The transformation is amazing.

  2. The wood shelves you added make the hardware on the cabinets pop!

  3. I just found your blog and I'm completely enchanted with your cottage. You're doing an incredible job :)

  4. Ah là là Magali cette cuisine est magnifique !! on a envie de venir cuisiner chez toi et sentir le beau-bon gâteau (au chocolat oui) cuire dans ton four ! ;-) Plein de bisous. Mathilde

  5. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!! You did an absolutely magnificent job with all your changes - it's simply perfect for a little seaside cottage!!!

  6. Make room....I'm mov'n in! I LOVE YOUR COTTAGE TOO! :)

    1. Well, if you decide to move in, I have to tell you the other rooms need painting!

    2. It's would be a done deal! LOL! :)

  7. Hi Magali, it's been a while. Love the kitchen, you did a great job. Hope that you are feeling well these days, and have enjoyed your summer. Take care, Jeannie

  8. had to click on kitchen files to see how your kitchen came together. Lovely.


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