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My Cottage Floor Plan - part 4

So, now that we've talked about cozy rooms, open floor plans and my soft spot for corridors, it's time to show you a little what's going on at the cottage.

Maintenant que nous avons admiré quelques pièces bien cozy, envisagé les grandes pièces à vivre et que j'ai confessé mon faible pour les couloirs, il est temps de voir ce qui se passe au cottage.

Just because so many people commented on my beautiful green beams, I thought you'd love to see them again!

This is how I know for sure that there used to be an entrance corridor in the cottage.

When I bought it, though, the corridor had already been torn down on one side and the front door opened directly in the living-room.

Le couloir d'origine de la maison avait déjà disparu quand je l'ai acheté. J'ai décidé de garder cette idée pour trois raisons.
a) La fenêtre du salon est toute petite et la porte d'entrée vitrée permet de récupérer beaucoup de luminosité.
b) Je compte refaire un jour la véranda d'entrée et alors la maison aura une toute petite entrée indépendante.
c) J'ai remonté le mur de la salle-à-manger et deux murs entre cette pièce et le salon me semblaient beaucoup trop.

I chose to keep that idea for three main reasons:
a) the living-room has the tiniest window and as the front door is mainly a huge glass area, it helps keeping the room bright.
b) I have a little project to rebuild the front porch some day and that will serve as a small entranceto the cottage.
c) As I decided to rebuild the dining-room wall, I didn't want to have two walls separating the living-room from the dining-room.

Still, it doesn't look exactly the same anymore... Here's a picture taken during the week, from the threshold of the same front door.

This is not a full reveal or anything, but it's an improvement, don't you think? The sofa is not my dream sofa, but it has to do for now. I have no idea if the furniture will stay long like that... probably not.

Ce n'est pas terminé, les meubles ne resteront peut-être même pas dans cette disposition, le canapé finira bien un jour par être changé... Mais bon, il y a déjà du chemin de parcouru!

You may notice I went open plan for one thing not that many people mention: the office. I hate working all day in a closed room, so my desk is in the living-room. 

So this is how it looks like on the right of the entrance door... And on the left, it used to look like this.

Le salon se trouve a droite en entrant et sur la gauche, il y avait cet horrible placard dont les portes n'avaient de coulissantes que le nom. Ce n'était pas la peine d'envisager attraper en vitesse un écharpe avant de partir travailler... Il fallait démonter les portes à chaque fois que l'on voulait saisir quelque chose entreposé dans le placard...

I was welcomed every evening by that very cottage-y closet whose sliding door refused to slide whenever you wanted to put something in it or whenever you wanted to take something from it in a hurry in the morning.

Aujourd'hui, le placard a disparu... Il reste du travail dans ce coin, peinture, dénicher le meuble de mes rêves... Mais je ne jure plus sur mon placard tous les matins!!!

Again, this sideboard might not be the one I truly dream of, but it's so much better than what I had before, I'm just grateful every evening it's here!

So, you've seen left and right of the door. But if you're looking straight ahead when you come in, this is what you saw, with my beloved sliding-doors on the left!

Tout droit en entrant, on a l'escalier... Et une petite porte qui a aujourd'hui disparu.

 And today:

The first step had to be changed and as I haven't decided yet what to do with the staircase, it is still in this shameful state.

Do you notice something is missing? Can you guess what was behind that door?

Alors, vous avez deviné ce qui était auparavant derrière la porte disparue?

See you soon for the answer!

A bientôt pour l'histoire de cette porte envolée!

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  1. I just love your home Magali - inside and out!
    Hmmm - what was behind that cupboard - a place for the fishermen to keep all their equipment lol?

  2. I also love your cottage Magali. I can see now why you needed to keep it open plan, for your office. Lovely photos.

  3. And you've painted your beams off white, as did we!
    Behind the door? Surely not a Loo, as most cottages had one in the garden! Wine cellar?

  4. Peut-être y avait-il des toilettes derrière cette porte !
    Le fait d'avoir suivi la courbe de l'escalier & sans l'entrave visuelle de la porte , j'ai l'impression que ton escalier y a gagné en luminosité . C'est drôlement joli , j'aime bien.
    Bises . Babette

  5. It's so cute! I also love the beams and the glass doors. It was a lot of work to get it to that state with new floors, repaired walls, and ceilings.
    Pinterest has many staircase ideas to inspire.

    1. NO doubt I will create an inspiration file for the staircase...

  6. I love what you have done, Magali. Opening it up was definitely the right way to go.

  7. I love what you've done and I do think the open plan was the way to go with the size of your home. It is beautiful! The beams are stunning! And....behind the curtain....maybe a toilet? I have been in an old house once that had a half bath under the staircase...:) Do tell!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. I love what you've done to your cottage Magali. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Have a lovely week.

  9. This is really a lot of remodeling, but I am sure it will be stunning when it is finished. Hugs, Marty

  10. Magali, your cottage is coming together and what fun to change it up the way you want! I love the stone work and the beams! Thank you for sharing with us and have a beautiful day.


  11. I love it all! My jaw just drops every time I see your stone wall and I LOVE YOUR STAIRS...charming just as they are! You have a gem!!! Thanks so much for sharing on Amaze Me Monday!

  12. Eh bien, comme l'on dit, "y'a pas photo !" c'est tout de même beaucoup mieux maintenant ! Et bon courage pour la suite !

  13. I am so glad you visited my blog so I could find you. Renovating a cottage in France is a dream I have so I will love living my dream through you. Have followed you so I don't miss a thing.

  14. Now i got to see your progress and understand where the light comes from.
    Your house is lovely and i see you like a lot of wooden furniture. I like that too as they make the house warmer and bring you closer to nature.

    I like that you keep the stoned wall and it gives the wall some texture.

    Maybe you can start thinking about the color that dots the house. The white walls are good for colors decoration as it go with any color.

    As for the floor, will you put on some carpet under the coffe table later?

    I have heard that in a house, floor represent earth of the world and ceiling the sky. so the color of the floor has to be darker than that of the ceiling.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I did not notice the corridor you mentioned having.


  15. LOVE IT!!!! Hope you will link up this great post to my party this week.....Deb :) Vintage On A Dime

    1. Thanks, I'm sorry to be so late, but I'm on my way to your party, which I love by the way!

  16. I love the before and after photos. You have done such a great job with your cottage. It's so inviting. I love it.

  17. Magali everything is looking wonderful. I too like a lot of light in my home. Dark rooms are so depressing don't you think? Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

    1. In every home I've lived in, I've tried to get as much as light as possible. The cottage is more of a challenge because the windows are so tiny! Thanks for visiting.


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