Friday, July 26, 2013

It's A Boy!

I'm sorry to interrupt the July Mystery Series, which you can still read here, there and there, but July is turning out completely different from what I had planned.

Je suis navrée d'interrompre momentanément la série de juillet, mais ce mois ne se passe pas du tout comme prévu!

I will totally understand if you don't believe me, but I'll still tell you the rest (for now) of my adventures. After the fishbone incident, the lost/found cat and the broken down car, I cracked a rib! I'm wondering if God thought I wouldn't know what to write about during the summer!

Je vous comprendrai si vous ne me croyez pas cette fois, mais je vais quand même vous dire la suite de mes aventures. Après l'incident arrête de poisson, le chat trouvé et la voiture en panne, je me suis fêlé une côte!

It's nothing serious fortunately, but it's very painful and let me tell you the painting of the kitchen is just not happening!

Ce n'est rien de grave heureusement, mais c'est bien douloureux et j'aime autant vous dire que je ne peins pas la cuisine comme prévu!

Just before I cracked the rib, I learnt that next year I would be teaching in two different schools, two different levels I never taught before, so since I can't really move, I've been reading books that are in those curriculum.

The everyday life stuff like getting up, getting dressed, getting meals done with a constant pain in the chest makes me exhausted by 6 pm, so I've been watching TV hoping the duchess of Cambridge would finally arrives at the hospital and then that the little prince would finally show his darling face!

Les activités quotidiennes comme se lever, s'habiller, préparer à manger avec une douleur permanente dans la poitrine suffit à m'épuiser et à partir de 6h du soir, je ne suis plus bonne à rien. Du coup, j'ai suivi toute la fin de la grossesse de la Duchesse de Cambridge, affalée sur mon canapé!

You might seem this is really stupid (especially if you're French), but when such an event takes place in the Royal Family, all my English genes wake up at the same time.

Je sais que cela paraît ridicule aux Français, mais un événement comme cela dans la famille royale réveille instantanément tous mes gènes anglais!

So when my parents said they would come and visit me to help me with the garden, since I can't really garden lately, I thought a blue and white table to honor the newborn prince would be a perfect way to display the "new to me" china I had just thrifted in a recent "empty-your-attic" sale.

A Summery Pim's that might explain why some pictures are a little awry!
Du coup, comme mes parents venaient me rendre une petite visite pour me filer un coup de main dans le jardin (étant donné qu'en ce moment, je ne peux pas faire grand chose), j'ai pensé qu'une table blanche et bleue en l'honneur du petit prince s'imposait. 

It's the Melody pattern by Myott. I was lucky to find many items of it in the past years, so some will be listed in the shop.

Bon, allez, j'avoue, j'avais surtout envie d'utiliser un service que je venais de chiner en vide-grenier!

I promise I'll be back with a backstage post about the online shop, which you can see here meanwhile if you'd like and the recipe for the chocolate treats I displayed in the covered vegetable dish (I like to repurpose!). Of course, that's if I don't have a new accident by then!!!

Je vous promets dans quelques jours des photos "backstage" de la boutique en ligne que vous pouvez toujours voir en attendant et la recette de ces petites douceurs en chocolat que j'avais stocké dans le légumier (j'aime détourner les objets, hi, hi!) Enfin, s'il n'y a pas un nouvel accident d'ici là!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS: Laughing is something very painful to me right now... But YOU would have laughed if you had seen my father rolling his eyes when I turned the lights on in the middle of the day just so the pictures wouldn't be too crappy and when I stopped everything to take pictures of the dessert!

PPS: I'm joining some of my favourite parties, hoping I'll be welcome since I made a cake and chocolate treats!
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  1. I bought an old ladder today and "decorated" it. Steve didn't roll his eyes once. He has accepted the fact that I am crazy.

  2. Oh Poor you Magali - a cracked rib is agony!!!!!!!!
    But I could look at photos of your home and your dishes and your recipes forever - so I'm ok lol
    Take it easy - relax - enjoy your little White house by the Sea!

  3. I can imagine your father face. Because I can see my family looking at me everyday when I take a picture of a sandwich or some plums. (I think they think I'm not very well) I hope the accidents stop, around you.

  4. the colour of the roses with the plates is so beautiful!
    hope you're on the mend soon.

  5. So sorry to hear that you are in the wars (as we say in England!). There is nothing you can do about cracked rib except put up with it, but the pain is horrible.
    How nice to have your parents helping.

  6. Nous espérons que la suite de tes vacances sera plus calme... Mais comme tu as le peintre aujourd'hui... Je croise les doigts pour que tout se passe bien, que tu ne tombes pas dans un pot de peinture ou autres aventures ! En tout cas, j'adore ton service bleu !

  7. Hopefully you have something in a pill to help with pain. My goodness, how did you crack a rib?!! Take care, wishing you a speedy recovery. Patty/BC

    1. I tripped on something in the garden and landed very gracefully on the fence! Some mean people say if my boobs were bigger, they would have cushioned the blow!

  8. Oh dear Magali, I am laughing but not at you, just in the humour in your words. A lovely post and good luck with your teaching assignments. Your cake looks delicious! Take care and I hope your rib heals quickly. Ann x

  9. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Broken ribs are very painful. Just focus on healing. I adore your blue and white dishes. xo Laura

  10. Magali - this will definitely be a July to remember - yikes! I understand that broken ribs are so painful and I just hate this for you, especially, during your renovations. Your tribute to the little Prince George is very special. The shade of blue in the Myott is so pretty - I love it. I am afraid that my English genes, also, enjoy the Royal Family events. I heard a quote that was said by an American who was in England at the time of the birth. She said to the English interviewer, "We do not want Royalty in our country, but we love to borrow yours". I laughed, when I heard it - I do think most Americans feel that way - lol!

  11. Wow Magali...sorry to hear about the broken rib. Your summer has certainly been an eventful one! Your dining room looks the blue and white dishes with the peach colored roses. And...your chocolate treats look yummy! Feel better least it sounds like you are getting some planning done!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. You poor thing!! I hope you heal up very quickly...I hate it when something happens and you can't do all the things you're used to doing!!


  13. Oh wow, Magali, I'm sorry you're in so much agony. No one would believe the recent dramas you've had, if it weren't true, you poor thing.
    I love the dining room, it looks so pretty and the china is perfect !

  14. Oh dear - broken ribs? Not good at all! Hopefully you didn't laugh too hard at your lovely father for his innnocence. We get that all the time here..... and if you don't blog, you won't get it! The "wait don't eat that yet" just doesn't work for some of us. Especially for myself. I mean if "she" is going to put something on a plate that smells heavenly, well why in the world would "she" expect me to control myself?!? Whatever it is...poof....gone. Yes ma'am in one gulp sometimes. Now maybe, if we had some of the lovely vintage dishes that you have found I might take two bites just to savor the beautiful details in the pattern. Maybe. After all, I am a cat ;)

    Romeo and "her"

  15. Praying you will feel better soon! I love your open shelved hutch! Beautiful tablescape, too!

  16. Please get well soon! That must hurt. Sigh. Love all those blue and white dishes.

  17. I have never broken a rib, but I've heard from others how painful it is. Poor you! I just read some of your older posts too, and see that you have a new kitty. I'm so glad that you rescued a stray ~ my two kitties are strays, and the female was pregnant (!) so now I have her baby, as well. Hmm, and you've already named this stray, so I think he's officially yours. :-) Will you be posting a picture of this handsome kitty soon?

  18. Oh Pims.....have not had that in so many years. Ahhhhhhh and that chocolate cake. Oh my I could just eat a piece of that. Then on top red currants? I have not seen those here in the States either. Not since I left England. Oh how I miss home. So sorry about the rib though.

  19. Beautiful table set with the Myott china! I love blue transferware and the blue and white colors fits in with a baby boy. Your dining room is so charming and the banner is great. Have a fun summer and I know how many hours you spend preparing for a new year. I was a teacher when i was young. Thanks for sharing!



  20. So pretty. Love the blues.Very elegant.Cake looks yummy.Hope to see you in mine too.Thank you.Love sujatha:):):)

  21. Lovely dishes! So sorry to hear about your rib :( I'm catching up on posts, so maybe by now you're feeling better? I sure hope so!

  22. You poor thing. It's just one thing after another for you this summer.
    The birth of the prince was quite the news here in the US. It seems most women are just so interested in the royal family.


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