Saturday, July 18, 2015

Come On In!

Inside Substitute Cottage

Cottage: What? You're leaving me? You don't love me anymore?

Me: It's not that...

Cottage : Quoi ? Tu me quittes ? Tu ne m'aimes plus ?

Moi : Mais non...

Cottage: What? You fell in love with an other one?

Me: Well, there's an other cottage involved, yes, but...

Cottage : Quoi ? Tu es tombée amoureuse d'un autre ?

Moi : J'ai bien rencontré un autre cottage, oui, mais...

Cottage: I knew it! And I thought we were getting along so well...

Me: It's not like that...

Cottage : Je le savais ! Et moi qui pensais qu'on allait si bien ensemble...

Moi : Mais, ce n'est pas pareil...

Cottage: Does he has better windows than I do?

Me: No, of course not, your windows are the best. He has very small windows that make the tiny kitchen look very dark and I had to bring some of my own lamps to light the room.

Plant is mine, brought from Cottage to save it from the dust.

Cottage : Est-ce que ses fenêtres sont plus jolies que les miennes?

Moi : Mais bien sûr que non. Tes fenêtres sont mes préférées. Lui, il a de toutes petites fenêtres qui rendent la minuscule cuisine très sombre et j'ai dû apporter mes propres lampes pour rendre la pièce sympa.

Plant is mine, brought from Cottage to save it from the dust...
Cottage: Does he have more charming furniture?

Me: Well, there's one adorable old hutch, yes, but all the rest just doesn't compare to you... The fridge isn't cold enough, the oven is oh so tiny, the sink so shallow... I can't even describe you the matress that smell of cigarette...

Cottage : Est-ce que ses meubles sont plus beaux que les miens?

Moi : Oh, il y a bien cette adorable vaisselier, oui, mais le reste ne t'arrive pas à la cheville. Le frigo ne fait pas le froid, le four est riquiqui et l'évier pas assez profond... Et je ne te parle pas du matelas qui sent la cigarette...

Cottage: You always said you didn't like your work space here, so is it that you have a more perfect desk there?

Me: Oh, no, don't you worry, I blog and work from a very tiny table and the Internet doesn't work on most days that end in "y"...

Cottage : Tu as toujours dit que tu n'aimais pas trop le coin bureau ici. Est-ce ça alors? Ton espace de travail est plus confortable là-bas?

Moi : Pas besoin de t'inquiéter à ce sujet. Je travaille et blogue depuis une toute petite table et Internet ne fonctionne pas la plupart des jours qui se terminent en "i"...

Cottage : So what is it then?

Me: Well, it has the electricity and running water that you don't have right now, my dear... But we're working hard at make you all safer and more comfortable so our relationship can go on for a long time.

Cottage : Mais alors qu'est-ce qu'il a de plus que moi?

Moi : Eh bien, pour l'instant, il a l'électricité et l'eau courante dont tu es dépourvu pendant les travaux. Mais on travaille dur à te rendre plus sûr et plus confortable pour que notre relation puisse continuer encore longtemps.

Cottage: I miss you.

Me: I miss you too, never thought I would miss you so much, in fact.

Cottage : Tu me manques.

Moi : Tu me manques aussi, plus que je ne l'aurais imaginé.

Cottage: Will you come back?

Me: As soon as possible.

Cottage : Dis, tu vas revenir ?

Moi : Dès que possible.

PS: "As soon as possible" is once again delayed as I found out yesterday that one of the brand new heating pipe was leaking behind my living-room wall... Good times!

PS: "Dès que possible" est encore une fois retardé car j'ai découvert hier soir qu'un des tuyaux de chauffage tout neuf fuyait derrière mon mur de salon. De bons moments en perspective pour réparer la fuite. 

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  1. Your cottage sounds a bit insecure, Magali, you'll have to work to win it back. I recommend presents.

  2. Poor Cottage, he feels so alone and I know that he will be delighted when you return. I am sure he can hardly wait. I would not like living in a cottage that smelled of cigarettes. I can''t stand it.
    Good luck on the remodeling and I know that Cottage will be so happy to have you return.

  3. Oh, the thought of a nicotine-y mattress makes me shudder. Hope you could replace it.
    I'm sure Cottage will feel better about things soon when he realises how chic he will be.

  4. I hope your return won't be too long. The cigarette smell is terrible!!!!

  5. Pauvre Cottage ! Heureusement que tu as laissé 2 chats là-bas... Comment vont-ils au milieu de ces travaux ?
    Les retrouvailles vont être bien joyeuses, en espérant que la fuite ne repousse pas le délai des 13 jours...
    Bon courage...

  6. Sounds like you are facing problems like I have since moving here Nov 1st. Just have to face it and get it done.

  7. Too Sweet Magali. Your cottage misses you and you miss your cottage! Soon you will be reunited in lovely great running water and safe electricity. Have a wonderful week end.

  8. J"ADORE que Cottage soit BILINGUE! teeheheheheheeheheeee

    Oh c'est bien rigolo Magali, et je suis sûre que le travail des tuyaux ira bien.

  9. Cottage has nothing to worry about - that is where your heart is after all! I hope the leak didn't cause too much damage and the two of you can be reunited very soon!

  10. Your sweet cottage is feeling all alone and wants you home! Hopefully the new problem will be quickly repaired and the work finished and you and cottage will be reunited.

  11. I can't wait to see all the renos!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're back in sooner than expected - and meanwhile, what a cute place to wait it out! xoxox

  12. You love your cottage as much as I love mine. Mine's not perfect, but it's true love. :)
    Enjoy your weekend, Magali!

  13. Magali aunque me gusta mucho las afueras del otro cottage dile a Cottage que yo lo prefiero a el y que deseo mucho volverlo a ver pero se que sera para que lusca mucho mejor a pesar de las inconveniencias es para su bien y el tuyo, que contenta estoy de ver esta manana tu blog, gracias porque me diverti leyendo que tengas un buen weekend :) nelly

    1. The Cottage sustituto tiene cierto encanto , pero no se compara con la verdadera Cottage , por supuesto! Que tengan un buen domingo!

  14. Je ne suis pas sûre du tout que ce soit toi qui manque le plus à "Cottage", je pense que c'est toi qui te languis de lui. C'est beau de voir quelqu'un tellement attaché à son bien.
    Plein de bonnes choses pour la suite. Bises. Babette

  15. I hope your renovation is a total (and quick!) success. Have a lovely weekend. I've been enjoying your blog so much!

  16. Seems to always be something, doesn't it? My fingers crossed that you rejoin your little cottage sooner rather than later.

  17. Now a pipe, oh dear! Hopefully it is fixed quickly and you can get the rest done on time. No matter how crazy the renos are we still can't wait to be back home where we are most comfortable. Cottage, and you, will be happy when it is finally done! Then garden will cry for attention 😉. xo Patty

  18. Alors, il se situe où ce little tiny cottage ? tu es dans les environs de Dinan ?

    Caroline de bleu nordique.

  19. YAY..13 days..i know you are beyond i'm sure cottage can't wait to have you home i see what you meant about the neighbor being so close to your sweet garden space..if you can't sit out in your nightgown..i sure hope he isn't sitting out in his..underwear..after seeing the's exactly what you said..not at all i bet it does stink..i'd be going as fast as possible an never look back when you say good bye..hug cottage for me when see him..keeping my fingers crossed it's smooth sailing over the next 13 days.!!

    hope you're having a nice weekend...

  20. So happy you showed us your temporary digs. Cottage has nothing to worry about; he's so charming. Can't wait to see the result of your time away. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    1. The result might be not so interesting as I won't decorate right now, but it'll allow me to start decorating the upstairs whenever I want!

  21. Poor cottage misses it's mistress! I too would be missing your sweet cottage. Hope you get to return home soon. Drats on the leak!!

  22. Oh Magali, how you make me smile :) Your sweet cottage misses you and you miss it. Hugs to you, dear one!

  23. Oh, I know only too well how difficult it is to have to move from your home to have work done. At first you are excited to have the renovations started - but then you reach a point where you just want it all done and over with. Hopefully there will be no more setbacks, and you and your charming, sweet cottage will be reunited and live happily ever after!

  24. After the long time away from Cottage it will be a joyful reunion, Magali. I hope there are no more complications!

  25. Oh my, Magali, I've been away from you and Cottage far too long. I have so much to catch up on with your remodel. xo ~ Nancy P.S. "Most days that end in 'y'" made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

  26. Oh o! A leaking pip behind walls is miserable! Work that must be redone is no fun. Sending prayers for big strong construction worker angels to watch over Cottage.

  27. That's a real hoot, Magali. Doesn't Cottage recognise the attention that's being lavished on him? And the expense? Would it help if you showed a photo of the potential rival, preferably highlighting the middle-aged porch? If Cottage is male, of course all you really need to do is listen to it...

  28. Gorgeous hydrangeas! Amazingly, we have internet for the moment. xoxo Su

  29. Cottage sounds insecure and jealous to me! Theres times that being separated from the one we love helps everyone get along better! We just finished re-staining the outside of the house, and found rotten roofing joist and rafters and so many other things but it's nice to know she's healthy once again1

  30. LOL! Too funny! Cottage is really missing you A LOT!

  31. Il faut toujours être vigilant. C'est peut-être le plus fatiguant!

  32. You always loved your cottage, now I believe you will love it (him?) even more upon your long awaited return, and no doubt the love will be returned :).

  33. Oh, how exciting it will be when you and Cottage are reunited.

  34. Cottage should not be so insecure. Just have Cottage read your blog and he will know you love him so very much.

    Don't you wish renovation and repairs REALLY went as well and as affordably as predicted by the workmen ( women ) involved ?

  35. Oh, poor, lonely cottage leaking tears behind closed lids! Hopefully all will be better soon, and you can be reunited once again. Substitute cottage is also very charming....:)

  36. I hope you and your cottage are reunited soon and your renovation-triangle can be resolved :)
    Cathy x

  37. No, Magali, NO! I'm so sorry that cottage has suffered yet another setback. Your love will be even stronger when you return!

  38. garde le moral Cottage, personne ne t'oublie !! monique59

    1. Cela l'encourage beaucoup dans les moments difficiles que tout le monde pense à lui ;)

  39. Oh no! Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when the cottage is so sweet! I hope you are reunited soon!!

  40. The summer of patience, but the winter, warm and cozy with Mr. Cottage and kitties:) Kathleen in Az

  41. Sending thoughts of healing to Cottage in hopes you two are united again.

  42. Oh, poor cottage is lonely. I'm sure you will be reunited soon!

  43. What!?!? I am sure I just write a comment and it disappeared. :( pouting now.

  44. I bet you do miss the cottage and it you.


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