Sunday, January 28, 2018

Serious Meeting

Next Project?

Earlier this month...

Un peu plus tôt ce mois de janvier...

Petite Blonde: Cottage, cats, I tought we needed to meet all together... Shadow, stop watching Milo as if you wanted to cut his throat open, please... Where was I? Ah, yes, we needed to meet together to plan our 2018 year.

Shadow: I want to get rid of all the other cats...

Milo: More food!

Piano: More food seems good to me...

Cottage: No way! Piano, you're now very close to break the cat trap because your butt is too big...

Piano: My butt is what, now?

Petite Blonde :  Cher Cottage, mes chats, je vous ai réuni en ce jour - Shadow, arrête de lancer ce regard de tueur à Milo - donc, je disais, je vous ai réuni pour parler de nos projets pour cette nouvelle année.

Shadow : Je veux qu'on se débarrasse des autres chats !

Milo : Plus de gamelles !

Piano : Plus de gamelles me semble une bonne idée...

Cottage : Non, mais, ça va pas. Tu es à deux doigts de casser la chatière parce que tes fesses sont trop grosses...

Piano : Mes fesses sont quoi, dis-tu?

Petite Blonde: Stop it! I'm going to rephrase the purpose of this meeting. It's about what I want for 2018.


Petite Blonde: And I want a dog!

 Petite Blonde : Stop, ça suffit ! Je vais reformuler l'objet de cette réunion. C'est propos de ce que JE veux pour 2018.


Petite Blonde : Et je veux un chien !

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage : A what? No!

Petite Blonde: Well, let's talk about it. I want a dog to come with me when I walk in the ocuntryside. Because as much as I love you, you don't really afraid ill-intentioned people.

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage : Hein ? Quoi ? Non !

Petite Blonde : Cela mérite discussion. Je veux un chien pour qu'il puisse m'accompagner quand je pars en promenade dans la campagne... Parce que je vous aime beaucoup, mais c'est vrai que vous n'êtes pas très efficaces pour faire peur aux importuns.

Piano: But I'm very old and I intend to spend my last moment on Earth with no dog to chase after me when I can't run very fast because of my limping leg...

Cottage: The size of your butt is helping either... 

Petite Blonde: Shush! No calling names!

Milo: I already have to cope with Shadow jumping on me as soon as you're not watching, I don't want to be afraid of what the dog might do...

Shadow: Well, you know that as big a dog as you choose, I will tear him apart...

Cottage: Do I have to remind you that I'm a "Little White House" and I don't fancy big dog paws on me...

Piano : Mais, je suis bien vieux et j'aimerais passer mes derniers moments sur terre sans avoir à être chassé par un chien, d'autant plus qu'avec ma patte boiteuse, je ne cours pas bien vite.. 

Cottage : La taille de tes fesses n'aide pas non plus...

Petite Blonde : Chut ! Pas d'insulte !

Milo : Je dois déjà toujours surveiller mes arrières avec Shadow qui me saute dessus dès que tu ne regardes pas... Je n'ai pas envie de devoir me soucier de ce que peut me faire un chien...

Shadow : Bah, tu sais que quelle que soit la taille de ce chien, je chercherai à le mettre en pièces.

Cottage : Dois-je te rappeler que je ne suis qu'une petite maison toute blanche ? Je ne rêve pas de pattes de gros chien partout sur moi.

Petite Blonde: Ok, let's vote... So that's four "nos" and one "yes"... I'm so disappointed...

Cottage: Now, don't be sad... Maybe there's an other project we can all agree on...

Petite Blonde (lightening up): Well, yes, I wanted to change something in the living-room.

Petite Blonde: Votons ! Donc quatre "non" et un "oui"... Je suis tellement déçue...

Cottage : Ne sois pas triste... On peut trouver un autre projet pour lequel on sera tous d'accord.

Petite Blonde (dont le visage s'éclaire) : Oui, j'ai envie de changer quelque chose dans le salon.

Shadow (with big open eyes): What do you mean by "changing" exactly?

Milo (with sheepish eyes): Does that include strangers coming to Cottage?

Cottage: Does that mean I'll be even more handsome?

Piano: I don't really care about the living-room...

Shadow (les yeux grand-ouverts) : Que veux-tu dire par "changer" exactement ?

Milo (d'un air apeuré): Est-ce que cela signifie que des étrangers vont venir au Cottage ?

Cottage : Est-ce que je serai encore plus beau après ?

Piano : Oh, moi, le salon, je m'en fiche un peu...

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage (whispering): We need to compromise. We used our veto on the dog idea... Maybe we can trust her on the design project.

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage (aloud): Ok. We vote for this new idea. Can you tell us more about it?

Petite Blonde: So...

To be continued...

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage (chuchotant) : Il faut faire des compromis. On a déjà utilisé notre veto sur l'idée du chien... On peut lui faire confiance sur la déco, c'est moins dérangeant.

Shadow - Piano - Milo - Cottage (à haute voix) : D'accord. On vote pour cette nouvelle idée. Tu nous en dis plus ? 

Petite Blonde : Alors...

A suivre...


PS: Starring
An Old Stone House - Cottage 
A tabby green eyed dark cat - Shadow
A big grey and white cat with amber eyes - Milo
 A very very old black and white cat - Piano

PS: Avec 
Une vieille maison en pierre - Cottage
Un chat tigré sombre aux yeux verts - Shadow
Un grand chat blanc et gris aux yeux d'ambre - Milo
Un très très vieux chat blanc et noir - Piano


  1. I love it; a cottage that speaks and animals that have stories to tell. This is the kind of HOME I love!!!

  2. Tu devrais écrire une pièce de théâtre avec comme comédiens 3 chats et une maison !!! Ou alors... un roman jeunesse ! J'ai hâte de découvrir ce nouveau projet ! Bises

  3. blooming daffodils! mine are peaking out of the ground - another couple weeks and I will have them too -

  4. j'ai beaucoup rigolé en lisant cette nouvelle histoire, une aventure que tu as bien fait de ne pas réaliser parce qu'avec tes chats je ne suis pas sure que tu n'aurais pas eu quelques mauvaises surprises au sortir du lit où même en cas d'absence
    Quant à moi j'ai hâte de découvrir ce nouveau projet
    Passe un très joli dimanche

  5. I'm afraid I would have voted with the cats, I like dogs in theory, but they're a bit too much work. I like independent cats.

  6. Mi querida Magali me encanto leer la comedia y ver las fotos de los gatitos tan lindos y sobre todo la foto donde te veo reflejada en el horno y siempre dejandonos en suspenso :) la idea de tener un perro wow! estoy curiosa de saber y verlo en fotos... amiga Hasta la Proxima :)

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely post. It made me smile and reflect on how we need to respect our companions and surroundings. But - one day, I do hope you get a dog (if that is what you would really like and of course, if you can persuade the cottage and cats!).

    1. My cats are used to be happy and don't intend to change a thing about it ;)

  8. Hi..I must say..that was very nice of you to give them a first thought..Holy crap a dog..but maybe that was to get them to vote for what you actually girl😊..I hope you get to do all the things you'd love to over 2018.!

  9. A house AND animals that talk? Sounds like my kind of place :).


  10. So cute you made me laugh. Have a lovely new week.
    xoxo Jo

  11. Et bien moi je trouve qu'un chien c'est top. Perso je n'ai jamais eu de souci de quel ordre que ce soit entre chiens et chats, tout le monde s'entend bien et ils dorment tous ensemble.
    Mais je dois dire que les arguments de tes chats sont légers.
    Bisous et caresses aux râleurs. Babette

  12. I would have voted with you on getting a dog!

    1. It's still a project of mine, as soon as I've found a permanent position in a nearby school... Hopefully, before I retire!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! Sorry you were out voted. I love both cats and dogs. Since you have cats, I'm sure they would freak out if you brought a dog into their safe haven. On the other hand, they could turn out to be the best of friends! A toss up and I can see how it would be fun for you to have a dog to walk with you. I love sweet cottage and you and your kitties are so cozy there. Hard decision. Now, about the new project, keep the clues coming......Have a happy week next week. Hope you are and your town are not expierencing floods like I"ve seen on the news. Stay safe..........Hugs.

  14. What a cute post:). Mmmmm a dog or a change in the living room? Like how you got the members of your family choose the redo in the living room, very clever:).
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

    1. So the living-room it is! I can't wait for days to be longer and warmer so I can start painting again!

  15. Can't wait to see what's going to happen!!

    1. I guess that like with all projects, you'll have to wait for summer for it to be done! But I'll spill the beans before that!

  16. Keep trying to get the doggie. They may change their mind. A dog is such a great companion on a walk for sure.
    I cannot wait to see what you do with the living room.
    Happy New Week.

  17. So cute, a dog would definitely disrupt their lives.Now to the living room, ok i'll wait,lol!! Have a great week.

    1. Winter is the moment I plan my transformation for the summer... The living-room has to change this year!

  18. Hi Magali,

    Such a cute post! :D I can definitely picture the cats having this conversation. I can't wait to see what you've decided to do in the living room; I love your stone wall and the beautiful wood stove you've added! I look forward to the reveal. :)

    Have a wonderful week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. The stone wall will stay as is... The adjacent wall should change ;)
      Have a nice Sunday,

  19. Wonderful post, Magali - I smiled most of the way through. But - votes for cats? You're kidding??! Tantalising shot of the oven door, by the way.

  20. Bonjour,
    Abonnée depuis peu à votre blog que j'ai découvert récemment, j’adore vos photos et messages dont ce dernier : pour ma part je cohabite avec 2 chats et 1 chien et tout se passe bien ils s'entendent bien surtout pour faire des bêtises mais aussi pour dormir jouer et manger ensemble .

    Pascale 31

    1. Bonjour Pascale,
      Merci pour ce message auquel je réponds tardivement car mon ordinateur n'est pas très coopératif en ce moment ! Un de mes chats est particulièrement intolérant, mais je pense tout de même adopter un chien plus tard, quand les choses se seront stabilisées (si c'est le cas un jour) au travail.
      Bon dimanche,

  21. What a fun post and such pretty cats! I haven't been around to visit in the longest time. Life has been busy. I am home sick today and decided to stop by and visit some of my blog friends. I hope you are doing well and your school year is going smoothly. Have a lovely Monday!

  22. Haha! You're such a tease. And quite the creative writer. Perhaps you should be writing children's books. xo

  23. What a cute post...and I can see the cats point of view.But I'd sure need a dog for country walks.. I miss our cat that we lost 2 years ago and want to get another one. So we're facing the reverse says NO!

  24. Oh, a fun post! A dog certainly would be a commitment all around! x K

  25. You need a chien! I have two and mostly love them. Mostly because one of them has decided to tear up my grape vine. Grr. But they make great walking companions. And poop a lot. There's definitely good and bad with dogs. But you know that, you have cats.

  26. Hi for some reason I was not getting these posts and have no idea how you now have three cats? Ha so funny and I bet they really do talk to each other like that! A dog, which I love dogs! , would be an exciting adventure but they could be the Best of friends! I love France and you are a charming connection for me. Once I visited but probably not again..getting too old for cross Atlantic trips! Keep’s lovely to read!

    1. Shadow is the only cat I adopted per se. Milo is Cottage's previous owners' cat and he decided to stay with me rather than to live on the other side of town with his rightful humans. Piano is a very old limping cat. Neighbours told me he also belonged to Cottage's previous owners and they "let him go" to adopt Milo... So he doesn't trust humans at all... But after a few years, he decided it was safe to stay with me...
      Thanks for your comment!

  27. Darling cats. I would have them if my husband wasn't allergic! Loved the photos.


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