Sunday, July 08, 2018

Summer Holidays

My dear readers,

Mes chers lecteurs,

You've been on my mind even on this unvoluntary blog break. Many things happened, good or bad, in the first half of 2018 and June was just too busy to blog.

Je ne vous ai pas oublié, même  si le blog a connu un arrêt involontaire le mois dernier. Beaucoup de choses se sont passées dans cette première moitié de 2018...

But yesterday was the first day of my summer holidays. I'm going to take some time to rest in my Cottage nestled in the blooming hydrangeas and I'll be back soon!

Mais hier était le premier jour des vacances d'été. Je vais prendre quelques jours  pour me reposer dans le Cottage caché derrière les hortensias et je reviendrai ici !

I hope you're spending a nice summer. If you're living where the heat wave has hit, stay as cool as you can!

J'espère que votre été se passe bien et que vous ne souffrez pas trop de la chaleur si vous vivez dans une des régions touchées par la canicule.

PS : For some reason, I don't get your comments in my inbox anymore so I don't know how to reply... But I'll try to take some of my holiday time to find a solution! If anybody can help, I'm all ears!

PS : Je ne reçois plus vos commentaires sur ma boîte mail et je ne sais donc pas comment vous répondre. Mais je vais essayer de trouver la solution pendant ces vacances... Si quelqu'un sait quoi faire, je veux bien des conseils !


  1. Take time to relax and have a holiday now. I think that no one gets comments in the inbox now, for some reason.

  2. there have been some bloggers in the US that have figured out how to get around the problem that people using blogger are having about comments but I can't think who posted the solution. Have a nice summer break

  3. This is the fix that I have heard about. I haven't done it because i'm afraid that I would do something wrong, but read it and see what you think.
    It was posted by Nana Diana and she is a sweet lady that I have been following for over 6 years. If you do it and it works, please let me know if it was easy or not. I am just not internet wise.

  4. Happy Summer Holidays! Enjoy quiet time with your kitties and I'm sure Mr. Cottage will patiently wait for more improvements:).
    Kathleen in Az

  5. Connie is correct ~ Diana posted a link for the solution on her blog ~ all best luck!

  6. yes, please take a good holiday, rest as much as possible! We miss reading your posts but when you are ready we will still be here!

  7. Coucou Magali
    Pour ton soucis de commentaire j'ai constaté le même problème, au début j'ai pensé qu'il s'agissait d'un soucis mais je n'avais rien modifié dans les paramètres, je pense que c'est du aux nouvelles dispositions liées à la politique de confidentialité dont nous ont abreuvé les différents sites internet
    Apparemment ils essayent de résoudre le problème chez Blogger, voila ce que j'ai trouvé!topic/blogger/LALD7WCt_Wc;context-place=forum/blogger
    J'espère que tu vas bien et que la fin des cours va te permettre de souffler un peu
    Belle semaine à toi

  8. I was thinking about you recently and hoping all was well. I haven’t posted either as we have just moved and things are crazy, but like you I still think about my blog friends and try to comment when I can.

    I’m on Wordpress but I know blogger has changed many things lately and commenting is one of them. I often have trouble commenting on blogger blogs unless I’m using Chrome. Hope this goes through!

  9. I have missed hearing about you and cottage and cats!

  10. Dear, dear Magali, félicitations! You are on break! I started mine on June 11 and it's been wonderful. I go back at the end of August. Your hydrangeas are magnifique!

  11. Hope you're having a good summer and that all is well, Magali. I'm WAY behind with blog visiting, I'm afraid. Beautiful hydrangea; and, yes, even the UK is experiencing heat!

  12. te mereces descansar mi querida Magali que estes bien y que goces tus dias libres, carinos y Hasta la Proxima ....:):)

  13. There is a fix for your comments. I think Connie above gave you DIana's blog post so you can fix it on your end. It is an easy fix. Enjoy your summer break.

  14. Enjoy you summer holidays. Look forward to seeing you when you return. I’ll bet cottage will have some tales!

  15. Rest, rejuvenate, and re-energize yourself! I am planning lots of fun this year!! Headed to the coast Wednesday for an overnight trip with my hanky panky! LOL

  16. Yes it is hot,i go out in the mornings before i eat to try to do a few things. You enjoy your holiday, it is good to hear a little from you, to know you are okay.See you when you are rested and ready!

  17. Bonnes vacances au bon air de Bretagne !!
    je n'ai aucune compétence en matière informatique et ma propre messagerie est inaccessible depuis deux semaines... malgré trois tentatives, "le fruit rond à jus" n'est pas parvenu à la remettre en service...

  18. I hope it is a bit cooler there. We are sweltering at the moment, which means too much time indoors in the air conditioning. Enjoy your rest. xo Laura

  19. Welcome to summer! I was just thinking of you yesterday as the Tour de France passed through Brittany. I hope you have a relaxing summer!

  20. Whau, hydrangeas do grow well at your place!

  21. Good to know that today also there are people who really have a passion for writing a blog like you!

  22. La vie est loin d'être un long fleuve tranquille malheureusement....
    et il faut quelquefois se booster pour garder le moral mais on y croit!
    j'espère que tes vacances seront zen et reposantes,


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