Sunday, February 24, 2013

Banana Bread A La Magali

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who either sent me a message or left me a comment with kind words about my health. I felt surrounded by positive thoughts all week long. I had blood tests this morning - I just looked at the very white wall while the needle went in - do you do that as well? Results will be there next week.

In my post about my fabulous Johnson Bros Rose Chintz find, you may or may not have noticed a banana bread on the hutch.

I'm going to share the recipe with you and you won't believe how easy it is. That's why it's called "à la Magali". I'm known in my family for simplifying recipes since a) I cook nearly everything that is eaten at The Little White House - very few things are bought ready made - b) I have a job and can't spend all day long in the kitchen - c) I don't really have a REAL kitchen (that's living in an under-renovation house!).

Je vais vous révéler aujourd'hui le secret de mon gâteau à la banane vite-fait. Le vite-fait, c'est ma spécialité! Je suis connue dans la famille pour simplifier toutes les recettes. D'un autre côté, quand on a une cuisine-camping dans une maison en rénovation depuis trois ans, il faut bien trouver des astuces pour quand même manger!

So here's what you need:
125 g of butter (being a Brittany girl, I use salted butter, but I guess you can use unsalted)
1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 eggs
3 ripe bananas
1/2 cup of cream
2 cups of flour + some baking powder or baking soda (1 tablespoon is fine)

Voici ce dont vous aurez besoin:
125 g de beurre (euh, salé, évidemment, si vous êtes Breton!)
1/2 tasse de sucre brun
2 oeufs
3 bananes mûres
1/2 tasse de crème fraîche
2 tasses de farine + un sachet de levure

1. Melt the butter very slowly until it's soft.
2. Add the sugar.
3. Add the two eggs and mix well.
4. Smash the bananas and add them to your batter.
5. Add the cream and then the flour and the baking soda. Mix, but don't over-mix.

Put in a pan and bake for about 40 minutes in an oven preheated at 180°C / 350°F.

1. Faire fondre doucement le beurre jusqu'à ce qu'il soit mou.
2. Ajouter le sucre.
3. Ajouter les oeufs et bien mélanger.
4. Ecraser les bananes et les ajouter à la pâte.
5. Ajouter la crème, la farine et son sachet de levure. Mélanger rapidement.

Mettre dans un moule beurré et enfourner environ 40 minutes à 180°C.

It's really moist and the best thing is that you can personalize it by adding nuts, chocolate chips or whatever you fancy.

C'est facile, très moelleux et en plus, c'est customisable selon vos goûts: une poignée de noix, des pépites de chocolats, plus ou moins tout ce qui vous passe par la tête (enfin, si ce qui vous passe par la tête, c'est des brocolis, abstenez-vous tout de même!).

If you ever try it, let me know what you added in the batter to make it "yours"!

Si vous essayez, dites-moi ce que vous rajoutez dedans !

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  1. yum! i love banana bread, sounds like a lovely recipe.

  2. I also love to make banana bread using my Mum's recipe. I will make this tomorrow. In my Mum's recipe she adds crushed walnuts. Thank you for adding this recipe.

  3. I make this so often you wouldn't believe it ( if I have walnuts on hand they HAVE to go in there )
    John buys a ton of bananas every week - so this is a staple in our house!!!

  4. It looks so moist Magali!! I am definitely going to try it. We usually add chocolate chips in for the kids version and I prefer mine plain.

  5. Il a l'air super bon ce gâteau à la banane ! Et dire qu'à cause de ce sale temps, on ne pourra pas y goûter ! Je t'ai entendu parler aussi d'un crumble aux poires... J'espère bien qu'un de ces jours on pourra en manger !

  6. Merci beaucoup pour la recette, Magali! I will definitely be trying that out. J'adore une recette facile!
    Thank you once again for the award! I have answered your questions (great questions by the way, gave me pause to think!) and linked back to you in today's post.

    Hope you are well,

  7. Lovely recipe - I have 3 file drawers of recipes..can never get enough. Not to mention cookbooks galore. I have no bananas today and it is snowing like not going out.

    I looked at all 6 of Carol Klein'
    s videos plus tons more - I must be in the dark ages I never knew these videos existed

    I loved the video on Lost Gardens of Heligan - Cornwall - be sure and see that!

  8. Merci merci! I love banana bread and it looks delicious! Thanks so much for linking! XO

  9. Je change à chaque fois de recette, mais je viens de tester la tienne!! il était super bon avec des noix de cajou... Tout le monde a adoré!! encore merci, j'avais oublié comme c'est bon un banana cake! La minuinette

  10. Like you, I also have an addiction to China and love the pink/red transferware pattern. My first china was Wedgewood English country scenes and I had enough collected that I was able to give a set to my daughter, my daughter-in-law and to my granddaughter. I also gave Lavender Rose set of dishes to my daughter-in-law in Australia and the Old Country Rose I had given to my mother-in-law came back to me and I gave it to my mother and when she disbanded her home she told me to take what I would like. Since I lived 3,000 miles away I choose to give the Old Country Rose dishes to my granddaughter who was attending University in Florida and she could take them to her mother at Christmas in Boston. As you can see dishes in our family have acquired a lot of mileage. Too bad one could not collect 'flyer points' for them, n'est-ce pas?
    Your new china looks truly lovely and I am sure your banana loaf is very tasty as well. You are new to me; however I will add you to my favorites and check to see how your blood tests turned out. Will remember you in my rosary and mass tomorrow.
    With fortitude,
    Sylvia Faye

  11. I love banana bread and yours looks really moist.

  12. One of my favorite quick breads. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I hope your test come out okay and you feel better real soon.
    Peggy~PJH Designs

  13. Yum! Sounds delicious and easy. Tristan is a big fan of bananas and bread. I can't believe I've never made banana bread for him. I will now.

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