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Cottage Flooring Ideas - part 2

When I began the series on the cottage floors, I knew most of you would vote for hardwood floors. It was a landslide... You can go read the comments on part one and come back later if you want.

Via House To Home
Quand j'ai commencé cette série sur le choix des sols. Je savais combien les parquets en bois massif étaient à la mode sur la blogosphère et sans surprise la plupart des commentaires me le confirmait.

Via A Sort Of Fairy Tale
I wasn't surprised. I read blogs, yours most probably, and I know how big hardwood floors are.

Via A Sort Of Fairy Tale
I love, love them and I thought I would be nice to you and share some of the pictures that are in my inspiration file with you.

Via House Of Turquoise (and yes, I've already used that picture!)
J'adore le parquet. Du coup, j'ai pensé partager avec vous certaines des photos de mon dossier "inspiration" qui grossit chaque jour sur mon ordinateur.

Are you drooling on your keyboard?

Vous êtes conquis(e)?

Via House To Home
Eh bien, au risque de perdre quelques lecteurs, ce n'est pas le choix que j'ai fait pour le rez-de-chaussée du cottage. Quand une maison est construite à même le sol sur un terrain aussi humide que le mien, cela n'est guère conseillé. D'ailleurs, ma voisine, qui avait fait ce choix il y a quelques années, a des lames qui pourrissent... C'est tout de suite moins cozy.

Via My Home Ideas
Well, I might lose a few followers, but I'm sorry to tell you, this was actually not an option for me. The cottage is build on ground level and there's a water spring in the garden... My neighbour chose hardwood floor and her wood is roting. Even if I did a proper insulation that she didn't do, I wasn't going to take any risk. So did I have to say goodbye to cottage style?  Or did I find an other idea that I'm not going to share today?

Just in case you're still reading and you're still drooling, I'm going to help you stop asap with a lovely picture of what my cottage kitchen looks like these days...

Not via any fancy design website!

It has lots of potential, don't you think?

Et juste pour le cas où quelqu'un oserait se plaindre de sa cuisine, voilà à quoi ressemble la mienne ces derniers temps... Cela a beaucoup de charme, n'est-ce pas?

Let's forget this awful sight with some eye candy...

Oublions cette vision d'horreur grâce une dernière petite photo d'inspiration!

Via House To Home
Feel free to share your thoughts and to not agree with me in the comments! Do you have a favourite picture?

See you soon for the next episode! (Will you still be there?)

A très bientôt pour un nouvel épisode de rénovation!

I'm sharing my inspiration with:

Lavender Garden Cottage             Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home             


  1. 1 and 5 are my favourite. shame you can't have timber, what are you going to have on your floor?

  2. Hi, I like the first one a lot but my favourite is the last one, Really charming!!

    Marina from Jerez (Spain)

  3. I love the first photo because of the books and the bookcases.

    There is a ceramic tile that has the look of wood grain, and it works well in bathrooms, outdoor porches, or anywhere moisture is an issue. There is also a vinyl with wood grain, but I'm not so sure it would stay down with a high moisture content.

  4. I love all of them - but number 5 makes my heart palpitate - how gorgeous - with the french doors and the few steps up to the garden?
    Once again you're keeping us hanging I see LOL
    I WANNA live Wednesday is in Normandie this week - see ya!

  5. i have enjoyed reading your blog since i discovered it a couple of weeks ago.
    while its a shame you cant go for hardwood, i would also not take the risk of spending all that money to lay wood, then have it rot down the track.
    stone floors can be just as nice, and just as cosy.
    i had a laugh at the picture of your kitchen and the caption underneath!!.
    i look forward to seeing what you choose.

    1. Thank you very much for following the renovation. I have a weakness for stone floors, I must say.

  6. J'aime beaucoup des photos "inspirations", surtout les 2 premières cuisines. Mais, oui, un parquet en rez de chaussée et avec des chats, ce n'est certainement pas l'idéal. Quant à ta cuisine actuelle, ça me rappelle une émission télé : "cauchemars en cuisine" !

  7. I like them all!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with .... flagstone?


  8. A chacun son choix & l'essentiel n'est-il pas de se sentir bien là où on est .
    Bises . Babette

    1. Oui, je suis d'accord, j'ai fait un choix qui me convient plutôt qu'un choix qui suive la mode.

  9. You will be rewarded for your patience. I know whatever you choose will be lovely and very charming!

  10. How sad for you. :(

    Have you thought of brick? I've always loved brick floors.

    Or flagstone?

    1. I love brick floors... I'm off to check some more inspiration!

  11. You have such a good sense of humor about all the remodeling you are going through right now, Magali--you are very patient! We have hardwood in parts of our home, but not the kitchen--a pretty linoleum instead, which I love and it's easier to take care of in there where we cook all the time and the sink is located. Can't wait to see what you chose.

  12. Some stone is more porous than others. At my former home, I had a type of limestone around my pool and outward from the pool it wore, and where it made contact with water or moisture we would have to patch with a poltice.

    Is there a stone native to your area that is durable and less porous?

    Cement is nice too, natural or stained, and looks like stone depending on the treatment.

  13. You poor dear! Oh well, things can only get better from here, right?? :)
    And I suspect you're going to go with flagstone floor?
    Eager to see what you do. And hardwood isn't for everyone.

  14. I definitely will be "here", until the project is finished. I cannot wait. I do love hardwood floors, but I understand that sometimes using them is not possible (when one has a husband who prefers carpet, perhaps???). Thanks for those inspiration pages, but it just makes me want to get up and start tearing out walls - hahaha!!

  15. Humide ou pas ce n'est pas le revêtement que je poserais au sol d'une cuisine...

    1. Eh bien, moi non plus, je ne pense pas que ce soit une bonne idée pour quelqu'un d'aussi maladroit que moi!!!

  16. The one of your cottage is my favorite - it means your project is underway. My condolences about the hardwood floors. It's hard to let go of a design element when you can see it so clearly in your mind. There are other great choices though and I look forward to see what you choose. Angels to you!

    1. Thanks, that is so sweet. There's a May Holiday this week in France, so nothing is done at the cottage right now, except things I can do on my own... But I hope I can show a few pictures next week!

  17. Drooling over each and every one! I am doing a farmhouse style kitchen in my basement with alot of white. Love how it's looking so far. Because the flooring was going on concrete I couldn't use wood. I chose a laminate that looks like old barn wood. Love, love it! Can't wait to do the reveal. Getting very close. Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

  18. I like picture 2 and 3. And you are correct, the kitchen has endless possibilities. I can't wait to see the finished look. I must admit, I would love to have a kitchen with brick floors. Something about brick floors seems so homey to me.

  19. I love the floors on the pic before you gave us the bad news. What are you going to do? Tile? Thank you for linking up with Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  20. Hi, I just came from Dwellings-The heart of the Home, as your kitchen is featured and I wanted to see it. Well, I have Italian tile, because of it's hardness in my kitchen, I really never imagined that wood would be practical. Can't wait to see what you decide upon.

  21. I do love wood floors, but you are so smart to stay away from options that aren't going to work well with your conditions. Can't wait to see what you choose...
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday, hope you'll hop over and join this weeks party...


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