Sunday, May 12, 2013

Floor Me Once

Cottage Flooring Ideas - Part 3

I'm not trying to be smart (I'm way too tired + blonde for that), but I'm going to state two things that everybody seems to agree on.

Alors que je cherchais des idées pour mon sol, je suis tombée sur le film The Holiday dans lequel il y a un charmant petit cottage anglais... Et là, je me suis aperçue que le sol n'était pas en parquet, mais en terre cuite! Voyez un peu ce que ça donne juste en dessous.

1) People associate cottages with hardwood floors (see part 2 for some inspiration).

2) The cottage featured in the film The Holiday seems to be the perfect cottage for most people. Here is a picture of it.

 Notice something? The downstairs have terracotta floors.

Proof that you can have a nice cottage feel with something else than hardwood floor. Sigh of relief.

Via Period Living

Bref, il y avait de l'espoir en dehors de cette association cottage-parquet si fréquente (ouf!).

 To me, terracotta floors says south of France and warm afternoons spent inside because the sun's too hot outside.

Via House To Home

Les sols en terre cuite évoquent pour moi la Provence, les après-midis chauds passés à l'intérieur, persiennes closes.

Via House To Home

It definitely conveyed the perfect amount of cottage-ness, coziness and hictoric-ness I wanted for my fisherman's cottage.  (two words in this sentence may or may not have been made up by me...)

La terre cuite combinait tout ce que je voulais pour ma petite maison: un côté cozy, un aspect cottage et un clin d'oeil à l'ancien temps.

Via House to Home
Still, this is not the choice I made for the Little White House for a very good reason I will tell you in the next part! So, guess again!

Cependant, ce n'est pas le choix que j'ai fait et ce pour une excellente raison que je vous dévoilerais lors de la prochaine partie... Alors, une autre idée?

I couldn't leave you today without showing off my wonderful dining-room.

As you can see isolation is already put in this part of the cottage... The kitchen is still pretty much a mess...

Comme vous pouvez le voir, l'isolation a commencé dans la salle-à-manger. C'est une isolation au chanvre, supposé non allergène... Vu l'état de mes mains, il y a quand même quelque chose auquel je suis allergique, je soupçonne, sans preuve, la colle qu'utilise le plombier pour ses raccords!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

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  1. I keep wondering what you decided. Cement?

    I love the beamed ceiling in the dining room!

    We have terracotta floors in the southwest, but I think they are less popular than they use to be. Here they are called saltilo and they are made in Mexico by hand, and it is lucky to spot the coyote footprints on them.

    In my former home, I installed them in the courtyard and on the patios. We installed the tile upside down because it gives it a more rustic, old world look. It is very porous and absorbs water easily, but one can seal it to get a shiny surface too. It is warm enough here that terracotta tiles can be either indoor or outdoor.

  2. i wonder what kind of floor you're going to have. i loved the cottage in 'the holiday'.

  3. Waiting with interest to see what you have chosen. Our first house in France had tiles all the way through. They looked lovely, were easy to keep clean, but could be chilly in Winter.

  4. Terra cotta was my guess, if you remember, and now I am stumped! I have never seen that movie and need to just to see the cottage.

  5. My son in law's parents have a beautiful old cottage in Northern England. It's very damp there. Throughout much of the home they went with stone floors. It's beautiful and great because it doesn't get slippery. Tile is very nice but I find it dangerous when it gets wet. The upstairs rooms and steps are actually carpeted in sisal. It's lovely and wears so much better than regular carpet. I don't have the same issues in my little home here in the states. We were able to use hardwood through out our home. I have to say I do love the look of natural stone. It's so cold here in the winter we would need to heat the floors and that's an expense that really wouldn't pay off for us if we move some day. I can't wait to see what you do!!!!

  6. What you are doing will be darling! Have a great weekend. We are finally having a lovely day!

  7. Moi, je sais évidemment... Bon courage pour la suite de tes travaux !

  8. I can hardly wait to see what you chose! You are keeping us all in suspense...:)Have a blessed day!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. I can't wait to see more. I know it is going to be fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  10. Je suis très curieuse de savoir ce que tu as finalement choisi pour ton sol . La terre cuite est quand même pas mal du tout .
    Sans blague , la colle est très allergène .
    Bises . Babette

  11. Hello! Just found your blog through Marty's A Stroll Through Life blog! I love the terra ocotta floors. I want to put tile in our Sun Room, I think it would be so pretty. I am your newest follower.

  12. The terracotta floors reminds me of the houses in the country.
    It's more easy going. Plus you dont need to put wax on the floor and easy to clean--just use water.

  13. Oh the terra cotta floors. I am in love. But I am wondering what you chose. Did you find a tile that has a similar look?

  14. I love the terra cotta floors! I live in a part of the U.S. that tile floors are uncommon, but in the warmer climates they're very common. I say go with them if you love them! :-) ~Angela~

  15. Stone? It should be very cool and look quite cottagy and very French I would think. I completely agree with you on your two points and love your example. I am looking forward to seeing what you choose! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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