Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day

No, I'm not late, Mother's Day in France is on Sunday, May 26th.

I won't spend it with my mother, though, as she's working in La Rochelle for the whole weekend.

Je ne vais pas passer la fête des mères avec ma Maman qui travaille à La Rochelle tout le weekend.

I had created and written a card for her... I was so proud of myself for not forgetting (we're not good with dates in my family and often miss these kind of events, but we always say it doesn't matter because we love each other every single day)... Until I realised that I was currently getting my parents' mail while they are both away, so if I posted it, I would actually receive the card.

Je lui avais bien créé et écrit une petite carte, mais j'ai soudain réalisé que pendant leur absence, mes parents faisaient suivre leur courrier... chez moi! Du coup, je ne vais pas m'envoyer la carte à moi-même!

Of course, I'll send an email and will phone her... But that would be like every other day: I call my mom at least once a day and often send an email to let her know something I forgot to say on the phone.

Bien sûr, je vais envoyer un e-mail et lui téléphoner, mais cela n'aura rien de spécial, puisqu'on s'appelle toujours plusieurs fois par jour!

 See? That's me, talking to my Mom.

So I thought my Mom deserved a post.

Du coup, ma Maman mérite bien un petit article!

I'm very, very proud of my Mom's work. She's a writer and she travels all around France to meet her readers (that's what she's doing in La Rochelle this weekend).

Je suis très, très fière du travail de ma Maman. Elle est écrivain et voyage dans toute la France pour rencontrer ses lecteurs, c'est pour ça qu'elle est à La Rochelle ce weekend.

 Her series (book 1 is showed above) keeps her readers waiting for more books. And I'm lucky enough to read them before they are published!

Sa série (tome 1 ci-dessus) tient les lecteurs en haleine, impatients de lire les nouveaux tomes que j'ai la chance de lire avant publication la plupart du temps!

I'm happy that we share a common interest for history and for old china. Every weekend we spend about an hour just describing what we found in "empty-your-attic" sales (French yard sales).

Je suis heureuse que l'on partage le goût de l'histoire et de la vieille vaisselle. Chaque weekend, on passe des heures à se décrire au téléphone ce qu'on a acheté dans des vide-greniers et puis, pour le cas où ce ne serait pas suffisant, on s'envoie des photos!

This is a picture I e-mailed my Mom last weekend with some of my finds (sorry about the blank light, it was a grey day and it wasn't meant for the blog).

Happy Mother's Day to you my "Petite Mam".

Bonne fête à toi, ma "Petite Mam" et à toutes les lectrices qui sont mamans!

If you're not French, you can always try to get that extra Mother's Day... Let me know how it worked!!!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

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  1. Happy Mother´s Day to your mother ! ! !

    This Sunday 26 th is the Mother´s Day in my country (Dominican Republic). It is always the last Sunday of the month. An hour ago I opened my e-mail and found an animated gift card from my 10 years old girl sent to me. It was wonderful.

    Happy Sunday !


  2. hello,
    happy mother's day to your mother!!!
    Lovely finds.
    wish you a nice sunday,

  3. Je sais maintenant de qui tu tiens ce sens du suspens , de ta tite mère .
    "Bonne Fête des Mères" à toi aussi . Bises . Babette

    1. Oh, je n'ai pas son talent... Merci de passer si régulièrement.

  4. LOL, Magali! I did a double-take when I saw the title of your post! Just wanted to let you know that I featured you on Vintage View Sunday!


  5. Are her books for women or girls?

    That's a wonderful tribute.
    Have a beautiful day when you do celebrate.

    1. I know I sent you an e-mail, but I thought maybe others had the same question. So my Mom writes for girls, but I still read the books!

    2. Thank you. I was wondering. Around here it is easy to pick up Spanish, but my daughter thinks she wants to learn French other than ballet and musical vocabulary. If she gets good enough, she could read your mom's books.

  6. Happy Mother's Day to your mother, she certainly has a wonderful daughter. I also speak to my mother each day and see her at weekends. She is my best friend and I hope that when Miss Teenager grows up she has the same relationship with me. Have a wonderful week. Chel x

    1. A few people are making fun of us for calling each other so often, but they are just jealous!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to your mother. I had a computer crash and lost all my bookmarks. I lost you. Then I found you again on the Cozy Little House blog. I bookmarked you again and subscribed to your updates. Now I'll always be able to find you.

    I love watching the progress of your cottage. Love your choice of floor.

    1. Thank you so much for suscribing. I hope I won't disappoint you!

  8. Loved hearing about your Mother - you should be very proud! Loving your china too - lovely!
    It has been a pleasure visiting!

  9. After a long absence from blogging I am just catching up with your blog posts. And, I have to tell you that I LOVE the floor choice. I think neutral on the floor is the best option. You will also naturally appreciate the little flecks which as you say will hide dog paws. I know only too well about that issue. Your home is really coming along so lovely Magali. You must be really happy.
    As for the white paint choice, I will keep you updated. It is not easy. Every white I have tried is good in some areas and not so good in others.

  10. What pretty things! I love the little dishes. You know they're my favorites! So sweet to hear about how you talk to your mother each day. Happy Mother's Day. I'm going to see about sneaking this French one on my calendar, too. :-) ~Angela~

  11. it is the same day in sweden, last sunday in may. Such a good day for it. My mum claims that her dog picked her a bouquet of lily of the valley for mothers day present. It is nice to have a mother with imagination =)

  12. Ma fifille chérie, Merci pour ce très gentil et doux et attendrissant message que je trouve à mon retour de La Rochelle. Je suis, moi aussi, très fière d'être ta "Mam" ! Et je te rapporte un joli service anglais dans ma valise qui pèse une tonne !!!

  13. How fun! My mama passed away of breast cancer in September, and she loved to decorate and collect. I miss her so much when I'm going to thrift shops. My mama was also a writer and left tons of journals and stories, none of which she published, so we are now going thru them as a family to decide if we should send them to a publisher.

  14. Oh Magali - how how that your Mother is a writer ( I always wanted to write ) and that you get to read the books first :)
    Beautiful post!


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