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Abbaye de Beauport

Wandering Around My Cottage - August Edition

If by any chance you're a regular reader of The Little White House, I'm sure you understand while I didn't have the time or energy lately to wander around the cottage that much.

Si par hasard vous avez lus quelques articles du mois de juillet, je n'ai pas besoin de vous expliquer pourquoi je n'avais pas très envie de partir en excursion ces derniers temps.

So I went through my pictures on my computer to take you to a place I visited before. And I'm taking you to the lovely Abbaye de Beauport which is located in Paimpol about half an hour north of The Little White House. All pictures were taken before blogging and if I'm not a good photographer now, I was even worse before. But I think the setting makes up for my poor photography skills.

Du coup, j'ai farfouillé sur mon ordinateur pour vous faire découvrir un lieu que j'avais découvert lors d'un autre été. Je vous emmène donc à l'abbaye de Beauport, à environ une demie heure au nord de mon cottage. Toutes les photos ont été prises bien avant que je n'ai un blog. Je ne suis pas très doué actuellement en photo, mais avant c'était pire! J'espère que la beauté des lieux vous fera oublier les mauvais cadrages!

The building of the abbey began in 1202, so it celebrated, a few years ago, its 800th anniversary!

The church was built first: you can see what's left of it today in the pictures, basically three walls and no roof. So the inside of the church is a garden, which is quite magical!

La construction de l'abbaye a commencé en 1202 et elle a donc fêté il y a quelques années ses 800 ans!

De l'église, il ne reste quelques murs majestueux et aucun toit et rentrer dans l'église est donc comme rentrer dans un jardin clos et secret.

The abbey was very rich until the 18th century and it shows in all the surrounding like the cloister for example and the dining-room (below).

L'abbaye a été très riche et cela se voit dans la beauté du cloître et de la salle-à-manger.

The abbey has a garden that goes all the way to the nearby sea.

Le jardin de l'abbaye se déroule jusqu'à la mer.

Sadly, the abbey was partly destroyed during the French revolution. A famous French writer, Prosper Mérimée, saved it by declaring it "Historical Monument" when he was a minister for the French Governement in 1862. 

Comme souvent, l'abbaye a été très endommagée à la révolution et c'est Prosper Mérimée qui l'a sauvée en l'inscrivant sur la liste des Monuments Historiques en 1862.

I believe this cottage that was very close to the abbey was built with stones taken from the abbey!

La petite maison située juste à côté de l'abbaye a probablement été construite avec des pierres volées aux bâtiments en ruines!

I really loved visiting this place and I hope you enjoyed the tour as well. Pictures 4 and 6 could be hints for this month's project at the cottage (this is a but far-fetched, but I couldn't help it).

J'avais adoré visiter ce lieu et j'espère que vous avez apprécié ce petit tour. Les photos 4 et 6 pourraient être des indices sur le projet du mois au cottage (bon, là, c'est un peu tiré par les cheveux, mais je n'ai pas pu m'en empêcher).

See you soon,

A bientôt,

The abbey is getting famous thanks to these wonderful people:

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  1. Thanks for the mini French vacation. I loved the red flowers hanging out over the path in one of the first photos and I love the artichokes that had gone to flower.

    In Ventura, our mission is considered really old and it was built in the 1700s. Our house, built in 1928 is an old lady. We don't know what old is compared to Europe.

  2. So beautiful!!! I love flowers blooming among the ruins.

  3. Thanks so much for this tour. I think this is the only way I will ever get to see France. What lovely pictures of the old church and the beautiful flowers.

  4. beautiful! & what a location.
    your photos are lovely.

  5. Why did I never find that and visit?
    As to the clues....definitely fretwork to come!

  6. Effectivement, c'est un lieu magique qui respire le calme... un peu comme toutes les abbayes que nous avons visitées, celle de Valmagne près de Sète et la fameuse abbaye de Mazan en Ardèche... Bravo pour les photos !

  7. Hello! Catching up on posts here .. So glad Romeo's person came for him. He was lucky to have found you to take care of him and help him find his way home. Lovely tour! Cracked ribs are no fun. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks! After three weeks, the rib is beginning to be less painful.

  8. Hi Magali, Hope that you are feeling better soon. These photos are lovely, what a beautiful place, thank you for taking us there. Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh so beautiful!! Thank you for the tour.

    Best wishes for your speedy recovery xox

  10. Oh wow, your pictures are incredible and such a beautiful place. Thanks so much for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  11. those seem like pretty good pictures to me!! the abbey grounds are amazing.

  12. I love ruins like this with gorgeous gardens, thanks for the fine tour!

    I'm inviting you to also join us for Travel Photo Mondays, it runs the whole week and starts on Mondays, come link up with us.

  13. Beautiful...thanks for sharing! Feels like a virtual vacation...:) So, maybe your project is something to do with windows, arches, or stone...Hmmm! I guess we shall see soon...have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessingas, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  14. Isn't it a shame that some buildings fall into ruin, although it certainly looks a magical place with the gardens growing in and around it, thanks for sharing (absolutely nothing wrong with the photos !).
    Btw, I didn't linger on your lovely chocolates, I'm trying to cut down too !
    I hope you're feeling better x

  15. The Abby and all of the abundant flora is so tranquil. Thank you for this lovely tour,
    Happy Hugs,

  16. So so beautiful! 800 years! And no wrinkles!!! Thanks for sharing!


  17. What gorgeous photos Magali!!!!!!!!!!
    There's something so beauitful about flowers growing amongst ruins - truly beautiful - have to pin a few of these!
    Have a great wknd

  18. What an amazingly beautiful place, Magali. Your area is so rich in wonderful history. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. xo Laura

  19. WOW!! I want to go there! Beautiful!!!! I love the stone walls with all the beauty of the gardens!

  20. Amazing. this Abby is exquisite! The gardens are stunning and I'd love to go there some day! Thanks for sharing this beauty dear friend. I'm gonna tour again!
    Thank you for your sweet and kind comment, I'm so happy you came over! Have a blessed Sunday.

  21. Magali, these photos are exquisite! 800th anniversary, wow! Hubby and I are celebrating #41 tomorrow. Thanks you so much for the tour!

  22. Your photos are so lovely! They capture the beauty and peace of the abbey (and definitely make me want to visit). Stopping by from Travel Photo Mondays :)

  23. The ruins make sure a beautiful tour. I love how greenery is growing within the old stones.

  24. Hi Magali, thanks for taking us to this delightful ruin. How lovely that they created a garden inside it instead of letting it stay in an empty sad state. I actually enjoyed your shots. You have an eye for good composition.

  25. How truly beautiful. Nothing like that in the States....Your photography was perfect!

  26. I visited while "locked up" in the library at work. It was a nice virtual walk through a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing with Inspired Sunday at Sunday View!


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