Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Watching TV with Magali (and possibly some cats) - part 1

I know I'm not even allowed to say it in front of my colleagues, being a teacher who's supposed to be serious and all, but I enjoy watching TV every now and then.

Je sais que j'ai à peine le droit de l'avouer, étant un professeur censé être sérieux et tout et tout, mais j'aime bien regarder la télé.

I hate watching anything that has to do with reality though, it's too depressing, except for documentaries about history.

Par contre, je n'aime pas regarder des émissions sur la réalité, c'est bien trop déprimant, à part peut-être les documentaires historiques, parce qu'une fois racontée, l'histoire est toujours un peu fictive.

Now, if you were living at The Little White House, you would have to watch fictions and you would have to cope with a slightly annoying habit I have. I do sometimes (often?) choose the TV shows I watch based on how much I love the set.

Donc, si vous viviez au cottage, vous devriez regarder des séries de fiction et surtout savoir que le programme est souvent choisi en fonction du décor utilisé dans les séries.

I believe this habit began years ago when I was a student with the TV show Charmed. At that time, there were other TV shows that had better writing, better story lines, better acting (wasn't that hard once they got rid of Shannen), but none had a better set!

Cette habitude a commencé il y a des années lorsque j'étais étudiante et que j'ai commencé à regarder Charmed non pas parce que les dialogues étaient bien écrits, non pas parce que l'intrigue était palpitante ou parce que le jeu des actrices était époustouflant, mais parce que j'étais tombé amoureuse du décor!

As you all know, I have a kitchen to re-do at The Little White House. Maybe in that kind of situation, you would re-open your favourite design books. As I don't have any, I re-watch the TV-shows which have my favourite kitchens.

Comme vous le savez, il faut que je fasse ma cuisine au cottage. Dans ce genre de situation, la plupart d'entre vous se plonge probablement dans des bouquins de décoration. Comme je n'en ai pas, je re-regarde mes cuisines préférées de séries.

I apologize for the quality of the picture: they are screen captures.

Je suis désolée, les photos ne sont pas de première qualité, mais ce sont des captures d'écran.

There are many things I loved and still love about that kitchen: the off-white painted cabinets, the glass cabinets on tops, the fact that it was never really perfect, the spice built-in shelves, the random red transferware plate, the different coloured chairs, the curtains, the beadboarding...

And a few things I didn't like: the blue linoleum floor (they changed it if I remember well in the later seasons), the fact that the middle cooking range was obvisouly not linked to any gas (!), the absence of dishwasher (sorry, I really like mine!).

 Il y avait vraiment beaucoup de choses que j'adorais dans cette cuisine: les éléments crème, les éléments vitrés, la table et ses chaises toutes d'une teinte différente, le lambris, les étagères avec toutes les épices, le fait que ce n'était jamais parfaitement rangé.... Mais je détestais le lino bleu du sol!

Aparté: Maman, vise un peu les plinthes que l'on aperçoit sur la table, ça te rappelle quelque chose, hein?

Now, just for the fun of it, have you noticed how dated the coffee machine looks? Mine is still just the same... But wait till you see the phone!

Incroyable combien en quelques années, les objets ont évolué tout de même: avez-vous remarqué la machine à café et le téléphone qui étaient alors à la dernière mode? Je me sens vieille tout d'un coup!

I'm planning on showing you some other inspiring kitchen, but I'm not planning any schedule for once. I know I won't be able to keep it and this is for fun only, not to add any more stress to my life! 

Je prévois de vous montrer d'autres cuisines qui m'inspirent, mais je ne fais pas de planning. Ce sera quand l'envie me prendra et surtout quand le temps le permettra!

So what's your favourite part of that kitchen and what idea would you keep for a tiny cottage kitchen?

Alors êtes-vous sous le charme de cette cuisine et quel élément en conserveriez-vous?

See you soon for something about my very own kicthen!

A bientôt pour un petit aperçu de ma cuisine à moi!

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  1. I've never watched the show, although I have heard of it. Wonderful kitchen inspiration. Where is the setting?

  2. i love the kitchen too.. it would look great in your cottage!

  3. I don't know the show, maybe it's not shown over here. I have always liked glass fronted cupboards as somewhere to display pretty things.

  4. Tout me plait dans cette cuisine, surtout l'espace dont elle dispose.
    Toute jeune, j'étais raide dingue de l'espace & de la déco que "Super Jaimie" avait au dessus du garage de ses parents, c'était un "Open Space", mais ça avait un charme fou.
    Je suis aussi très friande de la déco dans les séries comme "Barnaby", j'adore.
    Passe une bonne journée.
    Bises. Babette

    1. Je ne sais pas si je vais oser l'avouer... Bon, courage! Il m'arrive de regarder Barnaby sans le son quand je travaille, juste pour jeter un coup d'oeil aux maisons entre deux copies!

  5. I love the beadboard and that built in spice rack I've always love beadboard. When we build in a few years I would love to have a built in spice rack like that. I need to pin one and see about working that in when the time comes.
    One of my favorite movies is one I love because of the house. Home Alone. The house is gorgeous. At the time it was made it was decorated like I would have loved. Now that decor is outdated but I still love that house. It was up for sale a few years ago and it had been updated and it was beautiful.

  6. You are just like my sister. She is always looking at the sets of different shows. I guess that's what inspires great design. Love that kitchen too. So comfy.

  7. I also love to look at movie and tv kitchens!

    1. According to me, kitchens are more important than characters!

  8. This kitchen has such a lived in feeling. Very warm and cozy, not for some people though. I love the bead board. I have an all white kitchen with old black handles that I love. I think the thing that most draws us in is that it's not a standard type run of the mill kitchen, it has little nooks and crannies.

    1. The "lived in" feeling is actually why I find tv show sets more inspiring than magazine kitchens! I can't picture myself in a perfect kitchen because mine never is!

  9. Some of the best designs come from films and TV shows....set to give inspiration, trends and ideas.

  10. I always look at film and tv sets too. I always loved the kitchen in 'Look who's talking', because American kitchens are so different to English ones.
    I like the idea of lots of glazed units, and units that go to the ceiling and those little catches where the knob is part of the catch. Oh and white marble counter tops - well one has to dream doesn't one !

  11. That's basically what I see first in movies and on t.v. - my favorite kitchen is from " it's complicated " I even posted about it once too LOL
    Oh and when I was little I wanted to live in the Brady Bunch House !!!

  12. You're not alone...:) I am always looking beyond the characters to the room they are in. I will miss important parts because I am looking at the decor and architecture...:) Love the set of the show you shared.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  13. im laughing hysterically cause my daughter is a huge fan of the show so over the years ive been hooked too how funny

  14. We don't own a television so I can't watch shows and I don't have the time. I do like to watch movies. Speaking of movie sets, have you ever seen Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock? The kitchen in their house is to die for.

  15. They do have some of the most amazing sets and often film in real homes. I love white kitchens because they are so airy and light. Perfect inspiration. xo Laura

  16. I am still laughing at the table slash island with a gas stove top sitting on it...not hooked up? Too funny!! I probably would not have noticed that at all watching the show! Geez!
    I think the kitchen has hints of cottage in what you mention such as the beadboard and certainly the cupboards.
    I don't have cable television since I got so fed up with bad programming and all the reality TV crap that is on right now. But, I do watch some movies over and over again just to swoon over the sets. Of course my favourite, along with many other people I know, is the set from "Somethings Gotta Give". That set designer also designed the kitchen for "It's Complicated".
    I think both of those kitchens have ideas for you as well perhaps. The latter one gave me lots of ideas given the kitchen is relatively small like mine.
    I cannot wait to see what you do.

  17. Ce que je ne garderai pas en tout cas c'est la plaque de cuisson sur l'ilot central : impossible d'y déposer une bassine à confitures, ce n'est pas stable! Emmanuelle

    1. Oh, comme en plus cette plaque de cuisson n'a pas l'air du tout d'être relié au gaz, cela rend vraiment impossible la confection de confiture!!! A demain sur le vide-grenier de nos rêves!

  18. I love the glass cabinet doors. I'm only having 2 little glass cabinet doors in my new place, but I had to do at least that much! I've never watched Charmed, but I do have it in my Netflix Q. I guess that show really is old! That phone!!!!!


  19. So interesting. Well, they were witches, so maybe they were making the stove work without the hookups. LOL

    I like the elements of this kitchen: white, bead board, natural wood, glass. It's classic. I don't care for the countertops, but that type of counter is common in vintage kitchens.

    I like the kitchen in Audrey Hepburn's "Sabrina" : the mansion kitchen and even kitchen in her little apartment.

  20. I often take note of the house and decor in tv shows. I can't think of any favourites though but I do like our own kitchen which we remodeled 2 years ago. I went with coconut white cabinets in the Shaker style and finally got my dishwasher after 34 years without one. I still don't have a backsplash but it will be bead board when we do put it in. I wanted a cottage/farmhouse look. One thing I added was a nice display shelf over the top of the kitchen window above the sink area. It goes between the cabinets and it's a great spot for display as my cabinets go to the ceiling. As for the coffee maker on the counter in the photo above? Mine is older than that! lol We don't drink coffee so haven't bought a new one. Thank you for visiting me today. Pamela

  21. I love the off white colour and the upper cabinet doors best, but I also love the bead board and the gas cookstove that is hooked up. :) I thought it strange that they would have two cook tops in a kitchen of that size. The open spice shelf is nice as well as the table and chairs. I guess that is enough. I agree with you, it's a very nice kitchen with lots of charm.

  22. Hahaha, used to love CHARMED too, until Rose Magowan came along. I agree, that kitchen is definitely charming, perfect for the title of the show. Can't wait to see all your inspirations Magali!

  23. I really liked Charmed, too! You must have really liked the kitchen to notice that they changed the blue linoleum floor! You are too funny, I would have never noticed that!

  24. Eh bien, je sais maintenant d'où te viennent toutes tes idées... euh... bizarres... et les plinthes que tu as cherchées pendant des lustres...

  25. Very cute! I never watched the show, so the set was new to me. The stove-top-in-a-table is pretty funny. :)

  26. I, too, watch this show for the set and am particularly fixated on the kitchen. :)
    I am far, far away from being able to remodel my kitchen, but I already have most of my Charmed inspired waynescoting, cabinets and table picked out (no island for me). I am one winning lottery ticket away from having my own little bit of Halliwell Manor.
    If you like the set for this, you may also like the sets for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I guess, tv witches all get to have cool pads.

  27. I love the Charmed show. There will be a 1" scale miniature of the house in Chicago at the Tom Bishop miniature show. I am driving from Mississippi to see it in April. Also I am trying to make a 1" scale of the the living room. Every room in the house is just wonderful. Kudos to whoever designed it.


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