Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grey Skies Over Tréguier's Cloister

Wandering Around The Cottage - November 2014 Edition - 2

What a crazy week here at the Cottage! Two parent-teacher conferences (one in each school I work for), four parcels to ship for my little shop... and all my Christmas presents to find and wrap!

Semaine de folie au Cottage! Deux réunions parents-professeurs jusqu'à 9 heures du soir (une dans chacune des écoles où je travaille), quatre paquets à envoyer pour la boutique... et tous mes cadeaux de Noël à trouver et à envelopper!

I think some pictures of such a quiet and serene place like the cloister of Tréguier's cathedral we toured in the previous post might help me relax...

Quelques photos d'un lieu bien calme comme le cloître de la cathédrale de Tréguier où je vous ai emmené la dernière fois pourraient peut-être m'aider à me détendre...

Now, you might be surprised about the Christmas present thing... I live in Western France and my grand-mother lives in a South-East town... She's too old beautifully aged  to leave her home, especially in the winter, and I refuse to drive in the middle of winter the 560 something miles that go through the coldest areas of France, right in the middle... So I travel - with one of my cats - by train. 

Maintenant, laissez-moi vous expliquer ce petit "Noël en novembre"... J'habite en Bretagne, ma grand-mère en Ardèche... Je refuse de conduire les 900 et quelques kilomètres qui nous séparent et traversent le Massif Central en plein hiver pour passer Noël avec elle... Je voyage donc en train, avec un de mes chats.

The train is always crowded on any day of our Christmas break and I have a cat in a travel bag on one shoulder, so I try to travel light and without my presents. 

Les trains sont toujours bondés à cette époque de l'année et j'ai un chat dans un sac en bandoulière... Alors je voyage sans mes cadeaux.

It means my father (who travels by car because he does it in several days as he's now retired and can leave earlier) takes all my presents for me in advance... You'd think it means less stress and you'd be wrong.

Je les donne en avance à mon Papa qui fait le voyage en voiture par étapes en passant par Paris et en partant en avance...  Vous pensez peut-être que cela évite le stress de Noël... Eh, non!

Just imagine a beautiful sunny day of November... Your phone rings... "Magali, I'll stop by your Cottage next Sunday to pick up your Christmas presents." Panic strikes. Christmas presents? All ready in a week? How am I going to manage? Believe me, I have the exact same amount of stress as everybody, only a month earlier!

Imaginez une belle journée de Novembre... Le téléphone sonne... "Magali, je passe prendre tes cadeaux le week-end prochain." Attaque de panique. Les cadeaux? Tous prêts dans une semaine? Mais comment vais-je faire? Croyez-moi, j'ai le même stress que tout le monde, juste un mois plus tôt!

The old tower.

Of course as you lay well imagine if you've read the blog for a while, most of my presents are not store bought, which means I spent most of the week driving all around my Cottage to pick up vintage stuff I had found on the Internet! I decided not to make presents myself this year as last year the amount of cross-stitching and co nearly killed me!

En plus, comme vous vous en doutez, je n'achète pas beaucoup de choses en magasin... J'ai donc passé la semaine à conduire autour du Cottage pour aller chercher des choses repérées sur Le Bon Coin... Enfin, les soirs où il n'y avait pas de réunion!

Anyway, nothing soothes me like the views of the darling little towns around my Cottage. What do you think of that adorable cloister? If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see that one of the tower isn't as delicate as the others. It's the oldest one, remains of the old Roman church that was there before the Gothic one was built.

Mais rien ne me calme les nerfs comme d'admirer des vieilles pierres comme celles du cloître de la cathédrale de Tréguier. Peut-être remarquerez-vous sur certaines photos une tour un peu massive. C'est un reste de la construction romane qui a existé avant que ne soit édifié l'actuel bâtiment gothique.

Right outside the cathedral, you have a nice view above the old tower and you can also see a sculpture that is an hommage to all women who lost a child during the First World War. It's truly moving. It says on the sign that it's the most beautiful one in Brittany and as I haven't seen them all, I can't go against that idea for now... It did bring tear to my eyes.

De la rue qui longe la cathédrale, on a une belle vue sur la tour la plus ancienne. On peut aussi admirer une sculpture qui rend hommage à toutes les femmes qui ont perdu un fils pendant la Première Guerre mondiale. C'est un monument très émouvant et la pancarte indique que c'est le plus beau de Bretagne... Je ne peux pas contredire cette information car je ne les ai pas tous vus!

The headdress she's wearing is the one of Tréguier (Britton women had a different one in each town).

See you as soon as possible for the last kitchen series!

A bientôt (enfin, dès que possible)!

PS1: I know this post is like three posts in one, which goes against all good-blogging rules, but it was time allows for now!

PS1: Je sais que cet article est un peu fourre-tout, mais avec le temps que j'ai en ce moment, c'est tout ce que je peux faire!

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  1. The cloister is just much history and beauty there.

    Nothing like scrambling around for Christmas but it does sound as if you are organized in the end, as in not having to lug all of the presents on the train later on! : )

    1. It's been a busy week though and when my father arrived, I was on the floor, still wrapping gifts ;)

  2. What a charming cloister! My heart felt for the sculpture of the mother. Now that your gift giving is underway I hope you enjoy the season thoroughly.

  3. We loved Treguier. Many years ago my husband and some friends used to sail over to Treguier and so enjoyed a few days there.

  4. Lovely ohotos Magali. I would be stressing too if I had to have Christmas presents bought, wrapped, and ready to go in a week! Good thing is that at least it will be finished sooner rather than later! Have a blessed and beautiful week my friend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. Magali, I love the pictures and your story. yes Christmas can creep up on us before we know it. But your pictures are beautiful. I've only been out of the US once and that was a trip to Belgium in 2010. I was so amazed at the beauty of the "ancient" building that were built in the 1400's. Our United States is a young country, so even our buildings that are 200 years old, they wilt in the shadow of the amazing architecture that stands all over Europe. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful cloister. I never stop being amazed at the gorgeous area you live in, Magali. Good luck with getting all of the presents ready to go. xo Laura

  7. What a beautiful cloister. Such history and beauty in the old buildings of your country.

    1. I was surprised how wonderful that cloister was in such a small town.

  8. Love the Gothic arches and the downspouts. The statue is so tragically beautiful. I think if Christmas was any time, we would feel pressure.

  9. Stunning pictures magazine. Love the cloister. So interesting!

  10. Oh such a beautiful cloister, thanks so much for this post. Sorry that you are so rushed, but it's nice of your father to pick up your presents and take them for you. What about the other kitty, do you leave it all alone. or do you just have the one?
    Good luck with wrapping and for this beautiful post.
    Have a good week.

  11. Le cloître est en effet superbe, quant aux fêtes de Noël, je ne les envisage pas encore, alors les cadeaux...Pfffffffffffffffff, même pas en rêve.
    En tout cas, je vois que tu es très organisée.
    Caresses aux poilus griffus. Bises. Babette

  12. Hi Magali, One of my favorite places to visit when we travel, a churche or cathedral and the cloister within. We've seen many but not in your area of France. Your photos are beautiful and peaceful, that should help with the stress of the holidays you are feeling. Your plans sound wonderful, visiting your grandmother and traveling by train. Hope you still have time to post a few pics along the way.


  13. What a gorgeous place!! Thanks for another beautiful tour. I am a little envious of you to have your Christmas gifts taken care of so early!

  14. What a beautiful church. I am impressed that you are already planning Christmas presents, although maybe I should not be because I bought a bunch while we were in China, so I guess I am more prepared than I thought!

  15. Wonderful photos that make me feel like I'm there- perfect for a cold Monday morning with coffee in hand. I love the Cloister. It looks like a movie set. Looking forward to your final kitchen post. Hugs!

  16. I love the cloister photos, such beautiful architecture. As for the Christmas presents, I hope you get these sorted soon. I start this week as it creeping up very quickly now and the kids have already asked when the decorations are going up in the house! xx

  17. Amazing architecture, Magali. The sculpture of the woman is so beautiful; it's touching. I love the pink hydrangeas. They're gorgeous! I feel for you having to get your Christmas shopping done and everything ready on such short notice. We're very fortunate as we don't exchange gifts with many people. Mainly we buy gifts for our grandchildren, or I make something for them. I wish you the best. ~ Nancy

  18. I hope the pictures did indeed calm you down, you seem to have so much on your plate already without having to find and wrap Christmas presents really early. What a shame you can't drive down with your Father as it sounds like it would be a great trip.
    The cloister is indeed a beautiful building perfectly set off by well maintained gardens, thanks for sharing the photos with us !

  19. I haven't even settled on my decor for Christmas, still have to embroider my napkins for Thanksgiving so like you I have no presents.

    I love that you and the cat go by train to visit your grandmother.

  20. Thank you for taking us on your trip. A beautiful cloister in the town. Thanks for sharing

  21. I loved your tale of Christmas shopping - so different to our experience, but it sounds a lot of fun - despite the potential for stress! And I loved the photographs of the cloisters and the background. Finally - I can imagine that must be a really moving memorial; we shouldn't consider lives lost in isolation.

  22. We have decided to simplify our Christmas this year. I am usually running around attempting to ship gifts since everyone is so spread out. This year we are going to reduce the gift giving.
    Beautiful images Magali.

  23. I enjoyed your post and the pictures were a nice calming break for me at lunchtime. I just started thinking about gifts for Christmas, I want to keep it simple but do enjoy the hunt for gift ideas and love to make them. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Love the photos and the history. I miss living full time in a charming town but my home is my sanctuary and our yard our urban oasis. There is just never enough time is there? Prayers for travel mercies for you and the cat. Angels to watch over the other cat and your darling cottage while you are away.

  25. You come up with the most gorgeous day trips!! Beautiful!

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, Magali. The sculpture of the grieving mother is lovely with the stone walkway leading up to it and the pretty garden surrounding it.

    I feel your stress of getting all your gifts purchased and wrapped in just a few days! I hope you get it all done in time!

    I don't follow any blog rules either, as you may have noticed, so your post makes total sense to me!

  27. I've been scrambling arse over tea kettle to get all my handmade Christmas gifts done in time. Luckily, I've still got a month. You are smart to take a break from making things. I would ride the train to maison de Grandmere's, also. :) You would be so proud of me. I have the French alphabet down pat and I can count to 40 tout suite. That statue is heart breaking.

  28. A very relaxing spot, indeed! Good luck with your Christmas shopping!

  29. Dear Magali, Thank you for the lovely photos! Your blog is a delight for me because it takes me to France from the comfortable chair in my own home :) Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!


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