Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall's Bounty

Here in Brittany, we've been blessed with amazing weather all through September and the beginning of October.

En Bretagne, nous avons eu la chance d'avoir une arrière-saison très ensoleillée et très douce.

Somehow, it has helped with the craziness that is life these days at The Little White House.

Cela met de bonne humeur quand on a une vie sans aucun temps mort comme moi en ce moment.

That craziness is the reason I haven't been around on blogland that much lately. I write posts every day in my head while driving, but when I make it back home, there are papers to mark, lessons to prepare, a few parcels to send (love doing all of  that, but it takes time),  cats to feed, dishes to stack in the dishwasher and before I know it, it's past midnight and I haven't written a line for the blog.

Je mets plusieurs jours à lire les articles de chacune d'entre vous et à répondre à vos mails ou commentaires: j'en suis désolée. J'écris dans ma tête des articles tous les jours en conduisant, mais une fois de retour à la maison, je corrige des copies, je prépare des cours, j'envoie des colis, je nourris des chats, je fais la vaisselle et avant d'avoir eu le temps de dire "ouf", il est plus de minuit et je n'ai pas écrit une ligne pour le blog!

So I haven't cooked as much as I usually do, but tonight I managed to have a really beautiful fall plate without cooking! Contrary to the comforting chicken pie I shared some time ago, this is more of a fresh impromtu salad, because it was what I felt like eating with that weather, but it's full of fall's treasures.

Du coup, il n'y a pas beaucoup de cuisine de faite au cottage ces derniers temps. Cependant, une petite assiette des plaisirs de l'automne s'est révélée facile à concocter et délicieuse lors d'une dernière soirée chaude de l'automne.

The pictures are a bit blurry because they were taken late... The cats get feed before me of course, and there are some new members in the team... I'll tell you all about them in an other post.

Mes photos ne sont pas de la première qualité car elles ont été prises un peu tard... Les chats sont bien sûr nourris avant moi et il y a de nouveaux membres dans la tribu... Je vous en parlerai une autre fois!

I have something new to show you in my kitchen... Please, be patient... We have a Fall break in French schools at the end of October and I promise that after catching up on my sleep, I'll write you all about it!

J'ai un petit truc à vous montrer dans ma cuisine. Soyez patients, dès que les vacances de la Toussaint sont là, je rattrape le sommeil en retard et après je vous raconte tout!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

Disclaimer: I was given the figs by my very nice neighbour who has the best kitchen garden ever, but all opinions are my own!

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  1. Your plate looks so good! I am drooling for the prosciutto and figs! Can't wait to meet the new fur family members!

  2. An impromptu salad is the best kind of food, everything looks delicious. I know that a teacher's life is a very busy one, so it's easy to understand your lack of time, but looking forward to future kitchen updates !

  3. That looks delicious. Figs, dates, Parma ham and brown bread, what could be better? And was that a real walnut? I so miss our walnuts. This is the time when we would go and pick and pick, nothing quite like a wet walnut.

  4. Your dinner plate looks delicious Magali! I am looking forward to hearing about your new cats. I am so happy to have that dear little creamer. Ann

  5. LOL soo this was a sponsored fig post just kidding but it does all look delicious look forward to your surprises

  6. Looks so delicious! I will waiting for your next post. have a nice weekend

  7. Cette petite préparation a l'air délicieuse. L'assiette est superbe et je sais aussi que le vin est bon !!

  8. Que delicia de ementa!! Um bom vinho, frutas... tudo apetitoso!! bom fim de semana, Manuela

  9. What a lovely and healthy meal! Loving it. There are only so many hours in the day and when ta person works - like you and like me - there are less!

  10. your meal looks:

    I think I could even make a plate like this, but I hate figs.

  11. This looks so beautiful! And I totally understand--I used to teach and then substitute, so I know what you're going through:)

  12. I agree with the above posters ,your meal looks HEALTHY ! And so delicious too ,yummy :-D (This reminds me that I should start eating more healthy myself :-S ). I love the autumn leaves plate too !
    Looking forward to your next post. :) Izabella.

  13. Yum yum, your dinner looks so good. I like that kind of a meal, healthy, easy and fresh. Sometimes dinner gets to heavy for me. Take care of yourself and get some rest, don;t want to get down.
    Hopefully you are having a relaxing weekend.

  14. Oh la vie est belle Magali.... no question about it. If you can finish your day sitting down to a plate like that then I would say life is truly good. I find it hard lately too, my blog is on my mind but getting to it is not always easy!! And, as a teacher I am sure you expel a lot of energy all day long.

  15. Il y a tout ce qu'il faut dans cette assiette, les choses les plus simples sont les meilleurs surtout quand elles ne demandent pas des heures & des heures de préparation. Bisous & très bon dimanche. Babette

  16. I've never tried a fresh fig, but you have certainly inspired me. This looks so delicious!

  17. So lovely. I look forward to your kitchen and photos of the kitties.

  18. Magali, I am yawning just thinking about all you have to do. Fresh figs sound wonderful. xo Laura

  19. your dinner plate looks delicious. I would give anything for fresh figs!

  20. That looks soooo appetising! Loving the autumn inspired plate too!!

  21. Looks so tasty..and fresh! I am right there with you on being too busy to blog often! I plan posts and then just don;t have time to write them. I'm trying to be happy with once or twice a week instead of almost every day like I was posting. I do miss it though. Enjoy your upcoming fall break! I have a four day weekend next week and then a week off in November for Thanksgiving! Looking forward to it...:) Have a wonderful week....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  22. Looks so fresh and yummy! Growing up we had fig trees on our property. Nothing like biting into a sweet juicy one.
    Thanks for sharing dinner with us.

  23. Magali, that's a lovely looking fall salad! I recently made a fig upside-down cake. It seems I always cook figs, but I know they are good raw as well. And I need to eat more salads.

  24. Your salad dinner looked delicious. Hope you had a lovely weekend and got some sleep!

  25. Ah, your life sounds quite like mine. I wish we could find more time somewhere! Your autumn feast looks healthy and delicious! I finally spent time making a lot of food yesterday--first time I've really cooked in ages. Now I have to gather the items I need to mail and dash off to work. Have a beautiful week. Hope you can catch a nap sometime!

  26. Your dinner looks quite tasty. And Tristan would prefer it to anything home cooked. Lots of times our picnics look very similar. It's easy and so good. Can't wait to meet your newest member.


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