Thursday, October 24, 2013

Highway To Ikea

I thought you might like to follow along my recent Ikea trip.

It all began with a very nice ride from my cottage to the capital of Brittany where the Ikea store is located. I say "nice", because really it was: clear autumn weather, trees that are just beginning to change colours here and a long chat with a friend of mine who is also a teacher and shares most of my views on teaching.

We arrived for the opening time, which is a very late 10 am.

Bon, alors, êtes-vous prêt à vous embarquer pour une virée à Ikea? Le ciel est dégagé, les arbres commencent à prendre leurs jolies couleurs d'automne et en plus, pas besoin de partir aux aurores, ici, le magasin n'ouvre qu'à 10h.

We spent time, a lot of time, in the showroom. I like to try all the sofas and armchairs, even if the cottage living-room redo is not yet scheduled. It was also very funny to see how different my tastes and my friend's are when it comes to decorating!

Commençons évidemment par l'étage qui met en scène plein de petits intérieurs mignons comme tout. Il faut voler quelques idées et surtout, essayer tous les canapés et fauteuils pour sélectionner ceux qui sont confortables, éliminer ceux qui sont trop raides... pour la rénovation du salon, prévue pour 2036! C'est du boulot!

I took in a lot of inspiration and I took many pictures, but they were very difficult to take, because the store seems to have this new idea that if they keep the lights low, the rooms will seem more cosy... Pictures are a little dark, even after some editing, sorry!

Hint: Ikea people, to keep things even cosier, could you please turn down the TV that were litterally yelling in each and every room!

Puis-je suggérer au personnel d'Ikea que les télés allumées toutes en même temps avec le volume au maximum, cela gâche un peu l'ambiance cosy des pièces?

Of course, I spent some time in the kitchens, which was the number 1 reason for this road shopping trip. More on that later.

J'ai passé pas mal de temps dans les cuisines, qui étaient la véritable raison de cette expédition. Mais arrivées à la fin de l'exposition cuisine, moi et mon amie, venue voir des meubles pour son bureau, étions épuisées et du coup, direction le resto avec une vue imprenable sur le parking. J'ai dû me résoudre au thé en sachet... Mais j'étais tellement contente de me poser, que je l'ai presque trouvé bon!

By the end of the first floor, we were exausted... It's amazing how sitting in all the sofas can be tiring!

So we stopped at a restaurant with a wonderful view on the parking lot. It's not everyday you see such a beautiful parking lot, is it?

As I always follow my readers' advice, I made a point to buy some pastries. And I so wanted some tea, that I drank a tea-bag tea, which really doesn't happen that often.

Then we went downstairs to do the real shopping... 

Ensuite, direction le hangar du rez-de-chaussée pour le véritable shopping.

Ce que j'ai appris d'intéressant ce jour-là:
  • Ne pas se fier aux apparences:  certains fauteuils au look bien cosy sont secs comme des coups de trique!
  • Ne pas sous-estimer le pouvoir des bisous: c'est ce qu'il nous en a couté pour qu'un vendeur nous sorte de derrière son comptoir les poignées que ma copine avait oublié de prendre au premier étage, 6 kilomètres plus tôt!
  • Je ne sais pas défaire les sécurités enfant sur les tiroirs: je n'ai pas arrêté de me pincer les doigts!
  • Les cuisines blanches sont lumineuses même dans le nouvel éclairage tamisé d'Ikea.
  • Presque tout est "made in China", ce qui a drôlement freiné mes achats d'accessoires... Même s'il a bien fallu se résoudre à en prendre quelques uns!
  • Les vendeurs français ne savent rien ou ne veulent rien dire des nouvelles cuisines Ikea qui sortent bientôt, mais grâce à mes lectrices, j'en sais un peu plus et vous pouvez donc déjà aller les voir sur le site Ikea Suède.
  • Etre accueillie par trois chats en rentrant d'une journée marathon comme celle-là n'a pas de prix!

Things I learnt from that interesting day:

  • Looks can be deceiving: some of the very comfy looking armchair are very stiff and some stiff looking armchairs are the MOST comfortable in the world (I'm really considering buying one of those, despite China and everything!)
  • Children security on drawers are unsecure for adults: I managed to pinch my fingers twice!
  • A kiss can help tons: a salesperson who had just told us that we needed to go back upstairs to get the doorknobs my friend wanted, miraculously found some in his till after we agreed on kissing him on the cheek (things I would do when I'm too tired to go upstairs!)
  • The new Ikea kitchen are a mystery to EVERY Ikea salesperson... So a big, huge THANK YOU to my reader from Sweden, Louise, who told me they were already on the Swedish website.
  • Learning Swedish vocabulary is very difficult!
  • Most of the things are "made in China", which slowed considerably my shopping. 
  • White kitchens look bright on pictures even with the low lighting there was in the store.
  • Being greeted by three cats when coming back home from a day like that is a pleasure that compares to no other!

 So, I keep working on the kitchen project, promise I'll tell you as soon as I've made the first decision!!!
Je continue donc de travailler sur le projet cuisine et dès que je prends la moindre petite décision, je vous tiens informé!
See you soon,
A bientôt,
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  1. Looks like you found some great stuff. I need to plan a trip to our IKEA soon. I've never eaten in the IKEA though. I think on our next trip we will. I mean, who can pass up the allure of dining with a parking lot view. ;-)

  2. I like pretty much everything about IKEA except the food. There is not a single thing there that appeals to me. And believe me, there are a lot of us Scandinavians here in NW Wisconsin. :-) And I do not like the way they herd you through the store. BUT, I do like their products!

    Love those kitchens. :-)

  3. We have one of those stores i Denver - I have never been there but see it off to the west of the interstate. It's huge too.

  4. Our closest IKEA is 3 hours away so I rarely go but I know what you mean about how tiring it can be. I usually feel overwhelmed by the number of people in the store and the size. I usually pick up tea lights and white candles when I am there and I have appreciated the prices on large picture frames and my favourite is the fabric. We have such terrible selection for fabric here that IKEA has been my go-to place for fabric.
    Looks like you picked up some interesting items. I am so anxious to hear what you decide to do.

  5. Ikea is incredibly exhausting, I remember. I guess you were in the Rennes store, but I preferred the one near Brest, it is a bit smaller but not so crowded.
    Do we have to live to 2036 for the new room decoration??

  6. You were lucky that you didn't choke on the tea bag! Oh my goodness!

    A few weeks ago, I was so tempted to get that throw!!! I can't wait to see where you place it.

    You have some great finds. I see you found those containers in white! On my island, I have some in green. The white is always out of stock here.

    I am looking forward to more progress on your kitchen. It takes time when you are doing many things yourself and working within a budget, but it will be so worth it.

  7. Sounds like you had quite a day at Ikea! That kind of browsing/shopping sure is exhausting! Glad to see you we're keeping your sugar levels up, it's important!! Spotted some nice purchases in your pics, the rails & ceramic pots made it home with me too!

  8. My ex used to love the meatballs, I just liked the fact that you can refill your coffee cup !
    Looks like a great trip with a great haul. I love all the jars and glassware in the last photo, I think I need to make a trip myself, my closest Ikea is about an hour away.
    Looking forward to your decisions, but you just can't rush something like this !

  9. Love that kitchen! Looks like you found a some nice things to bring home too. I hate that everything is made in China these days....that slows my shopping too! Have a fabulous Friday!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  10. I try not to purchase ANYTHING made in China. After working in a hotel and seeing how they act, I'm not impressed. Now the treats for cats and dogs that are from China are killing our pets. The kitchens are stunning and i hope you got some great ideas from your trip.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. C'est vrai qu'une journée chez Ikéa est fatigante, mais j'aime bien, maintenant tu es donc accessoirisée, c'est cool.
    C'est ce que je dis toujours quand je rentre chez moi, être accueillie par des animaux est formidable.
    Bises & bon weekend

  12. Thank you for the lovely pictures, this is a wonderful gift to see pictures from another Ikea showroom (I know that all of them have completely different room arrangements)! I never knew that in other places they keep the lights low and the TV loud, it seems... a little extreme. Say hello for me to your feline companions and I just have to say this: I love the white little pumpkins from the mantel piece, featured on your blog header - so beautiful!

  13. Look at all those yummmmmmy pastries. :) ... And it's some cool stuff you bought ! Love ,Izabella.

  14. I hope the salesperson who you kissed was cute! You're right, that is one of the nicest parking lots I've ever seen. I've only been to Ikea once, it was in Hong Kong. It was just so big that I never had a desire to go to another one but I know you can find many cute and useful things there!

  15. Bon, moi j'en sais un peu plus sur la cuisine puisque hier, nous avons, une fois de plus, refait le plan !!! Sur ton bandeau, la petite maison aux volets bleus a disparu... j'aimais beaucoup cette photo... mais bon, c'est comme les couves de Flammarion, il faut bien changer de temps en temps. Bises

  16. I haven't been to Ikea in forever. The closest one is a couple hours away, and we certainly haven't made any time for traveling lately! Looks like you had a fun and exhausting day! Glad your kitties were there to greet you when you got home. :)


  17. I was at IKEA twice last week and my daughter had to go 3 times - 1 1/2 hours each way and the parking lot is not as pretty as yours.

  18. You made me laugh. Love that parking lot view. I only go to IKEA every now and then. I mostly purchase at the market place. I have not bought any of their furniture. They do have some cute accent pieces. I bought the lights for my craft room there and I get tons of compliments. Most people don't believe that I got them at IKEA. I don't have two kitties to greet me when I come home. Maybe that's why I don't go often. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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