Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Cinderella Case

The Dining Nook Transformation - episode 11 out of ???

The Baseboards

So, if I remember well, a little dining nook reveal is in order today...

Bon alors, je crois me souvenir vous avoir promis des photos du coin repas fini aujourd'hui...

It was delayed by a little project that was very important to me, but might seem a little ridiculous to some.

Cela avait été retardé par un petit projet extrêmement important pour moi et probablement ridicule aux yeux de certains.

Me: Cottage! Look! I just received new shoes! Aren't they darling?

Cottage: Why do you need so many shoes?

Me: For once, you know Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life and I can't neglect anything, since it seems Prince Charming lost his way. Also, I do believe that if they can't change my life, they can at least change the way an outfit looks...

Cottage: Girls! I can never really understand you!

Readers might remember my slight shoe addiction I confessed last summer...

Moi : Cottage, regarde un peu mes nouvelles chaussures ! Elles ne sont pas adorables ?

Cottage : Pourquoi diable as-tu besoin de tant de chaussures?

Moi : Ben, tu sais Cendrillon est bien la preuve que des chaussures, ça peut changer une vie et je dois mettre toutes les chances de mon côté car Prince Charmant semble s'être perdu en route. Et puis, moi, je crois qu'une belle paire de chaussures, ça transforme une tenue banale...

Cottage : Oh, les filles... Je ne te comprendrai jamais.

Small black baseboards when I bought Cottage / Les petites plinthes noires là quand j'ai acheté Cottage.

Me: What if I gave you beautiful shoes too? Would that help you get me?

Cottage: ??? (I think she lost it this time.)

Me: What a great idea! Just like with me, I'll manage to make you look expensive without paying the price...

Moi: Et si je t'offrais de magnifiques chaussures à toi aussi. Crois-tu que cela t'aiderait à me comprendre?

Cottage : ??? (Je crois qu'elle a vraiment perdu la raison, cette fois.)

Moi : Oui, oui, c'est une idée géniale. Je vais te donner un air chic sans payer trop cher, exactement comme pour moi...

You all understood that I was talking about baseboards, didn't you? No? Who didn't read carefully my title???? 

Vous avez tous compris que je parlais des plinthes, non? Bon, vous n'aviez pas l'indice du titre, vous, alors je vous pardonne si vous êtes perdu!

As, anyway,  I was getting rid of the old drywall and of the old baseboards to insulate,  here were my options:
1) Using the same kind of thin baseboards that were here before and that are the French basic and most common baseboards... boring...
2) Using the tile baseboards that matched my floor... Somehow I didn't find that Cottage-y.
3) Finding wider wood baseboards with a little moulding that would add some charm to a Cottage that had lost so much of its charm...

Baseboards wainting in the middle of the room... Les plinthes en attente...

Comme pour isoler, il fallait de toute façon arracher les vieilles plinthes, je me retrouvais avec trois solutions:
1) Remettre des plinthes de base comme avant...
2) Mettre des plinthes en carrelage assorties à mon sol...
3) Trouver des plinthes en bois un peu larges avec une jolie moulure...

I bet you already know what I chose.

Je parie que vous saviez d'avance ce que j'allais choisir.

Me: Cottage, how do you like your new foot wear?

Cottage: Oh, I love it! It does make me look very chic. I do hope you're going to show that on your blog, because I'm rather proud of my baseboard...

Moi : Alors Cottage, apprécies-tu tes nouvelles plinthes?

Cottage : Je les adore ! Cela me donne un air cossu. J'espère qu'elles vont apparaître sur le blog car j'en suis très fier.

Me: Ok, here we go for a little dining-nook reveal, then!

Cottage: By the way, you can buy all the shoes you want now, I totally get how important that is in life!

Me: Thanks, Cottage. I just noticed those adorable pumps that seem to have a very comfortable heel. it would be perfect to go to work...

Moi : C'est parti pour les photos du coin salle-à-manger, alors !

Cottage : Au fait, tu peux acheter toutes les chaussures que tu veux, je comprends parfaitement quelle sensation cela te procure...

Moi : Super, j'avais justement repéré des petits escarpins dont le talon a l'air bien confortable, idéal  pour aller travailler...

Cottage: Stop!!!

Me: What? Have you already changed your mind? Do you want me to go to work with my garden clogs while you gloat about your baseboard?

Cottage: No! You're about to post a picture where you can see the (whispers something to my ear) and you haven't blogged about it yet.

Me: Phew! Thanks, Cottage!

Cottage : Stop !

Moi : Quoi ? Tu as déjà changé d'avis ? Tu veux que j'aille travailler avec mes sabots de jardin pendant que tu te vantes de tes belles plinthes ?

Cottage : Mais, non ! Tu es sur le point de poster une photo de (il me murmure quelque chose à l'oreille) dont tu n'as pas encore parlé sur le blog.

Moi : Ouf ! Heureusement que tu es là !

See you soon for that little surprise, then!

A bientôt pour vous montrer cette petite surprise, donc !

PS1: Just in case you were wondering, I did buy those Clarks pumps for a steal and I wore them all week. Very comfortable, though Prince Charming didn't notice a thing...

PS1 : Si vous vous posez la question, j'ai bien acheté mes petits escarpins pour une fraction de leur prix officiel, ils sont très confortables, mais Prince Charmant n'a rien remarqué...

PS2: Just in case you were wondering, the baseboards were painted in All White by Farrow & Ball  and if they appear pink in some pictures, it's because I used a special knot blocking primer that dries pink.

PS2 : Si vous vous posez la question, les plinthes sont peintes en All White de Farrow & Ball, mais elles apparaissent roses sur certaines photos car la sous-couche pour bloquer la résine du pin (il y a des nœuds dans les plinthes) est rose.

PS3: Just in case you were wondering, the pictures were taken at different stages of the renovation, hence the kitchen does look exactly like today in some pics and the hutch - that you still haven't noticed - is sometimes half empty.

PS3 : Si vous vous posez la question, les photos ont été prises à différents stades de la rénovation de cette pièce et donc la cuisine n'est pas toujours dans son état actuel, le rideau n'est pas toujours posé et le vaisselier n'est pas toujours bien rempli...

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  1. Prince Charming probably has no fashion sense whatsoever. You on the other hand always get it just right. xo Laura

  2. I do not comment every time, but I wanted you to know I really enjoy your posts. I like your way of sharing the cottage renovation with us. Happy weekend to you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. What a special little cottage, indeed. Your new shoes are the perfect accessory to your renovation!

  5. That baseboard makes a great statement. It was the perfect choice, and I like how you tied it in with shoes. Your a good writer as well as renovator.

  6. Love your shoes, and your cottage's baseboards. I think our cottage would love to have very similar baseboards! I will show these to Hubby... make some like these, please. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. The wider baseboards are a must for cottage! Great choice.

  8. The baseboard is the perfect finishing touch. As for Prince Charming - he is a man and as such has no appreciation for the power of a great shoe!

  9. Perfection! I love the fancy footwear you gave cottage! And...I have a slight shoe addiciton too! Good thing for my wallet that I have wide feet and that limits my show buying. I do love a cute ballet flat and sandal! Have a footloose and fancy free weekend!

  10. They are so much like ours, and so neat to post about putting them up. My spouse just finished my daughter's room last week, now there is only one room left, and that's our bedroom. He's become so fast. He paints them first, then puts them up, and then fills the hole in with filler, and then touches up with a tiny brush. My daughters had to be glued, because her walls are brick and cement block with plaster over, and nails bend. Were you able to get them into the new green dry wall or did you have to use an adhesive, because of the stone behind that? You didn't mention complications... That's great if there were none, because you need a break sometime! Tell Lin she can find a similar one at Lowes in America they come in wood and mdf. xoxo Su

  11. You have excellent taste in foot wear, for you and cottage!!! As for Prince'd have to tie your shoes around your waist for him to notice!

  12. Laughed at the "censored" picture! Dining nook is getting his cufflinks, the extra touches to make him handsome. Love your storytelling and letting us read the chapters (episodes) of your renovation of cottage. Kathleen in Az

    1. I'll try to show the next episode next week. So, maybe there won't be any censored picture anymore!

  13. Shoes are very important.

    And so are baseboards.

    Our little cottage has wide baseboards which were quite common in 1927. They aren't the norm today.

  14. Tes plinthes sont superbes... mais c'était encore du boulot pour les peindre à quatre pattes... quant à Prince charmant... il doit être trop myope... Bises

  15. Well we all have our base boards to deal with, whether it is in the house or our foot wear. I am sure your base boards will be happy to be bumped into by your new shoes! Looking great xx

  16. Magali - Baseboards look fantastic! I immediately knew which one you would choose! I love Clark shoes - that's all I wear. I love that you can put them on upon opening the box and wear them forever and they are so confortable.

    Dining room looks great!


  17. Cottage and you make such a great team!!! I love the baseboard...can't have to much architectural elements in an old home! Our baseboards are really high compared to most....but I do love them. I also love Clark shoes, just last week I found a brand new pair of Clark shoes, brand new, at a thrift store for $5.. Their feeling really good on my feet! Shoes usually are real comfortable right out of the box, but Clarks are!

  18. Perfection! Both in color choices and scale of furniture for your abode!

  19. Very pretty! I'm in the middle of tearing down the ceiling in my front entry. UGH what a job!!! Can't wait to be done this one... on the bright side, I just scored some louvered doors today :)


  20. So happy that Cottage liked his new base boards - they look terrific. Everything is coming along very nicely and please tell Cottage that I just love everything that you have accomplished. your my hero!
    Have a wonderful week and maybe Prince Charming will notice your lovely shoes.

  21. I knew right away what baseboards you would choose. Perfect! As for Prince Charming not noticing your shoes...well, he's a male, let's cut him some slack ;).

  22. Oh Magali, everything looks so PERFECT! Those baseboards really make a difference and I need to redo our kitchen. Though I love the ocre "Provençal" feel of the paint color, I think it's time to brighten things up with white AND finally add baseboards to our kitchen. You have inspired once again! LOVELY!

  23. j'aime beaucoup la bonbonne bleue ça donne la touche marine " a do rable"...
    ton petit cottage est absolument charmant et comme tu dois y être bien
    passe un bon dimanche, ensoleillé je l'espère en Bretagne
    @ bientôt

    1. La bonbonne est un de mes rares achats des soldes de l'été dernier.
      Je vais passer l'après-midi à faire des cartons et à désherber les framboisiers, envahis par les orties, ce qui ne va pas rendre la récolte agréable si je ne m'en occupe pas!

    2. tu peux récupérer de l'ortie pour faire du purin, un très bon insecticide et un remplaçant efficace pour les maladies des rosiers ou au pire à servir de base nourricière pour les pieds de tomates
      Les framboises, miam, un régal avec une pointe de chocolat noir, mais pourquoi je ne parle que de chocolat noir ;-)

  24. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, it's my favorite!

  25. Maybe you could hit Prince Charming in the head with your new shoes....he might notice then! Love your wide baseboard! It can always make a room look so Prince Charming like.....wait a minute, you did find your prince in your dining room! It is a prince of a room! Cheers. Now for that sensored

  26. Les murs, les plinthes, les appliques, le lustre & la nouvelle fenêtre font un bel ensemble très très chouette. Le TOP.
    Bravo, tes choix sont réfléchis & parfaits.
    Bisous & caresses aux griffus. Babette

  27. Magali,
    Just beautiful. Love the new "shoes" for the dining room. Love the dining room and kitchen. So beautiful. You go girl!

  28. LOL..Feral Turtle..hit him in the head..i think the baseboard was the perfect pick..cottage sure is turning into a handsome prince himself..maybe yours will come along me there aren't around these parts either..seems there are more of what i don't want then what i do..hope you've had a nice weekend..turned ugly here..altho..a nice pair of sandals would brighten it up nicely..speaking of which..i'm thinking your..pouric white is making you happy too....

  29. Your little cottage is so beautiful. I didn't realize until last post that your kitchen walls were not white. I love it the effect is so beautiful in the pictures taken from the dining room. Love the shoes! Jo

  30. The seemingly small and insignificant make the greatest impacts. The baseboards are wonderful and so deserving of cottage.

  31. I so enjoy your posts. Your dining and kitchen Areas are looking so cozy and inviting. Glad you were able to adjust your paint color. I did the same thing once, only I actually cried with frustration when the perfect mauve turned muddy. Thank heavens gir left over white paint!

    1. Left over paint is a decorator's savior! Thanks for your always sweet comments, Nancy.

  32. Good choice in the baseboards. We call them skirting boards in Ireland. Mine are quite like yours actually. I think they are actualy quite an important detail and really finish a room

  33. Like always you have made a great choice and everything is coming together beautifully.Thank you the conversation and pics,have a great day Magali. No one can have too many

    1. It seems the shelves under the stairs disagree with that last statement and keep telling me they can't take any more shoes ;)

  34. baseboards are always a nice finishing touch to any room. I like the thickness and height of the one you chose

  35. I look forward to every post of yours--I love your Cottage and the transformation you're working...and, I especially love your writing style!!

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! Next post will be about that censored picture!

  36. Just lovely!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Karen! I've suscribed to your blog so I won't miss any party!

  37. Thank you for your comment over at my blog. I visit Su often, and I will be sure to check out the baseboards at Lowe's.
    Thank you again, Magali!
    ~ Lin

  38. Lovin' the subtle changes you've shown so fat Magali! And yes, I totally get, what the deal is with a new pair of fabulous shoes!

  39. Cute shoes! Men just don't understand....and then there are the days I want to wear my gardening clogs and Ryan informs he will not be seen in public with me. Whatever. Where is Prince Charming, anyway? He clearly took a left turn when he should have taken a right. I will look for you a burly, handsome, American lumber 'bout that? Course, lumberjacks live in the forests and not by the ocean. I'll find you a burly, handsome, American crab fisherman. With all his fingers. Love your baseboards. I want to replace mine, because mine are about 3 inches high (if that) and not gorgeous.

  40. One can never have enough shoes! Glad cottage finally understands that! The dining room reveal is fantastic, Magali! It has undergone quite the transformation. Lovely!

  41. Your cottage is looking spectacular although I have to say that exposed brick was indeed wonderful but I understand the practicality of adding drywall for keeping warm. The cottage has come a long way it now matches the view of the beautiful seaside! Now all you need to do is serve a wonderful dinner in your new dining room, enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I kept an exposed stone wall in an other room, I'll show it later.

  42. La salle à manger est très cosy, le résultat est bien joli.
    A quand la petite surprise ??
    Bonne journée.

  43. first, now i want to go shoe shopping. second, i looove the opening and the transom and the wood dining table to warm things up, and of course, the baseboards. enjoy!!!

  44. It's the small details that make the biggest difference - the baseboard you selected looks great :-) I'll have to explore your blog and see what other projects you've done. My husband and I are about to move to the east coast of Canada and build our own cottage by the sea :-)

  45. ah les voilà ces jolies plinthes hautes ! j'adore ! cordialement - monique59

  46. I think the local diy store and the local shoe shop are both fantastic places to visit, depends what mood I'm in, at the moment my house is taking precedence.
    I think you've been very fair, shoes for you and gorgeous shoes/skirting for Cottage.

  47. I love your dining room! You have such a pretty spot! Thank you for sharing! You are one of the features at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to this week's bash! Hope to see you again at the party! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  48. je rattrape un peu de retard dans mes commentaires , et cette page avait été mise de coté, car j'avais justement l'intention de revenir sur Prince Charmant !!!!
    il aura bien de la chance, le jour où il trouvera la route de Cottage !! plus qu'à mettre les pieds sous la table ! et puis il faudra aussi quelques petites chaussures toutes petites pour rajouter plus de vie dans ce joli décor
    profite des travaux pour aller au bal lol
    (pardon de me mêler à ce qui ne me regarde peut être pas , mais c'est la réflexion que je me suis faite à la vue de cette jolie demeure )
    à bientôt, Magali


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