Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On Top Of That...

The Dining Nook Transformation - episode 13 out of ???


Before I begin on today's story, I need to explain something. Some of you seemed to freak out after reading that I was packing everything in Cottage. I'm not leaving, but the uptairs renovation plan for this summer is huge : all the electricity wiring needs to be redone. Since the drywalls need to be open to do that, we're actually going to remove them all and insulate them... Since nearly everything will be torn down, we'll also change the windows and add the one I wanted in the loo... That's why I need to pack everything that is currently upstairs.

Avant de me lancer sur le sujet du jour, laissez-moi rassurer certains lecteurs qui semblent avoir paniqué quand j'ai expliqué dans le post précédent que je mettais ma maison en cartons. Je ne quitte pas mon Cottage, ou tout du moins, pas définitivement. Mais, les travaux de cet été vont être colossaux : électricité de l'étage, isolation de l'étage et fenêtres de l'étage. Bref, il faut que je vide entièrement l'étage. 

Now about what was scheduled for today... Many of you seemed to relate with my shoe addiction, I confessed in a previous post. I'm wondering how many of you will relate to my hat addiction... I must say that since I've settled in Brittany, I don't wear my hats so much because we've got rather windy winters... and sometimes windy summers. My favourite panama hat may have drowned in a nearby harbour...

Revenons au sujet du jour... Beaucoup d'entre vous, surtout les filles, allez savoir pourquoi, se reconnaissent dans mon addiction pour les chaussures. Je me demande combien se retrouveront aussi dans ma passion pour les chapeaux... Je dois avouer que c'est une passion assez frustrée depuis que j'habite en Bretagne où les hivers sont assez venteux... Les étés aussi d'ailleurs, ce qui m'a coûté mon Panama chéri, noyé dans un port...

Anyway, I thought it would be a good thing to transfer my hat thing to Cottage. 

Bref, je me suis dit qu'il me fallait transmettre ma passion des chapeaux à Cottage.

To dress up Cottage's dining nook, I had the idea to look for wardrobe pediments. The first one, the one that went above the door, was actually found by my mother for me. The second one was found at the unbeatable price of 5 euros at a nearby "empty-your-attic" sale.

Pour parfaire la tenue du coin salle-à-manger, j'ai eu l'idée d'utiliser des frontons d'armoire. Le premier, celui qui est allé au-dessus de la porte, a en fait été déniché par ma Maman. Le second était une trouvaille incroyable à cinq euros dans un vide-grenier d'un village voisin.

I never thought I'd give any advice on my blog, but I have a small tip for you here.

Je n'aurais jamais pensé donner un conseil quelconque sur mon blog, mais aujourd'hui j'ai une petite astuce pour vous.

The smaller pediment was covered in a shiny wood veneer and the beautiful carving made it impossible to sand properly. So I only lightly sanded and then I applied Farrow & Ball wood primer, but I didn't brush the primer, I tapped it on, like you would do for a stencil. I could have used a stencil brush, but they don't come cheap and so I created mine with an old used brush.

Le petit fronton était recouvert d'un placage de bois bien brillant et les motifs sculptés rendaient le tout difficile à poncer. J'ai donc juste passé un coup de papier de verre, puis j'ai tapoté ma sous-couche spécial bois comme si je faisais un pochoir. Cela tient ainsi beaucoup mieux que si l'on donne de grands coups de pinceau... Bon, cela coûte un pinceau, mais j'avais exprès utilisé un vieux.

This way the primer dries without any brush strokes even on the shiny veneer. It's not pretty, but two coats of paint later, it's perfect!

Ne pas s'affoler par l'aspect bien moche lorsque la sous-couche sèche, il n'y paraît plus après deux couches de peinture.

My neighbour came to help me hang everyting... 

Mon voisin est venu m'aider à fixer les deux frontons.

Me: So, what do you think, Cottage?

Cottage: I feel so handsome and gentleman-like. I mean, really, it does add to my charm, doesn't it?

Me: So now, can I write a full reveal post for my readers?

Cottage: Sure, I love when they admire me!

Moi : Alors, Cottage, qu'en penses-tu?

Cottage : J'ai l'air très chic. Vraiment, cela ajoute à mon charme, n'est-ce pas?

Moi : Bon, alors, puis-je enfin écrire mon article qui montre tout le coin salle-à-manger ?

Cottage : Oh, oui, j'adore quand les lecteurs m'admirent ! 

Believe it or not, yesterday, as I was packing away and getting the guest bedroom as ready as I could given the circumstances for an unexpected guest who arrives next Thursday, I managed to take a few pics of the dining nook. It wasn't sunny, but I figured if I didn't take them then, I'd never have time to take any before the June-July renovation.

Croyez-le ou non, mais hier, entre l'activité "cartons que j'essaie de remplir" et  "ménage de la chambre d'amis pour l'arrivée imprévue d'une invitée cette semaine", j'ai casé l'activité "prenons des photos de la salle-à-manger". Il ne faisait pas beau, mais j'ai pensé que si je ne saisissais pas l'occasion de le faire là, je ne la retrouverais peut-être plus avant le mois d'août !

See you soon for the reveal, then!

A bientôt, avec les fameuses photos!

PS1 : We've had typical Brittany weather this month: rainy and sunny at the same times, which leads to this...

PS1 : Météo typiquement bretonne ce mois-ci avec pluie et soleil qui se donnent rendez-vous, ce qui permet ce petit miracle...

PS2: I took this next picture from the bathroom window: it doesn't open anymore and there's mist inside it...

It makes a pretty picture, but I bet now you see why I'm changing it next summer!

PS2 : La dernière photo a été prise du velux de la salle-de-bain. Il ne s'ouvre plus et il y a plein d'eau entre les deux vitres... Cela fait une jolie photo, mais vous voyez pourquoi je vais le changer cet été...

PS3: I'm sharing my rainbow with:

http://www.cozylittlehouse.com/2015/05/tweak-it-tuesday-143.html       Savvy Southern Style    Waterlogue 1.1.4 (1.1.4)Preset Style = VibrantFormat = 6" (Medium)Format Margin = SmallFormat Border = Sm. RoundedDrawing = #2 PencilDrawing Weight = MediumDrawing Detail = MediumPaint = NaturalPaint Lightness = NormalPaint Intensity = MoreWater = Tap WaterWater Edges = MediumWater Bleed = AverageBrush = Natural DetailBrush Focus = EverythingBrush Spacing = NarrowPaper = WatercolorPaper Texture = MediumPaper Shading = LightOptions Faces = Enhance Faceshttp://diybydesign.blogspot.fr/2015/05/swing-into-spring-its-party-221.html              Vintage Inspiration Party                            



  1. The pediments are so pretty, and I really love them. My room is next for floors. At least I don't have to pack half the house! xoxo Su

  2. Beautiful - a double rainbow is suppose to bring good luck. Everything looks so good Mr. Cottage and I know that you are so proud of all the lovely changes.
    Looking forward to seeing what the renovation brings.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Pediments are a super idea. It gives Cottage a faintly regal look!

  4. Welcome Magali, your house beautifully with the post on the post :-)
    Pediments are great. It's very inspiring idea. I have to find something like that :-)
    At your au me windy rainy, cold May ... oh, how I wish the sun :-)
    I greet warmly

  5. J'adore tes frontons ! Je vois que la peinture est encore la fameuse Farrow & ball blanche. Je vais essayer de chiner des frontons et quand tu auras terminé tes travaux, je te demanderai des conseils pour les peindre et les poser dans ma petite maison bretonne ! Bon courage pour ta semaine qui s'annonce bien chargée !

  6. WOW! Magali, first of all, I know I'd be tickled with joy if I went to a French "Empty your attic" event. The goodies one could find there! I had a hard enough time resisting buying everything I saw when I lived in Nice and would go to the flea markets!

    Your pediment is perfectly placed. Cottage is dressing up for summer and I think she is happy as can be, and like us, may develop a shoe or wardrobe addiction!!!!

    Pretty as can be, that rainbow....

  7. I love the pediments, Magali and I do so enjoy seeing your countryside. I always feel like I am right there. xo Laura

  8. Oh Mr. Cottage you are handsome indeed with your latest addition.

    Beautiful double rainbow! :)

  9. Magali tu ne manques vraiment pas d'idées ! c'est super ces frontons que tu as mis ! J'adore ! ça donne un charme supplémentaire à ta si jolie maison !! Bravo !! Bisous. Mathilde

  10. Beautiful! It always amazes me how much more beautiful something very ornate appears when painted white. Love this piece!

  11. I love your decorative pediments, they are perfect! Best wishes as you get ready for the next stage. xo Patty

  12. Mr. Cottage is looking charming with his Top Hat(s)! Major projects this summer will be worth it when the chill sets in the winter. I love the added details in your dining nook Magali, beautiful! Kathleen in Az

    1. Mr. Cottage is feeling a little dizzy with all the nice comments!

  13. What perfect additions to Cottage. That door looks absolutely "cottage-perfect"with personality. And the rainbow picture from the loo is very pretty.

    1. I've had those "Cottage pictures" of Cottage in my mind for so long, it's nice to see them in reality... Just before the dust begins again with the new renovation phase!

  14. me alegra como siempre recibir tu blog. me facinan los pediments tengo dos en mi casa pero no tan hermosos como los tuyos estan realmente bellos, estoy ansiosa de ver el Segundo piso, tus gustos se parecen a los mios Buena suerte con tus planes y que todo salga de acuerdo a tus deseos y hasta la proxima :)))

  15. Hi Magali :)

    I had such a lovely time catching up with you this morning. Cottage is looking more and more wonderful with every post. I love how your dining room turned out.

    That double rainbow is something else!

    Have a beautiful week,

  16. Love the pediments! They just top it off. Beautiful pieces.


  17. Oh Magali, ta maison est plus en plus belle!! je l'adore!! C'était une trop bonne l'idée d'utiliser ces frontons!! Belle semaine a toi :*

  18. Sublimes les deux arcs en ciel.
    Les frontons sont une excellente idée, surtout celui au dessus de la porte, on dirait qu'il était fait pour.
    Je te souhaite du courage pour mener à bien les travaux.
    Caresses aux chats. Bises. Babette

  19. Beautiful rainbows! We need rain here, but not as much as they do in California, so I won't complain. Those pediments add nice architectural interest without being overpowering. You always have such great ideas!

  20. Magali your pediments are beautiful and I really like where your hung them. Sounds like your spring has been like mine, very wet. Iv'e only had my basement flood once so I feel fortunate. The rainbows are beautiful. Jo

  21. j'aime beaucoup tes frontons, y'a pas, l'ancien à toujours la côté et peut être revu et modifié à volonté
    Que de travaux avec l'arrivée du printemps, tu vas nous en faire de jolis articles lorsque tout sera fini ;-)
    Bonne soirée à toi

    1. J'ai bien peur que les travaux d'électricité et d'isolation ne soient pas très photogéniques... Mais dès l'été d'après, je pourrai enfin commencer la déco!

  22. Hi...Love the pediments..don't ya just love when things turn out to be the exact right fit..sounds like you're off to a good start getting packed up..nice it'll be the last time..altho it does sound like an undertaking..big new projects..but on the heels of that..what fun putting it all back together..look forward to cottage's progress..that last watery window photo..i thought it was changed using that app..waterlogue on iPhones..hope your week has been moving along smoothly..

  23. I love the "hats" you made for your corrage and all the rainbow photos!AriadnefromGreece!

  24. A wonderful idea with the pediments! The perfect touch!

  25. It really adds just that right amount of charm. Cottage is looking mighty handsome these days. xxo

  26. Oh I love these great bargains! It looks so good about that door and the perfect size. I agree, it gives cottages so much interest. Looking forward to the reveal!!

  27. That piece over the door looks as if has always belonged there! You did such a great job! Now I want to find things for over some of my doors!!!

  28. Cottage a bien une tête à chapeau :-) ! Les 2 frontons sont bien jolis.
    Et l'arc-en-ciel, magnifique !
    Bon courage pour les travaux à venir...

  29. comme toujours, de bonnes idées et de belles réalisation
    ce cottage va devenir un vrai palais...

  30. They look beautiful Magali - I have 2 in storage that I want to do this with ( mine are not real wood ) yours look so original to the house - just love them !

  31. This means that the window committee finally approved the window? That was the window they were thinking about, or am I confused? Anyway, it sounds exhausting but most exciting, and you will be so comfortable and much safer next winter, which will make me sleep better too!! Cottage looks more lovely all the time, I love the pediments! Please give cottage my admiring regards! Also, the rainbow photos are lovely. You live in such a lovely place, I'm so happy for you!
    Best alway-Sarah Turkey Plate
    PS-I found my violet cups!!! Even prettier than I remembered!

  32. So now Cottage has hats over his doors, he's looking so smart. I never imagined this was what you had in mind but it's such a fabulous idea, I especially love the one over the door, it seems as if it was always there.
    Good luck with the packing, will you have to sleep downstairs when the work is being done ?

  33. What cottage doesn't have hats hanging? They really add tons of charm and detail and fit right in with Mr. Cottage, I'm sure he doesn't mind at all!

  34. I love the pediments. They add just a little something interesting to the feel of a room. Thank you for the rainbow! I could use one about now! Best wishes in your continuing cottage updates.

  35. Good tip on stippling. Sometimes we wonder why things haven't turned out it might be because we haven't found the right technique, the right color, or given a final coat; you've accomplished all 3 in a charming manner. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  36. The pediments are perfect and look like they were both made for Cottage. Love your gorgeous double rainbow picture. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  37. Je me demande s'il n'est pas plus difficile de trouver un chapeau que des chaussures ! ;) Merci pour ce bel article ! À bientôt, Flopsy

  38. Love the pediments you've put up, they are like beautiful crowns...and thanks for the painting tip!. The double rainbow is so very pretty! Sounds like you've got a very busy summer of renovation ahead, hope you're going to share the process with us. Best ~ Mickie.

  39. The pediments look fantastic, and I love the paint job on them. The rainbows leave me breathless! Such a view from cottage!

  40. Love the hats and wow a double rainbow. Beautiful

  41. Love those additions to the dining room!


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