Sunday, January 24, 2016

Never Satisfied

A Dining-Room Update

Cottage: I'm so happy with the transformation of the dining-room. It's like I can't even remember when it was a very colourful bedroom.

Me: It does have a more serene atmosphere now, doesn't it?

Cottage: And you spend a lot more time here now. Before you only used it if you had company and needed a big table. Now you even eat there on your own.

Cottage : Je suis ravi de la transformation de la salle-à-manger. Difficile de se rappeler la chambre pleine de couleurs que c'était avant.

Moi : Ah, c'est sûr, l'atmosphère est plus sereine maintenant, hein?

Cottage : D'ailleurs, tu y passes beaucoup plus de temps. Avant, tu ne l'utilisais que quand il y avait des invités et que tu avais vraiment besoin d'une grande table.

Me: Right. And you know what bugs me when I eat there?

Cottage: I can't see what can possibly bug you. You're never satisfied!

Me: Hello? The chairs?

Moi : C'est vrai. Mais il y a un truc qui me dérange quand même.

Cottage : Hein ? Quoi ? Je ne vois pas.

Moi : Allo ? Les chaises ?

Cottage: What? You have chairs! And they are brand new, by the way.

Me: That's the problem!

Cottage: Well, why did you buy new chairs, then?


Cottage : Ben, quoi, les chaises ? Tu as des chaises ! Et elles sont toutes neuves par dessus le marché.

Moi : Oui, c'est ça le problème !

Cottage : Mais, il ne fallait pas acheter de chaises neuves alors !


Me: It was five years ago, I had just bought you and coming from a much smaller apartment, I was suffering from severe chair shortage and I just ordered those on the same website I had ordered the table years ago.

Cottage: Hum, hello (my turn now)? The same website you had ordered the table you never loved? How could you expect to be satisfied with such a choice?

Me: Well, I'm not satisfied! The day they arrived I knew they were too shiny, but they could be sit on, so given te state you were then in, it was all I could ask of them.

Moi : Mais c'était il y a plus de cinq ans, je venais de t'acheter et comme mon précédent appartement était bien plus petit, je n'avais pas assez de chaises et sur un coup de tête, je les ai commandées sur le site où j'avais trouvé la table quelques années auparavant.

Cottage : Allo ? (C'est mon tour.) Le site sur lequel tu avais commandé la table que tu n'as jamais aimée ??? Mais c'était courir à l'échec !

Moi : Oui, je sais, le jour de leur arrivée, je les trouvais déjà trop brillantes. Mais bon, on pouvait s'asseoir dessus et étant donné l'état dans lequel tu étais, je trouvais ça déjà pas mal.


Cottage: And now?

Me: Now, your dining area is a lot prettier and the colours are all soft and well, the chairs are still shinny. 

Cottage: Let me guess, you're going to find old chairs on Le Bon Coin (the French Craig's list). 

 Cottage : Et maintenant ?

Moi : Maintenant que ton coin repas est tout beau, je ne supporte plus ces chaises trop brillantes contre le buffet en bois ciré mat.

Cottage : Allez, laisse-moi deviner, tu vas chercher des vieilles chaises sur Le Bon Coin.


Me: I'm not sure, old chairs often needs a lot of work on the seat...

Cottage: So are you going to paint them and hesitate for days and days on the colour to finally paint them white?

Me: Ouch! 

Moi : C'est pas sûr, les vieilles chaises, il faut souvent refaire leur assise et je n'ai pas le courage...

Cottage  Je sais ! Tu vas les repeindre, mais avant tu vas hésiter pendant des jours sur le couleur pour finalement les peindre en blanc !

Moi : Wouah, touché.

 Cottage: Sorry, maybe I was a little rash, but you have to admit each decision takes you forever to make.

Me: But I don't know what I want! I've seen so many things on Pinterest: chairs all in a different colours, pure white chairs, blue chairs, green chairs, pale chairs, dark chairs... My mind can't settle on what I prefer.

Cottage: Maybe you should ask your readers what picture inspire them most... Because otherwise I have a feeling come 2017, you'll still have very shinny chairs...


Cottage : Désolé, c'était un peu violent, mais avoue que tu ne sais pas prendre une décision rapidement.

Moi : Mais, ce n'est pas de ma faute s'il y a tellement d'inspiration sur Pinterest que d'un jour à l'autre, je me dis que je veux des chaises de toutes les couleurs, des chaises d'un blanc pur, des chaises bleues, des chaises vertes, des chaises pâles, des chaises foncées... Je ne sais plus où donner de la tête.

Cottage : Et si tu demandais à tes lecteurs ce qu'ils pensent des photos. Cela ferait avancer le schmilblick, parce que sinon, je sens que l'on va fêter l'arrivée de 2017 avec des chaises en bois brillant...

Me: Now, you exagerate... You know very well that I've already sanded the chairs!

Cottage: Oh, and didn't I see you coming back from school a little late a few days ago with some cans of paint? Is it possible you've actually made a decision?

Me: I kind of made a no-decision...

Moi : Tu exagères un peu, les chaises sont poncées.

Cottage : Eh, dis-donc, tu n'es pas revenue un peu tard de l'école l'autre jour avec des pots de  peinture ? Aurais-tu pris une décision ?

Moi : J'ai pris une non-décision...

Cottage: A what? Oh, my, I said recently that I trusted you, but now I have a doubt.

Me: We only have to wait for a sunny day to see who was right!

Cottage : Une quoi ? J'ai dit que je te faisais confiance, mais enfin, là, je doute.

Moi : Tu n'as qu'à attendre que le soleil revienne et on verra ! 

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS 1: All the sources for my inspiration pictures can be found on my Pinterest board: Dining room.

PS1 : Les sources de toutes les photos d'inspiration sont sur mon dossier Pinterest : Dining room.

PS2: If you're living in the Eastern part of the USA, I hope you're safe and you're enjoying the lovely snowy landscape.


  1. I wish you a shiny day with a happy chair feeling ; 0)
    I can't wait for theme (o)... :0))

  2. Well, you know what I would do! Always Aqua serene.

  3. I really love the soft light blue in picture no. 4 but your chairs would look great in any of the colors you have shown. Go with a color you love and you will be happy. Funny thing, I actually have chairs just like picture 13 except mine are ivory. I've been trying to sell them on our Craig's List ~ if you lived near me, I would just give them to you and I would be happy that they had a home in such a sweet cottage!

  4. Magali, I don't know what you will choose, but I do love the colors in your kitchen, so maybe something from there. I love all the inspiration photos. I am partial to white, sea glass, mint, or aqua. xoxo Su

  5. Oh I have always ordered a fabulous color combination on chairs. I could see the soft blue and green pastels for your sweet cottage.

  6. I see your conundrum. If there were to be a vote, I'd vote for 3,5 and 7. That said, a little more sanding and you might like your chairs again. What about linen slip covers?

  7. Oh!!! 2, 7 & 13!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw is #5 a coffee table with children's chairs?? It looks very odd.

  8. Love pictures 2 and 13. AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Picture 4 is one I've pinned too. Love the soft turquoise(y) color. Makes, my heart beat fast..

  10. Image 9 - comme ça il y aurait 2 couleurs, mais
    image 14 j'adooore!
    J'ai confiance - tu trouveras!!!

  11. Taking into account that my family wants all chairs to be the same colour (sigh) I would go for 3 (wow, captain's chairs!) or 7, the ones with the soft seating. Ok I would need to paint yellow ones blue. When I see that blue vase on your table, I would think blue chairs would do really well too. Good luck with chosing, which can be really hard! Marie from Belgium

    1. I'm really torn between painting all the chairs the same colour and painting them a different colour... I think I found a weird solution to my problem... More on that later!

  12. I love the various colors in so many of the photos, I'd use colors that go with whatever you plan on using for accents in the room.

    Good luck!


  13. I just adore your cottage. So clean and fresh!

  14. All your pictures make me miss my mismatched colorful chairs. But, I do love our new metal chairs.

    I guess the solution is to have a different house for each style we love!

  15. 3,4,5 are all great. Love the shape of the chairs in 5 but also the mixmatch of 4. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  16. Replies
    1. Both pictures have been in my inspiration file for ever, because they are my favourite as well.

    2. Pourquoi ne pas reprendre la peinture du tabouret Pale Powder,

    3. Ah, il y a quelqu'un qui est à deux doigts d'avoir tout découvert... ;(

  17. Love your style -- no advice from me. Except to say I have painted chairs and I will never do it again without a spray painter. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    1. I'm paiting without a spray painter and that's why this project is taking me for ever...

  18. I have to say that dining room #13 just speaks to my heart! Oh, those windows - wow! And the glass bottles on the shelf above - just heavenly!

  19. Most of your inspiration pictures have painted chairs in room filled with other painted furntiure; all the hutches and tables too. I love your wood hutch and it looks like you have another wood piece in the room also, and they go so well with your warm and welcoming. Are you planning on painting your gorgeous hutch? Maybe another consideration is to add some colorful artwork, chair pads, and possibly even a large scale chandelier/light fixture that would give you the color you may feel your missing? Such a beautiful space Magali!

  20. I love the chairs in #5 but mostly for the shape. Why not paint each chair a different color you like--then see which one you like the best and paint the others that color? Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

    1. Right now I've decided to go nearly with the same idea as yours!

  21. I like the different colored chairs. Can't wait to see what you decide. We survived the snow well. The story of the storm will be on my blog tomorrow morning.

  22. I like the idea of different colors and kinds of chairs! I am so glad we rarely get snow here where I live in Oregon! Sounds like you are enjoying your home.

  23. Ma favorite est la 3... même si j'apprécie beaucoup les teintes des 4 et 13. J'ai juste un doute quant à l'association de ces 2 teintes avec le vaisselier en pin mais je me trompe peut-être.
    Vivement la suite !
    Bonne journée.

  24. COTTAGE is so articulate, witty and straight to the point!!!!! teeehehee...she is very smart, you can't put anything past her! So then, I think you need to listen to her wise words. I LOVE YOUR CHAIR CHOICES!!!!

  25. WOW..cottage has come to know you well..LOL..all the pix are beautiful..look forward to seeing which color you go with..even if that's not til next yr..hope your week is off to a good start..this morning the snow looks like sparkly diamonds.

  26. 13, and 7 chairs must be comfortable. Your heart will lead you. What about just New chair cushions and or chair covers with cushions? I see white cotton simple ruffle with a cushion

    1. I'm a little worried about chair covers. Those are my every day chairs and I'm afraid I'd be washing them every week-end! But maybe I'll change my mind.

  27. rires, les chaises de couleur, une très bonne idée, ça amène de la couleur et du soleil dans la maison par la meeme occasion, par contre je suis pas sure qu'après tu ne viennes pas à changer carrément de table pour une en couleur ;-)
    allez courage, je suis avec intérêt tes évolutions décoratives
    Pour t'aider je t'envoie plein de soleil

    1. Effectivement, dès qu'on commence à peindre quelque chose, on a envie de tout peindre... Mais de là à revivre la galère de repeindre la table... ;)

  28. When it comes to chairs, comfort is key. I have some of these pinned also, and I'm especially fond of 13.

  29. ps; mince alors... moi je partirais sur la 3 voir la 4 parce que j'aime beaucoup ce bleu très doux
    sinon j'aime beaucoup l'idée de cette couleur ici

  30. I love the shade of blue in #4. It's kind of between a blue and green on my computer screen. Very pretty. I like #13, too.

  31. Hmmm... cans of paint. A small clue that there will be different colours! Chairs are tedious to paint, but so worth it in the end. Good luck! xo Patty

  32. Painting two colors for the dining chairs? Seems everyone likes the sea or soft colors, me too. #13 is pretty. I love #1 kitchen, beautiful!
    Kathleen in Az

  33. quelle jolie bannière gris-bleuté !!
    j'aime les chaises blanches de même modèle en photo 3
    sur la photo 7 le bleu des quatre chaises est superbe et c'est original d'avoir peint d'une autre couleur les fauteuils assortis, ils meublent une autre pièce mais sont utilisables à table sans encombrer la pièce
    j'aime l'idée de la photo 9 d’intercaler les couleurs de chaises
    en résumé, j'aime quand il n'y a pas trop de couleur et pas trop de modèles différents... mais au fait, pourquoi ne pas cirer les chaises poncées ???
    j'ai hâte de connaître le choix fait pour Cottage !!! bonne semaine - bien cordialement - monique59

  34. J'aime beaucoup les couleurs douces , comme le bleu de la 13 ,mais je pense que pour moi le blanc est idéal si on veut changer de nappe ou ne pas en mettre sur la table .
    Personnellement , je change de couleur de déco , de vaisselle à chaque saison ,ainsi je ne me lasse jamais !
    J'ai hâte de connaître la décision !

  35. I have the hardest time picking out a color..and the next hardest thing to do is find the match of the paint store. I love all the same or two colors, not big on every chair being a different color I loved the yellow and blue together. Having a smaller home I think the same color will make the room seem larger....

  36. I would paint each chair a favorite hue. Each chair would be different.

  37. I'm not exactly speedy making decisions on color either and I'm in the same boat as you, looking for just the right chairs to replace the old ones in my b'fast area. I can't wait to see what you decide! I know it will be gorgeous…….

  38. Whatever you and Cottage pick will be beautiful... I am partial to green and thing a complimentary color to the kitchen walls would be nice! Can't wait to see the results!

    1. I'm definitely looking for something that will work with the kitchen...

  39. I vote 4 and 13. I think I like the idea of the sea glass or blue gray colors. And I like the dash of color from seat cushions. And, as I have come to learn, it's only paint, you can always repaint them.

  40. I have #13 on my Cottage Ideas board on Pinterest. I love the colors of the chairs, the big windows, and the shelf near the ceiling. That scene speaks to me.

    For your chairs, I see a smokier color ... perhaps, a lot like the smoky blue grey of photo #1.

  41. Before I forget the numbers, I like #4 and #13. Actually I like almost all the photos you posted, but those 2 stand out for me. I know just how you feel. The more you look the harder it is to make a decision! I can't wait to see what you've done with your chairs, and I hope Cottage approves.

  42. I like wood, so I am no help to either of you :^)
    I LOVED your story though!!!!!
    Good luck with the painting and blessings to you,

    1. I do keep some wood in my room as my hutch will stay unpainted.

  43. Pour les chaises, c'est vraiment un goût très personnel ex: j'ai en quelques mois changé toutes mes chaises, ce sont toutes des Tolix mais pour ma petite maison de montage, elles sont oranges, bleues et jaunes; pour la maison de ville elles sont toutes grises; et pour la mini maison du Sud Ouest, elles sont toutes rouges. Tu vois que hormis le modèle qui est le même, les couleurs varient.
    Toutefois, j'aime bien les chaises de couleurs différentes.
    Bisous bisous. Babette

  44. Well. I have 3 I really like. We shall see if one of them are most inspiring to you1 Happy New Year - belatedly. I am taking a break from blogging and enjoying the time catching up with my blog visiting. Some day I shall post a picture of the little house by the sea I lived in which looks so much like yours. I am on the East coast of USA and enjoying a few quiet days being snowed in. Angels to you!

  45. Magali yo quisiera que pintes las sillas hoy mismo jajaja!! pero esta bien que esperes hasta estar segura a veces no es facil decidirse pero se que tus sillas quedaran super hermosas con tu decision y yo esperare pacientemente al igual que Cottage :) nelly

    1. Estimado Nelly (y Cottage ) ,
      Lo siento , la pintura de hoy en día no es posible porque a) está lloviendo - b ) Tengo esta cosa molesta llamada de trabajo ... Sea paciente !

  46. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a SUNNY day!!! I love painted chairs.

  47. Oh the blue and white combination it is just perfect. That shade of heavenly blue it's marvelous!

  48. Oooo! I love, love the charming mismatched painted chairs. So good a look for you d room! Do it!

  49. Ooh, so many choices! I can see why it'd be hard to choose - I love them all! I can't wait to see what color(s) you decide on...

  50. Hi Magali - hope all is tickety-boo. A wonderful tale with humour and suspense. Go for the multi-coloured pastel shades..?

  51. Love your blog.
    Nice greetings from austria your new follower

  52. There are so many lovely choices Magali, I would say the multi coloured but then again I may have to agree with Cottage and say that white will probably be the choice - but then have some multi coloured cushions? Can't wait to see what you decide xx

  53. C'est vrai que l'on ne sait plus où donner de la tête avec tout ça! J'aime bien la table ovale à double pieds et ses chaises gris-bleu très pâle...

  54. Chairs painted all different colors was so big around here for a few years. Fading out a little, but still fun. I say you can never go wrong with gorgeous soft aqua or white!

  55. Pictures 4, 7 and 8 are my favorites. I'm guessing you'll go with a seafoam shade.


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