Monday, October 20, 2014

About Knighthood, Bloggerhood And Kitchenhood

The Kitchen Hood Series - 1

My mind is currently busy with many things, so I thought talking to you all about it would help me see clear.

Tout d'abord, je présente toutes mes excuses aux autres blogueuses : si je visite un peu moins souvent vos sites en ce moment, c'est que je passe trop de temps en compagnie de Lancelot, Arthur et Merlin. Certains de mes élèves ont la littérature médiévale dans leur programme et comme cela me passionne, je passe encore plus de temps que d'habitude à préparer les cours.

First, I'm sorry not to write as often as usual and not to visit your blogs as much as usual. This is all because of the knights of the Round Table. Middle Age litterature is in the curriculum of one of the grades I teach and I just love that part of the schedule, so I went a little overboard with projects... Fascinating, but time consuming. Point is: don't blame me, blame Lancelot, Arthur and Merlin!


Ensuite, un immense merci à tous ceux qui ont pris le temps de me laisser des commentaires sur mon article à propos de ma crédence de cuisine. Je n'en ai jamais eu autant et c'était un véritable plaisir de les lire quand je quittais un moment Lancelot, Arthur et les autres.


Then, I want to thank all of you who left such encouraging comments about my kitchen backsplash. It made me so happy to read them whenever I left Lancelot, Arthur and Merlin! When I began writing the blog, I never thought I'd meet so many people liking the same things I do.


Enfin, comme je vois que ma cuisine vous intéresse, je vais vous dévoiler un peu du projet sur lequel j'ai travaillé secrètement ces derniers temps.

Last, since you seem to be interested in the kitchen progress, let me tell you what I secretely worked on this past few weeks. 

Peut-être vous souvenez-vous (ou pas) que lorsque j'ai reçu les premiers devis pour ma cuisine, ils étaient trop élevés pour moi. J'avais donc décidé de ne pas faire poser de meubles hauts du côté four par le cuisiniste.

You may remember (or not, so I'm going to tell you) that when I got the quotes for my kitchen cabinets, it was too expensive for me, so I chose not to pay for top cabinets on the oven side of my kitchen. 

Pour certains cela va sembler bizarre, mais je n'ai jamais eu de hotte  dans mes précédentes cuisines et pourtant, j'y cuisinais beaucoup.

It might seem weird but so far I've never had a range hood in any of my kitchen... and still I managed to cook quite a lot in all of my kitchens... 

Pour cette nouvelle cuisine, voilà les différentes options que j'ai envisagées.

Here are the options I considered and that are illustrated in the pictures of this post.

1. Trouver une hotte cheminée comme on en voit partout en ce moment qui me plaise.

1. Buying a chimney hood. I tried finding one that wasn't too expensive and that I liked.

2. Acheter une hotte encastrable et acheter le meuble qui va au-dessus.

2. Buying a vent and having a kitchen cabinet made over it, just like in the Revenge kitchen I love so much - except I don't really like the hood...

11. From An Anglo In Quebec (I love everything in her kitchen!)

3. N'acheter que le groupe aspirant et construire une hotte décorative autour... J'adore ces hottes car on peut les faire à notre goût.

3. Buying only the vent and have a beautiful hood built around it. I really, really like that look.

4. N'avoir aucune hotte comme auparavant... Trouver seulement une solution pour éclairer le plan de cuisson pour les jours courts d'hiver.

4. Having no hood at all... but finding a way to have a light above the range so I can see what I cook come winter and its short days.

5. Faire un petit mélange de toutes ces idées à ma sauce...

5. Combining all the things I like in the above ideas and have something made that would work for me...


Did you find any picture more inspiring than others? 

Alors, y a-t-il une photo qui vous inspire plus que les autres?

See you soon for the reveal!

A bientôt!

PS1: All the sources for my inspiration pictures can be found on my Pinterest board.

PS2: I'm sharing my inspiration with the following blogs...

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  1. Can't wait to see what you've been up to. You like to torture me, don't you?

  2. Sigh... lovely. You make me want to rip my kitchen apart again...


  3. J'aime presque toutes tes photos d'inspiration... le seul problème (mais il est de taille) c'est qu'en France on ne trouve aucune de ces merveilles ! La mode, ce sont les meubles laqués bien brillants et très modernes... rien à voir avec nos rêves de cottage... et moi, je n'ai pas ton courage pour faire du sur-mesure !

  4. I'm looking forward to your reveal . . . it is always so much fun looking into other people's homes and seeing the things that they are doing to turn "house to home".
    Have a happy day and give Lancelot a hug for me:)

  5. Love your inspiration photos...such a great way to get ideas as you make choices for your own needs.
    Mary Alice

  6. These are all wonderful kitchens. I think I like the ones with the hood built around the vent the best. I know whatever you do will be beautiful!

  7. Teaching Lancelot, Arthur and Merlin sounds like a lot of fun. I am in the midst of teaching about Napoleon myself. My students were a bit confused at first why we would study the French Revolution in Spanish class.

    As for the hood, I have one, but it does not vent to the outside and I have only used it about three times in five years. Can't wait to see what you do in your kitchen.

  8. Oh, I want to take your class! As for range hoods, I don't have one either.... but I do need to find one. So far, I like photo # 1 the best. All of these kitchens are so neat and tidy! I wish I could keep mine that way! Can't wait to see what you choose.

    1. My kitchen is never really neat and tidy either... That's why I'm late to take pictures of it!

  9. Oh what a decision! How sweet of you to include mine. I loved it in its original state in our old kitchen that I just had to carry it forward into our kitchen design with the addition of some white paint. It is solid wood. Good luck Magali. Tough decision.
    Oh I wish I was in your class too!!! :)

  10. wow, danke für die tollen bilder und liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  11. Oh boy, that's a tough decision. I like all of them....I also love Sir Lancelot. Whatever you've done I know I will like it!

  12. Oh dear, I don't know if I could ever make a decision... But I do know yours will be a fabulous one

    1. I confess I'm terrified by each and every decision I have to take about Cottage.

  13. Can hardly wait to see what you have decided on. They all look good, but its what you like and can afford. So we all are waiting for the decision.
    Have fun with Sr. Lance.

  14. 1,2 &7 are my favorites. But I am sure you will pick which will look best in your lovely house. Thanks for sharing such beautiful kitchens with us.

  15. I also did not want upper cabinets in my small kitchen. I went with a wall mounted stainless steel model similar to that in #2 & #3. The kitchen is still being put back together before the cabinets get installed. I hope it will look ok. Patty/NS

  16. Hi Magali,

    Glad that you are having such a fun time with your courses this school year; how refreshing! Re: the kitchen inspiration pics, I'm totally STUCK on #6, but already have #13, which I like. Having said that, if I could cook without a hood, I'd take it, as I don't like feeling restricted height wise and love the idea of airiness above me!

    Have a lovely day!


  17. While I think they are all gorgeous, my absolute faves are 6 & 9! I especially love 9 because of that beautiful blue perfectly rustic cabinet. But since I live in a rental with a horrible kitchen, I can only dream and watch my favorite bloggers make their kitchens into beautiful spaces. I love absolutely everything you've done so far and can't wait to see what you will do next!

  18. I confess, I did so much pinning from this post that my pinning finger may be broken. So many wonderful ideas. xo Laura

  19. Dear Magali,
    the light blue kitchen with wooden countertops and white bead-bord, no. 6, is my favourite, absolutely. Maybe you could find yourself a propper knight, who is going assist his Lady (=you)?
    Have a nice week!
    Hugs, Sarah

  20. J''ai une hotte mais pas de hotte aspirante & pourtant je pense que c'est nécessaire, ça fait partie des choses à faire dans le futur, quand je devrai changer ma plaque de cuisson, j'espère avoir les moyens de la prendre avec la hotte??? aspirante qui sort de la plaque quand on s'en sert (elle existe, je l'ai vu).
    La photo 3 me plait beaucoup & la photo 9 est un bonheur sans égal pour moi (donc un peu régressive). l'idéal serait d'avoir un cuisine d'extérieur dans un pays où il fait toujours beau sans être trop chaud. Un pays qui n'existe que dans mon imagination.
    Bisous bisous. Babette

  21. Wow...all those pictures are amazing! I still don't have my range hood up yet, but I'm dying for some extra light over my cooktop. I think that's going to be so helpful! I hope you get some nice light over yours. :)


  22. I know whatever you pick it will be fantastic Magali! The suspense is killing me over here.....

  23. You have such excellent taste. I know I will love whatever you choose. I hope you are enjoying your fall break!

  24. La photo qui me fait craquer c'est celle à l'étagère bleue très décatie avec sa rangée de soupières et sa rangée de bols...bon pas de hotte dans tout ça. La hotte a bcp d'inconvénients, mais c'est quand même le seul moyen de ne pas avoir trop de graisse sur les murs. Même ici où la porte-fenêtre de la cuisine est ouverte à longueur d'année (ou presque), je fais fonctionner la mienne que j'ai achetée complètement contrastée par rapport à ma cuisine de style-pas-contemporain-pour-un-sou, puisqu'elle totalement apparente en inox mat.

  25. Magali, I would love to be in your class studying Arthurian literature. Back in the 80's I read Mary Stewart's Arthurian Saga and loved it. Your kitchen inspiration photos are, as always, wonderful. My favorite "hood" is #12, but I love, love, love that blue wall shelf in #9. And then there's the floor in #1 (I know, I know, you didn't ask us to choose a favorite floor, but I do so very much love that floor). I'd love to have a good-looking stove hood in our next home, but so far it looks like it will be an OTR microwave that vents outside. Not ideal, not exciting, but the kitchen will just be too small to do much of anything else, I fear. And Dennis believes we have to have a microwave. Your kitchen is fabulous now, so I can only imagine that whatever you do is going to be over the moon great. xxx ~ Nancy

  26. There is some gorgeous inspiration here. I can't wait to see what you came up with. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  27. Looking forward to seeing what you decided. I loved the hood in the first picture, but what really got me was that blue chippy shelf with the dishes.

  28. What gorgeous inspiration, I don't have a cooker hood either but it's ok.

  29. Loving pic no 12. Love the idea of a little shelf for some nice plates.


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