Friday, October 24, 2014

Little White Kitchen Hood

The Kitchen Hood Series - 2

So from all your comments I read in my last post, you're all going to kill me if I don't show you my last kitchen project. I wouldn't want to turn any of my followers into  a murderer, so I'm going to do a little reveal today. Tada!

D'après ce que j'ai lu dans les commentaires du dernier article, vous êtes pressés de voir ce que j'ai décidé quant à ma hotte de cuisine.

Now, the days are shorter and I'm pretty busy, so pictures were taken without staging, sometimes while I was cooking!

Je vais donc vous montrer quelques photos. Mais les jours sont courts et le temps me manque, donc pas de préparation style magazine: les photos sont prises quand j'y pense, souvent quand je cuisine!

Carpenter at work!

If you missed all the different ideas I had for the wall above my cooking range, you can read them here.

I really loved the look of wooden hood built around vents... But they were very expensive... So off I went to all my friends, colleagues, neighbours, ennemies to ask them what kind of kitchen hood they had and how they used it.

Before painting.

Dans toutes mes photos d'inspiration partagées ici avec vous, ce que je préférais, ce sont celles avec une belle cheminée en bois construite autour de la hotte. Mais cela revenait très cher, surtout faite par le cuisiniste.

Seriously, for a while, it was like: "Hi! You're the new maths teacher? When did you arrive? An hour ago? Do you have a kitchen hood? Do you use it? Like it? Any advice for me?" All the new people I met thought I was crazy... The others already knew I was crazy.

Avant de prendre une quelconque décision, j'ai interrogé tout le monde autour de moi - collègues, amis, voisins, ennemis - pour savoir comment ils utilisaient leur hotte ou comment ils vivaient sans.

It turned out most people use the vent in their hood only a few times every year, but everybody agreed they used the light in it all the time...

Résultat de cette enquête minutieuse: la plupart des gens m'a avoué n'utiliser leur hotte que deux ou trois fois par an. Mais tout le monde a été unanime sur un point: "par contre, j'utilise la lumière de la hotte tout le temps!"

So I decided to create a fake hood that would hide a light that I could buy for cheap for now and would be able to hide a vent later if I ever decided I needed one.

J'ai donc décidé de m'en tenir pour l'instant à la lumière et de construire une fausse hotte juste parce que je trouve le look sympa.

But then I thought... Couldn't I hide some storage there as well? My kitchen looks like it has many cabinets, but most of them actually are fake cabinets that hide the boiler, the dishwasher, the electrical enclosure, the fridge and the freezer!

Mais pourquoi ne pas cacher un rangement dans la fausse hotte? Eh oui, ma cuisine semble avoir plein de placards, mais comme certains cachent la chaudière, le lave-vaisselle, le compteur électrique, le frigo et le congélateur... Il ne me reste pas grand chose!

The carpenter who was working for my backsplash said he could do the fake hood if I drew him precisely what I wanted.

Le menuisier qui me posait mon lambris m'a dit qu'il me créerait le meuble que je voulais si je lui faisais un dessin précis.

Light hidden under.

Easy! I had pinned many hoods! Except, when I watched my pins again, I had to admit that if I loved them all, none of them would look good in a small fisherman's Cottage like mine. They were all too grand, too chic.

Sur le coup, ça semble facile... Mais en fait, toutes les images que j'adorais sur Internet ne convenait pas pour une toute petite maison de pêcheur comme la mienne.

Until I found one that I thought looked quite seaside-y on House Of Turquoise.

Puis, je suis tombée par hasard sur une hotte qui m'a semblé faire "bord-de-mer" sans faire trop clinquant sur le site House Of Turquoise.

from House of Turquoise

This was the one that inspired me to create my faux-hood. I didn't want any handles on the doors, so we fixed a tiny shelf that I use to pull the doors open.

Je ne voulais pas de poignées sur les portes et nous avons donc créé une mini-étagère qui sert aussi de poignées.

I still need to paint the inside shelves, but I knew you couldn't wait for the reveal...

Il me reste un peu de peinture à faire sur les étagères intérieures...

So what do you think?

Alors qu'en dites-vous?

You may have noticed the "finished kitchen" effect in the pictures: ready made pizza in the oven when I still have painting to do and perfectly cooked meal using two different pans when the painting is done!

Vous avez peut-être remarqué l'effet "cuisine finie" dans les photos: il y a une pizza toute faite dans le four quand j'ai de la peinture à faire et je prépare un vrai repas avec deux casseroles quand la peinture est faite!

A bientôt,

See you soon,

PS1: The fake hood is the size of a regular hood, so if I ever want one, it'll be no problem.

La fausse hotte a la taille de la plupart des hottes, comme ça, si je change d'avis, il n'y aura pas de problème.

PS2: For the sake of my future posts, could you please pretend you noticed absolutely nothing to the left of my fake hood? Thank you so much, I knew I could trust you.

Pourriez-vous faire semblant de n'avoir rien vu à gauche de ma fausse hotte? Merci, je savais que je pouvais compter sur vous.

PS3: I'm showing off my hood at the following parties.

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  1. Well done Magali! I am so impressed with your new hood and everything you have done in your gorgeous cottáge. I admire all the thought and detail you go to and I definitely think that having to stay in budget has resulted in an even more beautiful home. All the very best, Ann

    1. Thank you so much, Ann. Having a small budget at least forced me to be creative...

  2. Wow! What a great reveal. And what a great way to sneak a little more storage into the kitchen. I don't need the storage but I do want to cover up my range hood and now I think I will need the arched front just like yours. How does the cottage feel about the new faux vent?

    1. Cottage is very happy that the kitchen is now a room where it feels good to cook and have a cup of tea. The arched front was something I wanted, but it was something not that easy to do for the carpenter...

  3. Lots of nice extra space! I really like that you went with what you will actually use, and waited with the hood. I use mine all the time but I guess open plan requires venting more =) Also, I burn food on a regular (alas unplanned) basis. I was thinking it might be a good idea to continue with the board to the ceiling, for a more built in look? Also, it would hide a vent duct should you decide for a vent. I am also curious how a monochrome look would be, with the hood in seaglass? It is hard to tell by pics, it might look strange, but I like that blue-green paint color...

    1. Dear Louise,
      I plan on doing something about that "hole" above the fake-hood, but for now, it needs to stay open as I plan to redo the electricity upstairs next summer and the electrician will need to create a hole somewhere between the electrical pannel and the upstairs floor (I hope we can do it somewhere here and hide it later!)

  4. Hi Magali!!!

    The hood is perfect for your kitchen!!! I really really love your kitchen...Well done my friend!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  5. You may be a little crazy, Magali, but you're a very smart crazy person ~ your hood is wonderful and such a great idea to add the storage inside. I really love it. I thought I noticed something to the left of your hood and I was going to comment on it but apparently I didn't really see anything at all! : )

  6. I was surprised that people don't seem to use the vent much. I always put mine on when I'm boiling potatoes, for example,as it does get the steam out of the way.
    To the left of the hood.....nothing that I can see!

  7. Looks good! I agree with Louise, continuing with the board to the ceiling would look great. Maybe some crown molding to finish it off as well?

    1. I need to keep the open space for now, so that we can easily take down the fake hood for some electrical work... But I love your crown molding idea for later!

  8. You are so creative! I love your little cottage kitchen. Kathy

  9. It's perfect, pine cones, and all! You must be so psyched! Enjoy!!


  10. jolie
    c'est vrai que la hotte sert peu chez moi aussi (sans doute à cause du bruit et l'impression qu'elle n'est pas suffisamment efficace, par contre la lumière, oui !!!)
    ça avance bien, dis donc !!

    1. Oui, oui, on y est presque là! J'y passe maintenant de grands moments à cuisiner!

  11. You always find the perfect solution for your adorable kitchen Magali - this one is just beautiful and practical too!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I was going to try a bit of french and say, very good! Silly me, hit publish, could not remember if I spelled it correctly, so I removed it. Love your hood with the backsplash it all looks so perfect. I can't remember if you had the dish rack before in the old kitchen but it looks perfect too! Great to put the extra storage and plan ahead for a hood if you need it. Great solution to get lighting where you need it. I bet you are cooking up a storm in your beautiful kitchen. Enjoy! xo Patty/NS

  14. Magaili... there are many things to love about your blog, but near the top of the list is your adorable with and writing style. You are such an entertaining writer. Anyway, I love the hood enclosure. I don't think having an actual vent matters because the look is great. You made an excellent choice, as always.

  15. I might have to read backward a little to catch up, but I love your hood idea.

    I will have to tell you that we use our hood and vent every single day. We have a Viking Stove and didn't go with the Viking hood right away and the heat from the cooktop melted the microwave we had above the stove.

  16. You are brilliant, Magaili ! I absolutely love it.. This is such fun watching you transform your kitchen...
    It looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Penny! I hope the next transformation will entertain you as well!

  17. LOVE it! How clever is that to create a "fake hood"...and that actually has shelves for storage inside!

  18. il fallait y penser !! un placard déguisé en hotte qui diffuse un si bel éclairage ! c'est une idée géniale et superbement réalisée : le détail parfait c'est la tablette poignée, trop bien !!
    vous avez la chance de voir vos rêves concrétisés grâce à des artisans doués mais vous avez également le mérite de confier vos projets à des artisans, ce serait tellement plus simple et plus rapide de choisir dans la grande distribution ! bravo !! cordialement - monique59

    1. Depuis le début de la rénovation, j'essaie de faire travailler la région dans laquelle je me suis installée le plus possible... Les fenêtres du rez-de-chaussée, par exemple, ont été fabriquée en Bretagne. Les économies sont réalisées en ne choisissant pas d'équipements dernier cri et en réalisant toutes les peinture et petites bricoles moi-même. Je dois dire que je referai sûrement appel à ce menuisier qui se plie à toutes mes exigences!
      Un grand merci pour vos encouragements,

  19. Oh you cleaver girl - it looks terrific. You should get into the business of designing kitchens. You really did an outstanding job thinking everything out.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your cooking.

  20. Sweet idea!!! love the hidden cabinet.

    Have a happy weekend!

  21. C'est très très chouette, j'adore, bien vu le placard supplémentaire dissimulé dans la fausse hotte.
    Déjà une semaine de vacances passée, j'espère que tu réussiras à faire tout ce que tu voulais.
    Caresses aux poilus - griffus.
    Passé un bon weekend. Bises. Babette

  22. I didn't notice anything but the stove hood, which I think is fabulous. Love the hidden cabinet. . .great idea, Magali! ~ Nancy

  23. That's a good idea! Inspiring, thank you for sharing

  24. Perfect Magali. I love it? What are you talking about left of the hood? I see nothing. lol!

  25. That is very much like one I have planned for my Lakehouse! Yours turned out great!

  26. I absolutely love your kitchen!!! and that beautiful hood. Everything is so clean and fresh looking and yet has so much character! When are you going to charter a plane so we all can come see it in person? Lol

  27. Brilliant!! You made an excellent choice!!

  28. Oh so charming and your place is darling! Each step is a delight!

  29. How clever of you to come up with a functional and beautiful range hood! Your kitchen is looking wonderful!

  30. I likey, I really likey it. I like how the "bars" are handles and you can also place decor on them. Very clever of you and House of Turquoise was a great inspiration. It is ever so charming, and I don't notice anything on the left, really I don't! Do you?

  31. That is a great solution! extra storage space and light combo. Very smart and useful.

  32. You are too clever! This is so cute and I love the little shelf where you can put pretty little things, like your pine cones, and the fact that you've got a bit of hidden storage. Just perfect!

  33. Somehow I missed this post. I love, love, love the secret cabinet in the hood. So much more useful than a vent that you never use.

  34. I love it! And I love the plate rack beside it! xoxo

  35. Si, moi j'ai vu à gauche de ta fausse hotte: 2 superbes soupières....

  36. Such a great idea and it's perfect for your charming cottage kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  37. Once again, you came up with the perfect solution. Suits your cottage kitchen just right. And, I hardly had to wait at all to see the reveal, since I am catching up on all the posts of yours that I've missed. On to the next one!

  38. ok, I won't comment on the thing I didn't notice, the hood looks great, especially with the beadboard rising higher - very well designed.

  39. I am so impressed, looks gorgeous and so practical!

  40. Magali -
    Beautiful job on the faux vent hood. I too am looking to create a faux hood for my stove in the remodeling of the kitchen I am currently undertaking (in the thinking and planning stages right now).
    I was wondering if you could post a picture of the light as seen from underneath? I want a surface that is easy to clean, as the current vent-less hood I have right now is gross to clean, so many edges, nooks, and crannies for dust, grease, and buggies! Or, would you mind just emailing me a quick pic of what it looks like from the underside?
    Thanks! You have truly inspired me.


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