Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oops I did it again!

Kitchen Details - 4

I know I promised the new curtain and the new stool, but early this morning something reminded me that there was an other little detail that is supposed to be very useful in my kitchen that I hadn't shown you.

Je me souviens bien vous avoir promis un nouveau rideau et un nouveau tabouret, mais très tôt ce matin, quelque chose m'a rappelé que je ne vous avais toujours pas montré un petit détail censé être bien utile dans ma cuisine.

Today's story begins in bed... No need to rate the post PG, though. So where was I? Ah, yes, in my bed early this morning, still sleeping as there was no school that day. 

L'histoire d'aujourd'hui commence au lit... Pas la peine d'éloigner les enfants, cependant... J'étais juste en train de dormir car il n'y avait pas d'école ce matin.

6 am: I lazily open one eye. A soft snoring sound comes from my back. It's Shadow, my cat, who always sleeps against me. What were you imagining? Shame on you!

Six heures: j'ouvre un œil par habitude. Un ronflement régulier dans mon dos. C'est Shadow, mon chat, qui dort toujours contre moi. Mais qu'est-ce que vous étiez en train de vous imaginer?

The Kitchen BEFORE!

What a perfect morning! Suddenly, I can hear a truck in the street, I can see its orange light in the window... The garbage truck! Oops, I did it again! It's garbage collection day and I forgot to put my can outside yesterday evening!

Un matin parfait! Soudain, vacarme dans la rue, lumière orange qui envahit la chambre par la fenêtre de toit... Le camion poubelle! Zut, j'ai oublié de sortir ma poubelle. Pourtant cela m'arrive rarement maintenant que j'ai une petite astuce.

This happened to me a lot the first week after I bought Cottage. So I came up with a little idea that works great, well except for yesterday evening.

First I went to the town's website to print the garbage collection calendar.  That should have helped, but as the paper stayed in the only drawer my kitchen then had... I still missed collection days often.  So I pinned it with a pushpin on the wall. But of course after a few weeks, the paper was torn.

Pour commencer, j'ai imprimé le calendrier trouvé sur le site de la ville... Mais une fois le papier glissé dans le seul tiroir qu'avait alors ma cuisine, je ne le regardais jamais. Je l'ai punaisé au mur, mais au bout de quelques semaines, évidemment, il s'est déchiré.

So I framed it! I can't tell you how many of my friends laughed at me for framing this calendar as if it was art... I think it's probably as much art as some mass produced images you can find in some decoration shops. And at least, now, the calendar was easy to see!

Je l'ai donc encadré! Je ne vous dis pas combien de mes amis se sont moqués de moi: encadrer le calendrier des poubelles comme une œuvre d'art leur semblait ridicule... Moi, je le trouve aussi artistique que certains posters que l'on trouve reproduits en centaines d'exemplaires dans les magasins de déco.

After the kitchen was redone, though, I thought I could do a little better and I used some leftover toile wallpaper from a shelf project as the background for my calendar. 

Quand la cuisine a été toute belle, j'ai tout de même amélioré un peu le concept en utilisant un reste de papier peint toile de Jouy, rescapé de mon projet bibus, comme fond.

Useful and pretty, that's what things need to be in small rooms!

Utile et mignon à la fois, exactement ce qu'il faut dans une petite pièce.

Now, of course, you could choose something else as the background, but I'm a little afraid that if you choose your favourite actor, you'll never actually check the calendar under his gorgeous face and you'll always forget to get your garbage cans out.

Vous pouvez bien sûr choisir un autre fond, mais si vous choisissez votre acteur préféré, vos yeux risquent de rester scotchés sur son visage et vous ne regarderez jamais le calendrier en dessous... Du coup, vos poubelles ne sortiront pas les bons jours!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS1: The toile shef isn't in the kitchen anymore, but it's reused in my bedroom.

PS1: Le bibus avec la toile de Jouy n'est plus dans la cuisine, mais il est réutilisé dans ma chambre.

PS2: Did you notice a little innocent looking kettle in the pictures? Well, it's not that boring in real life... I may show it to you someday if you're really nice.

PS2: Avez-vous remarqué dans les photos une bouilloire à l'air bien commun? Eh bien, en vrai, elle n'est pas si ennuyeuse que ça... Si vous êtes bien sage, je vous montrerai.

PS3: I'm sharing my framed art piece with:
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  1. Haha...good for you turning something garbage-related into art! So clever!


  2. That's what I call re-cyling! Yes I did notice the kettle cause I'm a tea drinking person. Very cute...and so is that cabinet with teh toile. I would seriously steal that cabinet if I didn't live so far. Then we wouldn't be friends's good I live far!

  3. I'm thinking that cabinet would be perfect in my bedroom and I really do need it. Much more than Cathy does, and I have no qualms whatsoever about stealing it :)

  4. Love, love and love! Very pretty ideas and they look fabulous in your home. I love that bookcase!

    Good work!!

  5. Great idea Magali! I would steal this idea, but since I live in the country, I haul off my own garbage. Or actually, my hubby does! Have a lovely Friday!

  6. Sometimes I forget to take it out also. Since the gardeners now come after the trash collectors I have to take it out so they will have to room for more grass, etc.
    Great idea for your schedule. My dog does that to me, right up against me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. quelle imagination ! faire d'un banal calendrier un tableau... c'est bien plus joli que les feuilles aimantées sur mon frigo : j'ai trop honte, il va falloir que j'améliore tout ça !
    au fait, nous sommes vendredi, c'est la collecte des ordures dans ma petite ville du nord... merci de m'y avoir fait penser (les jours de collecte ont changé en mai et j'ai encore tendance à oublier)
    bonne fin de semaine - monique59

    1. Ah bien, mon article a été utile au moins, si les poubelles sont sorties ;)

  8. That is a really good idea and of course I am sure you made it so you can change it out for a new calendar when and if it changes? Ours is always changing according to the season and that is what drives me crazy. Compost is not picked up as often in the winter of course due to freezing ....but really, one calendar for the whole year would suit me fine.

  9. J'admire le travail ! Mon calendrier "poubelle" est bêtement punaisé dans l'escalier de la cave... j'ai honte... Le tien est superbe !

  10. I can't wait to get back into my house so I can start cooking and baking! Yummy looking cookies that I will make, hopefully soon. Patty/NS

  11. Yes you did it again... Another great post! Love the framed trash schedule. I can't tell you how many times we've forgotten to put out those barrels. Only you could create a work of art and a witty post from a garbage schedule :) I think the toile bookshelf is lovely by the way. Enjoy the weekend.

  12. .................................L'Art & la Manière................................
    Bisous. Babette

  13. I'm with Andi, turning garbage into art=super smart. I would probably mock you in person, though. That's just because that's the sort of person I am. Even though it's super cute and you are super smart to make it. Luckily our garbage truck always comes on the same day so we don't have to think about it, too much. This is another reason why you need to upgrade to a smart phone. You need the white noise function AND the alarm function. You could pre-set an alarm for all your garbage days at say at 8 pm, or whatever, it goes off and BAM, you get your cans out to the curb.

  14. Charming and useful = perfection! I understand living in a small space and keeping things neat and pretty. I love this idea and I love your toile papered shelves. So funny about the snoring kitty :) Have a lovely weekend! xo Karen

    1. Shadow asks me to write that he doesn't snore all the time... But I actually likes it when he does!

  15. Framing it was a good idea, and with the toile it looks cute. I always forget the trash and recycling, but luckily Douglas usually remembers.

  16. I am so glad that I don't have a garbage man. We take our garbage to the dump as we live rural. I would have to set of really loud alarms every week to remind myself and then another alarm to remind myself what the first alarm was for......but your calendar is perfect! Great job girl!

  17. What a great way to make something so functional fit into your beautiful new kitchen.

  18. Brilliant! Why shouldn't your garbage calendar be pretty? And I, too, love your bookcase. But I couldn't put books in it for fear of covering up that beautiful toile. xxx ~ Nancy

  19. Very clever! You've got the prettiest garbage collection calendar I've ever seen! I love toile, by the way. Looks great in your bookcase!

  20. Hahaha! This is a first for sure! Your the first that I know to do this and post about it too! Your too cute and practical Magali! Love how you backed your cabinet too with that toile fabric!

  21. I love that bookcase!! It is just my style! Great makeovers!

  22. Great idea, I'm always forgetting to put the rubbish bins out, even when the day stays the same for weeks on end - it jumps one day forward after every bank holiday, just to make it even more confusing.


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