Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beauty And The Apartment

Watching TV With Magali (And Two Cats Tonight) - February Edition

Season 2

So here's when I check if you've all done your homework! What colour was the rug under the sofa in season 1 of 2012 Beauty And The Beast? How long was the first kitchen island? What kind of headboard did Beauty aka Kath had in her bedroom?

Alors, c'est le moment de vérifier que tout le monde a fait ses devoirs. De quelle couleur était le tapis sous le canapé dans l'article précédent? Quelle était (à quelques centimètres près, je ne suis pas un tyran) la longueur du bar de la cuisine? A quoi ressemblait la tête de lit de la chambre de l'héroïne?

I've been a teacher for a long time, so rather than betting my pupils all did their homework, I'm going to quickly review what was seen in the last lesson post.

Bon, je suis professeur depuis assez longtemps pour savoir que les devoirs ne sont pas toujours faits, alors j'ai préparé une petite antisèche pour les mauvais élèves avec d'abord une vue du salon, puis de la chambre tels qu'ils sont dans la saison 1 de la série Beauty and the Beast (version 2012).

Basically, this is what Kath's apartment looked like in one of the first episodes.

And her bedroom was that amazing combo of colours:

So, at the end of season 1, bored both by the story and by the constantly changing set (as you can read here), I stopped watching the show. 

Bon, je vais être honnête, à la fin de la saison 1, j'ai arrêté de regarder la série: une histoire bien tirée par les cheveux et un décor pas terrible (à voir en plein ici) ont eu raison du charme de Kristin Kreuk... 

Puis, la semaine dernière, je n'étais pas très en forme... J'ai cherché quelque chose de facile à regarder: avec un gros mal de tête et une gorge en feu, ce n'était pas le moment de chercher à comprendre la série Lost ou de tenter d'élucider le mystère de la construction temporelle du film Mulholland Drive. Je me suis résolue à commencer la saison 2 de cette série. En effet, elle a tout de même un atout... Vous voyez cet acteur arrivé en fin de saison 1 dans la photo ci-dessous? C'est lui, l'atout!

Then, last week, as you may remember from this post, I wasn't feeling so well and so I was looking for something easy to watch. I mean with the headache and the sore throat, it wasn't time to try to understand what the hell Lost's writers were trying to say or in what order I should try to watch scenes from Mulholland Drive for the movie to make sense.

So I thought I would give Beauty & The Beast's season 2 a try... I seem to be totally imune to the Beast's charm, but I melt every time I see an other character...

His dark eyes, his lush hair, his smile... and that waist... Who else just drooled on her keyboard?

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, season 2. Just so you know what was happening: at the end of season 1, Kath's boyfriend was kidnapped, so of course I was expecting her to try to find him at the beginning of season 2. 

Here's one of the first image of season 2.

Soft colours, flowers, nice sheer curtains, a throw and pillows... I was hooked! Where were we?

Et là, les premières images me scotchent! Des couleurs douces, des fleurs, des voilages, un plaid, des coussins! Mais où était-on censé être?

Wider angle...

Kath's apartment? Completely made over! All during the three months she spent looking for her boyfriend! Maybe I need a boyfriend, just so he can be kidnapped and my cottage will be made over quickly!

L'appartement, que je n'aimais pas, a été entièrement refait! Tout ça en trois mois alors que l'héroïne a soi-disant passé ce temps-là à chercher son fiancé kidnappé! 

To all those who worried in the comments of my last post about her missing sink, look it's there now on the left of the kitchen, where the bricks have been whitewashed. The fridge has been topped with a shelf and a cabinet. The island has been changed for the second time!

Le bar de la cuisine a été changé pour la deuxième fois, le frigo est maintenant dans une petit niche avec étagère et placard vitré.  Les briques apparentes ont été blanchies.

Best change ever: the walls have been repainted with a paint that appears blue or grey depending on the lighting. There's a gorgeous chandelier with crystal pendants...

L'idée de génie pour adoucir la pièce a été de repeindre les murs dans une teinte qui paraît bleue ou grise selon l'éclairage.

It all looks a lot more feminine and cottage-y, even if it still uses modern accents and somehow it's a lot more coherent with the show that is a modern rewriting of an old traditional  love story.

White console? yes, please! And that glass lamp? Love! Can you believe I found one to sell on the Internet by someone who lives in a village ten minutes away from my cottage? I sent him two mails and he doesn't answer!!! Argghh!

L'ensemble est beaucoup plus serein et féminin qu'avant. Vous voyez ce pied de lampe en verre? J'en suis tombée amoureuse! J'ai eu la chance d'en trouver un vraiment ressemblant sur Le Bon Coin, mis en vente par quelqu'un qui habite le village d'à côté de chez moi!!! Mais le vendeur ne répond à aucun de mes mails et n'a pas mis son téléphone. J'enrage!

The bedroom also got transformed with a nice romantic bed, soft colours and painted furniture!

La chambre aussi a été refaite: murs pâles, lit en métal et meubles peints. De quoi dormir plus sereinement qu'avant!

The only shot I managed to get of the bathroom. I'd love to see more, it's promising!

Given that I'm now up to episode 14 and that the writers clearly seem completely lost, I don't think there'll be a season 3, which is a shame as I would have loved to see what they would have done with that apartment in the next season!

Je suis rendue à plus de la moitié de la saison 2 (là où en est la diffusion aux Etats-Unis) et dans la mesure où les auteurs ont l'air de ne pas du tout savoir où ils vont, je doute qu'il y ait une troisième saison. C'est presque dommage, car j'aurais bien aimé voir comment l'appartement pouvait encore être transformé...

So, what do you prefer? The season 1 set or the season 2 set? What's your favourite part?

Alors quel décor a votre préférence? Celui du début ou celui de la saison 2? Quel est votre élément favori?

Just a little reminder!


See you soon for news of my very own kitchen whose makeover is so not that fast!

A bientôt pour des nouvelles de ma cuisine dont la rénovation est un peu plus lente!

PS1: To all of you who kindly send me good weekend wishes, please stop, as I just found out that I have to work on Saturday morning! And the staff meeting ended at 9:15 pm yesterday! My usual cheery self is just a little bit cranky tonight.

PS2: I do realise there are lots of shots of Kristin's butt in that post... Maybe I'll get some more male readers?

PS3: I'll be sharing this post at some awesome parties if I can find the time to link!

PS4: I understand the PS parts of a post are supposed to be shorter than the actual post...

PS5: Still, I thought you might want to have a good laugh, just in case you're having a bad day like I am, so click here. Even tonight, I can't resist Kristin's laugh!


  1. Of course I LOVE the changes for season 2!!! The apartment is so pretty now! But yes, when did she have time for a total makeover? Now I'm thinking I need to watch this show. I never watch the CW. I just never think of it. Loved these two posts about the set designs. I always pay attention to sets on tv shows. Especially comedies because you usually see the same set over and over.

    Do you watch Two Broke Girls? One of them has a boyfriend that lives in a dumpster. He's modified it to be a cool pad. I'm fascinated by it. Hmmmm I might need to post about it.

  2. As we have never watched the programme it's difficult to make a comment on it.
    Sorry that your hours are so long. I heard that French children now have to stay in school till 5pm now!

  3. Definitely the set in season two is the best IMHO. Love all the changes that were done. Maybe you should hire a set designer instead of a carpenter for your kitchen remodel. They could probably do it in a night!

  4. Pretty apt! Wow, I can't believe you have to work on Saturday and that staff meetings go until after 9 PM! The teachers' unions here would never, ever allow that! (I'm a teacher in the US)

    1. Saturday is only once or twice a year. It's the day we present the school to future pupils and their parents.

  5. Dear Magali,

    I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! Watching TV with you is great fun, never mind the movie.vNow let me think of a postscriptum (that is so funny too!), hm. No idea.
    Yours Sarah
    P.S. I hope you will get that glass lamp!

    1. So he is a beast, obviously, as he does not reply to you....

  6. I don't know this TV series but I really had a good laugh!Thanks!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. En fait, ne connaissant pas cette série, je suis perplexe, le décor d'avant est plus chaud, mais le deuxième décor est plus classieux. Entre les les deux..................
    Passe un excellent weekend. Bises. Babette

  8. Great job on this post. I am so in love with the second set, love the romantic cottage blue. Maybe if they had spent less money on the decor and more on better writers, the show would have survived! Cheer up my friend, the weekend will get better, jump in your car and take a spin around the seaside!! Hugs, Diane

  9. Definitely season 2............definitely!

  10. Tho I have never watched the show I must say the newly decorated apartment is gorgeous!
    Don't watch a lot of CW but Hart of Dixie is fun!

    1. The most important question being: how is the set of "Hart of Dixie"? Which means "should I watch it?" Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  11. Oh I love the Season 2 version... less busy, and so crisp and fresh looking.
    I LOVE that last image. Gives me some ideas for chez moi.

  12. I wish my house could be so easily transformed. I bet those set designers could figure out a way for us to get a kitchen island.

  13. Well, definitely like season 2 better--light, bright and white! I am liking the whitewashed brick walls, too. And good to have kitties deux to keep you cozy as you watch! Sorry for the Saturday work--ugh, hope it was for only a short time :)

  14. Nice! I totally love the new look, it goes with my oh-my-god-i-can't-take-one-more-day-of-winter mood!


  15. Definitely season two! I like the brick now that the orange has been toned down.

  16. What a relief !! It seems I am not the only one who looks past the talking actors in an attempt to get a better look of the rooms or surroundings the story plays along :-D... It drives my family mad though, male viewers are not interested in interior design... what a shame, they miss out a lot!! Have a nice weekend, Marcy

    1. The set is definitely one of the most important thing... I think that's why I always fell asleep watching "Lost"... Not enough set!

  17. Definitely like Season 2 better, Magali. More feminine and charming. Interesting juxtaposition of the modern TV screen on the French nesting tables. Thank you for the video. I appreciate the laughs from the out takes. Very funny.

    1. I feel the sudden urge to have nesting tables, I must confess... And those bloopers crack me up every time I watch them!

  18. So, It seems we all love season two set more! Me too!!! I love blue wall color more than any other. Why don't I have any blue walls? Hmmm…. I wish, though, that they had really gone with the funky retro style of the fab pink stove and actually worked it for season one, instead of making that season one set such a hodge podge mess. I grieve for the loss of the cool pink stove.… Still, overall, I LOVE season two set, I think they must have changed out the set designers because season two set is SO much better. I was excited to see what a difference the white made to the brick, it looks wonderful. I'm gong to go off and see if I can find this show on Netflix now….it's Saturday evening here, so I guess you are done with working Saturday…welcome home!

    1. I'll try and have a look at the name(s) of the set designer to see if s/he changes between season 1 and season 2. I also love the white washed brick wall. And yes, I'm home!!!

  19. The season 2 sets are fabulous. Love all those colors but mostly I a happy that she final got a sink. Hope your Sunday is better.

    1. Oh, yes, life is definitely easier with a sink. Though Kath is often seen doing the washing up!

  20. Je ne connais pas cette série, mais la déco me plait bien!
    Bises et bonne soirée.

  21. Wow gorgeous appartment, I could live in an urban enviroment if I had a place like that....looks like a fun soap opera...i'm already addicted to a few that I really need to wean off from :)

  22. Count me in as a season two lover. I have to say, your PS's cracked me up. ;)

  23. The Season 2 set is amazing! I LOVE the brick! And I love your new blog banner too! :)

  24. The Season 2 set is much prettier, cooler and lighter. I much prefer the paler painted bricks in the kitchen now, and I love the furniture, the white console, the glazed cabinet (that may or may not have been there before !)
    Your new sunny header looks great too.

  25. Love your posts dear Magali. Soooo funny !
    This guy, he's definitely hot, but not as hot as Gaspard Ulliel in the newest Chanel Bleu advert. :P *Sigh*

  26. Magali, you've got me laughing! I love your humor... "Kath's apartment? Completely made over! All during the three months she spent looking for her boyfriend! ". Ah, the magic of TV. Such a fun post!

  27. This last makeover of the set is MUCH better. I love that kitchen.

  28. I actually liked the apartment from season 1 better. It looked more like the apartment of someone who actually lived there, not like an editorial set up from town&country. (Sorry! ;) Catherine is a cop, not a romantic novel's writer or an interior decorator.. Yes she is deeply romantic, but that doesn't always translate into ruffled pillows and crystal chandeliers! I thought the first version of her apartment was edgier, looked more like it was located in Greenwich Village, NY.. like it's supposed to be. The red tones were maybe not the best choice.. Since her color scheme (derived from her outfits) consists more of blues and greys, a bit of taupe and violet, creme tones and brown.


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