Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty And The Beast

Watching TV With Magali (And At least One Cat) - February Edition

Season 1

Some of may remember that since I have a new laptop, the "vent" is not at the back anymore, but on the side, which means that Shadow loves sleeping on the side of the laptop, rubbing his stomach on the hot air that comes of it.

Peut-être vous souvenez-vous de cette photo? Sur mon nouvel ordinateur, la ventilation se trouve sur le côté et non derrière comme sur le précédent. Du coup, Shadow aime se coucher en mettant son ventre sur la ventilation... Et il allonge les pattes sur le clavier.

And sometimes, he makes himself right at home there, meaning I can't do anything on the computer anymore.

Du coup, je ne peux parfois plus rien faire!

It happened last month on the evening after I came back hom from my holiday break. I was too tired to fight or to do anything really, so I grabbed the remote control and I did what I rarely do, I decided to watch TV on the actual TV. One of the French channels was beginning to air the 2012 series "Beauty & The Beast" and of course it was already the middle of the second episode when I put the TV on. 

C'est arrivé au mois de janvier, un soir où j'étais tellement fatiguée que pour une fois, je ne me suis pas battue... J'ai laissé l'ordinateur au chat et j'ai attrapé la télé-commande. Je suis tombée sur une série que je ne connaissais pas encore "Beauty & The Beast" (La Belle et la Bête version 2012 - rien à voir ou si peu avec le conte)... J'avais bien sûr manqué le début, mais j'avoue que l'histoire était facile à comprendre, même pour une petite blonde...

But, the story isn't anything a petite blonde can't understand, even if she has missed the pilot! Anyway, as I'm sure you already guessed, I was only mildly interested in the story. What I thought really was "Great! A new set to study".

De toute façon, vous me connaissez... L'histoire était secondaire, j'étais surtout ravie de découvrir un nouveau décor à étudier.

Boy was I disappointed!

Quelle déception!

Except for the exposed brick wall, the fireplace and the few moldings, there was nothing I liked in Kath's apartment. That not comfortable masculine-looking sofa? Yuck! The very dark coral paint on so many walls? Not for me!

A part le mur en briques, la cheminée et les moulures, je n'aimais rien dans l'appartement de Kath. Pas les meubles très froids et masculins, pas la couleur corail foncé (ma cousine dirait "saumon") sur les murs... 

I was this close to push the red button on the remote when something caught my eye.  Did I see something change in the set or what? I could have sworn the sofa didn't look that cosy before! That's when the series started being of some interest to me! They altered the set depending on the script. Kath needed to wallow after breaking up with her boyfriend and whoops, the sofa changed! (You can scroll up a little if you don't believe me)!

J'étais à deux doigts d'éteindre la télé quand quelque chose attira mon attention. Ce canapé? Ce n'était pas celui du début! C'est là que la série a pris tout son intérêt. Le décor changeait selon les besoins du scénario. Là, par exemple, Kath devait être pelotonnée dans son canapé après sa rupture amoureuse. Impossible à faire dans le canapé tout droit du début! Qu'à cela ne tienne! Le canapé a été changé: les accoudoirs, c'est tout de suite plus confortable!

You don't believe me, do you?... An other proof. In an episode, the writers had the idea that Kath was going to organise a dinner at her place... Problem... Have a look in the above picture. No table between the former sofa and the kitchen island... Well, let's add a table, then!

Vous ne me croyez pas? Quelques épisodes plus tard, Kath est censée organiser un dîner. Tout de suite, je me dis: "mais elle n'a même pas de table!" Et là, de façon magique, apparaît une table, avec chaises Tolix, s'il vous plaît!

Now, what's that behind the table? An island? Didn't it use to look like that?

So the magic worked again and the island went from being a huge heavy piece with a sink (on the far left above) that went all the way to the left wall to that half-sized island. Oh, and by the way, if changing countertops was that easy in real life, my life would be a lot simpler right now!

Et regardez-moi cet îlot central, qui, devenu trop encombrant, a diminué de volume, perdu son évier (et oui, pendant quelques épisodes, Kath n'a pas d'évier... et ils croyaient que personne n'allait le remarquer, mouaahhh). Même le plan de travail a changé!!! Croyez-moi si dans la réalité changer de plan de travail était si facile, ma vie serait beaucoup plus simple en ce moment!

So, let me recap, to renovate in no time my home, all I need to do is dating a beast? I already do that! Read here if you're not convinced!

Island #1
 Euh, donc, on récapitule, pour rénover mon chez-moi en un clin d'oeil, tout ce qu'il faut, c'est que je tombe amoureuse d'une bête?  Mais c'est déjà fait (Lisez ici, si vous avez manqué cet épisode)!

Now, can I ask you all to learn all those pictures by heart? It'll be VERY important for the next post!

Island #2 - notice how the vertical beam disappeared as well?

Puis-je vous demander d'apprendre très sérieusement ces photos par coeur? Cela s'avèrera très important pour le prochain article!

So, if you were to redo that apartment, what would you keep? What would you get rid off? Kristin Kreuk is not included in your choices: she's too cute, she stays!

Bon alors, si vous deviez redécorer cet appartement, que garderiez-vous? De quoi vous débarrasseriez-vous? Les acteurs ne sont pas compris dans la discussion: ils sont beaux, ils restent!

See you soon, for news of that ever changing set!

A bientôt, je vérifierai si vous avez bien fait vos devoirs!

I'm sharing the quick makeovers of that set with:

http://makinmyaptahome.com/2014/02/meet-neighbors-8.html         www.serenitynowblog.com/2014/02/weekend-bloggy-reading-link-up_21.html                       


  1. That is so funny that you notice all the changes. I never just sit and watch tv. I am always doing at least 3 things so I listen more than I watch.

  2. I don't know what I'd choose but I am shocked that they are just changing the decor constantly. Seems they are lacking in a good set designer. This all should have been thought out well in advance. Can you imagine Carrie Bradshaw's apartment so drastically changing from episode to episode? To many of us the set design is as important as the story!

  3. Ok, I reviewed...I hate the huge island!

  4. Non, je l'avoue, jamais je ne remarque ce genre de détails dans un film ! Mais je te reconnais bien là !

  5. I am so looking forward to your next post! They may change the setting all the time if it is for the better, like it definitely is! That is, what we all want to do - change for the better.... Of course I will do my homework and learn it by heart, waiting for the next test.

    Yours Sarah

  6. It certainly didn't look like a suitable surrounding for you (and cat)s

  7. Pour moi, l'appartement qui me fait envie c'est celui de Monica dans la série "Friends", tout me plait sans exception. Cependant, il y a fort longtemps, l'appartement qui me faisait rêver était celui de "Super Jaimie", il était situé au dessus du garage ou des écuries du ranch de ses parents, c'était un open space de toute beauté & là aussi, il n'y avait rien à jeter.
    C'est beau de rêver.
    Bises. Babette

  8. I agree with you that it would be wonderful to have a magically transforming house! They are putting in my new counters as I write this, and I am a nervous wreck!

    1. Oh, I can't wait to see those new counters! The countertop decision is killing me for my own kitchen!

  9. Oh, how fun, Magali. I for one love TV, whenever I find a good series.
    So many changes. I notice stuff like that too, and if the set is not right, it typically won't pull me into a TV show or a movie.
    I'd lighten the paint, probably add more whites/creams. I like the lamps. Noticed they got rid of the hanging single lamps over the large island and added a chandelier when they brought in the new smaller counter. Not sure which I like best, but I see no sink after the smaller counter came in. lol I'd definitely get rid of that horrible stove.
    Loved this.

  10. You are so observant. Most of the time, I have an aversion to that flat, oppressive wall color.

    I like the brick, the refrigerator, vent, chandelier, and the oval mirror sideways over the fireplace. The stove looks 70s; the stove might look better, if the colors were more cohesive in that small space.

    The electrical conduit would look better if the outlets had stainless covers. But since the brick is a natural color, I'm not sure why they painted the conduit, because it would of been a silver metal. They had to paint the conduit before they put it up, otherwise there would be paint on the brick; it's too close to the wall to get the backside, but if you painted after the fact, one could still see the other side. That would bug me.

  11. I can't believe how different the set becomes! I do love the exposed brick. And I think Shadow needs to write a blog post since he's so chummy with the computer. :)


  12. I usually don't start out watching a tv show looking at the set, but I have to say I do start to notice elements that I like and don't like as the show progresses. Also, Shadow is gorgeous, and he must have his comfort!

  13. Well you beat me in the Hawk Eye department hands down LOL - I usually notice everything and I don't think I would have noticed this !!!
    But I do watch shows for the sets more then the show itself lol - what a sickness we've been afflicted with !
    Shadow's adorable ! ( be careful of cat hair around your computer )

  14. Yes, be careful if kitty covers the vent as the hot air in the computer will not be able to come out and you will have major problems. I normally see when the change the set. Guess it is to keep you more interested in the program.

  15. I like the changes they have made but where did the sink go?

    1. The sink reappears in season 2 and will be there in my next post!

  16. This is hilarious!! Love that you have such a sharp eye for this! Loved that fireplace!

  17. I can't believe you notice these details Magali!!! Hahaha! I would keep the new comfy sofa for sure!

  18. I've been reading faithfully, but I don't think I've been responding faithfully, so a make up point from a few posts back; YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!! I'm sure you know that, but I just had to mention it. This would be from the post in front of the beautiful silver store in Paris. Also, I like your hat and coat. Did I mention I love the granny sink you decided to keep? Love that too. OK, on to the current question. I am definitely keeping the fab pink stove, and also the dainty silver fridge. I like the red lamp and am keeping that. I also really like the tripod floor lamp and am definitely keeping that. In fact, I like most of the lighting and would probably keep all of it and just sell off the stuff I didn't want. I kind of like the squishy couch, but I can't really see it well enough to be sure I'm keeping it. I like the color of the desk, but I'm not sure I like the style enough to keep the whole thing. It looks good with the red lamp, though…I also like the butcher block counter top, so that's staying. And the exposed brick, of course. I think those are the high points! xxoo

    1. I can see you've been reading every post! Thank you so much! About that butcher block in the TV set, you might be in for disappointment in the next post...

  19. OH! the fireplace! Yes! Keeping that!

  20. Too funny, do they think that viewers don't notice ?
    Love the panelling and the fireplace. Like you, I don't like the colours, and the exposed brick looks too new. I also like the original counter with column at the end, it seems cosier somehow.
    Now I just need to do my homework and learn all the photos !

  21. That's funny and so weird how they change the set like that! Your Shadow is so adorable! Our one cat loves to lay on the keyboard, too (usually when I'm trying to type! :)

  22. That is so funny!! I love the fireplace, the exposed brick wall, the mouldings everywhere, the *new* paneled island with butcher block top and the beadboard front kitchen cabinets. OH yes and the new more squashy sofa. Of course, I would have it all light and bright white and cream with pretty floral fabrics. And I might even plaster that brick wall. But that's me! ~Angela~

  23. Yeah that is weird - confusing for the viewers. Must say that fireplace is cool, and I betcha by next week they will probably have a different one! ha

  24. It really is interesting how they change sets isn't it? I love the exposed brick wall. I've always been partial to brick. It makes such a fabulous architectural statement!

    (Love Shadow)

  25. I wish I could change my home as easily as they change the set! It's so funny my cat, Little One (no, she's fat) does the same think. The vent is on the side and she constantly rubs her head all over the screen and gets in my way! but I love it!!

  26. Love this post, Magali. I agree with you about that masculine sofa. Ugh. Love the exposed brick, the fireplace, the vintage pink stove, the interesting architectural molding. Oh, and the cat. Yes, love the cat. Keep the cat. :)

    1. The cat is still with me. Right now, he's waiting for me to go to bed, so he can purr himself to sleep!

  27. It always makes me laugh when I read your posts about how much you notice sets on TV shows! I love it! I just never tend to notice those things!

  28. I would keep island 1 and the old retro frig by the exposed brick,umm maybe make the frig a happy red retro. You are after my heart since I love to look at sets of shows and write about TV and Movies too. Cracks me up about kitty claiming your computer space. Have the nicest weekend.

  29. OMG you are hilarious! First off I would the designer didn't read the script! then I'm with you that yucky coral/mauve color wall really? Now you got me hooked because I do that all the time, I look at house set in all the shows I watch. Just yesterday I was watching the movie "something gotta give" just because I love that house! My husband thinks its funny I do that. :) thanks for sharing! have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait for your next post.

  30. I'm impressed that you noticed all of those changes! Most times when I am watching tv, I'm either working on my laptop, or I'm falling asleep! So those things would go right by me. The good thing about being so behind in my blog reading is that I can go to your next post right now!

  31. Wow! I can't believe they make such drastic changes like that in the show. I notice things like that when I am watching movies that should be set in the winter time and they have "snow" on the ground, yet EVERY tree in the background looks as if it is clearly the middle of summer. Or when the "snow" is clearly some type of cotton battening placed on the ground. It drives me bonkers and I am done. I've never noticed changes like the ones you mentioned though I will now keep a more watchful eye on the shows I do watch.


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