Friday, February 14, 2014

Under The Weather

A Very Lame Valentine Post

Hello everybody! Thank you so much to all of you who left kind comments on my kitchen sink post and on the Paris posts, it meant a lot to me to read them.

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont laissé de gentils commentaires à propos de mon évier et des excursions parisiennes. Cela m'a fait vraiment plaisir.

I had every intention to reward you with a lovely Valentine post... But sometimes things aren't meant to be and you can't fight it!

J'avais bien l'intention de vous remercier avec un super article pour la Saint Valentin... Mais parfois, les choses ne se passent pas comme je le prévois.

The weather has been unbelievable everywhere from what I read on blogs: not enough rain in California, snow storms nearly everywhere else in North America, heavy storms for Ireland, United Kingdom and Brittany! 

La météo fait des siennes de partout d'après ce que je lis sur les blogs: trop peu de pluie  en Californie, tempêtes de neige dans beaucoup d'endroits d'Amérique du Nord, tempêtes en Irlande, au Royaume-Uni et en France!

We've already had four storms this month and we're expecting the fifth for Valentine's night. The water level of the pond a street away from my cottage is very, very high... I'm praying it'll stay contained. 

Ici en Bretagne, on compte déjà quatre tempêtes en ce mois de février et l'on attend la cinquième pour la nuit prochaine. Le niveau de l'étang à deux pas de chez moi est très haut et je prie pour qu'il reste bien dans son périmètre...

The storms made me discover that there's a problem with one of my (brand new) window: if it rains horizontally as it has lately, some water comes inside! So I've been busy calling the carpenter again and again. 

Les tempêtes m'ont permis de m'apercevoir qu'une de mes fenêtres flambant neuves laisse rentrer un peu d'eau lorsqu'il pleut à l'horizontal comme en ce moment! J'ai passé beaucoup de temps cette semaine au téléphone avec mon menuisier... La suite au prochain numéro! 

I'm also a little under the weather:  not enough not to go to work, but enough to feel like going to bed and not bake or take pictures!

Je suis aussi un peu patraque: rien de suffisamment sérieux pour que je reste à la maison, mais aucune envie de cuisiner, de prendre des photos de ce que je fais... Tous ces trucs qui prennent un temps que je préfère passer au lit avec une bouillotte et un chat pour l'instant!

I wanted to share the recipe for my little homemade Valentine treats. They are lovely, though I couldn't take a descent picture due to that silly virus that make my head spin a little... But the texture isn't perfect (I came up with the recipe all by myself...), so I guess I have a full year to improve the recipe and next year, you'll be able to all make the best looking and best tasting little red hearts!

De plus, la petite recette de coeurs rouges que je voulais vous donner n'est pas encore au point: la couleur et le goût sont parfaits... La texture pas encore! Je crois que du coup, j'ai un an pour mettre ça parfaitement au point!

I also wanted to do soemething with the rose buds I've been drying in the kitchen and the I-don't-know-how-many doily hearts I cut... But Valentine is already there and all I want to do is go to bed with a hot bottle and a cat... So I guess I'll be the only blog with no Valentine project!

J'envisageais aussi un petit projet avec les boutons de roses que j'ai fait faner dans la cuisine... Mais là, il faut se rendre à l'évidence, rien ne sera prêt pour le jour J! 

Anyway, my two "lovers" asked for canned tuna and milk for Valentine, something I can "do" even when feeling unwell!

De toute façon, mes amoureux m'ont demandé du thon en boîte et du lait pour la Saint-Valentin, quelque chose que je réussis même quand je ne suis pas en forme!

Shadow trying the box I used to send nice red roses plates I just sold...

If you are a new follower (welcome!), you can have a look at last year's Valentine's mantel and also a peek at this recipe that would be perfect for a last minute Valentine's gift. 

Si vous êtes nouveau sur le blog (bienvenue!), vous pouvez toujours jeter un coup d'oeil à ma décoration de l'an dernier et à cette petite recette qui ferait un parfait cadeau de dernière minute!

Wishing you the best Valentine's Day, one that's about being surrounded by love rather than being perfectly prepared!

Je vous souhaite une belle Saint-Valentin: être entouré d'amour est plus important qu'être parfaitement prêt!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS 1: Une petite dédicace spéciale à mes parents en ce jour.

PS 2: I'm hoping pictures of the cats will make up for the fact that I haven't done anything for Valentine... I've noticed they are quite popular!

PS3: I'm sharing my not-so-perfect hearts (I really have no shame) with:



  1. Dear Magali,

    lovely pictures of a delicious looking treat! Strawberry? And of last years mantle. What a great idea to place "Rome and Juliette" like this. I hope you will get well soon, the window will be mended, that pond will stay where it is supposed to be and the storm will pass by. I hope you will stay in bed, have a nice book, find some nice bloggs or be able to sleep...



  2. Tes petits coeurs rouges sont mignons comme tout ! Mais il est vrai que Shadow et Milo doivent préférer le thon ou les sardines ! Merci pour la petite dédicace... tu connais le romantisme de papa !

  3. Lovely post! And, you know I had a cat like yours, don't you?


  4. Hope you have a half term break when you can stay in bed. Take care, these viruses can be very nasty.
    I want your tabby cat. Please.

  5. Magali, I love the last photo of the vignette with the old book. I sure hope you feel better soon and Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. Awe I am sorry that you aren't feeling good :( Thanks for sharing your delicious chocolate ball recipe. I am putting these on my to do list!! Happy Valentines Day to you!

  7. Awwwwwwwwww I loveeeee your cats dear Magali. If I was there, I could cuddle them alllllllllllll day ! :D
    I agree with the first comment :'... What a great idea to place "Rome and Juliette" like this...'.
    Happy Saint Valentine's Day. Take care. BIG HUGS,Izabella.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day Magali! Hope you feel better soon, snuggle up with your super cute kitties and enjoy your treats :)


  9. Happy Valentine's Day Magali. I do hope yo are feeling better. I've had that for 2 weeks now and can't seem to get over the coughing. Stay warm in bed with your two cute kitties.

  10. You should not be ashamed of those adorable little hearts. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. Teaching is a difficult profession when you are not feeling well. I hope your kitties snuggle you up this evening and make you feel well. I'm sending over positive vibes from the other side of the big pond. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Hearts recipe please!They look delicious!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your kitties!

  13. Magali, I hope you are better soon!

    Your roses look very pretty hanging from the ceiling. I love that look and baskets too!

    Kitties in boxes are so adorable. I love that photo of last year's mantle.

    I hope the pond contains itself!

    That is horrible about the window. Is the water coming in from the bottom of the window? If it is maybe the weep holes are still covered. There are these holes at the bottom of the window where the water is suppose to drain to the outside. On my newer windows they are open rectangles. On the window on my last house they were circles and the installer forget to open them and the sills filled up and the water poured into the living room all over the wood floors.

  14. Oh please, please get better soon. I am sad that you feel so poorly-
    Your hearts are darling and how nifty that you made your own recipe, stay cozy and warm and feel better soon!

    1. Thank you for your concern. I was feeling better this morning, and worse tonight! I think it's usual with viruses to have ups and downs. It's only a little gift from my pupils, nothing to worry about!

  15. Feel better Magali and good luck with that water problem...that's a real bummer and I hope you can get somebody to fix it ASAP. Glad you have your yummies and beautiful cats to keep you company! Happy Valentines!

  16. Oh, I am so sorry that you are feeling under the weather. At least it is Friday and you have the weekend to rest and feel better.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  17. A Sweet Happy Valentine's Day Magali. I hate it when I get sick so I hope you feel better even today as I write. I love this whole post. Never saw such wonderful red hearts and the last bowl of chocolate balls looks very good too. Of course I love your sweet kitties....kitty in a box.

  18. Happy St. Valentine's Day Magali! Why do cats love boxes so much? So funny!!


  19. Beautiful post, happy st.valentine's day!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by The Little White House. I hope you had a lovely day!

  20. Get well real soon, I know it is al lot to ask both to fight the weather ànd a nasty virus, but I send you good vibes from Belgium. Stormy weather here too, althoug not as bad as in the UK or parts of france. My cellar has turned into a water basin, though :-( Will spring and summer ever return? my youngest son asked me today... We are so sick and tired of rain and staying indoor ànd most of all of having to go out and return as if we had taken a shower with our clothes on... !! Greetings, Marcy

    1. The "get well soon" part is not working very well, but the storm has passed, the winds were really strong on the coast and we survived (the cats and I). I'm planning a collection for the shop untitled "signs of spring", because I'm a hopeless optimistic!
      Stay dry and safe!

  21. Sorry to hear your under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Those hearts look delicious!

  22. Oh la la, je vois que nous avons les mêmes amoureux. Au moins avec eux, point de disputes.
    J'espère que s'il y a ey tempête cette nuit, ça n'a pas été trop violent.
    Passe un excellent weekend.
    Bises. Babette

  23. Hoping you get to feeling better Magali. Don't feel so bad, I completely forgot to do a Valentine's greeting intentions were to do up a post, but I just kept forgetting. I think your pictures are lovely. Love the cats!

    1. The feeling better part is not going so well... But the cats are doing what they can to cheer me up!

  24. I hope you feel better and that your weather is back to normal. Here we have had a second snow fall this past week. I was so busy taking snow pictures that I forgot to mention Valentine’s Day in my post yesterday – however, I have Blogger problems and it did not update my post yet. I looked at your past posts and was pleased to go back to the Marais with you. When my father passed away years ago my mother bought a flat in the Marais, rue des Archives, and I used to walk to the Place des Vosges all the time. I love the area, but I have never been in the church you mentioned.

  25. happy valentine's day the candies look cute cant wait to find out how there made feel better soon

  26. So sorry to hear you are under the weather and the nearby pond does not spill over! The weather has been bad here, 63" of snow and more coming!!! Don't worry about not having done any thing for Valentine's cats are such so cute. Shadow is a adorable but looks a little grumpy in the box? Take care, feel better!

  27. I hope you are feeling better now--it's hard to go to work when you are not feeling well. I am glad you have nurse kitties to help you feel better! Also love your kitty pictures--cats love boxes, don't they??

  28. I am a new follower! We have a cat that looks exactly like your grey and white, so cute.

    1. Abby,

      I'm glad you found your way to The Little White House. I'm off to your blog to follow back!


  29. Sorry you've been feeling under the weather and that the bad weather has been affecting you. We have had some unbelievably rough and stormy seas and the water actually reached the door of our café on valentines night. But really it's nothing like the poor people who have been flooded out or lost power !

  30. Je ne me lasse pas de tes photos de chats !! Chez nous aussi ils font un peu la loi; Memeth est un adepte des placards d'où il surgit quand on ne l'attend pas ! et Chocolat aime lui les cartons ....avec mes 3 chats et les tiens on pourrait ouvrir une pension de famille pour félins espiègles .....
    j'espère que tu retrouves la forme,et que la tempête s'éloigne enfin de la Bretagne.
    bonne nuit,
    Marry Poppins

  31. Hi Magali, I am SO far behind in my blog reading, but I'm catching up now. I hope by this time that you are feeling better, and that the storms have subsided. We're back in frigid temperatures, and another big snowstorm is coming Monday. Ugh. I am very intrigued by those pretty red hearts!

  32. Poor Magali! Hope your virus didn't last long!


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