Thursday, February 28, 2013

La Dame Aux Camelias

Various End-of-February Updates

The garden is an awful mess. The gardener began uprooting an old hedge on a Friday. He left everything in the middle of the garden for the weekend and the cats had fun with his digger. Boys will be boys!

Le jardin est sans dessus dessous. Le jardinier a commencé à enlever les vieilles souches d'une haie un vendredi. Il a laisse sa pelleteuse sur place et les chats ont passé le week-end à jouer à cache-cache dessus.

But when the gardener came back the next Monday and began working and making noise, they were way too afraid to even go near the digger and chose to stay safe and warm.

Mais dès que le jardinier est revenu travailler le lundi, ils se sont vite réfugiés dans l'escalier. Le seul moment où ils ne se battent pas, c'est quand ils sont trop stressés pour penser qu'ils se détestent!

The only moment they don't fight if when they are too scared to remember they are supposed to hate each other.

I'm waiting for a ray of sunshine to show you the work done in the garden... But it's been raining ice (really).

Right before the icy rain ruined the flowers, I snapped a picture of the camellia which had been planted by the previous owners but was hidden under an other bush I removed.

Juste avant que de la neige fondue nous tombe dessus toute la semaine et ruine les fleurs, j'ai pris en photo le camélia.

If you're dying to see more of the garden, put your wellies on and meet me here.

Si vous avez le courage de sortir, vous pouvez découvrir le jardin ici.

If you'd rather not go out with this weather, what about joining me for some winter gardening, aka reading gardening books and magazines?

 I also made some herbal tea...

Et si le grand air ne vous dit rien par ce froid, que diriez-vous d'un peu de jardinage d'hiver, qui consiste à lire des livres de jardinage devant une bonne tisane!

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See you soon,

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  1. J'espère que tu n'auras pas de soucis avec ton coin potager. Ton camélia est superbe et je veux bien une tasse de tisane !

  2. Camelias grow in the southern states here - blooming there now.....but sadly, not where I live. We still have snow.

    Your kitties are so sweet. Love your teapot. Looks very old!

  3. I love the stone wall in your home!

    Kitties are so funny and curious. So adorable! Ours are adopted strays. I have two that look like the one in the middle of the mess, and we use to have one called Claude D' Pussy (pussy cat instead of Debussy) that looks a lot like the one on the right in another photo. ( My daughter loves playing Debussy.) Unfortunately, he was lost with the move. I think he ran away, because he was very nervous that day. In retrospect we should of caught them before we started moving furniture.

  4. Love the cats, love the flowers, love the house!

  5. What a gorgeous stone wall you have in your home Magali!!!
    And your cats are too cute - can't wait to see the garden when your gardener is finished!
    Have a wonderful wknd,

  6. Visiting your blog is like taking a mini vacation! I just found it today and I love it! Thank you so much from British Columbia, Canada!

  7. That camellia is gorgeous, Magali! Can't wait to see your garden. I have crocus, snowdrops and primroses blooming right now, as well as a couple of flowering shrubs/vines. Your cats sound like two of our cats--they hate each other, but will sometimes join forces if it benefits them! A good weekend to you!

  8. awwww they look so cute together on the stairs thanks so much for sharing at FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY BLOG HOP always fun having you there

  9. Your house looks lovely Magali! Love camellias but I don't think I have the soil, it needs to be acidic right?

  10. The camellias are beautiful and yes I'll grab my wellies and go for a walk with you, then later I would love to have a cup of tea with you and those sweet kitties. I love watching for spring, maybe one day soon you'll come here and we will have coffee and a walk.
    Enjoy your weekend.....

    The French Hutch

  11. Your camellia's are beautiful and I like all your photos in this post. Your home looks so cosy.

  12. Beautiful tea vignette and flowers! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Camellia's are so beautiful as is yours. I'll join you for a cup of tea after using the wellies in the garden.
    JM Illinois

  14. My red camellias are blooming now in Georgia, but the leaves do not look very good. Your pink ones are amazing!

  15. WOOW..just LOVE the Camelia :)
    and do not miss...


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  16. Kamelia är en vacker blomma men visst lite svår att sköta.
    Lägger du in en Translate gadget den finns på Layout så jag kan läsa det du skriver.Och du kan läsa vad jag skriver
    Ha en fin kväll
    Kram Meta i Sverige

  17. I love any color Camellia! I posted one too for Pink Saturday -a light pink one:)

    1. Oops, I forgot, Iam writing from another blog - the camellia is on httpL//

  18. Det är så mycket roligare när jag kan läsa och se bilderna, brukar kika in till dig lite då och då. du har en så trevlig blogg.jag skall till min koloni idag och ha fika med. nu börjar det bli vårkänslor här i Norden.
    Ha en fin söndag hoppas du har sol det har jag
    Kram Meta

  19. Hi Magali!!!

    What a great idea to stay in where it is warm and cozy with some tea
    and magazines. I love your kitties very much. Being an animal love,
    I have 3 cats, 1 dog and two birds. They keep me busy!!

    The flower is so beautiful and pink!! I can't wait to see what you
    will do with the garden!!


  20. I just saw camellias today at the Dallas Arboretum. Yours is so pretty. Wish I could share some tea with you in your cottage.

  21. Gardening books and tea by the fire sounds perfect for me.

  22. Hi magali,
    how sweet to see your cat on the digger. I can imagine the fun of the cats, when the digger make big wholes with fresh smell in the garden. But I would prefor to come back and visit your garden when its ready. Now a tea with conversation about gardening sounds great. Your Camellia looks pretty. I love Camellias but they don't like my garden. Thank you for the tea and I send a cuddle for the cats.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. Nothing better than dreaming about the garden than drinking tea and looking at seed catalogs and garden books! Cute kitties! Happy Tea Day!

  24. Gorgeous flowers and I love the tea vignette. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  25. Your kitties are so cute! I love the colour of your Camelia! Gorgeous phots. Tea and some magazines sound good to me. Thank you for coming to tea with me and enjoy the rest of your week, Magali.


  26. Beautiful flower.
    Love your cats. Makes me wish we had one again.


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