Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox Day: Autumn Tea

We're blessed with quite a beautiful weather for September and for Brittany lately. Still, some days are a little chilly and I'm having tea inside more often.

Même si nous bénéficions d'une arrière-saison plutôt agréable, certaines journées sont plus fraîches et je prends le thé de plus en plus souvent à l'intérieur.

I've been cooking a little more, now that I'm settling once more in a temporary kitchen for a few months after the summer work on the window.

Je me remets aussi un peu à cuisiner, maintenant que je m'installe un peu dans la nième version provisoire de la cuisine, après le projet fenêtre fait cet été.

The cookies here are a personal variation of the double chocolate cookies I posted there.

Instead of two tablespoons of cocoa, I added two tablespoons of grind white chocolate. It was absolutely perfect with my favourite autumn tea, which is a black tea flavoured with orange and maple syrup.

Les cookies sont une variation de la recette de cookies double chocolat partagée ici.  J'ai remplacé le cacao par deux cuillerées à soupe de chocolat blanc râpé. Essayez vite!

I'm sorry to be sometimes so late to reply to comments and to miss so many of my favourite parties during the week. Working in two schools more than half an hour away proves to be rather tiring as I'm usually on the road (again) at lunch time. All the work I usually get done during that break has to be done in the evening... as I see mails of your posts piling in my inbox!

Je suis désolée de répondre ces derniers temps avec quatre jours de retard à vos commentaires et de mettre si longtemps à visiter vos blogs. Travailler sur deux collèges éloignés fait que je suis sur la route à la pause déjeuner (pendant laquelle je m'occupais beaucoup de tout ce qui touchait au blog l'an dernier) et le soir, il me reste pas mal de travail que je fais pendant que je vois en temps réel les mails qui s'accumulent dans la boîte!

Please have an other cup and an other cookie before leaving! I'll have something kitchen related next time, I promise!

See you soon!

Prenez une dernière tasse de thé et un cookie avant de partir. J'aurai quelque chose concernant la cuisine la prochaine fois, promis!

A bientôt,

PS: The teapot and teacup are vintage Arthur Wood and a very similar teapot is on its way for my Etsy... I just need some time to take pictures of it!

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  1. I love that teapot and teacup. And those cookies look delicious. Too bad I don't live a lot closer, I'd come over for one or two. ;-) Fall is here! Finally! I'm so excited.

  2. You are working too hard! Take a rest now and then.

  3. I am loving the cooler temperatures now that fall has arrived. So much nicer to sleep at night. It looks like the perfect cookie for your tea! What a gorgeous teapot and cup!

  4. I totally understand not having time to catch up on life! I can't keep up with everything school related, let alone my blog time. I guess we just need to try to enjoy every spare minute we have..:)Your cookies look delish and your teapot and cup are beautiful and perfect for cooler temps. Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. Hope you have a great weekend! Darling teapot and cup and saucer!

  6. Those cookies look yummy! Don't stress over the inbox. We'll all still be here. :)


  7. The cookies look delicious and I'm also intrigued by the flavour of the tea. I love maple syrup so it sounds delicious. I drink Earl Grey and sometimes Lady Grey which is slightly orange flavoured !
    It's slightly cooler here too but the café in which I work is still very busy, so sometimes I don't blog for days because I'm too shattered to even pick up the computer. Unfortunately life has a way of taking over doesn't it !

  8. Your tea cup and tea pot are gorgeous Magali, and those cookies look delicious. Don't stress, work hard and we are all patient to wait for another of your wonderful posts. Ann x

  9. I hope you are getting in lots of relaxing on your weekends. I have never thought of adding maple syrup to tea. I will have to give it a try. xo Laura

  10. I like your cup... so unique and artistic. Look so yummy cookies. Have a nice week with your tea.

  11. A very cozy post! I wish I really could have one of those yummy-looking cookies!

  12. You do sound very busy. I'm glad you were able to grab a little time to enjoy the tea and cookies. I love white chocolate!

  13. C'est vrai que c'est toujours un régal des yeux ta vaisselle. En l'occurrence, j'adore cette théière et la tasse qui va avec! Les nombreux commentateurs louchent avec appétit sur tes cookies.
    See you soon, (quelque chose que je peux écrire en anglais sans avoir peur d'être ridicule!)

  14. Smart girl, tea and cookies would hit the spot for a busy day. And, they look delicious! Have a great week.


  15. Oh la la comme ces cookies me font de l'oeil, j'adore les cookies.
    Oui oui, j'attends la saga cuisine avec impatience.
    Bises. Babette

    1. La recette des cookies est drôlement facile, comme toujours avec moi!

  16. Your cookies look good, and what a pretty tea set!

  17. Thank you for visiting my Blog! I must say that my Mother had a teapot just like brought back many memories to see you picture,

  18. I love your teapot and cup and saucer. It is a beautiful set and perfect for fall. I'm visiting from A Return to Lovliness. Have a great week. Pamela (in Canada)

  19. Your little tea is lovely, the background of all of these photos look wonderful! And the cookies sound delis!

  20. Hello, what a nice break for tea. The chocolate and caramel colored tea pot and tea cup are wonderful! Such sturdy beauty. Perfect for chilly weather. Your cookies look delicious! Tea and fresh baked cookies make a fine tea time.
    It does sound like you are very busy working at two schools. I wish you the best. I have been busy too and sometimes do find it hard to get back to all you lovely blog friends. I really want too, just need more time : ) So I understand.

  21. Hello Magali, we've had the loveliest weather in England and, now that I'm back in Canada, it's non-stop rain. I'm glad you're enjoying a longer, warmer autumn. Your cookies sound wonderful. I made some myself today. I made oatmeal, walnut, cranberry cookies and they tasted very autumnal and warm. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week and are not too rushed between your two schools. :)

  22. Nothing like a nice cuppa tea and some delicious cookies for an afternoon treat!


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