Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Blonde's Revenge

A Kitchen Update - With No Kitchen Picture!

I'm really trying to keep writing and to keep reading blogs and to keep listing items in the shop and to keep grading papers and to keep getting lessons ready and to keep calling the washing machine guy (I've been out of working washing machine for two weeks), but clearly I'm a little behind on many things!

J'essaie vraiment de continuer d'écrire pour le blog, de lire vos blogs, d'ajouter des articles dans la boutique, de corriger des copies et préparer des cours, d'appeler le dépanneur pour mon lave-linge (en panne depuis deux semaines!), mais de toute évidence, je ne parviens pas à tout mener de front!

Still, I try to work on my kitchen project. I've been doing a lot of floor maps myself, because you know I'm not the one to make a quick decision.

Cependant, je n'oublie pas mon projet cuisine. J'ai déjà fait un certain nombre de plans différents parce que, vous avez déjà dû le comprendre, je ne prends pas mes décisions sur un coup de tête.

But given the kitchen is in an old house, none of the walls is perfectly straight and I'm a little frightened to do all the planning by myself and I thought it wouldn't hurt to seek advice from a professional.

Mais comme ma cuisine est dans une vieille maison, rien n'y est parfaitement droit et c'est un peu stressant, alors je suis allée voir quelques cuisinistes "professionnels".

The one I saw last Wednesday had a hard time understanding what I wanted since right now professionals in France mostly tell you, "you need a bright red modern kitchen!" So I asked him to watch the show Revenge. He laughed.

Celui que j'ai vu mercredi ne parvenait pas bien à comprendre pourquoi je ne rêvais pas d'une cuisine rouge laquée "qui marche tant en ce moment". Pour qu'il se fasse une idée de ce que j'avais en tête, je lui ai demandé de regarder la série Revenge. Il a ri car aucune cliente ne lui avait encore demandé ça.

Now why did I asked him to do that?

Bon alors, pourquoi lui ai-je suggéré ça?

A. Because Victoria has the cutest tea cups.

A. Parce que Victoria boit toujours dans d'adorables tasses à thé, épisode après épisode.

B. Because Nick Wechsler reminds me of my youth (Hello? Roswell, anyone?) and I want a picture of him in my kitchen backsplash.

B. Parce que Nick Wechsler me rappelle ma jeunesse (il jouait dans une série que je regardais) et que j'envisage de mettre un portrait de lui en guise de crédence. 

C. The dog is so cute, he's my favourite character and I want one in my kitchen. My cats don't like that one bit.

C. Parce que le chien est si mignon qu'il se pourrait que ce soit mon personnage préféré et j'en ajouterais bien un dans la cuisine. Mes chats ne sont pas enchantés.

D. Because Emily's laptop is working unlike my brand new one, which went back to the store (I'm typing on the old one that I had kept for some reason).

D. Parce qu'Emily a un ordinateur portable qui marche et je suis jalouse. Le mien, tout neuf, a dû repartir chez le vendeur, où il est encore après trois semaines de soins! J'écris sur mon vieux, qui rame beaucoup!

E. For some other reason you've probably already figured all by yourself!

E. Pour une toute raison que vous avez sûrement devinée!

Reveal in the next post, of course!

La réponse dans le prochain article, bien entendu!

A bientôt,

See you soon,

I hope people coming from these awesome parties will have the answer to E!

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  1. OMIGOSH I loved Roswell... forgot all about that show.

    You're doing amazingly well at keeping up with everything. Happy kitchen dreaming :)

  2. Yep, I think you definitely need a dog for your kitchen. :-)

  3. Oh I love REVENGE and mainly for the decor...although the storyline is interesting as well. I have a colleague at work that always drinks from cute little tea cups versus the standard >mug>. And, hey, why not!!
    Oh and a dog would be nice sure they like cats.

  4. I have not seen Revenge. But oh my gosh! My husband and I LOVED Roswell! It is my favorite show ever, besides Lost in Space and Magnum PI. You are only one I know, and now Anne, that watched that show!

    I'm glad you are getting help on the floor plan. I understand what you mean about the walls and ceiling sloping and bulging; it was maddening in the process.

    I'm sorry about your washer and computer. Lately, I'm having the same sort of issues with machinery. I had to replace the washer, so I replaced both. Maybe I should blog about the car. It is completely unique. Probably not seen before! :)

  5. There you go with another teaser. Can't wait!

  6. Dear Magali,
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are staying indoors this weekend (watching DVDs and just taking it easy ,lazy days :D ).
    I haven't seen 'Revenge' ,but I SO love your blog ! . It always puts a smile on my face. Looking forward to your next post ! Love from Izabella.

  7. Never seen the show must check it out Magali! Don't worry, you'll get to whatever you need to do in due time. Have a great weekend!

  8. Good luck with your plans for the kitchen, I am sure it will be stunning. Can't wait to see it when it's finished - you love to tease don't you LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  9. You sound very busy. Have never seen that TV show you mentioned but I like how you wove it into your story. My kitties certainly wouldn't like a dog either!

  10. I've never seen the show Revenge, but I'm guessing you want a kitchen like the one in photos 1 & 2? Looking forward to the reveal!

  11. I have a feeling I know what's plans!!! Ta Da. Good guess eh? I watched Revenge and enjoyed it, but Sci-Fi is my first love!! Looking forward to watching Roswell as I have never seen it and I just found it on Netfilx. Cheers

  12. Always worth waiting for Magali!!! Going to have to go watch Revenge and take a look at the kitchen (while singing, just in case that helps….). Never heard of Roswell, will have to go find that and watch it as well. Good luck with the washing machine!

    1. Oh, do watch Revenge for that beach house! And it never hurts to sing, except when it's me singing!!!

  13. I completely understand how busy you are! I feel the same way, trying to blog, and take and edit photos and live life away from the computer! I guess I'm totally clueless because I have no idea what you have to reveal except that it's related to Revenge.

  14. I've never seen or heard of Revenge or Roswell but in my opinion everyone needs a lovely kitchen, lovely china and a dog !
    My dog would like a cat, he loves them !
    I would like that lamp base in the last picture as well as seeing what you've been up to, though goodness knows where you find the time !

  15. You do love to keep us in suspense don't! Hope you have a lovely week my friend! Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  16. J'avoue avoir hâte que l'épisode "cuisine" soit sur les rails... tu y perds beaucoup de temps et d'énergie... mais je suis certaine qu'elle sera superbe ! Courage !

  17. If we have to go through some Revenge, (albeit, it's not torture, as the kitchen, is stunning!), in order to get to the big REVEAL, then so be it!! I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

    PS: Did you know that the TV station, CityTv is a Toronto one a favourite?!! Yay!

  18. Ha ha ha, I love your sense of humor! After all your solid arguments, did he still recommend a bright red kitchen (perhaps with the golden retriever inside?) What is this trend, I thought that all the planet builds only white kitchens nowadays...

  19. Never watched Revenge, but I understand why you're so inspired by it. The teacups are adorable.

  20. Your way too busy girl, you have got to take a break! I love Revenge as well and must say the kitchen is awesome. We will wait and see what your new kitchen will look like....take your time. Hugs, Diane

  21. You certainly have a lot on your plate (no pun intended) busy lady! If you're anything like me, you're chomping at the bit to get that kitchen done. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

  22. Ha! That's a BIG dog! Maybe a "little" dog for your kitchen and kitties...

  23. Your post made me smile. It is so hard to keep up, sometimes, isn't it? :-) And like you, I am typing on my old, broken laptop, because I returned the new Windows 8 laptop to the store as well. It got hopelessly hung trying to update, even though I had turned off that "feature." Ugh! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. My family is well, just dealing with a curve ball in our lives that will ultimately be okay. Hope to see you at Inspired Sunday.



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