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Paris - Hôtel Carnavalet

Wandering Around The Cottage - February Edition - 2 -

So are you all wearing your pearls as I asked you in part 1 of that Paris day trip? I am!

Alors, avez-vous mis toutes vos perles comme je vous l'avais demandé dans la première partie de cette excursion parisienne? Moi, je suis prête!

We're heading today to the Hôtel Carnavalet, which is located right behind the Place Des Vosges we visited in the last post. There Mme de Sévigné is awaiting us with a hot chocolate pot at the ready.

Nous allons aujourd'hui à l'Hôtel Carnavalet, situé à deux pas de la Place des Vosges où nous étions la dernière fois. C'est là que la marquise de Sévigné nous attend avec une tasse de chocolat chaud.

As you probably figured out, I chose to visit this former mansion because Mme de Sévigné, who was a 17th century writer who I studied last summer,  lived there when she was in Paris. It is now a museum.

Unfortunately, when we arrived there, it was raining, so I couldn't get good pictures of the exterior, and all the Mme de Sévigné rooms were closed for renovation (renovation is following me everywhere!) That's why some pictures of that post aren't mine.

Comme vous vous en doutez, j'avais choisi de visiter l'Hôtel Carnavalet car Mme de Sévigné y a vécu lorsqu'elle était à Paris.

Malheureusement, lorsque j'y suis arrivée, il pleuvait, ce qui a rendu impossible la prise de photos en extérieur, et les salles consacrées à l'époque de Mme de Sévigné étaient toutes fermées pour rénovation (eh oui, la rénovation me poursuit jusqu'à Paris). Certaines des photos de cet article ne sont donc pas les miennes.

Believe me, I did try to convince the museum staff it was very important to me to see those rooms, that my series would be ruined without pictures of them... But my series aren't that famous and the musuem guy seemed completely immune to my charm (I'm sticking to that theory rather than the theory saying that I'm lacking charm!) The only picture I could get above his shoulder was that crapy one...

J'ai bien essayé de convaincre le personnel du musée qu'il était très important que je jette un oeil à ces pièces dédiées à  Mme de Sévigné, que ma série d'articles serait nulle sans quelques photos de ces dites pièces... Mais mes séries ne sont pas vraiment célèbres, et le gardien qui était dans cette aile du musée a semblé complètement insensible à mon charme (je préfère cette théorie à celle qui affirmerait que je manque de charme!) Je n'ai réussi à prendre que la photo minable ci-dessus par-dessus l'épaule du vigile.

But fortunately, the Internet can work wonders and I have a few pictures of the inside for you that I tracked down thanks to Google.

Heureusement, Internet fait des merveilles et j'ai trouvé grâce à Google quelques images pour vous.

Below is the black and gold desk I so wanted to see as it really was Mme de Sévigné's and she wrote her letters on it.

Ci-dessus, le secrétaire noir et doré est celui que je voulais vraiment voir car c'est celui sur lequel écrivait Mme de Sévigné.

As I went down, very disappointed, I still enjoyed the amazing stairs of the Hôtel.

En descendant, bien déçue, j'ai quand même admiré le magnifique escalier.

If you're ever in the Marais part of Paris, do visit the musée Carnavalet: apart from the amazing rooms I didn't see, it's an amazing museum about Paris history, with many paintings about Paris during the different historical periods.

Si vous passez par le Marais, arrêtez-vous au musée Carnavalet. En dehors des magnifiques pièces d'époques reconstituées que je n'ai pas pu voir cette fois-là, c'est un passionnant musée de l'histoire de Paris qui a toujours des expositions intéressantes.

Now, what do you say? Would a cup of hot chocolate help you get over the disappointment that some rooms were closed?

Bon, que dites-vous d'une tasse de chocolat pour vous remettre de la déception de ne pas avoir vu toutes les pièces du musée?

Thank you so much for visiting Paris with me and for being such good company!

Brittany is expecting it's fourth winter storm, so if I'm not around in the next day, it'll mean we lost power!

Merci d'être une si agréable compagnie pour cette découverte de Paris.

La Bretagne se prépare à affronter sa quatrième grosse tempête de l'hiver. Si je suis absente dans les prochains jours, cela signifiera que nous n'avons plus d'électricité!

See you as soon as the storm is over!

A bientôt,

PS: Pictures that aren't mine are from Wikipedia, L'Internaute and Slash Paris.

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  1. Wow! What grander! And nice to put a 'face' to your name :) Hope you get thru the storm ok. We've had our share as well. TIRED of winter!

  2. Oh what an amazing place! Loved going to Paris with you! Now pass the pastry tray, please.

  3. I always enjoy going on virtual vacations with you....:) Such a magnificent place...hopefully next time you go you will be able to see the inside. Thanks so much for taking us along...Vicky

  4. Oh, my! What a beautiful place to visit. I could walk around for hours just taking it all in.

  5. I could definitely get lost there for a few hours! Love when you are our tour guide, Magali. I remember that hot chocolate when I went to Paris, and yes, it would help!

  6. That "house" is spectacular! Loved the formal gardens too.

  7. Hi Magali, I will have to add this beautiful house to visit on our next trip to Paris. Beautiful and you did manage to get some great photos. I love the staircase, just beautiful. I’m sure you did a lovely job charming the staff. We had snow here today! We do not see it often and I’m sure your winter storm will sing you to sleep, with or without power after the Paris trip....yawn.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend............


  8. Dear Magali,

    how charming, the second short trip to Paris in one week! Your pictures are lovely, I like the formal gardens too, but that table is so appetizing and most atttractive at the moment. I hope you and your cottage will keep each other good company, not to forget the cats, during that storm. This year, we have been spared, but in many parts of the northern hemisphere it is just frightening.

    Have an nice weekend!


  9. I do hope the storm might pass you by.

  10. Please forgive me. I was wearing my pj's instead of my pearls on this little excursion but I promise to dress more appropriately next time. I love the garden photos of this museum they make me want to break out the hedge shears.

  11. So beautiful. I love the gardens. It makes me want to visit Paris again.

  12. Great place for a visit! I love the sweets too!AriadnefromGreece!

  13. thanks so much for sharing i feel like i was there good luck with the next storm

    1. I'm glad you got to travel for so cheap!! We are expecting an other storm tonight: it'll be the third this week!

  14. I need to go to Paris! There are so many beautiful details in this palace.

    1. I've seen on your blog that you travel a lot, so maybe Paris will be one of your trip someday!

  15. I enjoy going on tours with you Magali! Love all the stories and detail, and this is another fun trip! Thanks dear!

  16. Those gardens are beautiful!! And hot chocolate? Yes, please.

    Winter will never end....


  17. I have to admit I don't even own pearls, yet I allowed myself to join you. :D
    What a wonderful trip it was ! I am amazed !
    Take care my friend. HUGS, Izabella.

  18. Stunning! I am in love with the exterior gardens…amazing!

  19. Tagging along with you through Paris is great fun; even from my computer chair. I enjoy your little white house as much or more than a grand hotel. Love what you are doing.

    Best regards, Dana

    1. That is such a nice thing to write! I'm feeling my cottage is a castle right now!

  20. Buckle down and wait out the storm. I had to run a get my pearls. lol! It's such a bummer when things are closed that you want to see so badly! Enjoyed the trip just the same. Thank knot garden is incredible! I could spend hours there!

  21. Just gorgeous! Love those gardens...those roses! Thanks for taking us along...

  22. I am glad I wore my pearls! A gorgeous tour and I enjoyed the hot chocolate too! Cheers.

  23. Look at that beautiful tray of food at the end! And what a garden--it must take the gardeners hours and hours to keep it so well manicured. The rooms are indeed beautiful--I like her black and gold desk. Your tours are fun!

  24. I like the ornaments in the garden.
    Is it box tree? Don't you have problems with the box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis)?
    Here in Germany at my parents' garden the old box trees are nearly dead and in the gardens of the nearby castle of Schwetzingen they have big problems. It's so sad!
    Meike from Germany

  25. Even though we may not have seen all the rooms, you showed us lots of gorgeous things. I love all the white panelling and chandeliers in the room with the desk and I would love to take a walk round the formal gardens.

  26. J'adore ce musée, j'y étais en décembre pour l'expo temporaire:' histoire d'une garde-robe', superbe promenade dans l'univers de la mode . Et ensuite direction: l'institut suédois voisin pour un petit goûter .....on se croisera peut-être un jour, on aime les mêmes endroits!
    belle semaine à toi,
    Marry Poppins

  27. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. How disappointing that some of it was closed off. The garden area is just beautiful.

  28. That place is stunning! Having hot chocolate there should be required too. :)

  29. So beautiful. Too bad I missed the pearl announcement. I absolutely love them.
    Is that you in the first pic?
    Thank you for the chocolat too.


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