Friday, September 26, 2014

Back(splash) To The Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash Series - 1 -

After four years of living in my old Cottage with no real kitchen, I can't tell you how much I enjoy the new kitchen. I have countertops to cook, a real oven, a stove that doesn't look like I'm camping all year long, enough sockets so that I don't have to unplug the oven every time I need to use the blender... Life is good!

Après quatre ans sans réelle cuisine dans mon Cottage, je suis absolument ravie d'avoir enfin un plan de travail, un four de taille normale, quatre feux gaz plutôt qu'une petite plaque d'étudiante et assez de prises pour ne plus avoir à débrancher le four chaque fois que je veux utiliser le mixeur!

Still, a few little things need to be done, like the backsplash.

Cependant, il reste quelques bricoles à faire, comme la crédence.

In France, when you think "kitchen backsplash", so, being French, when I began imagining my backsplash, I looked for tiles I loved.

Mon premier réflexe a été d'avoir un plan de travail en carrelage.


I must confess I love the look of my "seaglass" painted walls with the white cabinets and the touches of wood.

J'aime beaucoup mes murs couleurs "verre poli par la mer" avec mes éléments blancs. J'ai donc cherché du carrelage de cette couleur.


So my first idea was to find tiles that would have that gorgeous colour.


Then I got cold feet... What if I wasn't in love with the colour anymore in a few years? Painting isn't too much of a commitment... I can always repaint in an other colour later... But tiles are a lot more difficult to change.


Mais une chose m'inquiétait. Et si je n'étais plus amoureuse de cette couleur dans quelques temps... Si les murs seraient faciles à repeindre, le carrelage poserait problème...


Maybe it'd be safer to choose white tiles. I will always love white and I'm always drawn on white on white pictures, be it in decorating or in clothing.


Il serait sans doute plus prudent de choisir un carrelage blanc. Je ne m'en lasserais jamais et j'adore les looks tout blancs, en déco comme en vêtements.


My mind had decided, but my heart was a little disappointed.

Mon cerveau était décidé, même si mon cœur avait quelques regrets...


What a shame I couldn't combine my favourite-for-the-moment colour and low commitment! Or could I?

Quel dommage de ne pas pouvoir combiner ma couleur préférée du moment avec quelque chose de facilement changeable! Mais "impossible" est-il vraiment dans mon vocabulaire?


I had drooled for a long time on beadboard backsplashes I saw on many blogs... It looked so Cottage-y, but was probably not happening in France... Rotten luck, it would be easy to paint and repaint any colour I wanted...


 Et si je tentais l'aventure du lambris? Oui, vous savez ce truc des années 80 que tout le monde semble détester sauf moi... Mais ça se pose encore en France? Pourtant, ce serait tellement facile à repeindre si mes goûts changent...


So any favourite in my inspiration pictures?

Alors une photo vous inspire-t-elle plus que les autres?


I'm still working on the project, but I promise to show you a sneak peek in the next post!

Je travaille encore sur ce projet, mais, promis, je vous montre un aperçu la prochaine fois!

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS1: All the sources for my inspiration pictures can be found on my Pinterest board "Kitchen backsplash".

Retrouver la source de toutes mes photos d'inspiration dans mon dossier Pinterest.

PS2: I'm partying with great bloggers!

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  1. I am thinking of going with the bead board for my kitchen. I like it better than tile and certainly better than the aluminum sheeting material that has been there for two decades. I vote for a white backsplash.

    Since you are partying, come over to my place on Sunday night through Wednesday to link your backsplash inspirations on Make It Monday.

  2. Your kitchen is a delight, with or without a backsplash! But if we're taking a vote, I'd prefer the tiles in the second tile photo, that very pale pale sea green. It's SO pretty!

  3. I think tile backsplash is a big commitment too, Magali. I'm partial to beadboard because it can be painted for change, as you said. I especially like #9, 11 and 12. Can't wait to see what you do. xxx ~ Nancy

    1. 11 is my personal favourite... I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow to take pictures!

  4. Your kitchen will be wonderful, whatever you choose. We can all see that you have amazing taste and style. I'm going through the same thing, but I am on a tight budget. Beadboard is something that I really do like and can afford and can see myself living with for many, many years to come :) I'm looking forward to your next post:)
    Connie :)

  5. I think I would go with a natural white...The seafoam in the second photo is so pretty but I know I would never tire of white. I look forward to seeing what you choose. I am sure Cottage had a good say...input!

  6. I went with white tiles on the counter top and backsplash and I have been very happy with it. But, you need to go with your heart. I know what you mean as we can't keep putting in new tiles all the time. At least with white you can change the color of the walls or accent colors anytime.
    Keep on partying and have a grand time.

  7. Love your colour - hope you find a way to make it happen. What if you did white tile with the odd aqua tile thrown in? or a border in the colour you love?

    Hey when I was grocery shopping today, this man walked up to me to ask a question and he was from France. He was so happy I could speak French to him! lol Small world! xoxox

  8. I love, love, love your kitchen. You have exquisite taste, so I know what ever you choose it will be "you" and look just beautiful.

  9. Love beadboard as a backsplash! I hope you added some color to make your heart happy! Have a lovely weekend.

  10. My vote is for beadboard. I loved every picture of the beadbaord pics that you shared, but only a couple with tiles gave me that "ahhh" feeling. I did beadboard in my old kitchen and totally loved it. Now I am poor again and back to renting, but I dream of white cabinets, beadboard and lots of windows! Can't wait to see what you chose. Hurry and share!

  11. Dear Magali,
    your kitchen is so beautiful allready! It must be fun, to ccok in there, but without a backsplash behind the stove it must be difficult. I know the problem, we don´t have a backsplash in the Hideaway either. I don´t like tiles, but would love beadboard and this is was I liked best in your post. Are you sure that it isn´t available in France? I can hardly believe it! I have come to a decision in the meantime and am so curious, how you are going to solve the problem.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Yours Sarah

    1. We have beadboard in France, but carpenters told me they wouldn't put it as a backsplash.

  12. The green square backsplash looks so interesting! I want to make over my kitchen, but I have to wait til we have enough money....:)

  13. I am in love with your white kitchen!!! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be fantastic!

  14. I vote for inspiration picture number 2. When I scrolled down to it I said, "Oh my, that's it"! You have me totally in love with the sea glass color. I would prefer the hood above the stove to be white though. Whatever you decide will be beautiful as all your choices have been. Follow your heart. What does Cottage say?

    1. Cottage says to go for the cheapest option since he really wants his upstairs windows changed... It would be nice to be able to open the bathroom window, I agree with Cottage!

  15. Le lambris c'est chouette & moi aussi j'aime beaucoup, mais pas pour une crédence, par contre ton envie de faïence couleur verre poli par la mer est bien & en plus maintenant les carreaux se repeignent sans problème dans un grand choix de couleurs, il n'y a même plus besoin de mettre une couche d'accroche & en plus après ça s'entretient merveilleusement.
    Il y a aussi la possibilité de la crédence en verre que tu n'aurais aucun mal à trouvé de la même nuance verre poli.........
    Je suis sûre que tu nous réserves une surprise.
    Bon weekend. Bises. Babette

  16. Perhaps you should go with beadboard. I will admit that I do not like tiles that only go partially up the wall like you see in 1 and 7. That is a look I can live without. What about doing tiles on the wall behind the stove, like in 2 and 3, so that you have an accent wall of tiles. I think that would look lovely. Do you plan to have shelves on that wall? Do you have ventilation for your cooktop somewhere that I am not seeing? You could possibly copy # 2 by doing a section of tiles the width of your stovetop and then open white shelves with some of your pretty china collections on the shelves flanking the ceramic area. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, just a thought.

  17. Your blog is like Masterpiece Mystery! You always leave us hanging :) I personally loved having beadboard as backsplash in a previous house, but you said "probably not happening in France". I also love subway tile. I'm sure whatever you choose will be as stunning as all of your other updates and I'm very much looking forward to the sneak peek. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'm so happy (and relieved) to read you loved having beadboard ;) I guess you know where I'm going!

  18. Wow, too many that I love, so I couldn't pick just one. The sea colored tile or breadboard is gorgeous, but I hear what you are saying about the tile. White is always so clean looking and timeless. I had a white breadboard backsplash at my previous home, but one thing about breadboard behind a sink, it does get dirty looking after a while. I found myself touching mine up every so often, but not difficult to do.

  19. I painted my backsplash in my old house to look like tile, and it actually turned out amazing! People came in and thought it was real tile. But REAL tile is a LOT of work and it's pretty much there forever, so I understand that you want to make sure you love it first! That's why I've been through at least 57 different tiles before finally deciding on our backsplash tile (and no, we have not started putting it up yet). Anything you choose is going to be lovely. I love the white/white. I also love the lighter seaglass colors. My personal favorite is #4! I can't wait to see what you're going to do!!


  20. Can't wait to see what you finally decided to do. I'm with you...I love the sea glass look but fear I'd tire of it. I never tire of all white that is the way I'd probably go. Yes, if you did beadboard you could just paint whatever color....but I do love it would be hard for me to give that up. I'd go with white tile.

  21. I really like white subway tiles, simple and classic and you're not likely to tire of the style, and you can always jazz the kitchen up with accessories and painting the walls. The beadboard is gorgeous too. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  22. I've always liked the beadboard backsplash too (I almost did it in our kitchen). Great idea to go with something paintable!

  23. Decisions, decisions! It's so difficult to choose when there are so many fabulous options, albeit expensive ones, so you don't want to make a mistake.

    You have great style, so whatever you choose will be gorgeous. My personal favs are 4, 11 and 12.

  24. I love beadboard as a back splash and I am wondering why you can have it in France? There is a wallpaper version of beadboard that you could have shipped.

    1. Lately, we have many new rules about house renovation... Like no wood as backsplash and no bathroom on hardwood floor...

  25. What a big decision! I like color, and of all your inspiration photos I like the pale aqua glass tiles the best. Good luck, and thanks for sharing your post with us at Make It Monday!

  26. Fabulous inspirational photos!!! I have to say there's not one I don't like and could easily live with as I'm dreaming of a new kitchen...some day. Your kitchen is charming and will only be more wonderful when you decide the direction you're going.
    Mary Alice

  27. What a perfect solution! Beadboard is a classic solution that is not terribly expensive and will always look good. That you can always change the color is a huge advantage as well.

  28. So many of those kitchens inspire me, devine! They make a little part of me want to rip my kitchen out and start again!

  29. I love the colour of 2 and 4 looks like a great kitchen, and I also love subway tiles, but I'm always drawn to beadboard !

  30. Your kitchen is a pleasure, with or without a backsplash! However, in the event that we're taking a vote, I'd lean toward the tiles in the second tile photograph, that extremely pale ocean green. It's SO beautiful!


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