Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dream On

A Dormer Series - part 1

So what's happening lately at the Cottage you are asking. Not much I confess. August is the month when all construction workers in France are on holidays, so the little things that still need to be done, like rewiring the TV plugs, have to wait for summer to be over to be dealt with.

Vous vous demandez sûrement ce qui se passe au Cottage en ce moment. Pas grand chose, je vous l'avoue. Au mois d'août, tous les ouvriers du bâtiment sont en vacances et les derniers détails, comme les prises télé, ne seront donc réglés que lorsque l'été sera fini.

You're probably picturing me hard at work, a paint brush in hand, splashing the perfect colour on my new walls...

Vous m'imaginez sûrement au travail, un pinceau à la main, barbouillant de la couleur idéale mes nouveaux murs...

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not happening this summer. There are still a few problems to solve upstairs and I'd rather open unpainted walls than newly painted ones.

Rien n'est plus faux... Je ne peins pas tant que je ne suis pas sûre que l'on n'a pas besoin de rouvrir les placos pour retrouver le câble de la télé.

Also the light upstairs has changed a lot with the new windows and I want to spend all four seasons in them before comiting to a colour.

Et puis, la lumière dans les pièces de l'étage a bien changé depuis que j'ai mes nouvelles fenêtres et je voudrais voir ce que cela donne au cours des quatre saisons avant de me décider pour une couleur.


I think it's time to tell you all about those new windows now, isn't it? And by "all", I mean at least the beginning of the story.

Donc, ces nouvelles fenêtres... Il est peut-être temps que je vous raconte toute l'histoire, non ?  Enfin, quand je dis "toute", au moins le début, hein?


Let's start with a revelation that might come to a shock to most of you: I love cottages. That's why I chose to illustrate this post with some of my very favourite cottages.

Commençons par une révélation qui va sûrement en surprendre plus d'un : j'adore les cottages, d'où les illustrations de cet article.

When I met Cottage, he wasn't all I expected him to be.

Mais quand j'ai rencontré Cottage, il ne correspondait pas entièrement à mes rêves.

Cottage: SAY WHAT? Well, do you really think you were all I expected? And then why did you choose me?

Cottage : HEIN ? QUOI ? Et toi, tu crois vraiment que tu étais la Blonde de mes rêves ?  Et puis, si c'est ça, pourquoi m'as-tu choisi ?

Me: Oops, sorry Cottage, I had no idea you were reading, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, maybe I was a little harsh, so let me rephrase: I immediately saw the huge potential this house had. 

Moi : Holà! Désolé Cottage, j'ignorai que tu lisais par dessus mon épaule. Je ne voulais pas te vexer, peut-être ai-je été un peu directe, laisse-moi reformuler ça : j'ai tout de suite pressenti le potentiel énorme de cette maison.


Cottage: That's a little better...

Cottage : C'est un peu mieux...


Me: Plus, it had huge assets: close to the main road (which is perfect when you are substitute like I am), with a garden entirely hidden from the street and it was small.

Moi : En plus, il y avait des avantages non négligeables : proche de la Nationale (très important quand on est remplaçante comme moi), un jardin entièrement caché de la rue et une petite surface.


Cottage: Again with the non-compliment!

Cottage : Et c'est reparti avec les critiques !


Me: Oh, no! Really, this was a compliment, I wouldn't like a huge house where I'm afraid at night to be alone.

Moi : Ah, non, là, c'était vraiment un compliment : je n'aimerais pas une grande maison dans laquelle j'ai peur le soir quand je suis toute seule.

Cottage: Hum, keep going...

Cottage : Admettons, continue...

Me: It would be easier if you didn't interrupt me every five second... So where was I? Oh, yes, I feel safe at night because Cottage is small, with the bedroom tucked under the roof... But something was missing according to me to the upstairs, something to make Cottage even MORE elegant...

Moi : Ce serait plus facile si tu ne m'interrompais pas tout le temps. Où en étais-je ? Ah, oui, je me sens bien la nuit avec Cottage parce qu'il est petit avec sa chambre blottie sous le toit... Cependant, quelque chose manquait à l'étage d'après moi, quelque chose qui rendrait Cottage encore PLUS élégant...

Cottage: Oh, so you think I'm a little elegant?

Cottage : Donc, tu me trouves quand même élégant ?

Me: Of course, silly you! And, Cottage? About what you said that I wasn't all you expected at first? I'm well aware that you've changed me as much I have changed you.

Moi : Bien sûr, idiot ! Et, Cottage ? A propos de ce que tu as dit, tu sais, que je n'étais pas la fille de tes rêves au départ ?  J'ai bien conscience que tu m'as autant changée que je t'ai changé.


Cottage: Not to get back at you or anything, but don't you think the sub-title of your post is a bit misleading since you didn't talk about "dormers" once?

Cottage : Ce n'est pas pour casser l'ambiance, mais ne devais-tu pas parler de mes nouvelles fenêtres?

Cottage when I met him.
Me: Oh, well, that'll be for next time, then!

Moi : Ce sera pour la prochaine fois !

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS1: Which picture embodies (embuilds?) the most the Cottage look according to you? Why?

PS1 : Quelle photo vous semble représenter le Cottage parfait? Pourquoi?

PS2: Sources for all the inspiration pictures can be found on my Pinterest board "Cottage Love".

PS2 : Les sources pour toutes les photos d'inspiration sont sur mon dossier Pinterest "Cottage Love".

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  1. Such a petite tease you are =) I love your talks to cottage, i Love them all, cute is not in my skill set, but I envy those who can accomplish it! I think my favs are the first and the one with the box-balls outside.

  2. Bonjour Magali!

    I so love reading your narration, then reading what you and Cottage have to say to each other; never have I met a cottage so articulate. (hahahahha)

    WOW, you have an array of lovely cottages with so much character. A few of them are giving me ideas for my own cottage. It's small details that make an already lovely home even better, and I can see a few things I am already going to do for my cottage in the winter months for la décoration de Noël!

    Hoping you endure this WAITING period until things get done!

  3. So many lovely cottages which I will use for landscaping inspiration - especially the pea gravel. Waiting through August for the workers to return must be torture. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  4. I love all of those little cottages. You are probably hearing me sigh clear across the ocean. xo Laura

  5. These are all adorable cottages but I think I like no. 6 the best - pretty white shutters and front door. I like small cottages too. There so much more cozy than large spaces.

  6. I love cottages too and you posted so many pretty ones. We got alittle behind redoing our kitchen and now waiting for the contractor to do his job.

  7. You teased us about those dormer windows! I love cottage #8 - it fits with my idea of a cottage - the rough texture and the colors.

  8. What a delightful conversation Magali and Mr. Cottage, very informative! Cottages, to me, I think of a picket fence, or low stone wall surrounded by flowers, herbs and vegetables plants and trees. The cottage with shutters, and dormers. I like cottages 8, 15 and especially the last one;) After all, we are always a work in progress. Elegantly, Kathleen in Az

    1. Ok, so I have the shutters, the dormers, the vegetables... All I need is a picket fence and low stone wall... Getting there, one year after the other.

  9. Too many beautiful choices to decide! What gorgeous cottages!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Too many beautiful choices to decide! What gorgeous cottages!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 8 and 15 are my favourite. In fact 15 I would love to live in!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. The cottage look: stone or brick, small, comfortable and familiar, quirky, shutters, {dormers}, small garden with stone walkways, shingled roof, fireplaces and chimneys, and throw in a few skylights! ...it looks like all your pictures have the look, as does your own cottage!

  13. J'aime beaucoup le n°9 à cause du porche... Il me semble que cela pourrait aller très bien à Cottage ! mais ils sont tous plus mignons les uns que les autres...

  14. Love, love, love all the cottage photos. I think you and cottage have e a wonderful relationship, he aways comes around! I think you are wise to take a break and finish what you have going. It is a great idea to live with the new dormers and light before committing to new colors, not to mention you probably need a break from renovation. If you ask cottage I bet he will agree, he needs a break too!

  15. Hola Magali que lindas las fotos las he mirado un par de veces y creo que me gustan el 13 y 9 aunque el 11 tambien que dificil !!! esperare contigo y Cottage las cuatro estaciones para servirte de compania :) aqui en Florida no se aprecia las estaciones del ano realmente es casi verano todo el ano :( bueno que lo pases muy bien y gracias por tu blog.me olvidaba decirte que Buena idea tuviste en los dormers ....nelly

    1. 13 y 11 son dos casas de campo inglesas , son siempre entre mi favorito! Yo no había entendido que estabas en la Florida , la suerte que tienes !

    2. Soy de Peru pero resido en Florida por muchos anos :)

  16. I love all the photos, but I guess that numbers 1 and 14 are my favorites. I guess 14 is my very favorite! Fun post!

  17. I loved all of your Cottage picks. Lovely! Enjoy your day! Jo

  18. Magali,
    I love all the cottages you have in this post. Swooning! Your cottage is gorgeous and with all your re loving to him he will be the best cottage ever! He is your diamond in the rough! Enjoy having a whole month without construction going on it will give you some time to enjoy summer in other ways. Have a great day.

  19. Magali, it's so good to read you again. I see Cottage is still feisty. Just take care of yourself as you wait for August to turn into a more active September. I saw your link at The Dedicated House's Make It Pretty Monday.

  20. Hi........those cottages are Wonderful.!! did you take some of those photos..sorry you're still waiting on those most important fixes..i bet this will be the longest yr you'll have since you were a kid..time does fly..but when you want it to..it seems to slow down..i guess the bright side is..you're back an you still have time to enjoy that garden..when does school start there..my grands go back monday..they said this summer went by really fast..an their only 9 & 12...seems like school was just out for summer last week to me..hope your week is off to a good start..regardless..

  21. Wonderful cottage eye candy here!

    I am so glad that you and Cottage found one another.

  22. I like numbers 1 through 15 the best. I guess that's all of them. I especially like the one that's not numbered!! A very lovely post Magali! Cheers.

  23. Oooo--#1 is the Cottage of my dreams. Love reading your updates: more! more! more!

    1. I know I'm kind of slow lately posting... It's a very busy summer as I had surgery planned for August right after the renovation... I'm at my parents recovering so maybe I'll have time to mark the pictures and write!

  24. Sing to me #10! What a gorgeous cottage and reminds me of Hansel and Gretal. I could happily live there and be the gentle nice witch instead of her counterpart!!

  25. You enjoy cottage and see about the light in all seasons until you know the perfect colors for it. I think that 6 or 7 reminded me most of cottage and what could be.Have a wonderful day Magali.

    1. It's funny that both your favourite cottages are houses located in Brittany... just like Cottage!

  26. Le Cottage parfait ? et bien je ne l'ai pas trouvé parmi ces 15 photos mais j'aimerais presque tous les posséder, ils sont si beaux !!!
    je vais tout de même choisir n° 6 : quelle classe avec sa lucarne de pierre qui nait du linteau de la porte et ses fenêtres plus hautes que larges (elles ne tassent pas la façade). Sa modeste superficie permet de l'admirer d'un simple coup d’œil, le plafond du rez-de-chaussée doit être très bas et c'est comme un cocon (et puis l'escabeau n'a pas besoin d'être très haut pour accrocher les rideaux ou peindre), l'étage est mansardé (un petit volume douillet et j'adore les sous-pentes), les menuiseries sont en bois (bien sûr il faut les repeindre régulièrement mais leur aspect est tellement noble), il y a des fleurs qui grimpent en façade et la rue semble si calme (on ne doit pas entendre de freinage aux feux tricolores)...
    mais le châssis de toit est placé trop haut et la toiture de l'extension est trop plate
    j'ai hâte de lire si n°6 a de nombreux admirateurs ! bien cordialement - monique59

    1. Effectivement, le n°6 est le préféré de beaucoup de mes lecteurs, un petit cottage typiquement breton. J'admire votre attention aux détails: en une photo, vous avez pensé à beaucoup, beaucoup de choses concernant ce cottage!

  27. J'adore, j'adore la manière dont tu écris ton histoire.
    Pour moi, sans conteste la première photo est la bonne, un vrai coup de foudre pour ce cottage. . Question imagination, je n'en manque pas, et c'est comme si je m'y voyais dans ce cottage de charme.
    J'espère que tout finira bien entre Cottage, toi et les ouvriers du bâtiment Tout plein de bisous et de caresses aux chats. Babette

  28. I love all the cottages you pictured but the very first one! Oh be still my heart!! I love the shingled roof, the stone and brick, the dormer window in front...everything really. Looking forward to seeing how yours looks now.

  29. Popping over from Stephanie's party and thrilled to find your blog again. I visited a few years ago and absolutely loved your kitchen redo.
    These cottages are so inspirational. Cozy, and architecturally interesting. How fun to read the chat with your cottage! Good luck in September when the workmen come back :)

  30. These cottages are all so charming! And, I do LOVE a thatched roof!

  31. Drooling over each and every one of these cottages! Can't even begin to pick a favorite, aside from "Cottage," of course!

  32. Such adorable cottages! It would be so hard to pick just one!!

  33. They are all perfect little cottages! I love blue shutters, though!

  34. With all your inspirations, I can see why a dormer would make cottage more "elegant" (sorry cottage :-() But in reality, I love cottage the way she is now too!

  35. How can I not love all the cottages? The colors, the windows, the gardens. I think I am partial to numbers 7 & 8 though. I do love the dormer windows.

  36. Well, clearly, your cottage, THE cottage, is the best cottage in this amazingly charming array of cottages, but that having been said I must report that I nearly screamed and fell off my chair with pure charmingness overload when I looked at cottage number 7. I believe this is because 7 is small, made of stone, has double chimneys, a dear wee little walled garden in front, and most especially the blue door and windows frames. Also, the lace curtain at the front window, and the two dear little birds at the top window. Also, the top window with the birds is a dormer. Overall, this cottage looks comfortable, and relaxed and totally at ease in it's environment like a cat sleeping in the sun. It's not too wealthy, too perfect, or too isolated. It's just perfect.
    Strong cases can also be made for number 2, but somehow it doesn't quite seem at ease in it's environment. I feel it needs a small walled garden, and some flowers. Number 6 might very well win if it's trim was blue instead of white. The roses are a brilliant touch and a stone dormer is magnificent. Number 10 is a very strong contender as well, but I am just so partial to a walled garden, and some flowers. It's making a very strong play with all that yellow and red trim, and those adorable twin chimneys like ears though. Very strong.
    All these cottages are exceptionally fine, and I mean no disrespect to any of them, of course!
    Best always,
    Sarah Turkey Plate

  37. Every single cottage you posted is so picturesque (including your own) I couldn't pick just one favorite! I need to go back and view them all one more time. Thank you for taking the time to find all these inspiring photos to share with us, Magali, and enjoy planning what you'll do to Cottage in the future!

  38. Dream on indeed! Such quaint little cottages full of inspiration!
    I hope you are enjoying every inch of summer. I truly treasure your friendship. It means so much to me.

  39. Beautiful cottages. The first is my favorite. You know I'm a sucker for dormers as well. My only complaint is that at our house the tenants enjoy them and not us.

  40. Dearet Magali, what delightful cottages! Each one had me swooning {{smiles}} But your little cottage is simply the sweetest! Enjoy the remainder of your week, dear friend.

  41. I too love cottages so it was neat to see all the different styles!!

  42. You have some serious eye candy here, Magali, But yours will be the nicest of the lot, I know it.

  43. All these little cottages are darling. It would be hard to choose. I am pleased that you have such a variety of cottages to get ideas from – and I know you’ll take the ones that fit your cottage the best.

  44. I like the cottage number 7 with its shades of light blue !... but every cottage is a beautiful dream !

  45. All the cottages are interesting, and I love yours. Aside from yours #7 is my favorite. I went to your Pinterest board and looked it up. Yes, that's the epitome of a cottage in my book. Small, quaint and I love all the flowers. The little bistro set in blue and the blue shed in the yard. It's all delightful. I could live there in a heartbeat!

  46. All of them are so cute, I couldn't possibly choose :)

    Off to your pinterest boards....


  47. How could I chose just one cottage? They are all sooo very charming!
    I think I need to do some pinning now. ;)
    All the best for an extraordinary start to your week!

  48. I loved all the cottages...so charing and quaint.

  49. I adore them all Magali! They're so European looking, and truly take me into a world I want to live in. The cutest is #9 but #14 looks a little more livable and bright. The rose covered cottages are hard to resist though. Decisions, decisions...

  50. All Contractors go on holiday in August? Really? Is that the only time they take off?


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