Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cats At The Window

Living-Room Update

Last summer...

Cottage: Hum, hello? You know I understand your taking care of yourself quest. But aren't you forgetting me a little along the way?

Petite Blonde: I'm thinking of you! But to be honest, I have no idea how to tackle this living-room project and where to begin. There's so much to do...

L'été dernier...

Cottage : Oh ! hé ! Coucou ? Tu sais, je comprends que tu aies besoin de temps pour t'occuper de toi... Mais tu ne m'oublierais pas un peu en route ?

Petite Blonde : Mais, non, je pense à toi. Mais, en fait, ce projet salon me paralyse. Je ne sais pas par quel bout le prendre, il y a tant à faire...

Cottage: Why don't you start with something quick and easy?

Petite Blonde: Huh, whare have you been for the last five or six years? Nothing is quick and easy when it comes to renovating.

Cottage : Pourquoi ne pas commencer par un petit truc facile et rapide ?

Petite Blonde : Facile et rapide ? Euh, tu n'as donc rien retenu des six dernières années ? Rien n'est jamais facile et rapide dans la rénovation.

Cottage: I'm well aware, but maybe, if we both think hard.

Petite Blonde: After all, what if I took care of the window? I've already done that project for the kitchen and for the dining-room, so it could, for once, not be too much of a problem.

Kitchen Window
Cottage : Allons, fais un effort...

Petite Blonde : Et si je m'occupais de la fenêtre ? C'est un projet que j'ai déjà fait dans la cuisine et dans la salle-à-manger, donc, pour une fois, il ne devrait pas y avoir de problème. 

Dining Room Window
A few days ago... 

Cottage: I was so proud when it got admired by the man who came for...

Petite Blonde: Shush! The readers don't know yet about that project.

Living Room Window
Il y a quelques jours...

Cottage : Quelle fierté quand ma fenêtre a été admirée par le monsieur venu pour...

Petite Blonde : Chut ! Les lecteurs ne savent rien de ce nouveau projet.

Cottage: Oh, anyway, this project isn't going anywhere for now. But I could tell them that we've gotten rid of...

Petite Blonde: No, you can't tell them.

Cottage : Bof, de toute façon, pourquoi en parler puisqu'il a l'air à l'arrêt complet... Mais est-ce que je peux leur dire que l'on s'est débarrassé de...

Petite Blonde : Non, tu ne peux pas.

Cottage: Can I tell them that we have a new...

Petite Blonde: No, no, no! We're going to stop that post there or you'll reveal all my secrets!

Cottage : Et alors, je peux au moins leur dire qu'on a un nouveau...

Petite Blonde : Non, non, non ! Arrêtons là cet article car sinon tu vas dévoiler tous mes secrets !

See you soon,

A bientôt,

Hasta la proxima,

PS1 : I'm sorry this is such a short post... But it's staff meeting time in French school and free time is just a memory!!!

PS 1 : C'est un article un peu court, mais c'est la période des réunions et des conseils de classe dans les collèges et le temps libre est limité.

PS2: It's actually fun to watch the first picture of the post because the room is changing these days, but I can't share it with you before my parents' visit. I want them to be the first to see it!
PS 2 : C'est assez drôle de revoir la première photo de l'article car la pièce a déjà commencé à changer. Je ne peux rien vous montrer tant que mes parents ne m'ont pas rendu visite. Ils ont le droit à une exclusivité !

PS3: I'm sharing this little project with:


  1. I can't wait to see what you have been doing. Love the pictures of the kitties in the window. (Hey Cottage, you can tell me, it will be our little secret. I promise I won't tell Magali that you told me!)

  2. Loved these beautifully taken photos!
    Very artistic mode

  3. It's nice to stop and take stock of where you started and where you are now - sometimes you need to in order to get the motivation to continue!!! You've done a wonderful job fixing up cottage :)

  4. I so enjoy your posts. And I think cats in windows is one of the best things ever.

  5. Good morning Magali. Can't wait to see what you have been up too in the Cottage. Love seeing your sweet kitties looking out the window and watching the day go by. So sweet. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Chouette alors de te voir revenir aux petits travaux d'aménagements de cottage, vivement les vacances pour que tu nous racontes tes nouveaux projets, tes travaux, etc...
    hoo je suis pressée je sais bien
    allez, c'est bientôt la pause

  7. I want to see more of your garden, Magali! I can only catch glimpses of it in some of these photos and now I am quite interested. The cats in the window are charming. Very, very charming. It'll be fun to see what you and Cottage hve been up to, when you're ready to reveal it all to us. Do take care of yourself. xo

  8. Hi...that cottage..wanting to spill the beans..looking forward to whatever he was eluding that last photo of..cats in the window..those ears..LOL..someone wasn't happy sharing the space..the trim you added really looks it looks like you don't need bugs.? of my tenants is engaged to an Englishman..she said they don't have bugs like we til he came to visit her..he'd never seen a wasp before..i'm sure he was mortified by the mosquitoes..lucky you if you don't need screens.!!

  9. Magali me encanta como nos tratas, nos dejas en suspenso jajaja !! pero se que no por mucho tiempo.Me gustaria conversar con Cottage seguro que tiene mucho de que hablar.jijiji !! me gusta ver a los gatitos en tus fotos gracias Magali y hasta la proxima, cuidate

    1. Sé que te esperan, pero la renovación significa mucho esperar! Hasta la proxima,

  10. The trim! Love the kitties looking out:) yes, show your parents first, now I'm very curious like a cat!
    Have a lovely day,
    Kathleen in Az
    P.s. or I can ask Mr. Cottage:)
    P.s.s. the little renos can make a big impact too!

  11. You are so funny! I can't wait to see what you're up to next at the cottage. I love the photos of the cats looking out the window.

  12. You've been very busy since I was gone on my blogging break, Magali! The cottage is looking lovely and I can't wait to see what you're up to next.

    Enjoy the visit with your parents!


  13. Donc il y a une nouvelle fenêtre, la même que dans la cuisine et qui plait infiniment aux minous de la maison. Cette dernière photo est sublime, j'ai fait à peu près la même mais avec deux des petites chiennes de la maison.
    Grosses caresses aux stars. Bises. Babette

  14. You are such a tease.... now I am really wondering what you are up to. Maybe the Cottage will give a little tease.

    Kitty's look so cute sitting at the window looking out.

    Have a wonderful warm weekend.


  15. Crème and Ponche are so jealous of your cats. They want a beautiful window with a deep sill like yours.

  16. It is nice that the cats have a nice place to perch and watch outside. Cats will do that most of the day, and it is always good to put out a bird feeder or bath so they can be entertained.

  17. Cottage is very patient, and she is there for you whenever YOU are ready. She's looking beautiful!

  18. I've always loved walking past houses and seeing cats sitting in the window.

  19. I love the kitties in the window. I do believe they are happy to be looking out and enjoying their life in the cottage.

    1. The do shout out all around they are happy at Cottage and now all the neighbourhood cats are coming into my garden!!!

  20. Yes, Parents deserve first viewing! I love to see cats in the window <3 Cottage is darling! x Karen

    1. My parents visited last Saturday, now I need to take pictures to show my readers the transformations in the living-room!

  21. Magali, I am looking forward to the update on the house. Have a great day. Sylvia D.

  22. I wonder how I could bribe cottage to give us the scoop on what is brewing in the living toom....hmmmmm,

  23. I'd say wash the windows but they allready look quite nice and clear.

    1. Oh, the kitchen window definitely needs washing after our March violent wind and rain!

  24. I think the kitties have the right idea. Sitting in a sunny window watching the world go by sounds perfect to me. xo Laura

    1. I have a lot of work lately and I would love to spend my day as a cat!

  25. I've always loved that view from your kitchen window!


  26. quel suspense !!! en tous cas, le nouvel aménagement du salon semble convenir à messieurs les Chats car ils ont l'air de bien s'entendre pour profiter de la vue...
    bon dimanche ! monique59

  27. I can't wait to see what you are doing! Your cottage is so pretty and cozy. And I can certainly see that the kitties agree!

    Thank you for your kind visit!

    Jane x

  28. LOL Magali, I so enjoyed reading this and getting to know your cottage a little better. She looks like a treasure and the window treatment is gorgeous. Looks like you purr babies love it too.

    1. Thanks! The cats love the old Cottage deep window sills! Thanks for visiting!

  29. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. This was a delight to read. :)

  30. You have such a charming space to work with and I can't wait to see what you've done! I hope your parents visit soon so we're not kept waiting too long! hehe

  31. I do like a mystery. I like a talking cottage almost as much.

  32. Very exciting to see all the changes that will take place! Love to see the kittens looking out from the windows! :)

  33. You really have my attention and can't wait to see what you will do. The cats are adorable!

  34. Your cottage is so sweet and charming, my friend! I, too, love a good mystery so I lookk forward to seeing what you do :)

    Hugs to you!

  35. Well, you are always such a big tease! Can't wait to see. Oh and the curtains turned out darling! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  36. Love love those kittens!!! So cute! Curious about what is coming.


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