Sunday, February 24, 2019

It's Happening Again

Bookcase Update - Part 4

Cottage: There, the bookcase is all set and I'm going to look orderly again.

Cottage : Ah, maintenant que la bibliothèque est en place, je vais à nouveau avoir l'air propret. 

Petite Blonde: Hum, actually...

Cottage: What, again?

Petite Blonde : Alors, en fait...

Cottage : Quoi, encore ?

Petite Blonde: It needs some paint.

Cottage: Are you kidding me? Your Petite Mom convinced you to have it painted to save you some time.

Petite Blonde: Yes, but look, the beadboard isn't really painted, it's only primed.

Petite Blonde : Eh bien, je dois peindre.

Cottage : Tu te moques de moi ? Ta Petite Maman t'avait convaincue de la faire peindre pour gagner du temps.

Petite Blonde : Certes, mais regarde, le fond n'est pas peint, il a juste un apprêt. 

Cottage: And why is that?

Petite Blonde: Because I'm going to paint it myself. But you'll be proud of me. For once, I won't order paint that'll take weeks to arrive. I'm going to use some I have on hand.

Cottage : Et pourquoi donc ?

Petite Blonde : Parce que je vais le peindre moi-même. Mais tu seras fier de moi. Pour une fois, je ne vais pas commander une peinture qui n'arrivera que dans quelques semaines. Je vais utiliser ce que j'ai déjà en réserve.

A few curses later...

Cottage: What is it you're cursing about?

Petite Blonde: Well, none of the blues or greens I have meet the vision I had in my head.

Quelques jurons plus tard...

Cottage : Mais quelle est la raison de ce langage ?

Petite Blonde : Aucun des bleus ou des verts que j'ai ne correspond à la vision que j'avais en tête.

Cottage: Why don't you mix some as you've done for the walls or for the mirror that you finally decided not to use?

Petite Blonde: Yes, let's do that! So some Green Blue, some Blue Ground and lots of All White. That's it, that's my "Bookcase Blue".

Cottage: Yes, I really like it. It's very "Me".

Cottage : Pourquoi ne fais-tu pas ton propre mélange comme tu l'as fait pour les murs ou le miroir que tu as finalement décidé de ne pas utiliser.

Petite Blonde : Bonne idée ! Un peu de Green Blue, un peu de Blue Ground et beaucoup de All White. Et voilà mon "Bleu Bibliothèque".

Cottage : Oui, j'aime beaucoup, c'est tout à fait Moi !

See you next time,

A la prochaine fois,

Hasta la proxima,


  1. I love it. Looking forward to seeing it filled with books and decorations! AriadnefromGreece!

  2. The book case is wonderful and the color is perfect for your home!! love it

    1. The colour was hard to get. On the second picture, you can see all the different things I tried.

  3. wow !! le détail parfait, le fond bleu "Magali" ou l'art de personnaliser chaque choix pour Cottage
    Félicitations ! bon dimanche - monique59

  4. C'est ravissant, maintenant il n'y a plus qu'à garnir les étagères de livres et de quelques jolis objets de décoration. Ton salon va être merveilleusement cosy. Ne manquera plus qu'une théière bien pleine et............
    Bises Dame Magali et caresses aux griffus. Babette

  5. That’s one of my favorite colors. Perfection!

  6. Perfect. Glad you could mix what you had on hand and it came out to the perfect blue for your sweet cottage. Love it.
    The book cases look wonderful Magali. I cannot wait to see how you style this after you get the shelves in.

  7. I love it. You have a good eye for mixing colors to get exactly what you want. Adds so much warmth. Can't wait to see these styled. Cottage is happy


    1. I had to try a few times before finding the right colour for me, but now it looks like what I had in mind.

  8. How totally cozy! Looks fabulous! We had tons of wind in Missouri (and other places) last night. I can imagine your room on a cold night as cozy and warm and perfect! Lots of hot tea, a fire and books to read and you are good to go!

  9. Oh it looks wonderful! Beautiful color! I’m so inspired. I’ve been wanting to paint my library bookcase and you’ve given me just the inspiration I needed. I can’t wait to see it with shelves and books.

  10. This is so perfect for cottage- I absolutely love it!!! Now I am thinking I need to paint the back of my bookcase - this is such a wonderful look.

    1. This is a look I loved when I was looking for bookcase inspiration on Pinterest... So I made it real... It took three coats of paint, but it was worth it.

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks, I wanted it to be light as the living-room only has a small window.

  12. Love it! Just the right shade for your living room. Now if only cottage will help you with all the books so it won't take you so long to finish. I know it's going to be gorgeous..........

  13. That looks really pretty. Nice job! Love the shade of blue paint you mixed, too.

  14. ps did you know that Google comments is being dropped as of April 1st this year? More Google changes...

  15. Ouuu la La! That is the perfect color! I love it.

  16. Replies
    1. Thanks! The living-room is small, so I'm trying to have one colour theme.

  17. It does look good and especially by your sofa where it is just a hint of the same color maybe?

    1. The colour on the bookcase is slightly lighter, but it's the same mix of blue and green.

  18. I thought you'll paint a blueish/greenish sea color. That is you and Mr. Cottage:).
    Have fun filling it with books!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. As Cottage is not very big, I indeed chose to keep downstairs the same kind of colours so it's easy on the eye and restful.

  19. Magali que bien me encanta estas inspirada y yo feliz de ver a Cottage que emocion cuando lo decores se vera muy hermoso:) Hasta la Proxima mi amiga :)

    1. Muchas gracias. Intento mantener un poco de armonía en mi decoración.

  20. Quel style elle a cette bibliothèque avec ce fond bleu "Magali" ! Beau travail ! Bises

  21. Kigali, your house just gets prettier all the time.

  22. I love the light pop of color to meld it in with the colors in the home. Lovely! So very stylish.

  23. Super, sooo nice !! Marie

  24. Very lovely. It relates to the pretty colors in the kitchen.

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