Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Favourite Mistake

The Kitchen/ Dining-room Wall: The Sequel (part 1)

If you're new here, you may be totally unaware that my kitchen and dining-room were separated by an ugly wall that made conversation with guests a bit tricky. (If you're not new, you can skip a few paragraphs...)

Peut-être vous souvenez-vous de ce mur entre ma cuisine et ma salle-à-manger qui rendait les conversations avec les invités un peu compliquées..

The kitchen was behing that wall. So I hired a company to get rid of the wall and I draw them what I wanted the new wall to look like. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt, leaving me with something that only slighty looked like my drawing.

La cuisine était derrière ce grand mur blanc. Et encore, là, c'est une super amélioration, après avoir retiré le papier peint orange!

The picture was taken from slightly the same angle. As you can see I was left with no money to take care of the kitchen, but this is the project I'm currently working on.

J'ai fait venir une entreprise qui devait réaliser une ouverture d'après un dessin que je leur avais fourni. Mais ils ont fait faillite, me laissant avec quelque chose n'ayant qu'un vague rapport avec mes plans...

You may have seen on a previous post how I found an idea to use that stupid half-wall as a way to display some pretties by adding a simple shelf there.

Je vous ai déjà montré comment j'ai assez simplement amélioré le demi-mur en ajoutant une étagère.

Well, it made a world's difference, but yet, I thought maybe there could be more to that space. But what?

C'était déjà infiniment mieux, mais je pensais qu'il y avait encore du "potentiel" (mon mot préféré en déco).

The story is going now to an entire place, but stick with me, I have a plan, as usual!

Bon, l'article va sembler partir dans une toute autre direction, mais accrochez-vous, il y a un lien!

I love going to flea-markets that we call "empty-your-attic markets" here in Brittany, it takes place every Sunday morning in villages around my cottage. On one fine Sunday, I was in Etables-sur-Mer where there is this fine beach and a great flea-market twice a year.

Dans un vide-grenier à Etables-sur-Mer, où la magnifique plage ci-dessus se trouve, alors que j'avais déjà épuisé le budget serré que je me donne chaque dimanche, je suis tombée sur deux petites équerres,  qui dans leur précédente vie avaient dû appartenir à un meuble, comme un meuble de toilette ou un buffet breton, par exemple.

Because money can be an issue when you're renovating a cottage on your own, I have a tight budget that I give myself every Sunday and I buy things I need or things for the shop mainly. I don't know what happened to me that day, but at the very end of the market, I found two corbels and bought them.

They probably used to belong to a cabinet like the one below and were removed by their owner. They seemed so lonely, I had to give them a home.

Sur un coup de tête, je les ai achetées. Cinq euros, ça semble rien, mais je ne suis pas habituée à dépasser les limites que je me donne. Du coup, tout le long de trajet de retour, je me suis grondée moi-même: mais qu'est-ce que j'allais bien en faire? Que j'étais idiote de faire des bêtises pareilles!

Or maybe even they were on one of those very ornate cabinets that are typical in Brittany.

All the way back home, I scolded myself: "What are you going to do with those? Nothing? You spent money for something that's only going to be in a cupboard and you'll even forget you have them?" Granted, it was only 5 euros, but it could have been used more wisely. I had done a stupid mistake.

Once home, I didn't know were to put them, of course, so I just laid them on that stupid half wall that sill didn't have a shelf (see, we're back there!) while unpacking and washing the china I bought that day. 

Arrivée à la maison, ne sachant pas qu'en faire, je les pose sur mon stupide demi-mur qui n'avait pas encore son étagère - vous voyez, nous y revoilà!

Huh? Perfect size or what??? That's when the idea popped in my mind. What idea? Sorry, you'll have to come back later for that part!!! Just know, the fact that I bought those corbels is now my favourite mistake!

Wow! Pile la même largeur!!! Et là, une idée a germé dans mon cerveau. Laquelle? Désolée, il va falloir revenir plus tard pour le savoir! Sachez déjà que ces petites consoles sont devenues ma bêtise préférée!

Des idées?

Any guess?

See you soon, promise!

A bientôt, c'est promis!

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  1. They are wonderful. This should be a nice addition to your cottage!

  2. Can't wait to see - sometimes things are meant to be :-)

  3. Oh I love those corbels, and I can't wait to see them on the wall. I hope that is where they are. Hugs, Marty

  4. I will definitely be back ! Can't wait ! Have a wonderful weekend,love,Izabella.


  5. They are very beautiful! I can see why you had to have them.

    I've felt that mistake or guilt feeling before in fixing up this place. But sometimes things we pick up can be used in ways not yet imagined or unintended. Sometimes the most important thing, when the price is not outrageous, is to purchase what you love.

  6. 5 euros for something you like is not much. I have bought things before that sat for quite a while before inspiration struck.

  7. I love the corbels and would have purchased them also. Can hardly wait to see where they are going. You are a big tease
    LOL. Have fun and I will be waiting for the unveiling......

  8. Ooh, I can't imagine being surrounded by flea markets. Have you been to the big one in Lille before? Can't wait to see how your story unfolds :)

  9. Franchement, c'est une super idée... et cela redonne vie à ces deux petits bouts de... de vieux meuble...

  10. Okay. I'm flying to France. Now. To choke you.


  11. You have me intrigued!! Love the corbels :)

  12. You tricked me again. I thought I was going to find out about those corbels today.

  13. Peut-être les as-tu mis en guise de corbeaux semblant soutenir le mur & le plafond de ton passage entre cuisine & salle à manger !!! Surtout s'ils sont de la même largeur, ça pourrait le faire.
    La suite au prochain numéro................
    Bises. Babette

  14. I can't wait to see how you used the corbels! I just know it is going to be lovely...:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  15. The corbels are quite, if not very lovely. Have you thought of consulting your cat(s)?-they often have clever ideas...

    1. Cats suggested to use the corbels as mousetraps... I'm not too keen on the idea!

  16. The corbels are lovely...I would've bought them, too. I'm sure I could find a place in my home for them as well! They add beautiful architectural detail.

  17. Hi Magali!!!!

    I was going to say book ends and that you're going to put your cookbooks
    between them.....

    Have a great week!!!


  18. Gorgeous corbiels! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  19. I have some corbels very similar in size and shape. Bought them too long ago to remember what I wanted them for. The odd thing is they have a 12" shelf across them and doesn't fit visually. You reminded me about these hanging around in the garage. Originally they were going to be supports for the top of a china cabinet to hand on the wall. But they are really very uniquinc and and ornate. I tend to lean towards simple, this will be interesting, Thanks for a heads up thinking about them again.. Will be fun to see what you do...and maybe I can copy, copy! Have a wonderful trip.


  20. Ooooh, they're pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  21. I say they would make for perfect bookends or for adding an extra shelf. Hmmm.... But what will you do with them? I don't know.

  22. I find it hard to pass by a corbel, I just love them and have quite a few. You can't really go wrong for 5 euros.
    I believe you have probably put them at the top of the inside of the opening to your kitchen on either side, and painted them white, to give a nice architectural detail ( well that's what I would have done !!). If I'm right, hopefully I won't have spoilt the surprise for anyone because I'm late here !

  23. They are pretty, I think I know where you are going with this and I'm liking the thought of it...can't wait to see!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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