Monday, October 28, 2013

Trick Or Treat?

A Little White House Halloween Tea Party

As you're all hanging on what I did with the corbels I bought on an impulse (not hanging out of breath yet? Go here!), I thought I could be mean - this is Halloween after all - and let you try your balance a little more. Can you all sing "you keep me hanging on" together, now?

As I'm not the devil after all, I'll offer you tea and cookies while you're patiently waiting and singing!

Je sais, vous attendez tous de savoir ce que je vais faire des deux consoles que j'ai achetées sur un coup de tête dans un vide-grenier. Eh, bien, il va vous falloir encore un peu de patience. Vous pouvez tous entonner "je t'attends" en choeur, si cela vous chante.

Et pour combler l'attente, et puisqu'il pleut étant donné que vous avez chanté,  je vous offre le thé et les petits gâteaux.

So first, a little trick: I re-used last years wreath, since I still like it and tying all those knots had taken such a long time, I thought I could enjoy it at least two years in a row.

Bon, là, j'avoue, j'ai réutilisé la couronne faite l'an dernier. Je l'aime bien et cela m'a fait gagné un temps fou.

For the treats, I made a batch of cookies, just my usual vanilla cookies, but I used a ghost cookie cutter.

Because I wanted to be extra nice, I also made a batch of cinnamom cookies, cut with a cat cookie cutter.

They don't have any fun colours, because I don't use food colouring... But they have fun eyes made of chocolate chips or candied lemon peel.

Je vous ai fait une fournée de fantômes à la vanille et de chats à la cannelle aux yeux parfois psychédéliques.

The tea is somehow home-made as well: a few days ago, I chopped some candied ginger, put some cinnamom, cloves and cardamom in a jar and then added some tea with orange peel that I had. I let it be so the tea would be flavoured by the spices.

Il y a quelques jours, je vous ai préparé du thé aux épices en ajoutant à du thé à l'orange que j'avais des morceaux de gingembre confit, de la cannelle, des clous de girofle et de la cardamome. 

I chose some of my favourite pieces for you, like this adorable gravy boat with my last garden roses.

Je vous ai sorti ma vaisselle préférée, comme cette saucière ou mes petites assiettes à dessert en Gien avec les mois de l'année, dénichée pour moi par une copine dans un vide-grenier. Et oui, il y avait les douze, elle a fait une sacrée trouvaille ce jour-là!

Here are my Gien dessert plate with the months of the year. Of course I chose "Octobre" and "Novembre" today.

So is that nice enough? Will you stay for a cup of tea? I have a not-scary-at-all story to tell you. Have you ever heard of the Halloween miracle?

Bon alors, vous restez pour une tasse de thé? J'ai une petite histoire pas du tout effrayante à vous raconter. Vous avez déjà entendu parler du miracle d'Halloween?

Milo and Shadow usually hate each others. And while I was taking the picture of the tea party, they settled together in the front porch for the very first time. I'm not believing they are best friends yet, but just a break in the usual war was nice!

Milo et Shadow se détestent. Et pourtant, alors que je prenais les photos de ma table, pour la première fois, ils se sont installés tous les deux dans la véranda... Incroyable! Ce n'était sûrement qu'une trêve des confiseurs, mais c'était mignon.

Have you ever witnessed a Halloween miracle?

Et vous, vous en avez déjà vu des miracles d'Halloween?

See you soon,

A bientôt,

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  1. Cette fois, je suis la première ! Ton service à dessert en Gien est MAGNIFIQUE. Je suis même jalouse, j'en ai 2 avec des dessins noirs, mais ils sont moins jolis... et les deux chats sont adorables ! Ils vont finir par devenir copains. Bises

  2. it was nice to come to your place for a cup of tea.. my favourite things are the ghost cookies!

  3. Gien, I love their designs.
    Chrysanthemums on the table????

  4. Love the cookies! And those kitties have the perfect place to spend their afternoons!

  5. Yummy cookies. Looks like the cats have "buried the hatchet" hehe A true Halloween miracle.

  6. J'ai eu une petite chose étonnante l'année dernière pour Halloween, j'avais fait une fin d'après midi pour mes petits enfants & leurs amis avec petit dîner spécial bambins, j'ai réussi à leur faire manger de la soupe à la paille à tous sans exception, prétendant que c'était de la soupe "Shreck" parce que je l'avais fait bien verte avec des é ça c'est pas un petit
    Bises. Babette

  7. I think it's a perfect Halloween afternoon!! I agree with you, I don't like sugar frosting in my cookies because it masks the real goodness of the dough. I would definitely howling away my tunes in you place Magali! I re-used my wreath too from last year. :-)

  8. Happy Halloween, Magali! You have the perfect party and perfect miracle!!! I love the tutu wreath you made, the unique plates, and natural cookies.

    I usually avoid the typical food coloring too. I purposely prepared a healthy menu, and not one child became a tasmanian devil (reference to an old cartoon). My daughter shouldn't have red dye, but one of her friends should not be given anything at all with dye or high sugar content. OMG! Any way, her friend's behavior was miraculous, because she hadn't been given suspect food before dinner. Did you come to this habit from teaching children?

  9. Mmmm...cookies. And cats on good behavior. My cat loves to attack my dog. Usually right when he's business. It's pretty fun to watch. :)


  10. I love the cat wreath and the dessert dishes--perfect for fall! We have 3 cats, and 2 get along and the other one does not. Had them all for several years, and we've yet to have all 3 sleep together! Glad to see your 2 are making peace.

  11. What a wonderful invitation, Magali! Of course I remember the wonderful Halloween wreath from last year (one of your first photos that I ever pinned)! And now I'll have some ghost cookies and some delicious tea, while I wait for your sweet furry friends to change into their cat bathing suits :))

  12. Don't mind if I do! That tea looks and sounds delicious and your wreath, fabulous! I miss my two cats who passed away a couple of years ago (one of them was a rescue cat and lived to 25!). I'm afraid my dog would not entertain any new cats in the home so there would be a halloween situation then. Have a wonderful week xx

  13. The wreath is great! Thank you for the lovely tea and cookies - everything looks so wonderful. Maybe the kitties are going to be friends now - great place for a afternoon nap.

  14. Oh those little ghost cookies are adorable!! :) Lovely wreath and decor too but my mouth is now watering and I want a cookie :)

  15. My second tea party today! I love those gorgeous dishes! And the cookies look so tasty! Your kitties are so sweet...looks as though they may become friends! They look so much like two of my kitties...:) I am such a cat lover! Have a blessed Tuesday!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  16. You should use the wreath every year, Magali! Don't limit it to these two years. It's perfect for Halloween. I love your ghost and cat cookies, also perfect for Halloween! Your cats look so sweet sleeping together, I would never guess they didn't get along!

  17. stunning tea party and so happy to see a break in the war there adorable together

  18. I love your ghost cookies and the wreath is wonderful -- perfect with the black cat -- I'd go for another year! ;) Your sweet kitties must like the idea of Halloween! Happy Tea Day!

  19. Hello Magali,
    Your Halloween themed post is wonderful! Your ghosty and kitty cookies look amazing, and I would love to taste one : )
    I think your wreath is fab too. What a great idea to use the netting in black and yellow like that.
    Let's hope that between the two kitties, there is at least a truce?
    Your china plates are amazing!

  20. You made me laugh! Here we are, all singing all over the world and waiting patiently (!!!) to find out what you did with the corbels! Love everything about your halloween post of course, the cat in the middle of the wreath is charming! Also I love that you made your own tea, what a good idea and sounds so yummy! I'll sit here quietly nibbling and sipping and singing!

  21. Everything is so pretty, the cats are just precious! THanks for linking up.

  22. Hi Magali,
    I am so pleased you came to my tea party! Love the transferware and the teacup! Your roses look lovely in the gravy boat; nice idea. LOVE the little white pumpkin and your tea sounds absolutely delicious! Happy to see your fur babies sleeping side by side. Thanks so much for coming to tea and enjoy your week.


  23. Your post always make me want to come in and sit and visit with you, always lovely and inviting. Thank you,

  24. I would love to come visit and have some of that tea. It sounds like it was delicious. I just pulled out my ghost cookie cutter and chocolate chips earlier this morning so Tristan and I could make some cookies tomorrow. Great minds think alike.

  25. Move over kitties and make room for me! lol! The tea party looks so fun magali. I love the cookies! They have a primitive look to them. I'm sure very tasty too. I adore vintage corbels. Can't wait to see!

  26. Your cookies look lovely and so does your black and white tea. Hey, I have a cat named Milo too. My two cats don;t always get along either. It's lovely when those rare times are that they do. Hope you're having a lovely week.

  27. Oh what I would not give to be able to curl up with the cats!!!

  28. Such a delicious way to celebrate Halloween. Now I'm craving cookies! LOL!!

  29. What a sweet table. The cookies look great!

    Jocelyn @

  30. Tea and cookies with you are a nice treat. Love the Halloween miracle! My 3 are little mates and STILL there are occasional squabbles. Your table is lovely and the roses are perfect for fall.

  31. Hi: First I must tell you I love that wreath. It is the cutest thing. I want to also say you white tea cups are beautiful. White always looks so elegant. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  32. Ahhh I am late to the party.I missed all those yummy cookies and a flavoured tea.It sucks ! :(


  33. I love that Halloween wreath. Happy&magical Halloween dear Magali. Love ,Izabella.

  34. Your roses are beautiful and the cookies look YUMMY! Precious kitties, just love cats!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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