Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Blues In The Kitchen

The Kitchen Cabinet Saga - 5 -

So what does a Petite Blonde do when she's thought so much about kitchen her mind is blank? Well, she has tea, of course!

Que fait une Petite Blonde quand elle a passé tellement de temps à réfléchir à sa cuisine que son cerveau ne fonctionne plus correctement? Elle prend le thé, bien sûr!

The blue runner is still on the table, from last weekend when my parents visited, as blue is my father's favourite colour. I've got the pink transferware teapot out, just because I used it for my previous post and it never made it back to the cupboard. And I'm using my blue ribbon mug, because the friend who gave it to me just called me and so that's the one I took out of the cupboard.

Le chemin de table bleu est toujours sur la table car j'ai reçu mes parents le week-end dernier et c'est la couleur préférée de mon papa. J'ai toujours la théière rose sortie, car depuis mon dernier article, elle n'a toujours pas retrouvé le chemin du placard... Et je verse mon thé dans mon mug "blue ribbon" de Wedgwood, juste parce que l'amie qui me l'a offert vient de m'appeler et que cela m'y a fait penser.

So, obviously, I need to paint those chairs, but most importantly, isn't blue lovely with pink? Shouldn't we check a few blue kitchens then?

1. The colour is Skylight by Farrow & Ball.
Mais, dites-moi donc, ce bleu ne va-t-il pas bien avec le rose? Et si je jetais un œil sur les cuisines bleues?

Now, while you watch all those kitchens closely so you can tell me which one is your favourite, I'll just chat over various things. You can just ignore my chatting, most people do.

Pendant que vous regardez attentivement mes photos de cuisine pour pouvoir me dire quelle est votre préférée, je vais faire la conversation, mais rien ne vous oblige à y prêter attention.

1. Because I had so many concerned messages, let me tell you I'm fine. The doctor appointment I talked about was only a yearly hormonal check up, it did confirm that I'm getting older, but that's not news! Thank you so very much for your messages.

J'ai eu plein de gentils messages s'inquiétant de ma santé. Le rendez-vous médical dont j'ai parlé dans un article précédent était juste un contrôle de routine... La conclusion en a été que je ne rajeunissais pas, mais bon, on s'en doutait!

2. There's a hedgehog that comes every night lately to eat out of one of the cats' plate... Too cute, but I can't get a picture of it (I've been trying, thinking you'd like to see him).

Il y a un hérisson qui vient piquer les croquettes du chat qui mange dehors tous les soirs depuis quelques temps. J'aimerais vous le prendre en photo, mais de nuit, impossible et si je sors pour allumer, il s'enfuit.

3. Researching those blue kitchens, I discovered I liked the lighter shades of blue better.

En recherchant ces images de cuisine, je me suis aperçue que les teintes de bleu les plus claires avaient ma préférence.

4. So what do you think of my blue kitchens?

Alors que pensez-vous de mes cuisines bleues?

Me: "Cottage, I have good news!"

Cottage: "You've made your decision?"

Moi: "Cottage, j'ai une bonne nouvelle!"

Cottage: "Ah, enfin, tu as pris une décision!"

Me: "No, but for the first time, I have a colour on the maybe-list!"

Cottage: "It's about time! What is it?"

Me: "Blue! That could be very seaside cottage."

Cottage: "Hello? Aren't you the one who removed all the plastic fish that decorated the kitchen the very day you got the keys?"

Me: "But that was cliché! I don't want a cliché seaside cottage!"


Moi: "Non, non, rien n'est sûr. Mais pour la première fois, j'ai une couleur à écrire sur la liste des cuisines possibles."

Cottage: "Il était temps!  Et alors, tu me mets dans la confidence?"

Moi: "Bleu! Ce serait parfait dans un cottage de bord de mer!"

Cottage: "Quoi? Mais ne serait-ce pas toi qui as retiré tous les poissons en plastique de la cuisine le jour même où tu as eu mes clefs?"

Moi: "Mais c'était cliché! Je voudrais faire bord de mer sans cliché."

But as usual, Cottage got me thinking. Blue is on the list, but to be sure, I need to check some other possibilities. Will you check them with me in my next post?

Mais comme d'habitude, Cottage m'a fait réfléchir. Avant de foncer tête baissée (pour ceux qui croyaient encore que c'était possible), je vais faire encore quelques recherches, que je vous livrerai dans mon prochain article.

So any favourite so far? How many British kitchens did you count, Fiona? Cause there are alot of them!

Alors, avez-vous une cuisine préférée dans cet article?

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS1: My inspiration pictures and their sources can be found on my Pinterest board "Blues In The Kitchen". There are some more there as well.

Mes photos d'inspiration et leurs sources peuvent toutes être trouvées sur mon "tableau Pinterest".

PS2: If you're joining me for the blue kitchens and need more kitchen inpiration, you can find some other kitchens by clicking on the links below:

PS3: I know the title of this post was inspired by a song, but seriously the first music that comes to my mind when I hear "blue" is this one... I thought some of you and Sue's daughter might like it if I shared it.

PS4: I'm partying with some awesome bloggers!

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  1. Lol, you caught me doing exactly that !!
    I think most of them are English, but not 4, 11 and 13, they're definitely American. I love the larger kitchens but as we know you and I have small kitchens so I think 5 is my favourite. Colourwise I prefer the paler duck egg blue sort of shades like 6.
    Btw, I do listen to all your chatting and I'm sure everyone else does too.

  2. J'adore également la numéro 6. I love too number 6.

  3. Dear Magali,

    I still vote for white, although I like pictures 2 and 12. I have a few pretty blue and aqua kitchen pictures, but I don't know how to send them to you.
    By the way, the difference between Barbie and La vie en rose isn't in amount of colour, it is much deeper (for me, at least).

    1. The best thing in picture 2 is the Emma Bridgewater collection, isn't it?

  4. Seriously, I still love this mug. everything that has ribbons and bow and roses on it makes me happy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kitchens first ... my favorites were 4 and 13 ... as you say -- perfect for a seaside cottage (loved the fish story). Now for tea! Your blue ribbon mug is so pretty. I'd be using it all the time ... delicate design (perfect for your new blue kitchen) !! Blue and pink is nice together especially your mug and transferware teapot! Happy Tea Day!

  6. J'aime bien juste la toute première parce qu'elle me parait plus grise que bleue. Finalement, je pense que j'aurais presque autant de mal avec le bleu pâle qu'avec le rose dans une cuisine, je crois que je suis beaucoup plus classique que je ne le pensais, ou pas car j'adorerais une cuisine très rouge, mais alors moderne, ou pas, mais alors pas rouge.
    Aujourd'hui c'est comme ça, je suis pleine de contradictions.
    Ton mug est à tomber.
    J'attends en provenance du Canada des tasses "Royal Albert" "Petit point", elles sont trop belles.
    Bises. Babette

  7. Such a pretty ribbon mug! I find very, very, pale blue easy to live with. Red and turquoise pop against it. It plays well with yellow or pink. I especially like it with black and white. My seashore palate is tan with a pale aqua-ish blue. Whatever you choose will be lovely - and why rush when there are so many lovely possibilities?

  8. I really like the ribbon mug! I would be hard put to vote for any specific colors but I really like the blues.

    1. The mug is a sweet memory too, so it makes it really special!

  9. Gorgeous kitchens! I love the idea of a blue kitchen too, and have been thinking about it. Blue can be so many different shades! I am wondering if I should do the walls a different color and add blue accents instead. The kitchens you have shared are all wonderful. I agree with you and choose the lighter blues.
    Best wishes on your kitchen journey!

  10. I am in love with your blue kitchens!! You could still please the Barbie side of us all with vases full of pink roses! Cheers to your gorgeous mug. It would look great in any kitchen!!

  11. c'est une bonne idée le bleu, d'abord parce que en Bretagne, c'est tout à fait adapté, et puis c'est une couleur qui peut aller vers un bleu gris, moins froid que le bleu
    j'aime beaucoup ton choix de porcelaine
    c'est vrai que le choix d'une cuisine est difficile, on ne la fait pas pour quelques mois, il faut se sentir bien dedans, et le plus longtemps possible
    bonne réflexion...!!!

  12. Those are all so beautiful. I like the lighter ones better too, especially those that are a hue of aqua. Lovely, Magali. Have a fantastic seaside day! ♥

  13. Hello Magali,

    Well, the whites still have it as far as we are concerned. Very seaside without being too predictable. Capable of being transformed in as many ways as one has imagination. Never ages just gets more mature. Rather like bathrooms.....and towels......and bedlinen....white will always endure. Remember the awful experiences that one had or, in our case, narrowly missed of the avocado bathroom suite. Need we say more?!

    Hedgehogs are terrifically difficult to spot when one wishes to. They do love cat food and so camping out near the cat's buffet should give you a sighting at some point!

  14. I love the sky blue - but definitely with a little pink! That is a really pretty kitchen with it and would be lovely for you!

  15. I love the blue. I also like when the kitchen has pale blue or green on the bottom cabinets with white on the top cabinets.

  16. I think I like 2 and 3 the best, but maybe I like the way they are styled the best :) I can see your charming cottage with a seaside cottage feel!

  17. Hello Magali,

    I like Emma's pottery in picture 2, of course, and I agree with Jane Hattatt. You can have pottery, tableclothes, napkins, flowers in different colors, for different holidays, even your moods, in WHITE kitchen.

    Greetings from Nada

  18. Dear Magali, I love No. 5 and 12. I hope, you can enjoy your time-off, but with that storm coming to the coast again, I am a bit worried... Your china is so beautiful! This mug is so sweet and the pink teapot too. I hope you are having something sweet with your tea. And of course I am so happy, that your parcel has arrived in time! Have a nice evening and tell me about the trick to make Old Cottage start talking again.. Yours Sarah

  19. I've never thought about blue in a kitchen before...but you've given some great examples and let me know I SHOULD be thinking about blue. I LOVE number 5 ... but have to say it was hard to choose. Great Post!

  20. So many beautiful kitchens, how on earth can a person choose a favourite tone of blue?? Do you have old pieces of wooden planks lying about? Maybe you could paint them with small "testers" in all kinds of blue, and check how the light falls on them throughout the day...Good luck :-D Your nice mugs remind me of the danish china "GreenGate", romantic and fresh!
    Scandinavian style and French style do not differ all that much, they are both superb! I was born in the wrong country :-(
    Greetings, Marcy

    1. I have painted testers... It has helped me a lot, because what is beautiful on pictures isn't necessarily beautiful with "my" light.
      I love GreensGate china: some is sold in a shop in a nearby village.
      I do believe my style is a mix of English and French with a dash of Scandinavian and a pinch of New England. So I don't know where I should have been born!
      Thanks for your frequent visits, Marcy!

  21. I love all the kitchens you shared today. A great choice in mugs too. It is always nice to use a cup that a friend gave you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  22. I love them all, so pretty and light and not that aqua color of a lot of kitchens circa 1950

  23. Decisions, decisions! Love #4, but truly Magali, they are all beautiful. Enjoy this process! I know I'm enjoying it :)

  24. Love your pretty mug. And a pale blue kitchen sounds lovely. I like # 5 and 7.

  25. I think I liked the color of the first one...it looked a little slate-blue. Not too overpowering. But it could just be my computer screen. ;) Definitely something pale though! Lovely!!


  26. Love the mug and tea pot. Blue is not my favorite color because when I was in catering you will not find blue food other than blue berries - so I guess that is where I decided that I didn't like blue in the kitchen. I do like blue in fabric, furniture, etc but not in the kitchen - but that is just me. I would go for a very very light blue with lots of white.

  27. I love the blue !
    Have you decided yet Magali or are you still torn with the direction you're going?
    ( I'm still drooling over the black )

  28. I love blue too Magali, but I think in the end you'll end up with white! ;-)

  29. I think a blue kitchen would be perfect in your sweet cottage. You have my vote!! Oh and while I'm at it, I will take a cup of tea with your pretty blue teacup. :) Diane

  30. I just came across your blog while on another one and I just love the pretty teacup and all the beautiful kitchens. (4 and 14 are my favorite).

    I would love to have you to link up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2014/03/clever-chicks-blog-hop-at-chicken-chick.html

    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


  31. Love your teacup, so pretty, and pink look great with blue. Now this one is a hard one for me since I love blue! So I really like the blue kitchens, except the modern looking one #6 or 7. I'm having a cup of tea right now, listening to swan lake, and yes it would have to be blue. I really like the blues in a kitchen, I especially like #10, because I love natural colors tops with painted bottoms.

  32. Oh Magali!! Blue kitchens!!! You can imagine how thrilled I am to see this!!! You know my feelings about blue. I can not say for sure which I like best in terms of your kitchen, because I am still going with your shutter blue as the perfect blue for your kitchen, however I can say that kitchen numberer 11 has exactly the atmosphere I was picturing. So bright, soft, clean, and airy. Really love the overall impression! Also, I like everything about kitchen 2 except the backsplash, which is very nice and I can totally see people loving, it's just not for me. I'm not geometric. Anyway, I'm so pleased to see the blue, such fun!! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed all my blue kitchens. I think I need blue somewhere in the cottage for sure!


  33. Oh, some of the pictures are so nice and inspiring. And those shade of blue really matches to the idea of seaside cottage! I've never thought it could looks so good in the kitchen, but it does! Especially those vintage/rustic/but minimalistic ones:)


  34. Lovely kitchens, pretty cup! Happy March :)

  35. I think I'm in love with the pale blue of #13. So pretty! That bluebird tea cup would be percy in that kitchen!

  36. Beautiful kitchen pictures! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2014/03/anything-blue-friday-week-50.html Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  37. I noticed quite a few English kitchens there. I have been thinking of painting the lower kitchen cabinets blue, so these photos were very helpful. I think I like 5 best of all, so sweet and cottagelike.


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