Friday, March 28, 2014

Mein Chair

By The Kitchen Window - 1 - The Kitchen Window Sequel

You might remember that chair most of you loved. It's in front of my kitchen window for a while.

Peut-être vous souvenez-vous de cette chaise, située devant ma fenêtre de cuisine : je voulais la changer.

Truth be told, it was part of a set of four, the first one I bought when I began living on my own... Then Shadow arrived... and tried his baby claws on them. He doesn't do that anymore because he has acquired a taste for decoration...

Certes, elle a son petit charme campagnard... Mais, première chaise achetée lorsque je me suis installée à Paris, elle a bien vécu et Shadow y a fait ses griffes lorsqu'il était bébé. Depuis, il a acquis un sens de la décoration et cela ne lui viendrait plus à l'esprit!

But sitting on this chair now is everything but comfortable as you get straw splinters in your butt in no time...

Mais de nos jours, s'asseoir dessus n'a rien de cosy: c'est l'écharde de paille dans le derrière assurée!

Du coup, on va lui chanter cette petite chanson sur l'air de la célèbre chanson du film Cabaret!

So it was time to sing:

Bye bye mein lieber Chair
Farewell mein lieber Chair

It was a fine affair
But now it's over!

And though I used to care
I need the open inspiration
I'm better off on Pinterest.

So I did what I could to find the perfect chair, picture by picture, chair by chair.

J'ai donc cherché un peu d'inspiration sur Internet pour trouver la remplaçante!

I wanted it to be an easy project to change from the ever coming problems linked to renovation. 

Je voulais que cela soit un projet vite fait pour changer des ennuis à répétition de la rénovation.

So I browsed some website and I found a wicker chair I liked on Ikea and an other one a little more expensive on a French online shop.

J'ai trouvé une chaise en osier qui ne me déplaisait pas sur le site Ikea et une autre sur La Redoute.

So I went to the kitchen to see if the said chairs would fit in front of the window. Here I was with my measuring tape when I heard:

"Psst, psst!" That was Cottage trying to get my attention. "A tiger is a tiger, dear, not a lamb! Why would you compromise and go for the easy soulless solution this time!"

Je  suis donc partie dans la cuisine pour mesurer l'espace et me rendre compte de ce que rendrait chacune des options, quand j'ai entendu:

"Psst, psst!" Cottage tentait d'attirer mon attention. "Pourquoi ferais-tu un compromis cette fois-là? Tu vas choisir un fauteuil sans âme que l'on retrouvera dans plein de maisons et dans le monde entier!"

"Well, I have to take care of that leaking window, old roof, broken roof window, kitchen floorplan: I'm tired."

"Tu sais, Cottage. Je suis fatiguée, je dois faire les plans de la cuisine, gérer la fuite de la fenêtre, stabiliser le velux cassé, je veux juste une chaise pour m'asseoir confortablement."

"Don't you want to check Le Bon Coin - our French Craig's List - first? Pretty please?"

"Tu ne veux pas jeter un coup d’œil sur Le Bon Coin tout de même? Pour moi?"

So, that's what I did!

Evidemment, c'est ce que j'ai fait!

Of course, I found the perfect chair for half the price of the Ikea one. Of course I'm not showing it to you today... Just know that this chair has one weakness. It'll be impossible to do Liza Minnelli's famous routine with the new chair...

Oui, j'ai trouvé la chaise, non, je ne vous la montre pas aujourd'hui. Sachez qu'elle a tout de même un défaut: il ne sera plus possible de répéter la chorégraphie de Liza Minnelli dans Cabaret avec cette chaise. Dommage, j'avais les chaussures et le chapeau et j'étais à deux doigts de m'acheter du fard à paupières bleu!

That last point is really a shame, though, because I already had the perfect shoes and the perfect hat for that routine and I was this close to buy blue eye shadow...

For those who had no idea what I was talking about the whole post (or for those who just want to watch it again, because it's so awesome) here's the video.

Et pour ceux qui ne voient pas du tout de quoi je parle ou pour ceux qui ont juste envie de revoir l'extrait, voici la vidéo.

Any favourite in my inspiration pics?

Avez-vous une chaise préférée dans mes photos d'inspiration?

See you soon for the chair reveal!

A bientôt pour voir enfin cette chaise!

PS1: All sources for the inspiration pictures can be found on my Pinterest Board "Kitchen Chair Ideas".

PS1: I'm a real Liza Minelli fan and when I thought about writing about a chair, I immediately thought of that routine.

PS2: As soon as my ankle is really healed, I swear I'll be working on that little ankle rotation she does so well.

PS3: I will not be held responsible if you break a chair at home trying to do that routine.

C'est promis, dès que ma cheville est complètement guérie, je m'entraîne à faire cette petite rotation de la cheville que Liza Minnelli fait si bien.

Je décline toute responsabilité si vous cassez une chaise à la maison en vous entraînant de votre côté! 

PS4: The choice of the song is also for my colleague Marion who is going through a rough time right now, to remind her that nothing is more important than freedom, because "a tiger is a tiger" and some of us are "rovers" and will always be.

PS5: Time allowing, I should be partying with some welcoming bloggers.

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  1. Good Morning dear Magali,
    cats come in handy, when you feel the need of new chairs (but rocking chairs are most dangerours to cats´paws and tails, so I don´t think you will choose one of those...). I love the second chair best (by the way: the kitchen is amazing!), and it would go well with your Jouy de toile-fabrics. I hope your ankle will be well soon and then you may do... whatever pleases you! Have a nice day!
    Yours Sarah

  2. I have to agree with Sarah, no rocking chairs, but maybe a nice wicker one by the window with the sun streaming in as you have a delightful cup of tea. So we shall see hopefully on your next post which chair you selected.
    Take care of that ankle before you put your high heels on and start your Lisa dance.
    Have a terrific weekend picking up your new chair.

  3. Oh the chairs look so lovely. We have been looking for country style chair for our home. You give me inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  4. Can't wait to see the chair reveal! Don't do any acrobatic acts until you have taken photos of the finished project!!

  5. Oh I started singing it from the first line on LOL.................
    Great chairs !

  6. No favorite because I like them all but I can't wait for the reveal! You may want to give your ankle extra healing time if you are going to try some of Liza's! That was great...:) Have a lovely weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  7. I love the "Bon Appetit picture" chair!! Love it. You always find the best pictures!! Always!

  8. Lovely, just lovely - and that photo of your window is stunning. Happy Friday xoxox

  9. I will be singing Cabaret songs all day and I am no Liza so I am sure I will offend people! Love the idea of a chair by the window. I did love that green chair and know you have found a gem to replace it. My kitchen is too narrow for a chair, but I would choose a rocker.

  10. Ma préférence va à la deuxième & à la quatrième chaise, j'ai le mal de mer lorsque je vois un rocking-chair se balancer, hors je n'ai jamais vu quelqu'un s'y asseoir sans se balancer...........
    J'espère que tu vas bien, plein de bisous. Babette

  11. Oooohhh I can't wait to see your new bargain chair!! And Liza is awesome. :)


  12. I love the photo and the light from your window with the old chair and basket!!! It's so pretty, but every inspiration is pretty too. I especially love the blue chair.

  13. Liza with a Z! Love her, and can't wait to see your chair! Happy weekend.

  14. Bon, j'ai passé l'âge de jouer "cabaret"... mais j'adore tous tes fauteuils blancs et je ne saurai pas vraiment lequel choisir...

  15. I love the first one the most Magali and I guess the IKEA one you got is similar to that too? ;-)

  16. We definitely need a video of you dancing and singing around your new chair!

  17. New proverb : a comfy chair is a joy forever" :-) On the other hand, an uncomfortable chair will irritate you each time you set eyes on it ! So I guess comfort is the main thing, you can always add nice cushions and throws to make it personal. Good luck chair hunting! Marcy

  18. Ah yes, the chair ! So we're off the subject of kitchen cabinets at the moment !?!
    I would like the blue one best if it wasn't a rocker, so the white one above it would be the best for me. A nice comfy seat with a little bit of lean in the back to make it relaxing, but with those arms there would be no Minelli dancing.
    I used to know most of the words to most of the songs on Cabaret, but luckily for everyone I only ever sing when no-ones listening (and I definitely never tried out any of the moves). Thanks for the video, a great trip down memory lane.

  19. There is nothing you can't find on Le Bon Coin!

  20. Really lovely! Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    1. Thanks! The new chair I found looks nothing like my inspiration, though... So it needs a little work!

  21. Hi Magali, that's to bad. That chair looked perfect by your kitchen window. But Iook forward to see the new one. I'm sure it's worth the search.

  22. J'adore le fauteuil à bascule bleu et l'armoirette assortie...
    Bon we.

  23. Can't wait to see your new chair! What will you do with the old one? I think it would look pretty outdoors, either on a porch or in the garden with a big pot of flowers on it.

  24. Couldn't possibly leave today without reading some more. Glad I stuck around to see the entire kitchen chair journey, AND Liza, of course. I saved your kitchen chair inspiration pic (the second one here) to my pinterest kitchen board.
    See you next time, Magali and Cottage.

  25. Alas, I'm so late in visiting you, Magali, I have to pay catch up. All the chairs are lovely. I like them all for different reasons. Oh, I do so love the blue on that rocker. I'd like to have that color in my home somewhere. On my computer screen it almost looks like seafoam green. I don't know, but I love it. Whatever you do it will be wonderful.

    1. Well, I do think I need a seafoam chair somewhere in the cottage...

  26. That was such a great scene from a great show! Glad you found the right one for your kitchen. I'd definitely pay to see you do that routine! I like the seafoam green (blue?) rocker (second from last).

  27. Love the chair saga! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  28. Looking forward to seeing your new find! I love to have a chair in my kitchen.


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