Sunday, November 30, 2014

O Early Night

Adding Warm Wood Accents To A White Kitchen - 2

So, you may or may not remember that little bookshelf that I used in my kitchen when I had no kitchen cabinet.

Quand la cuisine n'était pas encore faite, j'utilisais un petit bibus sur le demi-mur de la pièce.

My readers liked it, but I knew after I changed the kitchen, I'd need to move it every day to clean Shadow's litter (only one cat has an inside litter) and it's pretty heavy. It wasn't doing my hernia any good. So I decided to reuse the shef in my bedroom and to find something with wheels for that spot in the kitchen.

Mes lecteurs l'aimaient bien, mais je savais que quand la cuisine serait faite, j'aurais besoin de le bouger tous les jours pour nettoyer la litière de Shadow et ça n'a l'air de rien, mais c'est en fait un meuble assez lourd. Ma hernie ne l'aime pas beaucoup...

Then, on my usual "Le Bon Coin" (French Craiglist), I found this:

Je suis donc partie à la recherche d'une desserte de cuisine à roulettes, jusqu'à ce que je trouve ça sur Le Bon Coin:

Cottage: "What? You're not putting this in my kitchen! It's meant for a baby's nursery. Besides it has no wheels!"

Me: "Cottage, you should have learnt to trust me by now! I'm getting this!"

Cottage: "Tu te moques de moi? Je ne veux pas de ça dans ma cuisine. C'est pour les bébés. En plus, ça n'a même pas de roulettes!"

Moi: "Fais-moi un peu confiance. C'est ce qu'il nous faut!"

I emailed the seller, who sent me his address so I could come and see the changing table. I thought he was kidding me because the address said "rue de Bourriquet" (which is Eeyore's French name), so I checked first on Google map that such a street indeed existed!

J'ai contacté le vendeur qui m'a donné son adresse. J'ai d'abord cru à une blague car il habitait "rue de Bourriquet"! Vérification faite, cela existe!

Of course, it was too big to fit my tiny car, but the seller offered to deliver it to my Cottage (maybe he was a little curious to see Cottage).

Bien sûr, le meuble ne rentrait pas dans ma petite voiture, mais le vendeur me l'a emmené chez moi!

Cottage: "See, it's utterly ridiculous, not to mention big and not functional!"

Cottage: "Je te l'avais dit, c'est ridicule et pas pratique!"

Me: "Not Functional? Have you checked all those little drawers that are to become the medicine drawers?"

Moi: "Quoi? Pas pratique? Regarde ce petit tiroir où je vais pouvoir ranger les médicaments du quotidien!"

Me: "And that deep one that will become the liquor drawer?"

In a baby's changing table, I know: I have no shame!

Moi: "Et ce tiroir bien profond qui va servir pour les bouteilles d'alcool!"

Et oui, dans une table à langer! Même pas honte!

Cottage: "Oh, but the top comes off? That's a little better!"

Cottage: "Oh, mais le haut s'en va? C'est déjà mieux!"

Can you see, though, how the frame of the piece was conflicting with my beautiful baseboard?

Bon, vous voyez le conflit entre la base du meuble et ma belle plinthe?

That's all better now that it's on heels wheels!

C'est arrangé depuis que le meuble est sur roulettes!

I will spare you the wheel story stories, but basically it was a bad DIY moment: I had to redo it three times!

Je  vous épargnerai la saga des roulettes, mais j'ai dû m'y reprendre à trois fois!

The sun was already setting down as I was taking pictures: at least, you can see how the Pavillion blue I chose for the walls look like in the early night.

Le soleil disparaissait déjà quand je prenais les photos - il faut dire qu'aujourd'hui il a fait le minimum syndical - mais comme ça vous pouvez voir ce que donne ma couleur changeante sur les murs à la tombée de la nuit.

Cottage: "Wow! I actually like it! Well done!"

Me: "I like it too, but the thing is Shadow likes it as well and when he comes back from the garden, his wet paws ruin my careful waxing of the top. Maybe I'm going to paint it after all..."

Cottage: "Ben, j'avoue, c'est pas mal finalement! Bravo!"

Moi: "Oui, mais je passe mon temps à cirer le dessus parce que Shadow est tout le temps perché là, pattes mouillées ou pas! Je crois que ce serait plus simple de le peindre"

Cottage: "What? And my wood accents?"

Me: "Keep calm and wait for the next episode!"

Cottage: "Hein? et la chaleur du bois, qu'est-ce que tu en fais?"

Moi: "Tais-toi et attends le prochain épisode!"

I just wanted to share with you the first Advent tea of the year. As you can see my Advent candles are very simple this year. But really, I tried to put them on a tray, to add things on the glass candle holder, nothing seemed to me prettier than the lazy no fuss version.

Je partage avec vous (et Cottage) mon premier thé de l'Avent. Mes bougies de l'Avent sont simplissimes... Mais j'ai essayé de les mettre dans un plateau, de leur rajouter des fioritures, rien d'autre ne me plaisait que la simplicité, cette année.

See you soon,

A bientôt,

PS1: If you have any idea about painting the "kitchen cart", please share them!

PS1: Si vous avez des idées pour peindre ma desserte, n'hésitez pas à me le dire!

PS2: I haven't decided yet what to do with the changing top, but I kept it.

PS2: Je n'ai pas encore décidé quoi faire de la partie "à langer" de la table, mais je l'ai gardée!

PS3: A huge hugs to my readers living in Southern France where the floodings are aweful.

PS3: Lecteurs du sud de la France, je pense bien à vous, que vous soyez inondés ou juste inquiets.

PS4: Just so you can write your comment with a season appropriate music.

PS4: Voilà de quoi écrire votre commentaire dans une ambiance de saison.

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  1. I like it. Nice that is has so much storage. And your kitty seems to have claimed it. Your cottage is such a sweet place. Hugs.

  2. I LOVE it, and good for you for putting the wheels on yourself. Good stuff!

    I would paint it too. White, maybe chalk paint?


    1. I'm still hesitating and won't make a decision for a while I guess!

  3. You did well! I like that it has so much storage in a compact item. Even a liquor drawer :)

    1. The cats like the middle drawers where I store their food. I like the liquor drawer after a hard time at work!

  4. Ohhhh so glad you asked!!! I'd keep the top wood and paint the bottom a warm white, distress the edges to make it look ancient, Add a dark paste wax to finish off the paint and it would be stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely piece - great choice Magali!

    1. c'est une superbe idée de donner un aspect vieilli en ponçant les bords et en cirant... mais Est-ce facile à faire ?
      Magali, si vous optez pour cette solution, vous partagerez votre savoir-faire ?
      cordialement - monique59

  5. Oh my gosh! I love that piece! It is perfect for that space and a perfect match to your china cabinet in the background. The top piece you removed would look nice painted white, distressed, and paint a chalkboard in the center, then hung on the wall. Have a great week!

    Blessings, VIcky

  6. You are right - without the top, it doesn't look like a changing table at all! I was laughing out loud about the deep drawers holding the liquor - too funny. If you ever want to paint it (though it looks fine as it is), how about a very pale, creamy yellow?

  7. What a cool piece, or should I say what a warm piece it is. I like it better without the top and so does Shadow! Deep drawers work really well for liquor, well according to my hubs:-{ Don't paint it...tell the paint!

  8. I love it and the wheels you put on it. Looks like kitty loves it, too.

    1. je suis d'accord avec vous Kim, les roulettes affirment le caractère "desserte de cuisine" de ce qui était... c'est oublié, c'est une desserte !

  9. I would not paint it, I like it as is. Especially because it looks so warm and picks up the wood in the dinning room. I think maybe I would use tea towels to put on top (open one out and use as a mini table cloth on the top) then you could easily change them out when they got kitty paws on them. Or, you could cut some oil cloth to fit and stick it down with velcro sticks so you could change it out when you wanted. I'd leave the warm wood color on the bottom part, though. Love that.

    1. I also like it as is... I just need a solution for the top to make my life easier... The small table cloth is a great idea!

  10. Genius Magali! I would paint it too or perhaps add a stone top like marble so Shadow can use it all he wants? Good luck!

  11. J'étais comme "Cottage", je n'y croyais pas trop à ton meuble à langer... mais j'avoue que le résultat est magnifique... Le peindre ? dommage... une couche de vernis peut-être... mais je te fais confiance, tu vas trouver le truc qu'il te faut !
    Courage pour cette semaine difficile.

  12. Coucou,
    Elle est superbe ta table à langer, et c'est vrai qu'une fois le plateau supérieur retiré, on ne voit plus la fonction initiale. Pourquoi le peindre ? Il est très beau ! Tu peux mettre un joli napperon blanc, lavable facilement si minou le salit.
    Bonne journée.

    1. Je n'ai pas tellement envie de le peindre, juste de trouver une solution pour protéger le plateau supérieur... Le napperon est une bonne idée! Merci de cette visite!

  13. Looks great, I'll bet the wheels gave you a problem, good that you got them on, they look great! Patty/NS

  14. Si ta desserte te plait comme ça, pourquoi ne pas juste enlever la cire & vernir que le dessus.
    Il y a des vernis anti tache, anti rayure, c'est le top.
    Bisous bisous. Babette

  15. You are so clever to repurpose the baby changing table into a kitchen cart on wheels, Magali! It's the perfect fit for the spot where you've parked it. Your kitty seems to think so, too. meow

  16. bonsoir !
    tout d'abord je dois dire que j'adore les nouvelles photos de la bannière d'accueil : les hortensias givrés, Cottage sous la neige (trop beau!) et la chaleureuse déco du vaisselier - tout ça est bien de saison !
    encore une fois vous nous surprenez avec le choix d'une desserte - elle est parfaite pour une cuisine avec tous ses tiroirs à bricoles !
    ensuite, vous nous lancez un vrai défi : imaginer la desserte peinte et vous proposer notre choix - bon, après avoir lu les précédents messages, je me permets de soumettre l'idée suivante : peinture blanche comme les meubles de cuisine pour le dessus, les boutons, le plat et le fond de la niche.
    bon courage pour faire le tri parmi nos délires !
    cordialement - monique59

    1. Cottage sous la neige, c'était il y a quatre ans, l'année de mon arrivée, une chute de neige impressionnante pour la Bretagne littorale! Pour la desserte, j'ai effectivement vu sur Internet des images de commodes peintes en laissant les tiroirs en bois, c'est joli et original... Une piste de plus! Merci de ces visites régulières et de ces petits commentaires qui me font tant plaisir à lire!

  17. I am just proud of you for putting the wheels on yourself. I know I would have had to try again and again if it were me. And yes to putting the booze in the baby cabinet. Great re-purpose.

  18. I wouldn't paint goes so nicely with your furniture in the next room.Perhaps a runner of cloth there or a cutting board ?

    1. I haven't made a decision yet, but I've received so many great ideas from my readers!

  19. I think it really looks good as wood but if you paint it I would try a warm grey.

  20. I like the changing table and you can do so much with it. Kitty seems to like it also. Looking forward to see what you do to it. So sorry about your flooding in Southern France.
    Have a terrific week.

  21. ce meuble s'accorde assez bien avec tes autres meubles, non?
    et pour le dessus de la table à langer.... pourquoi pas le mettre de coté pour le jour où ... il pourrait servir à sa destination initiale ????
    bonne réflexion, Magali

  22. Dear Magali,
    again you have found a hidden treasure! I would perhaps turn the top into a mirror, with little hooks all around where to put jewelry and all the things a fairy migth need to do her hair..
    Your new header is adorable!
    Hugs, Sarah

  23. Magali, I wouldn't paint it. It warms the kitchen, contrasts beautifully with the white and looks very cottagey. Plus, it ties in with the wood pieces in your dining room. If there's wall space in the kitchen I'd make the top into a shallow rack (good for spices or collectables) and hang it to bring more of the warmth into the kitchen. If there's no room in the kitchen I'd hang it in the dining room. Vicky Hunt's suggestion for making it a chalkboard is a good one, too. I like Sarah's idea for a mirror, as well. Whether you paint it or not. Have fun! ~ Nancy P.S. Someone mentioned a table cloth on the top to help keep it clean. That's a good idea.

  24. I am glad you won Cottage over to your side. I love the changing table in the kitchen. I did the opposite when my son was little. I used an enamel topped kitchen table for the changing table in his nursery.

  25. Shadow is a hoot! I love the way cats like to be as high as possible.

    It's a very sweet piece Magali, and it suits your cottage so nicely. I'm not sure what I would do with it, but maybe, as you're planning, live with it a bit and see.

  26. What a unique piece! I don't think you should paint it. Creme hasn't ruined any of my wood furniture with wet paws. I don't think it's enough water. You could always wait to see and paint it later if you need too.

  27. Ah, this kitchen trolley is great, nice and roomy, I would have left it in the color I already passed whitewashed period:-)
    But in my cold today. And you?
    After returning from work with my daughter put the fireplace puzzle:-)
    Greetings nice and warm!

  28. I love it....You are just shameless using a baby cart for liquor....what time should I be there for cocktails?

  29. Hi Magali,

    Firstly, I love your new, seasonal header! Secondly, your definitely scored with that beautiful wood change table/medicine/liquor cabinet/camouflage kitty litter! What a great idea to put it on wheels, both for practical reasons, (baseboard bombardment), and pretty ones, (love the gold rollers)!! I would NOT paint this since the soft, honey toned finish adds such lovely warmth to your kitchen.


  30. Oh, I think it is perfect! The changing table top makes a nice space for folding the laundry! It might look nice with just the top and inside painted cream. I am very partial to unpainted pine furniture :) Well done re-purposing this beautiful piece. I re-purposed a changing table as a potting bench. (It wasn't as nice as yours). Have a lovely first week of Advent. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Thank you, Karen! I'm trying to find a solution that would be both practical and would allow me to keep the warmth of the wood!

  31. Cottage should trust your judgement, you've been right so far !
    If you paint it, won't Shadow's footprints leave worse marks ? Anyway, it's the perfect piece for your kitchen and I love how you raised it with the castors and great new header Magali.

  32. Oh I could see the potential from the get go! Cottage should definitely know better than to doubt you! I think it would be awesome painted and would give it just a bit more of a cottage feel.

  33. love it! It would be interesting to see the kitchen cart in white and a wood tone combination.

  34. Hi Magali. I am having trouble with my WordPress site so I am responding to your comment with a comment of my own. Thank you for your sweet comment. I definitely need the encouragement but thankfully she is doing very well as the week comes to a close. I saw some beautiful cutting boards today and they made me think of you and your project to add some warm wood tones to your kitchen but I love the changing table. It is such a pretty piece. Have you thought about putting a place mat or table runner on top? I am sure you and Cottage will ;figure it out.

  35. Oh...I love that little cabinet. It's perfect with the top off and the wheels added. I love it in wood. I think every white kitchen needs just a touch of wood. Good luck keeping the cat off of it!

  36. Now new parents everywhere will know what the deep drawers are for. I have changed changing tables into potting benches and serving bars, but never a kitchen cabinet. Thank you for sharing it at Make It Monday.

  37. What a great idea and use of this piece. Love the idea of the little drawers holding meds, easy to find when your sick. Smart gal!

  38. I love your little changing table. And I love those Celtic Women!!!

    (And yes, everything is okay, thanks for asking!!) :)


  39. I think the baby changer is an inspired addition to your kitchen- so useful! As is, it adds those warm wood tones that you love.


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