Monday, June 10, 2013

Château de Josselin

Wandering Around My Cottage - June Edition

I'm really sorry I don't comment as much as usual on your blogs and if I do I do it like four days after you wrote your posts!

Je suis désolée d'être un peu absente de vos blogs ces derniers temps.

Let me explain to you the nightmare life is for a substitute teacher in France in June. I had literaly tons of papers to mark. I finished that during the weekend. All I have left is to fill in all the pupils' files... Piece of cake! For those of you who don't know it, summer holidays begin on July 5th in France.

Le mois de juin est toujours une sorte de course contre la montre et contre la fatigue avec des copies à corriger, des bulletins à écrire, et surtout des élèves qui se montrent de plus en plus fatigants quand on est que la remplaçante qu'ils savent qu'ils ne retrouveront pas l'an prochain!

Now, since you don't deserve to be punished as well, I thought you would enjoy visiting the castle located in Josselin, Brittany. 

Il n'y a pas de raison que vous soyez vous aussi condamnés à corriger des copies 24 heures sur 24, alors j'ai pensé vous offrir un petit voyage au château de Josselin.

It was one of the first castle I visited as a child with my parents and it was pouring that day. Since then I wanted to go back on a clear day.

 When you arrive in the town of Josselin and see the castle from the river Oust, what you can see is a very medieval looking castle, which is no surprise as there was a castle there from the 11th century.

The town itself has lovely old medieval houses that are all wonky as I love them to be!

La ville de Josselin possède encore de veilles maisons médiévales, bien biscornues comme je les aime!

Inside the old medieval walls is hidden a treasure: a very Renaissance castle. The carvings on the façade are so delicate they are called "lace of stone".

Derrière les murs d'enceinte typiquement médiévaux se cache un bijou du tout début de la Renaissance, dont la façade est tellement ornée que l'on dirait de la dentelle.

Pictures are forbidden inside, so you'll have to come and visit it by yourself some day. But I can show you the amazing view we had from the terrace.

And I'm also allowed to take you in the Duchess's rose garden.

Les photos sont interdites à l'intérieur du château, il va donc falloir que vous veniez faire vous-même une petite visite... Mais je vous offre un petit tour de la Roseraie de la duchesse.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. It was certainly nice for me to go out a little, now I'm full of energy again to go back to work!

See you soon, with news from my cottage!

A bientôt, avec des nouvelles du cottage!

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  1. Hi Magali!!!

    I would love to see what the inside looked like, but, taking us to the Duchess's rose garden to see the lovely PINK roses!!!!

    I also love the way these little towns which have been around for a few hundred years are still standing "Wonky" as you put it. It's all part of the charm that these castles and small towns have.

    So glad that you went to visit it and shared your day with us!!!

    Have a great week!!!!


  2. Hi Magali, What a fantastic place! I love middle age art! I know the life in those days were not fantastic at all. But I am shocked by the art of this period. Thanks for sharing it


  3. Oh Magali - that " wonky " photo of the medieval houses looks just like the " shambles " in York!!!!!!!!
    What gorgeous photos as usual - thanks for the mini vacay!

  4. It's many years since I visited the castle . We went on a day when there was a sort of garden festival, with plants for sale. Lovely place.

  5. Great photos of this historic castle. We sure don't have that in the US! Very lovely. Hope your summer vacation comes quickly!

  6. The old buildings are so charming! I love the winding river through the town and how green it is!

  7. I really must visit this place! It is so beautiful and sooooo me! That architecture is stunning. Thanks for introducing me to this on my list of places to see. Have a wonderful week. xx

  8. I really loved the pictures. I hope some day that I will be able to travel there and see all the wonderful castles, homes and people.
    Not to much longer and then you will be on Holiday - yea yea yea.

  9. thanks for the lovely castle tour!
    good luck with the marking.. i used to be a substitute teacher.

  10. My sister will travel to England and France next month...she wants to see some castles :) I'll forward your post. Not sure if she will be near that area, but if so, I'm sure she'd love it!

  11. I hear you about grading papers and this time of year--I taught for several years, and I know exactly what you're going through! Glad to hear you're close to being done :) The castle is amazing as are the lovely roses--thank you so much for sharing your pictures--the castle is just spectacular.

  12. These photos are amazing Magali. I can see why you wanted to go back. What a long school year you have. I know you are glad that it is winding down. xo Laura

  13. Gorgeous photos. I love castles. Friends of mine who live in Bristol, England also have a home in Brittany. I hope to visit one day. :-)

  14. Oh I totally get the stress and pressure of this time of year for teachers. My husband locks himself in his office trying to score english papers. He comes out once he is done. :)

  15. Is it simply a monument or does the family still live in it? It is wonderful as is the town with "wonky" houses.

    1. The Rohan family still lives in there, that's why we can only visit a few rooms inside. It's a little frustrating, but I also love the idea that the castle is not only a museum but someone's home.

  16. Je ne connais pas Josselin mais ça m'a l'air d'être une jolie petite ville!Je suis ravie de l'avoir visitée en ta compagnie .
    Je te souhaite une belle soirée . Tinou

  17. Really beautiful, I'l have to show my daughter, she is learning French and would love it. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  18. I love the tour of Josselin. What a lovely, charming old town. I just returned from France and can't wait to go back. I found you at The Tablescaper and will be back for a longer visit.

  19. Je me souviens un peu de Josselin... Il faudra y retourner ! Il y a surement une histoire à raconter...

  20. Thank you for the castle tour! I really feel royal now! ;)
    Love the blog, too! Cindy @

  21. Magali, Your photos are so gorgeous. I'd love to step right through the screen and walk along these places. Beautiful. My husband is in Marseille right now for a conference and I'm looking forward to seeing if he takes some photos. Also hoping the strikes don't delay his trip home. :)

    1. I hope your husband made it safely home... and on time. My mother was travelling the same day and her train was cancelled nor delayed.

  22. Thank you for taking us along on the outside tour...I love France and enjoy seeing all of its charming little towns and its magnificent castles.


  23. I love looking at all the "wonky" buildings and castles. So much charm and history.

    Summer vacation is just in sight!

  24. We were just in the Loire Valley where we visited a number of chateaus. Like the one you show, they were huge and I marveled at the skill required to design and build them.

  25. What a beautiful tour! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  26. Gorgeous! I sure wish they would let you take pictures of the inside too!
    Thanks so much for taking us along...such a pleasure! So appreciate your sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  27. Vilket vackert slott du visar, jag samlar på mig av platser jag vill besöka.
    tack för det tipset.
    Lycka till med val av tak till ditt lilla hus. jag gillar grova takbjälkar med vitt emellan.
    Ha en fin vecka
    Kram Meta

  28. I have been doing the genealogy for my siblings & grandchildren. It was believed that this castle belonged to Joslin/Joslyn/Joscelyn/Josselyn, etc. but has been proven that it did not. Still it is fascinating. A castle which was actually a mansion in Omaha, Nebraska did belong to George & Sarah Joslyn who actually are related but a distant cousin and they passed away long ago. That castle/mansion is still used for weddings and such. Castles are so fascinating and there are a lot of them. A few I have seen in person in Europe such as the Neuschwanstein castle that Cinderella castle is patterned after. Also fascinating.
    Just letting you know I have stopped by and looked at your site a few times. Great photos!. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping and taking the time to write a comment with so muh info!


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