Monday, January 28, 2013

Into The Blue

You know how when a TV show is very successful but comes to an end, there's a movie made out of it and you're completely disappointed by the movie even if you loved the series? This is what's happening on this blog today.

Quand une série télé a beaucoup de succès, on en tire un film qui immanquablement vous déçoit, même si vous étiez un fan de la première heure de la série... C'est plus ou moins ce qui se passe aujourd'hui sur ce blog.

I'm really not good at selling myself, am I?

Je ne suis vraiment pas douée pour me faire mousser, hein?

The series on how to use blue in your home was a completely unexpected success for me. So I decided to write one more post about it. I really wished I had my own wondeful blue dining-room to show you... But, no! Still, there are a couple of blue items in the Little White House, that crept in without me even noticing. What I mean is: I wasn't looking for blue items, they just seduced me. I hope you won't be too disappointed by them and will fall in love with them as well.
La série sur l'utilisation du bleu en décoration a eu un succès que je n'attendais pas. J'ai donc décidé de la prolonger d'un article en vous montrant quelques éléments bleus qui agrémentent la Petite Maison. J'aimerais avoir une pièce finie à vous montrer, mais pour cela il me faut un peu plus de temps. En attendant, voici quelques objets qui m'ont séduite.

It might have begun with this tea cup.

Cette tasse a été trouvée dans un vide-grenier à Etables-sur-Mer.

I found it in an attic sale last summer.

I also found this covered whatever-it-is in an attic sale. I love its shape.

C'est dans un autre vide-grenier que j'ai trouvé cette bonbonnière dont j'adore la forme.

Last summer was definitely my blue summer as I used some blue when I painted that bed-side table.

Cet été, j'avais aussi utilisé un bleu très clair (Borrowed Light de Farrow & Ball) pour la niche de cette table de nuit, dans laquelle se trouve une petite boite que j'adore et un mug que j'aime encore plus.

You have to trust me here, the inside is painted a soft blue, "borrowed light" by Farrow and Ball... But my cheap camera doesn't do it justice.

On it are two of my favourite things (and, yes, I have many "favourite things").

The Wedgwood box and...

the Wedgwood mug that was in it.

It was a gift from a dear friend: she went to London last year and when she walked past the Wedgwood shop, she thought "isn't that the shop Magali is fond of?". I have no idea how she remembered that, given that she doesn't care at all for china...

C'est une amie qui me l'a ramené de Londres où en passant devant la boutique, elle a pensé à moi. 

Blue also saved a corner cabinet I was repainting last summer. I first painted it all white... And it was just "blah". I then painted the inside blue and since it's just "wow". You're going to take my word on the "wow" though as it is impossible to take a good picture of it now that it's back in place in my tiny bathroom. I apologize for the wonkiness of the picture.

I was trying to keep my balance, one foot on the edge of the bath-tub, an other on the sink while taking this picture... Oh, and I have the fluette, which doesn't help.

In case I lost you, the fluette is like the flu: sore throat, headache and sore body, so you don't feel your best, but you're not sick enough to stay in bed and not go to work...

Le bleu a aussi sauvé ce projet de meuble de coin: tout blanc, je le trouvais extrêmement "plat", mais un peu de bleu à l'intérieur lui a donné la profondeur voulue et permet de faire un écrin pour les vieilles bouteilles de pharmacie en verre épais ou pour mon pot à thé rose.

Enough with my health, I love how the blue is the perfect background for my old pharmacy bottles and pink tea caddy (it is a tea caddy, isn't it? - I'm really not sure how it's called in English).

Each of this items were thrifted for a few euros in attic sales... Thanks God for people who have no idea what they are selling!

Chacun de ces petits objets a été trouvé dans des vide-greniers pour quelques euros.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

PS: You can always found the "original" series here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Vous pouvez toujours retrouver la série originale ici: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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  1. I love all your treasures Magali!!!
    Especially that armoire in the bathroom - and you're right about the blue in the back making it pop - I often do that just for that reason!
    And I had to laugh about balancing on the bathtub - oh the things we do for blogging LOL

  2. I love all of them! That cabinet was a find!

    I have a little piece of Limoge that I bought in Paris; it is a navy blue with gold. And I have a little piece of Wedgwood that I got in London; it is pale blue and white. What a thoughtful friend you have!

  3. Hi Magali,
    Can I have the Wedgwood mug? lol. I have a soft spot for ribbons and bows.

    I hope you feel better now after the fluette.


  4. Ah, oui, quand la maladie de la "chine" vous prend, elle ne vous lâche plus ! Vivement le printemps que nous puissions repartir à la recherche de l'objet rare, bizarre, joli, celui qui nous raconte une histoire et auquel on ne peut pas résister !

  5. Hi Magali!!

    How I love blue and white!! When they're together it brightens up a room.
    I love all the treasures you bought at the attic sale. The way you have
    different shades of blue makes the room pop out.

    Have a great week!!!


  6. What lovely things in your home...creates such a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

  7. Thanks for stopping by the House on Lavender Hill, Magali!

    I love your touches of blue and the soft serenity of your entire cozy home!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love the blue! I need to start incorporating some blue in my decorating as well. Thanks for the post & inspiration! :)

  9. I love the cabinet in the bathroom and you are right, the little touch of blue really makes the whole piece stand out. I am always drawn to pieces of china that have unique shapes like the one you have in the third image. Really lovely pieces.

  10. I love the blue! After years of having a red bedroom, I changed to soft blues and aquas, very relaxing!

  11. Your corner hutch is lovely with a blue interior.

  12. Love your post - the blues are wonderful - I hope you're feeling better - never heard of fluette - but know exactly what it is - just didn't know it had a name :)
    I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  13. Hi Magali,

    Your dedication to blue and all its beautiful brilliance is contagious! I adore the antique aqua light fixture and your pretty cabinet conversion!

    So nice to meet you,


  14. What pretty furniture and china pieces you've collected for your home, Magali. I love the tea cup and saucer, and the lovely corner cupboard--the wood detailing at the top is fantastic. Hope that you are feeling much better very quickly, and that you have a wonderful week!

  15. I love your tea cup. I'm also a lover of blue and white and red and white combos of many things. New follow for your blog. Follow me back at or

  16. Thank you for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. I've been reading your blog and love the blue and white. In the last house I owned I did a lot of research on using blue as it was the color of the carpeting throughout. I learned not use white paint that was tinted with yellow or it would make the walls appear more yellow than white against the blue. Make sense? Anyway I've enjoyed your blog and am now a new follower. Please come back to visit me anytime, I would be honored if you followed me back. Ayez un beau jour mon nouvel ami. Je suis un novice quand il s'agit de langue française. Pardonnez-moi si je l'obtiens fausse.

    1. Congratulations on your French and thanks for the advice, I was hesitating between different whites for the trims and you helped me a lot with your suggestion!

  17. I adore that corner cabinet. I've seen a number of decorating shows in just the last month or so and the trend seems to be going towards painting the inside a different color. You may be on to something.


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