Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rhapsody In Blue

The Sea Colour File - part 3

Now that we've seen what's the inspiration behind these posts in part 1 and that we've seen what shade of blue is your favourite in part 2, let's explore in which room blue is the best.

Maintenant que vous savez quels paysages ont inspiré cette série et que vous avez exploré les différentes teintes de bleu, regardons un peu dans quelles pièces le bleu rend le mieux.

Because I'm myself drawn to light blueish aqua shades, I realise most of my pictures show this shade rather than a deep Greek blue... But I'm still working on the inspiration file saved on my computer and I'll try to be less biased, which will be hard!!!

1. Blue in kitchens

Obviously from At Home Arkansas, but actually found on House Of Turquoise.

I believe blue works well with a white kitchen. On the other hand what colour wouldn't work with a white kitchen?

Via House To Home

I  don't know what I prefer: the table turned island, the painted buffet or the white top cabinet that are painted blue inside.

2. Blue in dining-rooms

Via House To Home

Via Best Home Decorators
I love the blue at the back of white cabinets!

3. Blue in living-rooms

Via Little Nudge

Via Olive Soup For The Soul
I couldn't find the link for the above photo though I had labelled it in my file. Either the blog doesn't exist anymore or I labelled it wrong. If you're the owner and you come across that post,  please let me know.

4.Blue in home offices

Via House To Home

Via House To Home.
Working can't be hard in such a room!

5. Blue in bedrooms

I love those drapes. And it seems the bedding is satin, don't you think?

Via Your Decorating Hot Line

6. Blue in bathrooms

Via Batchelors Way

I love that bathroom and you should head over to the blog (link above) because the before is "huh" and the transformation is amazing!

Via Dreaming Of June

So, if you were to add blue in one of your rooms, which one would you choose?

Alors et si vous ajoutiez du bleu à l'une de vos pièces, laquelle choisiriez-vous?

I would like to thank my suscribers. I just found the way to check who suscribed on this new blog today (the only thing more complicated now than on the previous blog) and I was happy delighted, to see that my former suscribers had followed me here. If you're new here, welcome to The Little White House.

 If you're wondering what amount of blue is right for your home, check part 4 for new inspiration pictures.

Merci à tous ceux qui se sont inscrits sur le blog... Je viens juste de découvrir comment trouver qui s'est inscrit par mail... C'est un peu plus compliqué qu'auparavant, mais j'ai compris comment faire.

Si vous vous demandez quelle quantité de bleu est la bonne pour votre décor, lisez le quatrième épisode où de nouvelles photos vous attendront, prêtes à vous inspirer.

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  1. Oui, à mon avis, il faut choisir une pièce ou deux maximum... car trop de bleu tue le bleu !!!
    Une touche par ci par là, c'est joli. Mais jusqu'à présent, ce n'était pas ma couleur préférée dans une maison. Tu es en train de me faire changer d'avis.

  2. Beautiful images, Magali! I love any room painted a soft, calm blue.
    xx, Sherry

  3. Wow, such lovely pictures--I love the swanky blue bedroom with those curtains!

  4. Beautiful blues. Who can be in a "blue mood" with all of those lovely blues around!

  5. These are all so pretty but I especially like that first kitchen.Love the white and blue.

  6. I like the blue in the kitchen best. :)
    Over from Lavender Garden...and linking to follow. Come see me when u can.

  7. I love pale blues and aquas and used them a lot in my current project.

  8. Hmmm. What room would I choose? I would probably go with the bathroom for blue in my house. I do have one more bathroom to paint or do something with. Although it is a small room and I am drawn more to the darker blues. Maybe as an accent?

  9. I am a color person so I love the idea of blue in a house. I love all the kitchens.

    I found you via the party at Lavender Cottage and I love your blog title. Mine is Art and Sand - Life in a little cottage by the sea. I am on a different ocean though.

  10. Blue at the back of the cabinets was such a great idea! ~Pernilla

  11. I love them all!! Thank you for sharing this at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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