Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Too blue or not too blue?

The Sea Colour File - part  4

Now that you have your mind set on a shade of blue (if you don't, reading part 2 of this series should help you) and that you've chosen which room of the house looks perfect in blue (if not, go read part 3, I'll be waiting for you here), let's see how much blue you should add to that room.

Maintenant que vous savez quelle teinte de bleu a votre préférence ( si vous avez encore des doutes, relisez cet article) et que vous avez choisi quelle pièce rend le mieux en bleu d'après vous (là encore, en cas d'hésitation, lisez ici), voyons quelle quantité de bleu est la plus appropriée pour votre goût personnel.

If you're bold, you could play with different shades of blue to have an all-blue room.

Si vous êtes du genre aventurière, vous choisirez un camaïeu pour une pièce très bleue.

Via Lou Lou's Décor

I'm not that bold.

Maybe a little less blue would be enough. Just the walls, then?

Peut-être qu'un peu moins de bleu conviendrait mieux, car cela permet de continuer à jouer avec les couleurs.

Via Daily Home Decorating

Via Beyond The Portico

Via Change of Sceneries

Via Change of Sceneries
I love that those two kitchen kept the blue to the walls and have either off-white or very light grey cabineets, preventing the room to create an aquarium feeling.

Blue could also be only a little nook (I'm not sure it's the right word for "niche", please feel free to correct me) drawing the attention.

Le bleu peut aussi être utilisé dans une niche de la pièce pour attirer l'attention.

Via Indulgy (I couldn't track where the picture exactly came from).

Via Coastal Living

I like that idea a lot. I have no nook in the house yet, though!!!

Je dois dire que j'adore cette idée... Je n'ai pas encore de niche dans la maison... Mais je vais sûrement trouver un moyen!

An other idea to had small amounts of blue is to keep it to a few items rather than the walls.

Une autre solution, plus rapide à mettre en place et à faire évoluer, est de s'en tenir à des touches de bleu, une table, des chaises, des coussins...

Via In My Own Style

The table or the chairs? Which do you prefer?

Via The Cottage of Vinnord
Or would you rather just throw a few blue cushions on the sofa?
Via Felix-Feliz.

So, do you have blue in your homes? What is blue in your home?

Alors y a-t-il du bleu dans vos maisons? Que possédez-vous de bleu?

Do you wonder what colour would be best with a blue decor? Hop on to part 5.

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  1. Oui ! J'adooore les touches de bleu dans les niches, cela fait ressortir le blanc... J'aime bien aussi la cuisine blanche (Ikéa ?) avec un mur turquoise...

  2. Bonjour! J'ai un mur bleu qui ressemble a la prermiere photo, derriere mon lit et ca me plait beaucoup. J'adore la table turquoise!

  3. When it comes to using colors, I choose to 'dot' the interior rather than going all blue.

    The color of the wall is quite 'permenant' so I will not paint it blue otherwise all the furniture has to go well with it. Maybe the decorations go blue will do the job.

  4. Je reviens pour te dire que tu m'a fais tres heureuse en disant que "my french is so perfect" LOL! J'apprenais francais du kindergarten au lycee et mon niveau etait tres haut, me maintenant il y a plus de vingt ans que je ne l'ai pas utilise et chaque fois que j'ecris je suis sure que je ne fais que des fautes.
    Thanks for following, I am following back via bloglovin

  5. Those are beautiful photos! I have tried color on my walls, but I always return to white walls, using color just for accents (i.e. pillows, pictures, throws, etc.). Painted walls are too much of a commitment for me. I guess I'm fickle! haha

    Thanks for your comment on our (almost all white) living room!!!!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  6. Precioso Blog, gracias por visitarme.

  7. Hi Magali, I love using blue and white in our home. I prefer to use it in accessories rather than walls painted blue. I have that same dining table but my base is painted black. I have been thinking of painting it and it is great to get an idea of how it would look. Thanks for joining the Open House party. xx, Sherry

  8. Hello, found you through Savvy Southern Style. Your cottage looks so charming! I'm following now and look forward to seeing more. Liking the "blue" posts.

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life

  9. I love all these photos! For myself, I keep the palette of the room light and add lovely shades of blue/teal as accents.
    What a lovely blog by the way~
    All Things Heart and Home

  10. Those chairs are fantastic! You are making me a believer in blue. Should I ever buy a home be the sea (or a lake) I will definitely have to refer back to these posts for inspiration.

  11. I love the opposite dining rooms equally.

    Your home is so charming already.

    I've found in remodeling that I need to work with what I have. If I could have I would of pull all the damaged plaster off the block walls of the kitchen, but I could see how badly the walls were damaged by previous remodels, so I decided to cover them. On the other hand I removed the ugly tile and carpet that someone put over original concrete floors because where the floors were good they looked like stone. This saved money that needed to go to repair plumbing and the electrical.

  12. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post at Simple & Sweet Fridays! Your cottage is so perfect! Love the blue!



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