Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All I Want For Spring Is A little Sunshine

I'm interrupting the "Cottage Floor Plan Series" to make an official announcement.
Spring has finally arrived here in Brittany.

I thought it was worth stopping everything and sharing with you a few pictures, especially since it's supposed to be over tomorrow.

The shortest spring ever!

J'ai pensé que l'arrivée tant attendue du printemps en Bretagne méritait d'interrompre la série du mois sur les plans possibles pour le cottage. D'autant plus qu'apparemment, il pleut dès demain. Ce sera un printemps éclair!

It was nice to do some gardening and to check on the seeds that are patiently waiting for warmer days on the kitchen window sill.

Quel plaisir d'avoir les mains dans la terre et de regarder les graines germer et attendre des jours plus chauds sur le rebord de la fenêtre de la cuisine.

The recipe for the cookies in the jar is on its way...

La recette des cookies sera partagée un peu plus tard...

I just loved seeing the sunshine coming through this window again (it doesn't happen on shorter winter days).

Ah, revoir le soleil passer par la fenêtre de la cuisine, chose qui n'arrive pas en hiver où les jours sont trop courts, est une bonne image du bonheur...

 Did you notice something changed between the last photo and the one before the last? I'm so ashamed...

In order to celebrate spring, the wonderful Cheryl from Beachcomber has a giveaway. Pop on her blog to check the wonderful jewellery she makes for her etsy shop and you might be the lucky winner of a $30 voucher... I'm going to be very shellfish selfish here and hope I win!!!

Le printemps pointe-il aussi le bout de son nez dans votre coin du monde?

Is spring also making your heart sing in your corner of the world?

A bientôt,

See you soon,

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  1. Spring is being elusive - old one day, warm the next.

  2. Hmmm, that cookie jar is empty!
    A friend who lives near Rostrenen tells me that the winds are still wintry,

  3. I love your photos. I feel like I am there enjoying your day with you. Yes, spring is very fickle here, too. One day it is 80 and the next 52. I am looking forward to all days of warm weather.
    xo Laura

  4. Chez moi, dans le Sud le printemps est très présent , capricieux mais présent .
    Ce que je remarque chez toi , c"est le rebord des fenêtres à l'intérieur , j'ai voulu ça chez moi aussi & je trouve qu"en période plus fraiche , il est très agréable de pouvoir y déposer plein de petites choses . J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance qui se dégage de ton intérieur .
    Bises . Babette

    1. Les murs sont très épais dans une vieille maison et les tablettes sous les fenêtres sont essentiellement l'observatoire des chats, mais j'ai négocié de conserver celle de la cuisine pour mes plantes qui attendent les beaux jours pour rejoindre le potager! Merci de cette visite et de ce gentil mot.

  5. Je me demandais si le soleil existait toujours ! C'est bien agréable de le revoir et de voir aussi s'épanouir les petites fleurs. J'ai hâte de partir à Dinard planter mes salades !

  6. Magali:
    Looks like great spring progress and I love the work station on the table and also the window photos! (We had a little snow last night)

  7. I'm singing away here because spring has sprung! I love your pictures, especially the ones in the kitchen and the beautiful moth!

  8. We had spring yesterday and today, I am hoping it will continue but won't hold my breath! Everything is racing out of the ground now to take advantage. Maybe we will be lucky from now on. Take care. Chel x

  9. Glorious shots of spring sunshine, it really deserves a celebration!

  10. Hello!

    Have been taking a little tour of your terrific progress of your most charming little white house! You have lovely taste! Looking forward to more reveals!


  11. Glad you had a lovely day of sunshine! Hopefully spring will arrive and stay for a while soon! Looks like someone enjoyed a few cookies, and by the way, I love the apothecary jar they're in!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. Magali, those look like my kind of cookies!! I bet they were tasty.
    I love your little curtain in that window. So cute.
    I am hoping that we get some warm weather soon although the rain has helped to eliminate some of our snow. Happy for you though!!

  13. I sure hope all those cookies were good. I'm betting from the fact you have an empty jar that they were. :-)
    Spring has finally arrived here. It's been on again, off again, but I think it has decided to stay. Tristan and I even got out and did some work in our garden yesterday. I hope to get a few more things in the ground this weekend. Happy Spring!

  14. Magali, Spring is my favorite season and I love your sweet touches. Getting out and playing in the dirt is truly therapy for me. Thanks for sharing fory SYC.

  15. Yeah! So glad to spring in your corner of the world! Looking forward to seeing all your spring flowers - love your last picture - beautiful! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  16. Les rebords de fenêtre, j'admire! C'est ce que j'ai préféré dans les maisons en Allemagne avec la multitude d'objets posés dessus qui décorent et la maison et la rue!


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