Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Curtain Call

The Kitchen Window Series (it's a soap opera, really) - part 4

So, I had promised you that there would be other episodes after the kitchen window reveal. Here it comes.

Je vous avez promis d'autres épisodes sur ma fenêtre de cuisine que vous avez enfin pu voir dans l'épisode 3.

The kitchen is the only downtairs window facing the street. It's not a very busy street, but people do walk or jog  there to go to the nearby pond (I know, I'm lucky).

La fenêtre de la cuisine est la seule de mes fenêtres du rez-de-chaussée qui donne sur la rue. Ce n'est pas très passant, mais c'est tout de même l'itinéraire préféré des joggeurs et des familles qui vont jusqu'à l'étang tout proche.

So I needed some kind of window treatment. 

Du coup, j'avais besoin d'un rideau.

The aim was to block people's view, so the kind of curtain that only covers the top of the window that I see so often on blogland was ruled out.

Le but étant de couper la vue des promeneurs, le rideau mignon qui ne cache que le haut de la fenêtre a été éliminé d'office.

Via The Little Black Door

I had that vision of white sheer curtains floating in the wind...

J'avais bien une vision idyllique de voilages flottant dans le vent...

Via Decorating With Sheets
But either it would have slapped jogger in the face while jogging in front of the cottage or they would have caught fire while I was cooking! Ruled out... Or nearly.

Mais cela risquait d'énerver les passants, ou de prendre feu dans la cuisine. Eliminé aussi, ou presque.

Via House To Home

It soon became obvious that café curtains were both something I like and a reasonable choice.

Le choix judicieux, et qui me plaisait, s'est vite avéré être un rideau de type bistrot à mi-hauteur.

Via First Home Dreams
 They would allow the light to come in by the top part of the window and would prevent joggers from peeking at the inside of the cottage. 

Cela permettait à la lumière de rentrer par le haut de la fenêtre et coupait radicalement les regards indiscrets.

Via Maillard Ville Manor
But I wanted them to be able to be opened if I'd like to.

Mais je voulais que les miens puissent ouvrir quand je le souhaitais.

Via The Cottage Nest
And I wanted them white.

Et je les voulais blancs.

So, now is the time to remind you that I have very limited sewing skills... And that all the café curtains I was able to find in shops were both not to my liking and too expensive.

C'est le moment de vous avouer mes compétences très limitées en couture... Et de vous dire que tout ce que j'ai trouvé dans le commerce qui ressemblait de loin seulement à ce que j'avais en tête était très cher.

So, how did I get the ones you saw in the kitchen reveal? That's what you'll know in part 5! I'm evil, I know.

Alors, comment ai-je obtenu les rideaux que vous avez vu dans l'épisode 3? C'est ce que vous saurez en lisant l'épisode 5! Je sais, je suis incorrigible!

Do you have any favourite kitchen window treatment? Feel free to add a link to a post about your kitchen window treatment in the comments!

Et vous, avez-vous une façon préférée d'habiller vos fenêtres de cuisine?

See you soon,

A bientôt,

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  1. I don't know how you did it, but I'm sure it's lovely!!!

    I once made cafe curtains for my daughters play house at our former home. I used an expandable rod and rings and attached pretty kitchen towels. On her house it made full window curtains. I should post her adorable house that we built her when she was little.

  2. i love the 1st photo!
    cafe curtains are a good idea to give you privacy & easy to make.

  3. Hmmm, evil is a strong word, but ............
    waiting is fine, as patience is a virtue !
    My kitchen is not overlooked so I have no window treatments though I think the café curtain idea is my favourite, so that you wouldn't cut out much light.

  4. You give us something to look forward to...:) Can't wait to hear how you acquired your perfect curtains.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. Kitchen towels was my tip as well, as replied above. White and blue striped linen towels i find gourgeous, just clippen on a rod. I also like these homemade shutters, but they are maybe better in a bathroom
    (Ernst is a designer profile in sweden. He walks around barefoot and "feels in" summer houses)

  6. I have white cafe curtains in our bedroom - the only room in the house with curtains - to give us privacy but lots of light. Oh, and one little white cafe curtain in the entry for a minimum of privacy since we have a window in the door with no curtain.

    I can't wait to see what you did.

  7. Magali, I finally have a moment to catch up on your last few posts (I am on vacation with my oldest granddaughter). I love what you did with the window and I cannot wait to see how you made the curtains! I, also, enjoyed the beach shots, especially, since we have been enjoying the beach here, too.

  8. Moi, j'ai résolu le problème à Dinard comme je n'ai pas de vis à vis... pas de rideaux ! Et puis j'aime tellement mes fenêtres à guillotine conseillées par ma décoratrice préférée que cela aurait été dommage de les cacher !

  9. Yes, you are evil. Evil, evil, evil.


  10. You are a great tease, but it is so much fun! Waiting for your next post!

  11. The curtain flying to the joggers face made me laugh! I agree with you on the cafe for your purpose, for mine, I'm doing natural woven blinds/shades since my kitchen window faces our garage/driveway. Your killing us with the suspense dear. Will wait how you did it with much angst.. ;-)

  12. I've just had blinds in pale blue and white check made for my kitchen, quoted £360 by Laura Ash, I had them done by a friend for a tenth of the price!

  13. Cafe' curtains are my favorite for cottage kitchens! I've used kitchen towels and linen napkins with those clip on rings in the past for easy style :)

  14. lol - the curtains would have slapped joggers in the face LOL

  15. I laughed too when I read the curtains slapping joggers in the face. Looking forward to your curtain reveal!

  16. The flowing curtains look lovely, but I totally understand your concerns about a fire hazard! My husband and I desperately need to remodel our kitchen. It's definitely something we have planned for the near future.

  17. Café curtains are just what you need. Privacy but still allowing the light to shine in. Although it might be quite entertaining to see sheer curtains slapping joggers in the face every now and then. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Hello, an amazing Information dude. Thanks for sharing this nice information with us. Café curtains


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