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Rear Window

The Kitchen Window Series (it's a sopa opera, really) - part 1

So, I'm going to tell you my kitchen window's story this month. "How can that be a series?" are you asking yourself. Well, I, on the other hand, am worried that I won't be able to tell you everything there's to it in a month!

Ce mois-ci, la saga (je crois que cela va dépasser la série) va être consacré à la fenêtre de cuisine. Si, si, je vous assure, cela va prendre un bout de temps!

If you want to see really beautiful windows and have missed the previous post, visit the abbaye de Beauport here and I'll wait for you there.

En attendant, si vous voulez voir des fenêtres vraiment magnifiques et que vous avez raté le précédent article, allez faire un tour à l'abbaye de Beauport,  je vous attends là.

Are you back to the cottage? Well, I'm pretty sure every time I tell you I live in a fisherman's cottage in France, you imagine I cook in a kitchen looking somewhat like that.

Vous êtes de retour? Bon, je suppose que lorsque je vous parle de mon petit cottage de pêcheur, vous m'imaginez tous en train de préparer mes recettes préférées dans une cuisine qui ressemble un peu à ça...

Via House Beautiful
Well, at least, that's what I would imagine, if I didn't have to face a harsh reality every morning when I come into the kitchen in my neightgown to put the kettle on.

Moi, en tout cas, c'est ce que j'avais en tête en cherchant la maison, mais voilà ce à quoi ressemblait la cuisine le jour où j'ai visité la maison...

This is what the kitchen looked like the day I first visited the house. Not really cottage-y, is it?

Pas très "cottage", tout ça, hein?

I first visited the house in April, so hydrangeas weren't blooming yet.
Now, I still don't have my dream kitchen, but some work has already been done.
  • The wall between the kitchen and dining-room is gone. (Missed that? It's here).
  • The floor is no longer that orange ugliness. (Missed that too? It's here).
  • The ceiling is no longer made of drywalls badly patched. (Missed that as well? It's here).

En fait, je n'ai toujours pas la cuisine de mes rêves, mais quelques progrès ont été faits.
  •  Le mur entre la cuisine et la salle-à-manger est tombé. (Vous avez manqué ça? C'est ici.)
  • Le sol n'est plus constitué de dalles orangées de terrasse. (Vous avez aussi manqué ça? C'est .)
  • Le faux plafond est parti. (Ne me dites pas.... C'est .)
 The ugliness we're tackling this month is the window.

 Ce mois-ci, on s'attaque donc à la méchante fenêtre. J'avais plein de raison de vouloir la changer: le tour en PVC énorme gâchait la lumière, la fenêtre coulissante était étonnement facile à déboîter de l'extérieur, et surtout, elle ne faisait pas assez "cottage"à mon goût!

I had several reasons to change it:
  • Number one reason for me: it wasn't cottage-y enough. I'm the only one around here who understood that reason and I hope some people on blogland will side with me on this one.
  • Though the house is old and therefore all the windows have weird proportions, previous owners had bought a standard window and had put some vinyl all around so there wouldn't be a gaping hole between the window and the wall. So much light was lost.
  • It's the only window on the "front" of the house, meaning on the road and this sliding window was so easy to open from the outside I didn't like it very much.

So, can you guess what the new window look like? You didn't expect me to show it to you right away, did you?

Bon, alors, vous avez deviné à quoi ressemble la nouvelle fenêtre? Non, mais vous ne croyiez tout de même pas que j'allais vous la montrer tout de suite!

See you soon, for some window shopping inspiration!

A bientôt, pour faire un peu de lêche-vitrine fenêtre!

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  1. Why do you do this to us LOL???
    We would still come back if you showed us a little more you know LMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I can't wait...................( as you can tell I'm impatient )
    ( p.s. I'm going to start showing one drawer at a time when I show my makeovers LOL )

  2. When we first bought our farmhouse in Brittany the neighbours were astonished that we replaced old windows with wooden ones. Why not PVC? they asked. It was difficult to explain that we wanted to keep the spirit of the house,.....(crazy English!)
    We were also surprised that there were apparently no planning laws stopping PVC doors and windows being put into old houses.

  3. It's looking really good! Can't wait to see the new window!!

  4. Your cottage is totally amazing and you have made unreal progress. Can't wait to see the new window. Hugs, marty

  5. Looking forward to the reveal here too!!! Have a good restful weekend Magali!

  6. Bon, moi, évidemment, je sais... mais j'admire ton courage pour te mettre si souvent dans les travaux... et dès que tu as terminé un côté, tu en attaques un autre ! Bon courage pour la suite.

  7. You have done an amazing job thus far with the renos. Always looking forward to any and all changes!

  8. LOVE those blue shutters - the colour is wonderful! Can't wait to see the update.


  9. I know exactly what it's going to look like. But I'm not going to tell you and ruin the surprise. :P


  10. I'm sure your'll be able to fix it dear, all the other projects your've done have been wonderful so far! Can't wait to see it all done!

  11. Oh, I should have known better than to expect the photo of the window! I love the floral light in the ceiling of your kitchen/dining room by the way!

  12. I completely see that the window isn't cottage-y, way too much PVC. Looking forward to the finished result !

  13. It is all looking so inviting! Can't wait to see the new window!

  14. What wonderful progress you have made on your kitchen renovations. Cannot wait to see your new window.


  15. Your cottage has lots of charm, and I look forward to seeing what you've decided on for the window! And yes, I totally get your need for a "cottage" home.

  16. Well, you've got me! Now I have to come back to see your new cottage window. Wow, I'm impressed that you write your blog in 2 languages. How long have you lived in France and where are you originally from? I love the progress you've made so far with your kitchen and I love the last photo of the window. It looks cottagy to me. I hope you'll pop by my blog for a little visit. I'm from the Great Lake state in Michigan. I'm following you on google now.

  17. Well, I fell in love with your kitchen even before you started I know I'll love it when you finish. :)
    I wouldn't like an easy-open window, either...I am too much a scaredy cat !!:))

  18. You are such a tease! Our new home being built is full of big windows and high ceilings....the actual footprint of the home is smallish, though. I just NEED light, so yes, I definitely side with you on this!

  19. I am loving what you're doing to your home - keep dreaming your cottagy dreams and I know you'll make them come true - beautiful post.
    I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  20. Your home is coming along beautifully, can't wait to see your choice!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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