Sunday, August 18, 2013

Poignée d'Amour

The Kitchen Window Series (It's a soap opera, really) - part 6

So, I had promised to show you the handle I chose for the kitchen window and then, I forgot. Good things my readers leave me comments to remind me where my own series is going!!!

Je vous avais promis de vous parler de ma recherche de la poignée parfaite pour ma fenêtre de cuisine... Et puis, j'ai oublié. Heureusement, une de mes lectrices m'a rappelé ma promesse!

Just as a reminder, here's the handle the carpenter had on the window the day it came in!

Au cas où vous auriez oublié vous aussi, la poignée quand la fenêtre est arrivée ressemblait à ça.

Huh? What? This handle on my designed-to-look-original kitchen window? Certainly not, sir. He looked at me in disbelief.

"It's a perfectly good handle, Mam!"

Euh? Quoi? Cette poignée pour ma fenêtre inspiration cottage? Sûrement pas! Le charpentier m'a regardé comme si j'étais folle.

"Elle est parfaite cette poignée et très pratique, Madame. Tous les clients en sont contents."

Clearly, we don't have the same definition of "good"!

So off I went to find a "good handle".

And here's what I found.

Bon, nous n'avions pas la même idée de la poignée "parfaite". Voilà ce que moi, j'ai trouvé.

I liked that it was porcelain and that it was white.

Un bouton en porcelaine blanche à l'ancienne.

Now, if you're observant, you can see my cheap camera reflecting in the handle!

It's lovely enough so that you can notice it, but it's small and white enough so it doesn't distract you from the window like the previous one. And obviously, it's more French cottage than the ugly grey plastic thing I had before (I only kept it one day and that was already too much)!

Elle est suffisamment jolie pour se faire remarquer et suffisamment discrète pour ne pas détourner l'attention de la fenêtre, contrairement à l'autre qui était une sorte de verrue grise que je n'ai supporté qu'une journée!

You may have notice that I have a little rust paint touch ups to do on the screws where the paint didn't hold when I removed them to paint the window... One more thing on the never ending to-do list about that window.

J'ai une petite retouche à faire sur les vis en peinture couleur rouille car la peinture d'origine n'a pas tenu le coup quand j'ai démonté la poignée pour peindre la fenêtre. Un truc de plus sur la liste des choses à faire avec cette fenêtre (une vraie saga, je vous dis!)

I really tried not to show you the sides of the window while taking those handle pictures because there's a small DIY project going on here and I'll tell you all about it soon, but apparently, it involves dust, as it shows on this picture!

J'ai vraiment essayé de ne pas prendre en photo l'encadrement de fenêtre pour vous réserver la surprise de ce petit projet pour le prochain article... Mais en tout cas, le projet a été poussiéreux comme en témoigne cette photo!

Of course, while DIY-ing, I had removed my beloved café curtains (you can read all about them here), but I hadn't noticed the dust on the handle until I marked that picture!!!

Bien sûr, j'avais enlevé mes petits rideaux (vous pouvez lire ici comment je les ai faits ourlés) pour ce projet poussiéreux, mais je n'avais rien remarqué sur la poignée avant de mettre la photo sur le blog!

So come back soon at The Little White House to see more about that cottage window!

A bientôt pour le prochain "projet fenêtre"! Je m'en vais épousseter ma poignée!

I'm off to dust ly handle! Do you like it by the way?

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Magali!
    It's perfect for your charming window (estoy empezando a cogerle cariño a tu ventana)

  2. Lovely Magali, I love your curtains and the delicate handle. You have excellent taste and I love how your beautiul cottage is coming together. Ann

  3. I so understand the bewilderment of your were thinking outside his 'box'! The French artisans like everything to be as it comes out of the box, and just don't understand why, (in my case) we replace metal handles with lovely cut glass ones.

  4. Perfect choice! It's beautiful & fits with the style you're going for. What do men know anyway??!

  5. I do love it - is absolutely perfect. Magali, I am enjoying this series so much - keep the post coming!

  6. Lindo! O puxador é mesmo adequado ao estilo da sua casa! Boa escolha! Manuela

    1. Muito obrigado! Eu queria que a alça para combinar com o estilo da janela.

  7. Oui, tu es perfectionniste et un petit peu maniaque... mais bon, cela fait partie de ton charme... et ta fenêtre est mille fois plus jolie avec ce petit bouton de porcelaine.

  8. My hubby & I have just been saying that whenever working with contractors they rarely have the same 'vision' as you. I think I drove our guy crazy. We starting on another project soon, I bet he decades working with us :-/ Happy Sunday! Lx

  9. It is so pretty. Everything about that window is perfect, even the dust! Cheers.

  10. All the details you chose is perfect!

  11. I love the new knobs. Knobs are VERY IMPORTANT. You can't just have any old knob.

  12. Perfect choice, Magali!! I wanted to replac the ugly plastic handles that are part of our new aluminum doors and windows, but my husband, the contractor, forbid it as it would have been an 'unnecessary' (for him) expense, but a VISUALLY VITAL one for me! I commend you on your persistence and taste!


  13. Magali, the handles are perfect and they look terrific!

  14. Magali, the new handle is perfect, but I knew it would be because you have such excellent taste. xo Laura

  15. Such an improvement and very cottage-esque!

  16. Yes, the handle looks perfect...just like the window, it "belongs." Looking forward to the rest of the window saga!

  17. I do like the white handle--very pretty and works well with your new window and curtains.

  18. It's perfect Magali - just perfect!

  19. I dolove White round handles, they have such a vintage look to them! Perfect! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. Big hugs,

  20. Magali,
    So tasteful-love the clean lines and white porcelain is just a perfect choice!
    Warm Hugs,

  21. So often it's the little details who make everything right... You just picked the perfect handle for this custom job! Adorable <3

  22. AND what do men know??? Nothing...They know nothing!!!
    Your little white door knob is just gorgeous and just perfect for that door. Its all coming together. Great job.
    PS most men would rather mow down a rose bush than mow around it...Fact!
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

    1. That is so true! My dad would love it if my Mom got rid of all her rose bushes, it would make mowing so much easier!

  23. Oh, your white handle is so pretty, Magali! I love it! My favourite kinds of handles; white porcelain and crystal. You made the right choice. Looks darling!


  24. Just found your lovely blog and I am smitten! I've gone all the way back and read up on each renovation! LOL I am charmed by you sweet cottage and all that you are doing. Love the knob and window and can't wait for the next installment!
    New follower,

  25. It looks fantastic - great choice. And I love the outside of your windows - gorgeous blue shutters with those hydrangeas - love!

  26. The handle is perfect! I am going back to find the beginning of the window saga. I love the curtains...but I have to say that I adore the view! Perfect!...hugs...Debbie

  27. I love it, how fabulous is that and just the perfect handle. Hugs, marty

  28. Hi Magali,
    Apologies for my lengthy absence from the Little White House! However, I have much of the weekend catching up, much to my entertainment!! It's not just the suspense filled posts but all your incidents and accidents that amuse me. Please don't get me wrong, I sympathise but it's the way you tell them!! So funny!! The cottage looks amazing, the renovation is really coming along, looking very cottagey. Great job on the window, both the curtains and the handle are perfect. I'm very excited about the online shop, I have no doubt I will be making a purchase in the near future!
    Talk soon......

  29. Magali, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. The renovation is looking fantastic! I love the porcelain handle, just perfect! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!



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