Friday, March 08, 2013

Celtic Woman

A Saint-Patrick Tea

 To everyone who left kind worried messages after reading my last post, thank you very much about your concern. As you can see, the Little White House has been saved from the water, though it's been a very difficult time.

The series will be back with a third part on how to lessen rising damp. But I thought we could have a break with a nice cup of tea, what do you think?

Merci à tous ceux qui m'ont écrit des commentaires compatissants suite à mon article sur les problèmes d'humidité rencontrés dans ma Petite Maison. Comme vous le voyez sur ces photos, je suis maintenant au sec et j'expliquerai comment dans un prochain article. Mais là, c'est l'heure de la pause thé.

I bought this Saint-Patrick tea some weeks ago, thinking I would be allowed to drink tea by March... But no such luck (that's how you know, I'm not really Irish, I guess), this drink still burns my tongue like fire (one of the side effect of anemia, who knew?). Still I brewed some for you and the smell was enough to make my day!

J'avais acheté il y a quelques temps au Comptoir Irlandais, pensant naïvement qu'en mars je pourrais reboire du thé... Mais anémie mon amie me l'interdit toujours: le thé et le café me brûlent méchamment la langue... Un des effets secondaires de l'anémie, bizarre, non?

I chose this cup for you from my collection. It's actually a French coffee cup from the forties or fifties, given the design. But I thought the light green rim was perfect. It's not an Irish green, though, it's more of a sage green. It's from the "Faïencerie d'Orchies" whose mark is a wind mill. Speaking of wind-mills, if you want to see a real one, hop on here.

Cette tasse dont le tour vert d'eau m'avait séduite dans un vide-grenier provient de la faïencerie d'Orchies.

It was so nice to have you over for tea, lucky you who can drink it! Thanks for stopping by!

J'ai été ravie de vous avoir pour ce petit thé irlandais. Merci de votre visite.

See you soon,

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  1. I am the first to a comment !! Quel dommage que ta mother ait oublié la belle tasse verte. Mais celle-ci est sobre et très jolie aussi. J'espère de tout mon coeur que tu pourras bientôt reboire du thé.

  2. That green can is gorgeous! I love the french tea cup and saucer that is my favorite color. I hope you begin to feel better soon and send you healing thoughts.

  3. What beautiful photos - and what a perfect place to sit and have a cup of tea Magali!!!
    I didn't know anemia caused your tongue to burn ( I was anemic many years ago - but honestly don't remember that! )
    Be well -
    and as they say here in Montreal - " bon fin semaine "

  4. the green teacup is beautiful.. i felt like i was actually sitting there with you.
    hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Thanks for tea.
    Is it artic fire black tea?

    Drink it to good health!

  6. I am so glad you have a diagnosis and hope you will be on your way to recovery. I have found your cottage series fascinating. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for linking this sweet post to "Open House". Have a great weekend.

    Are their any antique shops where you live as I would love to see photos or antique or tea shops. I am an American who hasn't traveled much - although I have been to Israel in 1999 and love seeing your country.

  7. Such a wonderful setting and the teacup is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  8. I hope that you feel better and the anemia symptoms subside very quickly. Your table setting for tea is so pretty--I love the green tea container and the beautiful tea cup--perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

  9. i am totally jealous right now of your stone wall! and i love your china!!! beautiful! i found some johnson brothers china just like it (color/style) at the thrift shop but there were only 4 settings so i didn't get it. but it was so beautiful!

  10. Tes images sont bien jolies & cette tasse aussi .
    Prends soin de toi . Passe un excellent week end . Bises . Babette

  11. A perfect tea for St. Patrick's Day! So pretty! Thank you for sharing at TTF.

  12. Cute post Magali! I certainly approve of the St. Patrick's tea, where did you pick that up? Slainte!!

  13. I'd love to have some tea in such lovely china with you Magali and wish you a very happy St. Patty's Day and week.

  14. Such a pretty tea thanks for sharing

  15. I've never heard of St. Patrick Tea. Can I find it online?
    Beautiful photos. I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy the tea. I never knew that anemia could make your tongue burn.


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