Saturday, March 30, 2013

Everybody Talks About It...

It's everything everyone is talking about on blogland and on TV, but I have no idea when it will really make its entrance: SPRING.

Tout le monde ne parle que de ça sur la blogosphère comme à la télé, mais comme l'Arlésienne, on ne le voit pas beaucoup pour l'instant: le PRINTEMPS.

I don't know if anyone will believe me, but it snowed today on Brittany. It was too warm (nervous chuckle) so it melted right away, but come on, snowflakes on the last days of March? My fingers are again looking like boiled sausages (me and cold temps are not best friends).

Je ne sais pas si vous allez me croire, mais il a neigé aujourd'hui en Bretagne. Il faisait trop chaud (je pouffe un peu en écrivant ce mot) pour que cela tienne, mais bon, quand même des flocons fin mars, c'est inédit. Mes doigts ressemblent de nouveau à des saucisses ébouillantées, parce que le froid et moi, on n'est vraiment pas copains.

The weather lady on TV said it had been the coldest March for Brittany for 15 years. Not the first record I wanted to break when settling there!

 La présentatrice météo a dit ce soir qu'il s'agissait du mois de mars le plus froid en Bretagne depuis 15 ans. Pas vraiment le record que je comptais battre en m'installant en Bretagne.

So I decided to bring flowers inside since I can't be in the garden as much as Id' like too. The contenants are vintage milk bottles and vintage feed-bottles that were found in various empty-your-attic sales.

J'ai donc amené les fleurs à l'intérieur du cottage puisque s'asseoir dans le jardin n'est pas tout à fait d'actualité.

Wishing you all a spring-y Easter,

Je vous souhaite à tous des fêtes de Pâques printanières,

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  1. I know where you are coming from. We had snow again yesterday in Lincolnshire, then the sun came out in the afternoon to melt it away. What is going on with the weather?! I like you, have taken to bringing spring indoors. Everything will have to be late this year. Have a wonderful Easter. Chel x

  2. I feel that something is happening on Earth. Dont know what but the weather says it all.
    Not just in where you are living now but weather is going a bit crazy in many places as well and I notice that there are many small earthquakes happending around the world. Something is up.

    I love the presentation of your flowers. I cant stand the cold neither. I just hope that this summer will be a good one for all.

    By the way, to reply your questions, it's spring here and it's been raining a lot. I miss the spanish sun.

  3. Your photos are so beautiful and I love the shades of green paint on your walls! We have a few rooms painted green, my favourite colour. No comment about the weather, we are enjoying some cooler weather here in Victoria, I am actually sitting in front of the wood fire. Ann

  4. We have had Spring snow too. Ugh! But how much more we'll appreciate the first really warm day. Arrangement is lovely. Hope that you are continuing to feel well.

  5. I do see the first bulbs coming out of the ground in my backyard. I wonder why I see none on one side of the yard! I think the squirrels may have carried them away! Hope you have a restful weekend! I don't know if you had a spring break like the custom is for teachers is here in the US.

  6. I love your use of a collection of bottles for the centerpiece vase! Just beautifully done.

  7. On se gèle à Versailles aussi ! Et je n'ai pas même des fleurs pour me réchauffer ! Les tiennes sont vraiment jolies dans tes belles bouteilles !

  8. It's Spring here ( already told you I know I know ) the sun is shining - the snow is gone - and then just heard on the news they're calling for snow and rain on Monday LMAO - gotta laugh - or I'd just start weeping uncontrollably !!!
    Have a happy Easter Magali,
    Much love,

  9. It sure has made an entrance to your house, my friend...I mean Spring, lol! Lovely white roses. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. Have a happy and blessed Easter, too.

  10. I think Spring is finally here in Georgia. We have had two warm days, at last! I hope your Spring weather is not too far behind. Happy Easter!

  11. Hopefully spring will make it's appearance soon! We had a couple freezing nights this past week, but it is absolutely gorgeous outside now....perfect weather! Your photos are beautiful....those flowers are so pretty in the bottles....:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. Happy Springy-Easter to you too! Hopefully Spring will show itself real soon. Those roses displayed in the vintage bottles look beautiful, simple but lovely on the white table linen.

  13. Visst är världen upp och ner. Här är också kallare än vanligt. har haft sol nu i flera dagar men kalla nätter9 grader minus är inte ovanligt. Idag åker mannen till Paris där är det ju inte så hävligt väder heller kallt och regn såg vi på kartan Här skiner solen +1 grad så jag åker till kolonin med fikakorgen och har en skön stund.
    Ha det gott resten av Påsken
    Kram Meta

  14. joyeuses fêtes de pâques !
    Ici, on profite d'un rayon de soleil même si le temps est encore bien frais!
    Tes roses sont belles comme tout dsposées dans leurs bouteilles et elles illuminent ta pièce.
    Marry poppins

  15. Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you.

    On the last day or March we had our Easter Egg Hunt on the beach and then headed out for a bike ride. We turned back when we felt raindrops. We got home just before it came pouring down. March has been a crazy weather month. Hoping April brings better weather.

  16. Poor fingers!! I have the same problem when I get cold, and especially cold and damp or wet. Someone told me once it's called Raynaud's when your fingers and toes do that? Stay warm!!

    Your dining room is so pretty, and the flowers too. I love your pretty china hutch.

    Happy Easter!!!


  17. I love your mix of vintage bottles with the pretty white flowers. It all looks so fresh and springy. I hope you had a lovely Easter.

  18. I think white flowers in glass vases, jars or even glasses is such a "simply but elegant" look. I just recently did the same thing for an outdoor family get-together -- it looked so pretty. Hope you can be outside enjoying your flowers soon!

  19. Your spring flowers are so pretty. It snowed here on Monday so no Spring in my neck of the woods yet. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin.


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