Sunday, July 28, 2013

Behind The Scenes

So, this month I had two projects: opening an online shop and painting many things. 

J'avais deux projets pour le mois de juillet: ouvrir une boutique en ligne et peindre tout plein de choses.

The first project was completed and today, I'll take you backstage. The second project didn't happen, because of my cracked rib.

Le premier projet, c'est fait! Le deuxième est resté en plan après que je me suis fêlé une côte juste au début des vacances!

But before we go behind the scenes, let me tell you that I found Romeo's rightful owner and he went home today. It's very hard for me because I had really gotten used to him following me around all the time and looking at me like I was WonderWoman with his blue eyes, but I know it's ultimately a good thing.

Mais avant de vous emmener dans les coulisses de la boutique, je voulais vous dire que Roméo a retrouvé sa véritable famille. C'est un peu dur pour moi pour l'instant car je m'étais bien habituée à ce qu'il me suive partout et me regarde comme si j'étais WonderWoman. Mais sa maîtresse avait l'air ravi.

As you can see behind Romeo and in my dining-room, the project began with many boxes of china that I've been collecting.

Comme vous le voyez, le projet a commencé avec des cartons de vaisselle collectée depuis plusieurs années.

I bought a hutch, but it's already full and I still have many boxes!

J'ai acheté un vaisselier, mais il est déjà plein et il me reste encore beaucoup de cartons!

I also found an old door that I decided to paint white and I use it as a background to take pictures of the items.

J'ai aussi récupéré une vieille porte que j'ai peinte en blanc pour servir d'arrière plan aux articles.

For the summer collection I chose blue and yellow items and I'm already choosing what will be in the fall collection.

Pour la collection d'été, j'ai choisi des pièces bleues et des jaunes, et je travaille déjà sur ma collection d'automne!

I was very excited and a little nervous to send my first parcel.

Préparer le tout premier colis était aussi amusant que stressant.

At the Post Office, they let me take a picture!
Now, I shared with you that project, because it's part of what's happening at The Little White House right now, but the blog is not going to become an ad for the shop, there's still a lot of work to be done at the cottage and I'll soon be back with a little renovation project.

J'ai adoré partagé ce projet avec vous, tout simplement parce que cela a occupé beaucoup de temps ce mois-ci au cottage. Mais le blog garde sa vocation première, vous faire partager la rénovation d'une vieille maison, dans laquelle il reste beaucoup de travail. Il ne deviendra pas une page de pub pour la boutique.

Just in case you need proof, this is what my living-room looked like last Friday.

Juste pour vous en convaincre, regardez la déco de mon salon ce dernier vendredi, alors que le peintre venait s'occuper du plafond!

I decided to let a painter deal with the living-room's ceiling since a craked rib really doesn't tell you "paint your ceiling yourself!"

Une côte fêlée ne donnant pas très envie de peindre, j'ai du retard dans ma peinture, mais au moins, c'est sûr, le plafond sera ainsi fait avant ma rentrée. Si vous voulez voir celui de la salle-à-manger, déjà fini, jetez un oeil .

If you want to have a look at the dining-room ceiling, which is already done, have a look here.

As one of my amazing readers suggested, I added a button link to my Etsy on my sidebar, so you can have a look whenever you want.

Shadow likes the new décor! (I don't!)
So, let me just tease you the way I love to, next month project includes a saw at some point. Any ideas?

Bon, laissez moi faire monter le suspens comme j'aime bien le faire, le projet du mois d'août implique une scie à un moment donné. Des idées?

See you soon,

A bientôt,

I'm joining the following parties:

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home                    Knick of Time Interiors                        
Elizabeth and Co.                          


  1. Love your dishes and the door is terrific. Looks like everything is coming along great.
    Romeo is such a beautiful cat and I am so glad that you found his owner.
    How did you break you rib? Take care of yourself.
    Have a wonderful productive week.

  2. The owner was so lucky that Romeo found you.

    The painter did a fantastic job on the ceiling! It looks really pretty!!!

    Such pretty plates.

  3. I am glad you found Romeo's home but I know it's bittersweet. How exciting to send off your first package! Take care of yourself! Sending healing thoughts to you!

    Oh, and I have no guess about the project for next month. I'll have to keep checking back for more clues.

  4. I'm glad for you! You are beginning a new project and that's great! I wish you have a great success.

    Hugs from Jerez


  5. Sorry to hear about your cracked rib...glad you found Romeo's owner, and good luck with your Etsy venture!

  6. Dear Romeo, good for his owner, but a bit sad for you, I guess.
    Um, sawing? Cutting up logs, cutting down trees????

  7. That ceiling is to die for Magali - absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the stone wall too.................
    And congrats on your Etsy - hope you do amazingly well with it

  8. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BUSINESS VENTURE! Drumroll here......this is so exciting!

  9. Roméo a passé deux semaines de vacances dans ton petit paradis, mais je sais que cela a été difficile de le laisser partir... maintenant on va pouvoir déblayer le garage pour que tu puisses ranger ta vaisselle... Bises

  10. I should open an etsy shop. I have a lot of stuff! Sorry about your rib. Ouch!

  11. Wow, your ceiling looks gorgeous! I hope that your Esty shop just takes off!

  12. Donc cette pièce est pratiquement finie maintenant que tu as dû enlever les housses...Ce blanc doit illuminer la pièce, ce qui n'est pas gagné d'avance dans une longère!

    1. Il reste encore une couche de peinture à passer lundi. Après, il ne restera presque rien à faire: des murs à peindre, un escalier à poncer, une cheminée à refaire et un poêle à installer, des étagères à créer, bref, en quelques années, ce sera fait!

  13. I am sorry that Romeo is gone and I hope your rib is healing.

    How exciting to send off your first parcel.

  14. I'm so excited for you that you've opened your own little shop! I hope it does well. As for Romeo...what a beautiful kitty. His blue eyes are amazing. I'm glad he's back with his rightful owner, but it's almost too bad that he wasn't a permanent stray so that you could've kept him. xoxo

  15. I would miss Romeo too, he looks so adorable, but at least you know he has gone 'home'.
    I seriously love your ceiling, I just can't think of anything better than white beams and good luck with your etsy shop, I am sure you will do well !

  16. When I took a peek at your ETSY shop the other day, I thought it was really pretty with all the yellow and blue. I didn't realize you had planned it that way...:)How exciting to have made your first sale....congratulations! I love it! Romeo was such a cutie and I'm sure you miss him but I'm happy you found his family!

    Have a blessed Sunday evening...Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  17. I'm so happy and so sad at the same time about Romeo!! What a beautiful boy. Glad to hear about your first sale!


  18. So happy kitty's owner found him, but it is sad to see a kitty leave. The house is starting to get past the rough stages I think, so a saw is a bit of a mystery unless its for mouldings or perhaps a fireplace is being installed. I see a lovely mantle in the pictures! Shadow looks very happy amongst the boxes. I'll be checking your shop out for tresors! Patty/BC

  19. Magali, so hope that you are feeling some better! I know you are missing your little friend with those incredible blue eyes, but I imagine that the owner was quite happy that you returned the sweet cat. I am looking forward to more renovation photos and best of luck with the online shop!

  20. Magali, I hope your rib mends quickly. Romeo is beautiful. I'm sure he will not forget your kindness and his parents must be so relieved to have him back. Your china and hutch are beautiful! Congrats on your sale- the first of many I'm sure!

    Wishing you Blessings,
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  21. glad that you found Romeo's owner--he is one beautiful kitty, as is Shadow! The china you've carefully collected is just lovely--I am fond of blue and white china.

  22. How sad that you had to say goodbye to Romeo, but lucky that you found his owner! And I'm glad that you have some fun projects to keep you occupied. Good luck with your shop!

  23. Romeo is gorgeous...sorry you had to say goodbye. So sorry to hear about your rib. I hope you heal quickly. Your hutch and china are beautiful! Have a lovely week.


  24. aww, maybe you should get another kitty since romeo went home? and those chocolate....they look amazing and a little fancy. they'd be a great gift come holiday time.

  25. The china hutch is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the changes you are making.

  26. So sorry about your cracked rib...hop you feel better soon!!! I'm sure you will miss Romeo, but I'm sure there is another kitty needing a home :)
    I always love seeing your stone wall...LOVE it! I am looking forward to peeking at your new Etsy, hope it goes wonderfully for you!
    Thanks for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  27. How exciting to ship your first parcel :) I felt that way when I shipped off my first box of soap to a customer a few years ago. I'm glad to know you're letting someone else paint your ceiling...that's a tough job anyway, and if you're hurting, it's impossible. I can't wait to see it when it'd done!

  28. I'm so glad you found Romeo's owners. I'm sure they were quite happy as well. But I'm sure it was hard to have to give him up. He was such a cute cat.


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