Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trois Couleurs

The Mystery July Series - part 2

So, have you guessed what the mystery project of July is?

Alors, vous pensez avoir deviné ce qu'est le mystérieux projet de juillet?

Reading your comments on the last post was very entertaining as some of you are close and some are way off.

Lire vos commentaires sur l'article précédent était bien amusant car si certaines sont proches, d'autres sont bien loin du compte!

I had planned a very relaxed post on my Bastille Day table. But apparently "relaxed" is not what life has in store for me this summer!

J'avais prévu un article bien plan-plan sur ma petite déco du weekend dans la salle-à-manger. Mais "plan-plan" n'a pas l'air d'être au rendez-vous cet été.

So, as my adventures seem to amuse most of you, I'll just write what happened and you can have a look at the pictures at the same time.

Comme mes aventures ont l'air de bien vous amuser, je vais tout vous raconter et vous pourrez toujours regarder les photos.

If you missed the first part of the adventures, you might want to read them here.

Si vous avez raté le premier épisode de mes aventures, allez vite le lire ici.

After I found the lost cat, my first idea was that I couldn't keep him as one of mine is very, very jealous.

Après avoir trouvé ce chat, ma première idée a été que je ne pouvais pas le garder, un des miens étant très, très, très jaloux.

I had finally found a shelter that accepted to take care of him. I was on the phone with them planning all the details.when they said the first thing they would do was test him for Feline Leukemia Virus and if he was positive, they would put him to sleep. Wait! What? I just rescued him!

J'avais enfin trouvé un refuge qui accepte de le prendre et j'étais au téléphone avec la dame en train de prendre rendez-vous pour le lui amener quand elle me dit que s'il est testé positif pour la leucose, il sera euthanasié. Euh, quoi? Alors que je viens de lui sauver la vie?

So I told them I'd keep him one more day and I had him tested by my vet. He did brilliant on his test and other than being way too skinny and having fur that feels like straw, he's fine. Sigh of relief.

Du coup, je lui dis que je le garde un jour de plus, je fonce le samedi matin chez mon véto. Le chat passe son examen haut la patte. A part qu'il est tout maigre et que ses poils sont rêches comme de la paille, il va bien.

So on Saturday afternoon, I put him back into the car, sobbing (me, not the car) and I turned the key... and nothing happened. I called the neighbours, who were unable to start the car, even if all the men in the neighbourhood tried their different tricks, all dying to be "the one" who would start the car!

Du coup, le samedi après-midi, sanglotant un peu, je remets le chat dans la voiture, je mets la clef, je tourne et... rien, mais rien du tout! J'appelle les voisins, qui se révèlent incapable de démarrer la voiture, même si presque tous les hommes du quartier s'y mettent, avec l'envie d'être "celui qui a réussi à redémarrer la voiture de la petite dame".

The cat is still with me. I named him Romeo for now... And I think the Little White House is going to be his shelter until I find his real family or a new good family for him. But I don't have it in me to bring him to the shelter.

Le chat est toujours dans mon garage. Je crois que ma maison va lui servir de refuge en attendant sa vraie famille ou une nouvelle chouette famille. Je n'arriverai jamais à retrouver le courage de le remettre dans la voiture. Pour l'instant, elle est au garage, de toute façon (pas le mien, qui n'a de garage que le nom et est en fait un atelier).

The car is now at the garage for some repair.

Of course all that happened on Saturday, when I was supposed to shot the dining-room all prepped for Bastille Day and I ended up taking the picture a wee bit late, hence the lights on.

Now, let me be honest here. In France, we don't decorate for Bastille Day. We go to a bal, usually called "bal du village" and then we watch fireworks. That's it. 

Je sais, on ne décore pas en bleu, blanc et rouge pour le 14 juillet. Je n'essaie pas de faire ma chauvine, juste de crâner avec ma vaisselle chinée!

But I found blue and red decors so inspiring at the beginning of the month on blogland, that I decided to make an exception to show off my blue and red dishes.

Truth: I was so tired that I forgot about the fireworks and was already in my nightgown when I heard them begin and watched them from my garden.

Pour la petite histoire, après ce samedi, j'étais tellement fatiguée, que j'ai oublié le feu d'artifice. Au premier coup de pétard, je me suis dit "trop tard" et j'ai donc regardé les belles bleues et les belles rouges en chemise de nuit depuis mon jardin!

Now, who wants a second clue about the mystery project? The clue is on the table or on the side-board.

Alors, vous voulez un indice de plus pour le projet mystère de juillet? Il est sur la table ou sur le buffet!

Any ideas?

Vous avez trouvé?

A bientôt, pour de nouveaux indices!

See you soon, with new clues!

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  1. Oh Magali, you have such a lovely sense of humour! 'Romeo' has found his way to your heart. You are having a very interesting summer holiday. Gosh I hope your car repair bill is not expensive, I am still grinning at your sentence about the neighbourhood men wanting to be 'the one' ( so true while we sit back and laugh)! Your dinner set and teapots are gorgeous! I am not even going to try and guess ... Have a wonderful day and thank you for an enjoyable post. Ann

  2. When there are 10 clues, I can usually get it by #6 or #7. Two clues is just not enough for my slow mind.

  3. Hi Magali, I have no idea what you are going to do but I love all your furniture and your crockery ( I don't know if this is the correct word) so, Here you are a follower waiting and waiting for news.

    Hugs from Jerez

  4. I don't have a clue either, but I just love all your blue dishes!

  5. Cooking beautiful cup cakes to fill your pretty cake stand?
    Collecting more china? Displaying more china?
    Having a very large tea party?
    Give up!

  6. I'm so glad you kept the kitty; it was meant to be!


  7. I'm not good with mysteries and clues, but love your dining room and pretty displays. So glad you have kept the kitty for now. That photo with the door open just begs me to come in. Love it.

  8. Sounds like your new kitty chose you for a good reason...:) Love the beautiful red blue dishes. Your dining room looks beautiful! No guesses for me....I'll be surprised!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. I have no idea, but I am in love with your dining room, Magali. Happy Bastille Day a little late. xo Laura

  10. Moi, je sais, évidemment et j'ai hâte que "ça" démarre... je croise les doigts. Bises

  11. Magali, you sure tell a good story!!!

    I have no idea, but what's in the Staub?

  12. Your dishes and room are great! Kitty was meant to stay with you. The other cats will get used to Romeo. Need a picture of your kitties.
    I don't have any idea, so I will really be surprised.
    Happy Week.

  13. I think you're meant to have Romeo, even for a season :) I had to scroll back up to see that gorgeous sideboard. Oh my!

    My sister and her daughter arrived in Paris yesterday after an exhausting trip from London. They've got a full schedule of touring and playing. She's sharing some fun pics on facebook, and she told me to thank you for the great posts you wrote....she's anxious to see those places in person :)

  14. Romeo, what a perfect name. Your kitty will become use to having him around, I do hope you can keep him. I would say from the dishes and casserole set on the table that your kitchen is all together again and you can cook a meal for friends. Just put the kitties together feeding etc, they will work it out! Patty/BC

  15. Is that red Le Creuset I spy on your table? I love that stuff. I'm even more lost on your mystery than I was before. If that's possible.

    Hope Romeo finds a great home!


  16. I am clueless! Are you going to paint all the blue transferware red? LOL! I had a good laugh about the neighborhood men wanting to be the "one" to fix your car!

  17. Sneaky gardening? Fabulous baking? More importantly though - you should just keep Romeo! He obviously loves you and chose the little white house as his new home. x

    1. Romeo has "adopted" the garage... But he's too afraid to go anywhere else for now!

  18. Your home has evolved so beautifully Magali. I absolutely love scrolling down and scrolling back up to take yet another look at your images. Gorgeous. I LOVE those dishes. Completely lost on the surprise project. :)

  19. Romeo is gorgeous. How lucky he is to have a Guardian Angel. Sending a prayer that his Forever Home finds him. Lovely pictures thank you for sharing. Glad you are okay after your fish bone incident!

  20. hi Magali
    Your home is so so gorgeous. I also love Blue & White china set on white linen. My guess is you have been shopping again, maybe another teapot? Romeo is too cute, looks like he has his nose covered in soot. Waiting for the reveal!

    1. Thank you so much. And yes, I have been shopping again, it's part of the project!

  21. Great photos and lovely china but no ideas here!

  22. Oh, your dining room is so pretty!!! I love all the scrubbed wood against the white plaster. Divine! I don't have a guess about the mystery project, but I'm sure excited to see what you come up with! ~Angela~

  23. How gorgeous your home is Magali - those plates look absolutely gorgeous on your beffet!!!!!!!
    Sorry I haven't been by - I've been on a painting frenzy lol

  24. LOVE your blue and red! Funny story about the kitty but I wouldn't take Romeo back to the shelter either. I have a hunch he will be staying with you. You already christened him, right? ;) Don't have a clue what your 'clue' is but it will be fun coming back to find out!

  25. I'm kinda glad to hear you still have Romeo. He is so cute. Your table looks beautiful. Are you done and unpacking now the things that you had put away?

  26. How lovely all that transferware in my fav combos too! I love how you have it displayed too. Pretty table setting and dining room. Have a happy week.


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